How add css border at google maps v3 icon
Ajax added HTML doesn't inherit page styles - jQueryMobile
Build module with different versions of libs in Maven
html containers background issue
SQLite and concurrent access in tomcat
Need simple generic vba macro script to change value of cell based on value of other cell
How to measure or estimate bitmap size in Android Versions that do not support bitmap.getByteCount()
illegal instruction while running iperf
Red5 Java client connection
Screenshots of a local HTML5 page/DIV
Socket Programming Best Practices?
how to decode the following string
Is there any way to transmit data from C++ to Flex/Air faster than sockets?
Putting included layout at top and bottom of main layout
How can we use SqlServer 2008 as sensor server to transfer my sensor data from my mobile?
Adding custom header to generated SOAP proxy
How can we use SqlServer 2008 as sensor server to transfer my sensor data from my mobile?
Adding custom header to generated SOAP proxy
In ASP.NET MVC, how do I serve pure static content?
How I can make a install from multiple solutions
Concepts behind MySQL cursor
Orion's Oracle DB
iOS app rejection due to email button for enquiries
Is this context free or regular
XIB will not create UIWebView and is always nil
send html mail using codeigniter
How can I have my inherited TextBox use the style of the Button Type
How do I limit memory usage when doing require()?
Referencing JSON object by name
Coverity issue + snprintf usage in C++
MySQL Update Trigger Error
Why I get a KeyCode=66 when tab key is pressed?
Selenium: does browsermob can work on RemoteWebDriver?
Joomla front page article should not be shown
MVC long running EF stored procedure call
How to run background process one after another
NDK Architecture
rendering part of a large list smoothly with Ember.js
Time Calculator between two time zones
Scrolling Problems in PhoneGap (jQuery Mobile) App
Can Rotation gesture on a subview of a ScrollView and its pinch zoom work hand in hand?
jquery fullcalendar - strange issue with event data
Filter a list on multiple criteria
How should I name this method? [closed]
DateTime What if Value is NULL
Objective C:How to get the downloaded applications list in iphone and ipad using objective-c [closed]
Node / cookies not sent during Handshaking
How to perform merge?
Listen for added table rows
Getting a simple Spring JMS client acknowledge to work
After each comma restrict to six characters in android
PHP text limit with expand and collapse option
OnClickListener the same with other layout
Class path resource can not be opened
Checking XML for expected structure
A php regex to remove white spaces in html
Load Codeigniter into Eclipse to work on more projects similar to CodeIgniter Video tutorials
Print String as pattern in Haskell
Disable Whole Form by Error Provider
Best Way to Loading Multi User Controls to Page
How do you get columns in mysql that has no word greater than 40 characters?
Visual Studio Environment Font and Colors
finding a pattern of letters in a word
Error while using AsyncTaskLoader
Rich list click event
Make an audio start/stop toggle on Android
If there is a javascript error on the page, does google map not load?
Getting double value from the quotient of integers
Django Unittest doesn't load fixtures
Will ARC lower my peak memory footprint?
Google Maps API Highlight Geographical Area Data
Java equivalent of JavaScript Timeout functions
Is it always necessary to declare destructor as virtual, if the class contains atleast a virtual function? [duplicate]
Transparent Layout鈥�
jQuery flot more space at the top
rendering of textfield and charfield chomps out extra whitespace (Django/Python)
nginx and monit web interface - how to have monit on versus
Algorithm to find a specific characteristic in a data set
Javascript event when Ribbon buttons container in opened
Strange retain count of newly created string object
Trigger FCKeditor's fix syntax code
E/AndroidRuntime(543): java.lang.RuntimeException
Sorting an array with DateTime strings?
ELDK gcc linker error in
Yii framework - facebook connect using Javascript SDK only
QT phonon playback is failing when a QFILE is used for mediaSource, works fine when a string is passed
Injecting into EJBs
how to parse MDNS response?
How to use gcov for test coverage where C programs are tested using perl scripts ?
Mantis Installing Error on Mysql
Fade in array of elements one at a time
Jquery-templ and keys with a hyphen (-)
Handling exceptions raised in a Ruby thread
Problems with the width of the bitmap. The width is limited by the height of the screen
let template choose between char/short/int by specifiying bitsize?
How install Wordpress in a EC2 machine?
Java Generate software configuration
How to push working copy to remote server using git
A vertical overflow on a band with horizontal print order
facebook iframe app is blank when using https
C++ operator unexpected error
Macro for function and function pointer declarations?
how do i identify from what website a user submitted a form?
XML catalog in Eclipse WTP: How do you reference a standalone XML schema
Database connection in J2ME [closed]
The usage of jQuery 'end()' function
Accuracy of reverse geocoded addresses
ASP.NET version for IIS virtual directory keeps resetting from version 2.0 to 1 when iis is restarted
Where can I get the current tick count in a 64-bit windows dump?
Understanding varibles with structs C programming
Calling native method from eclipse plugin
R can not be resolved while using MediaPlayer
Bizarre behaviour in a nested form - need <%= not <%
How to add UIView in UIPopoverViewController?
echoing array in forms [closed]
How do I keep my Visual Studio breakpoints in sync with externally-changed code?
How to filter blocked words from a query in MySQL
Not working getComponentEnableSetting() in Android Test Project
SSIS lookup related data and add if missing
Coverflow plugin for JQuery-Mobile
Set xml file from sd card as layout in android
Does it make sense to create materialized view for table that updates few times in second?
Fluent NHibernate and log4net
Jquery Change works in firefox but not in IE
Are there simple diagramming tools for the Mac?
how to generate this list with
Time Zones & Display Dates in a CMS
How would you execute a command stored as a string in one line of bash
How does Spring MVC turn form values into objects?
Select n objects from collection based on ranked value
Will the Screen fit to all devices if i use margin top's and margin bottom's in XML in Android
Reading Roman numerals in Haskell
AndEngine smooth turning
How can I echo commands in a tcsh script?
Change div background on page load?
How to find whether a shared jsp file is accessed by more than one user?
Using ARC and the -fno-objc-arc flags, a better way?
How to protect a template locking it to a url
About oracle copying table structure
Incorrect behaviour of NUnit Assert.AreNotEqual when dealing with IEnumerable<T>?
Android layout problems with TextView and ImageView
How to use Twitter-Userstream on iOS5
PHP - Plain text email
Flex [ArrayElementType] and class
Pointing a Makefile to a set of files of specific type
android onclick method want image path
System process is locking my database file MDF
How do i disable the pasting of tables in tinyMCE
Is moving a file atomic if more than 1 directory is involved?
Memory Manager - Access Violation Writing Location Exception
Tutorial on OpenGL combined with OpenCV for Computer Vision
Marker on Google Map on Android NOT aligned
How to use andWhere and orWhere in Doctrine?
Combining @MappedSuperclass and @SecondaryTable - is that allowed?
Python path and virtualenv problems on windows
Autocomplete list not aligned properly under selectInputText
bind not a value, but a function (with getting value of this function)
Jquery DatePicker to multiple elements.?
Importing netbeans to eclipse
WPF and DirectX 11 via D3DImage
How to extend Play! Framework template tags
Android: stretch layout between two fixed LinearLayouts
Accessing header container in Extjs4
remove %0A from string
How to open PayPal in Swedish Language
How to add the share kit in three20 and also in other views of app in iphone [closed]
Manually constructing a message inside orchestration
Renaming a button from a string
cocos 2d project cant convert to objective ARC
How do I compute a ranking with MySQL stored procedures?
Call Javascript File located in JAR - Eclipse
errors in deaf Grandma - Pine - No Method
MD5 javascript implementation [closed]
Good library for image processing ( especially for morphological operations ) in C++
VB.NET - Ctrl + Break suspends code on 鈥淧artial Class frmMain鈥�
How to fetch the data from the database by using this demo?
Create POT file with Poedit
Magento Collection remove category filter
space between CSS Sprite menu buttons with CSS
IOS: country code
Comparing two arrays in ruby
navigation li items not correct css 鈥�Have a look
Problems while trying to modify polling rate on runtime using Spring Integration
Totalling based on expression field
UITableView: Run code when tableFooterView is displayed?
sql server skip error on inserting multiple rows at a time
Showing fieldnames of mustache array
Having trouble deleting a cookie with multiple values
Best Forum plugin for wordpress [closed]
Which is the best Open Source JavaScript Mobile Framework involving charts? [closed]
UIButton not displaying when using hidden=FALSE command
php remove empty elements, but dont remove '0'
How to enter time at DST changeover?
ThreeJS Rotation Animation
Html link with pre-search?
Can I put anonymous functions in arrays in PHP? [duplicate]
Programmatically finding MS-Access 2007 Table 'Field index' to be present? TField.IsIndexedField not working
Is it possible to use Open Office (import export) filters directly bypassing cumbersome UNO?
Analyzing memory leaks on iPad project
php cURL how to get the return value from a file
compiling opencv in c++
Linq Exception The expression must be a MemberExpression
Datagrid Row Wrong Alignement
Complete Mouse Scroll (Drag Scroll like but with no drag )
nodejs child process signal handling
How to exclude a specific file from being copied using xcopy
AxisRenderer's labelRotation property doesn't do anything
Dynamically Sort nodes by id and process each node using XSLT
Calculate number of markers in visible area of Google Maps
.NET - Telerik RadComboBox Control
How can we figure out when a HTML5 video player enters the full screen mode on iOS / iPads?
PHP Version Upgrade Caused Problems With Class Constructors
Java Inter process communication
CALayer transforming
Updating label on a HUD in Cocos2d iPhone?
Use domain model as a document in RavenDb?
.NET - Telerik RadComboBox Control
How can we figure out when a HTML5 video player enters the full screen mode on iOS / iPads?
PHP Version Upgrade Caused Problems With Class Constructors
Java Inter process communication
CALayer transforming
Updating label on a HUD in Cocos2d iPhone?
Use domain model as a document in RavenDb?
Encoding and post url connection -ios,
java.lang.NullPointerException because I don't have permission to access the table
Difference between two method implementations? [duplicate]
Other way to 鈥渨ait鈥�during javascript animation
Javascript caching property values into the variables
Multiple model form
Setup boost and use with Visual Studio 2010 Express
Adding BackTrace to the Hoptoad Notify method
Java Comparable return value, does it have to be exactly 1, -1 or 0?
Unable to dispatch JSP Page
how to process incoming mails using mailman and update them into the database
Making 2 Arrays Random in the same way with php
Dividing a Float by Itself Produces Very Large Integers
MEF property injection doesn't occur
right click event on IE
Remove unnecessary images from xcode project
Is it possible to access an app's push notification status from within the app itself?
How to pass the value to HTML5 video tag src attribute in Android phonegap using javascript/jquery?
How to add elements to multidimensional arrayList
TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones() returns inconsistent information on different computers
How to get file size in template?
android bluetooth application unresponsive during phone call
remove usb node
Joomla / Add category description to Article Category modules
Multiple App Sites [duplicate]
Software needed to compile and execute J2ME programs
Testing internet connection on iPad app using ios5
Parse a local xml file and show parsed data in web-view
Generating a list of random numbers
How to prevent to ViewPager shows next page if next page is creating still in Android
Ember nested applications and widgets
jquery php variable
How to select an object from an array where a certain property is minimal?
Python reading first four lines from readlines()
Org-mode fails to export when the plural cite macros of biblatex are used
Need to run connection before displaying table
Inapp Billing in android
Tracking multiple subdiretories with Google Analytics when filters are already defined
How do I add a jquery plugin to rails 3.1
Exe Crash At ADODB.Connection with 鈥淐lass does not support Automation鈥�
Application.Run is the top CPU consuming function in my application; what can I optimize?
鈥渃annot find symbol鈥�while trying to compile a java file that implements an interface
UISpec4J tests clashes with other JUnit test cases
Sqlite query : Insert same value in all elements of field
Auto not working when struct definition missing [closed]
Best way to show a small view/dialog over an existing screen?
Get MongoDB collection by ObjectID
Clearing CGPath path after drawing is done
Jquery tablesorter plugin not sorting correct
Using SUBSTRING and STUFF together
Get Mvc3 Ajax.ActionLink replaced data with Jquery?
Set Drupal user as 'leader' of other users
How to add navigation case for Virtual directory
does it matter where i put a hidden field in an html page?
GnuWin32 sed not replacing lines in a file
AES encryption/decryption
How to assign existing objects to has_many relation with Hash
why is invalidate not working?
collection as association
properties file in maven
鈥淓xtended鈥�in the new Freebase API
When is Response.IsClientConnected slow?
as.formula does not like equivalence '=' (object not found)
Android: Adding Android library as maven dependency in project
Move the currency from one cell to another
Firebug showing eval scripts on one line
Regarding DDD Structure and Layering.
PHP - Delete content between two string sequences or tags
Are Android apps able to communicate with desktop application over USB?
Form confirmation on submit
How to give android apk to client for testing purpose?
Issue with Facelets page regarding embeded scripts code in a 'code' element
How do you handle iterator/const_iterator mismatches when passing ranges to C++ algorithms?
Is composition with Funcs preferable to inheritance to change behaviour in a single function?
Examples or tutorials of using libjpeg-turbo's TurboJPEG
mootools double dollar equivalent in jquery
Change the button label in MUI_WELCOMEPAGE with NSIS
Setting rounded corner types on jQuery UI Dialog
How to remove the unwanted characters from string in objective-c [closed]
Getting Script name in Powershell
the type of var (without using dynamics)? [duplicate]
How do CSS grid systems save time when implementing designs that aren鈥檛 grid-based?
How does splitActionBarWhenNarrow exactly work in Android?
Can I add more xmlns attribute?
BerkeleyDB - implications of incorrect sorting order?
Generating entity classes and database schema from a Hibernate XML config file
Stage Size in Javascript
Validate an XML against an XSD in Java / Getting a hold of the schemaLocation
facebook like count not showing up on a specific domain with html5 or iframe code, in all browsers
JAXB marshal/unmarshal - ing SWT.Image or AWT BufferedImage
Design WCF service to push data parameters with a byte array?
List all files from sdcard
Nullpointerexeption with Datepicker
Hibernate show_sql exclude package
Edit task workflow FORM change
More efficient ExpressionEngine server moves
Get ID of record when mysql returns duplicate error
php oauth pecl or create own class [closed]
Custom events in java,android? What does fireEvent do?
how to calculate recursiv value in crystal report in detail section?
How to get the nearby cities of a city(geonameid) in python?
fancybox youtube overlay
Launching an app for iOS 5 and beyond only, a mistake? [closed]
How to test the performance of the MySQL table
how to find the page position in pdf files using java or any other technology
Quartz failure in notifyJobStoreJobComplete method
allow one thread to go, one to wait, and drop the others
Setting Page Async mode to true from Code-Behind
JQGRID - Column chooser too slow when setGroupHeaders defined on grid
This variable declaration can creates memory issue
Javascript slider with fade fails on chrome while works on FF and IE7/8/9
PHP - Random text with two strings
What the best way to check if an Android application is in foreground?
Ant jar file for swing program
Why did Git stopped tracking added files in sub directory?
Is it possible to set foreign key to null without HasMany?
How to get value back from a web services in C#?
Nokogiri help without spaces
Editing the author for specific changesets
Adding smileys to WPF application
Zen Timestamp Plugin does not work with matrix builds
Insert TableView cell with categories
An error occurred while trying to call Controller->createAction()
How to get request properties in routeStartup plugin method?
Internet Explorer 9 Object Detection
SIGINT while doing std::thread::join()
Getting a list of all JADE containers
How can we run a custom command in eclipse?
unable to connect to remote mysql server from client website
Paid app to Free app with Inapp purchase
Grails and Quartz: Bad value for type long
SSIS Web Service
Can I populate a php array from perl script
How to Put image in generated pdf using Codeigniter
Exporting as war from eclipse and add additional files
How make a Screenshot of UIElement in WPF
Open Graph - Fetched and Canonical URL in a Posted Action
How to detect when App moves to/from Suspended state?
git commit error message
Adding children to UserControl
Fetching Mustache array in javascript
Dynamic worker pool management in python multiprocessing
PHP mail function - Unable To Detect Error
C# CommandRow LinkButton add Javascript
Google Map directions service
Reduce paragraph line break height on iTextSharp
Java android, getting image from gallery and show it on screen (error)
How to enable textbox when browser is refreshed
Directory layout for sample ruby code
How do I create a tiff file in R under Linux/Unix?
Typoscript: If page is not equal to
iText doesn't like my special characters
Determine if an image is b/w or colored in Java
This.close() closing main form aswell
ajax forms and results in popup window
Selecting a particular record in SQL
How to check if a std::thread is still running?
Set position of an EditText and TextView in a RelativeLayout programatically
What object to show tables (Windows form) from SQL C#
ASP.NET MVC3 routing with areas not working only on deployment server
iphone-Mapkit : alert if a user is entering within a specific region
Cool fired energy ball for a game. How to achieve?
Translation Special Letters to English
.htaccess : redirect everything except a few folders
PHP Variables: Include a file? [closed]
Cannot read 鈥淕oogle鈥�from object in JavaScript
issue with jQueryMobile/jQuery in a multi page site
Javascript stops executing in iframe after back button is pressed in mobile safari
gtkmm 3 Toolbar set orientation
Get month name from number in PostgreSQL
Collapse all inactive preprocessor blocks in Visual Studio
how to add date components to NSDate having time format
How to add Different Images to Annotations in same Map View
Use same type against two identical tables in EF Code First
Receiving data in servlet from swing
How to use a SqlCommand Parameter to specify the schema name for a select query
unlisting you tube video, uploaded from ios application
Repaint a JPanel
How can I nest stored procedures that return XML using FOR XML PATH?
ant: copy file from remote location on windows
Implicity style for BarDataPoint is not applied
Is it possible to show dynamic data in default Settings app from my app
Facebook C# SDK version 5.2.1 sample code to post to User wall
How to create oracle procedures but not store
how to assign the string value to listbox selectd value
SQLite query result less than 1mb
User Defined Runtime Attributes causing EXC_BAD_ACCESS from xib
JS not working due to invalid SSL Certificate, when user changes his system date
JQueryMobile: Making an Ajax call after transitioning to result page
Issues in RSA encryption in Java class
How can I create a Blog Module using Microsoft Webmatrix?
Using jQuery to control duplicate divs
How to create oracle procedures but not store
how to assign the string value to listbox selectd value
SQLite query result less than 1mb
User Defined Runtime Attributes causing EXC_BAD_ACCESS from xib
JS not working due to invalid SSL Certificate, when user changes his system date
JQueryMobile: Making an Ajax call after transitioning to result page
Issues in RSA encryption in Java class
How can I create a Blog Module using Microsoft Webmatrix?
Using jQuery to control duplicate divs
How to limit items from for loop?
solution to wp_enqueue_script doesn't load jquery
Converting geometry field into set of google latlng
iOS: Detect SMS / Email Recipients
issue with comparing two numbers in javascript
android Async Task for proper usage of ui thread
Creating a new excel worksheet via .Copy() and moving it to the last position
Finding the first number larger than N that is a relative prime to M
How to retrieve the activity requested by an Intent
Applescript: search Google for iTunes track lyrics
PHP : soapCall with complex arguments
Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in..when tried to insert into database
Adding menu items in horizontal display
apply matrix randomisation without for loop in matlab
Using interfaces as method parameters in C# or
Find an element, then insert content after the next
play two audio files simultaneously
Does anyone have any idea to track event of google analytics programatically? [closed]
Intent does not resolve
tabview with fragments in android
What's the difference between /usr/include/linux and the include folder in linux kernel source?
NSPredicate query
Generics and Implementing IComparable
why FileOutputStream writes to different positions on disk?
HttpURLConnection error: Connection timed out
low level graphics in Blackberry
It is safe to use constructors in function parameters in C++?
Trove classifiers definition
Remove javascript function
having a textbox and button horizontally
iPad adding view and then telling it to resize based on orientation mode?
spl_autoload_register and sub-classes
How to send email using SharePoint's Silverlight Client Object Model and avoid creating a web service?
Custom android.widget.Filter
Redmine test mail failed to connect to gmail
Authentication and authorization on service methods using WCF Web API?
Custom self-closing / unpaired tags in HTML?
ulimit -Sc 1024 vs. ulimit -Hc 1024
How to look through each table row?
Unexpected intermittent requests from IE 8 in MVC 3 system
How to display each element in a ColdFusion query
How to do explicit template instantiation correctly?
SQLiteDatabase warning Android
How to add a row to a unbound DataGridView?
rails: creating models
Is there an API to connect to iCloud and get contacts and contact changes?
How to test a mail server using JMeter?
json return data not working in IE or Chrome
UIImageOrientationRight(left) won't work
Javascript regular expression - matching multiple occurences
tinyMCE setContent - dynamically (jQuery) added textarea
rails rss namespace tag generation
PHP Variable used in a variable
How to detect how many cells are visible in a UITableView
java script not working in chrome
In linux, wx.PopupWindow don't get any mouse event when it popup from wx.Dialog?
How to fetch data from database and create excel thru results by Javascript function?
Passing an java.awt.Image in ParameterMap to JasperReport on JasperReports Server
Remove images from dhtmlxTree View
OSMDroid zip - how to add custom maps?
how to convert zend_paginator to ajax in zend framework
I need output using my sample table, i given description below [closed]
div onmouseout does not work as expected
Apache .htaccess folder redirect rule
How to let textbox remember its value
Android - Checking for internet connection (using open Wifi points that requires log in)
Creating UIImage from CIImage
Is Module a binding context for Autofac
weifenluo.winformsui.docking dll for Linux
c# failed to check existed file in directory
The Ruby way to do fail on database save
return query results from FB.api call with custom function
Migrating Silverlight application to HTML 5
Setting up the path in view in drupal 7
How can I stop my div appearing for a couple of seconds and disappearing?
Why result of combining two hashMap is not corecct?
Secure Google tracking cookies
Zend_Mail with french characters in mail body
Code generation using Ant
How do you jump window with Emacs Code Browser?
Aptana intermiittent unable to close output stream
typedef equations in C
How to stop TeamCity Agent Push resolve DNS entry
Finding nearest places using GoogleAPI
Tkzinc like library in java
change html input type by JS?
SDWebImage building for archive (distribution)?
How to replace a particular string found in URL taken from console with file content found on each line written in text file in Ruby?
INotifyPropertyChanged usages out of WPF/Silverlight world
mySQL how to merge statements
Multiple related model new action
Is it possible to ensure separate Java environments for applets when spawning a new browser window?
Glassfish 3.1.1 cluster session replication
Simple web app design
Button CSS issue
How to programmatically arrange a set of 256 RGB colors in 2D so that there all adjacent colours have a smooth transition
How does setting viewBox attribute, affects the user coordiantes
JavaScript Logging Library (with log levels)
How to restore a MySQL database backup using Java
graphobject goes out of ZedGraph Axis frame
Facebook logout/disconnect FB.login() called when user is already connected
Investigating why a pointer turns bad (C++)
Rails i18n with translated model names
How to use XML wrapped in CDATA inside another XML for XSL transformation?
When imperative style fits better?
Ant can't write to directory
How to rerender a rich:dataTable
No Cover under Album object
Query string databind
Requesting field names and values from form and add them on the fly in a script
CSS arrow rendering issue with Firefox
Drools and Maps
Using folders to keep images neat and organized
ASP.NET inline 鈥�FindControl()鈥�in .aspx ListView?
Accessing array/set of objects with keys
gcc detect duplicate symbols/functions in static libraries
Fastest way of reading relatively huge byte-files in Java
How to force display of the window
Firefox rendering issue with drupal zen theme and nice menu
Why does this lock change affect JDBC performance so much?
how to store Unicode characters from IE to xml
Gherkin 鈥淥R鈥�syntax to reduce repetition with BDD
JDBC Oracle Query. Slow when executing with setInt() instead of setObject()
Are there any open-source alternatives to ReplayDIRECTOR / Chronon Debugger?
Executing javascript functions in loaded tab in YUI
Why isn't my Wordpress next_posts_link not working with exclude category loop?
Does it make sense to create new object in Entity Framework before saving it to resolve problems with multiple Contexts?
Get the URI the MPNS to returns to the push client when creating a notification channel Windows Phone 7
Why does my JavaScript no longer clear the value of an input box when I comment out an alert on the previous line?
Negative position with overflow auto make element hidden
Lucene - Combining multi field query with boolean query
CFile writes some garbage value
Bitmap toString and back again
android: activity shows as a black screen when debugger is connected
Remove span tag in string using jquery
literal quotes entered into database by prepared statement contain preceding backslash
Benchmark Javascript: onclick in tag vs click in js
Array#prepend/append undefined in Rails 3.1.3?
Implement increment function
target=鈥淿blank鈥�functionality from within iframe to my chat
array data including html tags to json string
CFile writes some garbage value
Bitmap toString and back again
android: activity shows as a black screen when debugger is connected
Remove span tag in string using jquery
literal quotes entered into database by prepared statement contain preceding backslash
Benchmark Javascript: onclick in tag vs click in js
Array#prepend/append undefined in Rails 3.1.3?
Implement increment function
target=鈥淿blank鈥�functionality from within iframe to my chat
array data including html tags to json string
How should I document my REST webservices
Using a Mono Reference assembler (tweetsharp)
Derived class - extending properties
Expected number of Edges required to make a graph connected if the vertices are joined randomly?
Parsing a MIME-Message using anmar.SharpMimeTools
How to group the formula field results in crystal reports
Replacing a HTML div InnerText tag using HTML Agility Pack
Using Datapager in case of paged results
Having Pivot item as a directory in isolated storage
moving object in html/css/javascript detecting collision with other objects
how to create a static page with wordpress header and footer?
Is there really a reason for glEnableVertexAttribArray to exist?
Can we override the spring beans declared in one xml config in another config?
r does not generate a line break
Hide Empty Subreport in SSRS2008 R2
How to debug in-case only class files are present in form of Jar files
Style upon hover
jQuery Mobile - Cannot hide a button using common jquery methods
how can i run my XML file on android emulator [closed]
Efficient and effective form validation
Manual deployment vs. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
how to load drawables from /drawable-hdpi instead of /drawable android?
Storing & fetching the cached data from JSON webservice in iPhone?
How to prevent checking out to an unclean remote working tree
Draw oval with option thickness in Android
Need a reg expression to get numbers from url using preg_match_all
Except function doesn't work on a list that I got from xml file
JDBC - cannot find getConnection()
Wordpress Facebook Like button count problems
Ti Android: 鈥淎pplication Restart is required鈥�Error on installing App on Android device
Excel to Powerpoint - looking for a helpful nudge
How to identify emails sent by humans?
Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK
Why is the review section of my Magento product page not showing?
Disabling Sleep Mode in Blackberry using Code
Which Facebook Privacy settings can be accessed through API?
How to fuse two Application Branches into one for iOS App store?
Objective-c: Downloading a PDF file
How i can Make Status Bar in Blackberry?
MKUserLocation blue userLocation MKAnnotation causes app to crash if inadvertently touched
How to print particular JSON value in Python?
How to display data from related model in admin
Resizable jQuery for booking rooms
Video image processing tools and resources for iPhone/ios
remove ccmenuitem with animation cocos2d
Querystring as part of url
how php array_multisort work?
Implementation of sys.dm_fts_parser into C#
PHP How to see if someone accepted the Terms of Service [closed]
How can I assign a smarty variable to a PHP variable
wrong decimal separator with NSDecimalNumber in iOS
how to set an image for jtable fixed column, when i am running, it's getting an image path only
Which is the meaning of 鈥�>鈥�in sh script?
Is there an image processing library for C++/CLI that fits my needs: especially: how can I display intensity images on a windows form in real time?
Assertion Failure in Linguistic checking
SugarCRM edit lead forms 鈥淓dit View鈥�and 鈥淨uick Create鈥�
Possibility to specify Android launch activity parameters in IntelliJ IDEA
Can I use hashes for comments in PHP?
Text box like search bar in Jquery Mobile
How do I safely delete a remote git branch?
Fake video streaming
cmd.ExecuteScalar() returns 0
Application Signature for 2 days in android
Flex mobile request to
String resource files in java
How to implement a lazy constant-space tri-partition function?
llvm-gcc-4.2 failed with xcode error in iphone
Notepad++ Find File Name
PHP multi-dimensional array search for keys and display values
Shortening long expressions
Having a trouble on java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
not able to read file and send mail simultaneously
How to create a HTTP post request using the form fields to the external websites API using Ruby on Rails?
After using search in firefox all the custom typography dissappears
How to automatically check for content and save to a file? [closed]
Perl Chart::LinesPoints Unicode?
Dependent Dropdown lists in SugarCRM 6.4
references kept by anonymous methods and lambdas
Should Global.asax.cs Application_BeginRequest get called for CSS and JS files?
How to make jquery-ui-dialog not have a close button?
ffmpeg: how to add pixellate effect?
Making use of velocityInView with UIPanGestureRecognizer
Merge replication non-convergence
Best practice for integrating a silverlight control in a Asp.Net Solution
Facebook Registration Plugin Locale not working when using XFBML
Scala 2.10-M1 and 2.9 same time on Devel Machine?
assigning textbox value to a string
C++ calling C# COM interop error: HRESULT 0x80131509
How to manage multiple levels of Objects using Casbah and Subset?
Flex - how to Embed multiple fonts in spark RichText with CSS?
Flex - how to Embed multiple fonts in spark RichText with CSS?
Create Manual Link in Oracle Apex
Maven Assembly Submodules Multimodules
UITextView Not Scrolling after updating its frame
Is it possible to know if you are in ipython or not?
unable to unserialize a string in php
Merging multiple huge .accdb files into one
How do you fan out observables with reactive extensions
how do you execute .JAR files within java
Changing the argument types on a block callback
Image is not displaying proper using OpenGL in android ndk
Generating a key
Dynamically choosing the close effect on a jquery-ui-dialog
Is it possible to to access sms counter in windows phone 7 apps?
Add a new file association in Windows 7 [closed]
How to pass a database name as a parameter in SQL Server
updating item in an external list using BCS and LINQ
Excel Logic and If Statements
error on int.Parse()
Can't connect to my own MDF file. Cannot open user default database. Login failed.Login failed for user鈥�and other errors
Is the implementation of Delphi interface reference counting future proof
iOS: manually delete Caches directory on iPad
Sharekit - Facebook configuration
Do something when the close button is clicked on a JFrame
need some guidance on a php point system
List of resources for Windows 8 Metro on writing apps using HTML/CSS/JavaScript?
Friendly url, in vaadin && liferay
How to set limit in x- axis of core plot
Django raw sql insert: 'str' object has no attribute 'items'
Good way to get count of children?
Cakephp sanitizing and special characters
Android : How to get Coordinates X,Y of Image after Zoom and Pan
Placeholder in contenteditable - focus event issue
Windows Mobile Application exiting unexpectedly
Accessing a variable from a file through a file that is required in said first file
iOS: Data Storage and Download Support Services
State Machine persistence
How can I force Rails 3.2 to reload mounted rack app per request in development mode?
Ruby on Rails routing by resources with many-to-many relationship
using radio buttons in a html table?
Honeycomb: Several fragments in each Tab in Action Bar
Algorithm to periodically call function if input is above threshold. Help needed
Selecting default action on Android
ActiveStepChanged In CreateUserWizard
how to access struts2 treenode value in action class when it is clicked
Function pointer with GCC, assigning an address
Should logic go into trigger actions or in the entry?
Hibernate. HQL query with transistent object as a parameter
big oh of algorithm with nested loop
How to display the details of NSArray in DetailView using TableViewController?
Black frames in AVMutableComposition
IOS Option view data error
Does ActionDispatch instance can't be stored in a class variable?
codeigniter db->delete() returns true always?
frontpage blog layout with random ordering in joomla
In Objective-C Can you define a class in two different files?
Excel - Mapping product names to product IDs from a separate book
Efficient bitwise operations for counting bits or find the right,left most ones
symfony2 routing failed - cannot redeclare class
<TextView /> OR <TextView></TextView>
how fast is double*bool multiplication, can it be vectorized?
unable to resolve dependencies in maven
jQuery, saving original position of multiple draggable objects to revert them back
Protect window.opener from change
DotNetNuke 6 - One with DNN skin development - collapsible panes
JQueryMobile - styles not applied in Webview (Android)
is there any msmq opensource lib
Decorator overwriting POST, GET and REQUEST in Django - doing it right?
Mousedown pageX , pageY is not same after mousemove pageX pageY , happens randomly
Connect to FTP server behind a NAT and Firewall without port forwarding
Use a C library from C# code
Solr fieldtype declaration for special characters in schema file
How to create a dual-authentication HTTPS client in Python without (L)GPL libs?
Entity Framework transaction
Javascript bug? No space bar event when pressing up and left arrow keys
Different, interacting levels of state in haskell
Custom Framework: Link Binary with Libraries
Width and height increase after CGAffineTransformRotate applied to a UIView
css3 flexbox horizontal align in absolute div
Memory used by a service
Creating a webservice for android application
Android copy file not working for local sqlite files
Save password for ODBC connection to MS SQL server from MS Access 2007
calling CryptProtectData function from javascript or vbscript
Delete outer xml node without deleting inner xml
ALERT - script tried to increase memory_limit to 268435456
Setting Custom File Name in Apache HttpClient
Why doesn't XmlEncoder insert members of a class into an xml file?
How to make empty mfc dll project?
How to skip first line while reading csv using streamreader
When and how to stop Services
Android: is it possible to create the database in to PC and then use that database by integrating it in to android?
facebook like button to like page and image on this page
new Backbone.Model() vs Backbone.Model.extend()
Is this small BackBone app correct? Am I using the conventions properly?
how to use sitemesh effectively in webapplication
Using sqlplus to programmatically check connection
No camera picture when app returns from running in the background
How to make empty mfc dll project?
How to skip first line while reading csv using streamreader
When and how to stop Services
Android: is it possible to create the database in to PC and then use that database by integrating it in to android?
facebook like button to like page and image on this page
new Backbone.Model() vs Backbone.Model.extend()
Is this small BackBone app correct? Am I using the conventions properly?
how to use sitemesh effectively in webapplication
Using sqlplus to programmatically check connection
No camera picture when app returns from running in the background
Vim Configuration: How to expand tabs only when saving?
spirit qi grammar issues
Supporting all Android tablets resolutions
Get position in ListView
GWT Yui Spotlight Carousel issue
Trying to add a folder structure and eclipse projects to SVN
launch Fragment activity in another activity
Keeping track of user signed in to the page via Social Medias
Prototype Request (OnSuccess) Issue
Unable to connect to other instances of the same program via TCP
Thumbnails on shared links
Selenium: Testing custom form elements
DevExpress (DXv2) and DevArt dotConnect?
CSS text alignment
Retrieving binary data in Javascript (Ajax)
How to create a border on one edge of a view?
Removing Duplicate Data from a Table using MySQL
Get contents of a div from a URL [duplicate]
GridView contents don鈥檛 update when underlying data changes
Linq to SQL ObjectContext in Web App - Thread Safety Concern
How to toggle 鈥渢able group detail鈥�in SSRS?
Customize Android PreferenceFragment not working
Creating Python pip bundle with my projects
Android - 2 Activities active at the same time
Any idea why using jquery-ajax some img src are preppended with '%20'?
What is wrong with my function?
Connect to devices on local network using cocoa
SharePoint Accept Or Reject Events
IIS Hosted WCF accessing file
File operation progress dialog
Class [JeeNamespaceHandler] for namespace [../schema/jee] does not implement the [NamespaceHandler] interface
Whilst using Perl::FTP, What shall I put in the host field for connecting to a Local computer connected on the network
Keeping data in memory and persisting on Application_Disposed
how to get number of row with a condition
Caching in Spring MVC output
Leaked window when try to show Dialog
Apache error.log printing xml
register new icon for new file type in android
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input - Javascript error
How do i reduce response time
Access to the path 'c: windows system32 inetsrv 19.xml' is denied
Grouping groups in a ListView
Apache Axis Charset Wrong Encoding on Tomcat?
fwrite() performs writing text twice
What's the different between javascript deflate and
Using Rails update_all method to update fields with value from another column
Structure for a test suite
Input text is bold in Chrome, FF, Opera, but not in IE6.0. Why?
Cropping a sprite or gif file
How should I be using the streamId in the EventStore?
Jquery Ajax & Google Maps v3 API Markers - a { or (
Implementing full RSA in Python
Migration from spring 1.2.8 to spring 3.1 and Hibernate 3.1 to 4.0
How to use Google API client library?
How to include JavaScript files by h:outputScript?
Server.TransferRequest for IIS 6
Normalize Oracle query but staying in SQL Only?
File path from assets in Android not recognized
C# Out of memory exception - warning strategy
How may I replace word and digit combination with blank?
pixel access in opencv when using GPU (CUDA)
how to structure a site with 2 languages with ruby on rails
Enter data to a custom UITableViewCell
Validation when binding data in WPF
Read csv file from internet
realloc() Failure
Mapping <C-j> to something in Vim
Listview filter not filtering new items
Having one class in one of two one-to-many relationships (eg: Comments on Video OR Image) in Grails?
jabber messages for file transfer programmatically add HTML to page
Get ManagedBeans in Custom JSF Validator dynamically
How do I use JQuery's 鈥渓oad鈥�function to get the wanted data in a variable?
Object type boxing with a reference type variable
Class not found exception for ini4j library
supersized Jquery causes site to be over 100% wide
How to make Rails route to response for the font files (eot)?
how to create static class List property inside static class
understanding ajax execute behavior with datatable using jsf 2.0
As2 and flex sdk
Solution for printing information to the screen in c++?
CvRect error C2661: 'CvRect::CvRect' : no overloaded function takes 4 arguments opencv
Linq to Sql Query - better solution (optimizing)
Msbuild exec and curl: Quoting nightmare
Create expression from string (null reference)
Why does this simple date() call not work how I think it should
php concatenating string math operation
SQL + .NET 鈥淐ould not find stored procedure鈥� SP will be deleted after program start
cakephp null value on condition
Running a js function in an iframe, IE7
src/ && gen/ is the same package?
Is it possible to see available methods of a class in a dropdownlist for eclipse interface
DataView : Upper the strings and distinct them?
zoo merge() and merged column names
Abstract static property cannot be overwritten?
Organize boxes horizontally and then vertically in graphviz
Load test under linux (memory, total time, %cpu)
AsyncPostBackTrigger Just flashing/flicking the UpdatePanel but not updating it
Lambda calculus expression implementing function application
NoSql,Hbase,Cassandra Conceptualization db
Need help finding open brackets in jQuery code
Do Canonical Tags Prevent Google Indexing?
how to display the data returned by get_by_user_id() in DataMapper Code Igniter?
How to change Java comments template?
EXCEL - how to get the value of the first column in a row in which value in another column meets certain criteria?
Marketshare of various cpu types in Android Phones
value assigned, never used, but no compiler message
SSLPeerUnverifiedException while creating an SSL connection on Android
Barcode return bookmarking event
CoreLocation app working in Simulator but not on device
php how to do a preg_match() for a word that follows another word
Codeigniter - How to convert a html page to an image?
Can't show NavigationBar on SplitView MonoTouch
embed not working in IE
Java fast atoi using byte[]
IPhone persist Model
Eclipse Metrics Plugin
How to get the updated contents in a YUI simple editor from your view model
Column into rows and make a master table of columns
python neurolab feed forward neural network
How to make a jQuery effects works for infinite?
Java Servlet Connection Timeout
FB is not defined in Facebook Login
Access tokens expire after only 1 day
Set stty parameters
TSQL - Bringing Data Together from Different Sources 鈥efactoring PK and FKs
Pass model to view then pass it again from view to controller
Clear Text Field in JQuery Mobile
return value for operator + ( ) overloading
find white space between characters php
Why is my onupgradeneeded callback never called when connecting to indexedDB?
Unzipping a file and ignoring 'junk files' added by OS X
Two or more foreign key in the table
Binding styled ListBoxItem with RelayCommand
Saving custom object programmatically in salesforce
ssis package format in excel
How to get jQuery 鈥渙n-select-off鈥�event
Algorithm to find a linear path of minimum weight in a graph that connects all the vertices exactly once
PHP Variables - Confused
How to attach a Progress Dialog box to an onClick event
How to attach a Progress Dialog box to an onClick event
Best way to add css class to element in razor layout file?
What is the correct way to access a derived class object in a base class pointer container?
Preview Image before uploading file
.htaccess mod_rewrite redirect
Database deadlock when firing trigers
Understanding Magento layout xml file (reference, block, 鈥�
using classpath: in spring
switch case statement error: case expressions must be constant expression
manually specifying mysql_real_escape_string charset so no db connection required - possible?
Something wrong with enum
Call a task for each file in a fileset with plain ant with the filename as a parameter (no contrib tasks, no own tasks)
Standalone Cross Platform (Windows/Linux)) File Compression for C/C++?
WCF WSHttpBinding SOAP Security Negotiation Failed
c pipes, stdin/stdout and sort
Specific GUI tool to test DB Query/Procedure
How to set cookies for webview in android through coding
Crash on iPad when initializing CCTexture2D
Oracle ADF with EJB3 client
Are there advantages to the C approach over the C++ approach at times? [closed]
playing audio in an iphone game
Android broadcast receiver not getting called immediately after install
expand and collapse icons
Puzzled by a effect of 鈥渄pichanger鈥�(by a user of my app), seek advice on how to deal with it
How to remove insignificant zeros from a string?
Different ways of writing a function bringing undesired effects in JavaScript?
Display image from cache with async call of ajax() jquery function
jQuery plugin for DataTable doesn't work. fnGetColumnData
How to fill the ListView from another class?
Flex mobile 4.6 ReferenceError: Error #1065
how can i add a new icon to a Visual Studio 2010 extension?
Audio stream shorter than video stream
regular expression to validate only allow -1 and all other positive integers
Display image at desired scale across subplot axes
Long time downloading in iOS app
Boost: How to check text file character encoding/charset?
Submit button click in removes the dropdown list items which gets populated thorugh jquery ajax call
TSQL Filter in sproc failing on numeric conversion
Passing BSON to Silverlight client?
Which protection method to use (mutex , readwritelock ..) on thread inner function
VBA Output to file using UTF-16
LINQ to SQL, in memory lists and anonymous types
How to get files with a filename starting with a certain letter?
Capturing image from gallery & camera in android
insert partial view after specific tag
Linq, lambda and @ [duplicate]
Getting full URL from URL with tilde(~) sign
iOS: MFMailComposeViewController not working on model
Text speech software for flash presentation Parsing HTML 100 times. Will it work?
Using Monocross on Windows Phone 7 with Panorama and/or Pivot control
How to notify a user when new updates / version is released on the App Store?
Algorithm to take the union of rectangles and to see if the union is still a rectangle
How to display an image from the DB in JSP?
How to Convert date into dd.MM.yyyy format in C# from excel
3d Game Engine for Android which does not require android NDK
Eclipse plugin not working
unable destroy session in codeigniter
When I draw a button, it snaps back to the middle of the screen?
sudo pip install PIL and error code 1
convert image to bytes & vice-versa via web services
Why isn't my extern variable initialized yet?
How can I write cross platform c++ that handles signals?
Call method from controller via Ajax
Call facebook autorize dialog - not shown
How can I get the data from an array that is returned by a method?
Can we play a game online between iPhone & iPad using gamecenter?
C++ compiler warning(?) when passing uninitialized local variable to function
php filemtime returning false other then the php application's root directory
How to correct this variable
Display HTML Pages from Documents Directory in UIWebView
Tutorial to set up wordpress iOS
How do you remove numbering from HTML headers when exporting from org-mode?
Web Services and C++ (or C++/CLI)
What is the difference between the abc.db and abc.sqlite for android?
DOMDocument::schemaValidate() exceeds the allowed maximum length of '255'
Cracking DES requires decrypting entire file?
XmlApplicationContext : Is there a way of knowing all configuration problems at once?
How datas are stored in lucene
Print PDF which generated Dynamically without print dialog in silvelright
OSX: using Authorization for a sub part of your own application
LifecycleExecutionException When trying to debug gwt-maven-plugin:2.4.0
How to implement swipe right using jgesture in phone gap for android
Learn about memory usage on Linux