Deploying WCF Service with ASP.NET Web Application
click on link in email to populate textfield
Calculating Margin & Padding Height in Fluid / Responsive Layout
Convert CGSize to CGFloat and use that to size a RoundRectButton
cookies using Delphi 2010 and Indy
JSON error(s) with php backend
htaccess rewrite 鈥溾�/pages/about.php鈥�to 鈥溾�/about鈥�
How to play a movie on iOS
Autofocus does not work in form inside a partial view using MVC3 Razor
Pushing UIViewController crashes
Java: get the class of the inherited class from a static method
AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribut 'has_key' in App Engine
managing multiple entries in java (custom) truststore
Trying to find alternative way to express LINQ expression
Sending PHP mail
How to create my own command in linux
DOM navigation through jquery
Get list item by attribute in Python
Adding description text below Fancybox rather than use title attribute?
Grails: Dynamically call another action
Global redirect based on logic in ASP.NET MVC3
LWJGL code producing black screen
How to read huge file in Java, in chunks without being blocked?
create custom object (combination of two objects)
how can I handle SMS send/receive ?
jQuery how to use off() on the closest container of an element
Position div with background below another
NullPointerException in method
if condition of in_array to boolean
Can someone explain if multi-touch zoom is supposed to work for UITextView or UIScrollView
How to link Eclipse Indigo in Ubuntu 11 to FFMPEG 8 for C++
Class constraint must come before any other constraints
In jqGrid, how can I call a method after subGridRowColapsed completes?
How do you create a Shell Script target in Xcode 4.2?
Reducing Tempoary Tables Created on Disk MYSQL
How do I make an AJAX request to an ASP.NET webform using $.getJSON?
SOAP web service UI
How to explain the crash report?
Lisp Code Unexpected Results
C# Settings referring to PK ID of other entity in other table EntityFramework
Application class data being nulled out when switching to Camera Intent
What's the proper way to add javascript inside jQuery's $(document).ready with Yii
Correct way to reset counter in COBOL
Find unique combinations of values from arrays filtering out any duplicate pairs
SQLAlchemy cannot find a class name
ComException while Data Binding in XAML Metro app
Runtime Error--java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: provider=gps
Am I using the Ruby on Rails API documentation incorrectly?
How can a WebView inherit colors from the current Android theme?
Registering mouse gestures in VLC (building an extension)
Storyboard.Begin() occasionally blocked or delayed
C++: Pointers outputs confusing me
Invalid read size in strcasestr
How can I best implement rollover and rollout events for multiple overlapping elements?
MSBUILD Generate xml documentation file for all projects in solution (without touching the projects)
self.view.frame is no longer animating when in storyboard's initial view controller
Joining Three Tables
javascript driven navigation menu on footer
Rails can't find Idenfity (ImageMagick) even though commandlines shows it's installed
Center the cursor in the window in Eclipse?
Migrating data, from latin1 charset to UTF-8
Is it possible to upgrade a Heroku app's buildpack after the app has been created?
Accessing Facebook UID C# SDK
C++ OOP Demo Application [closed]
JSON Parse Error (No HTTP Error. Just String Conversion)
JPA and Android
Is it possible to eliminate name mangling in ASP.NET?
Return CATransform3D to map quadrilateral to quadrilateral
Send Email To All Users With Posts In A Project Discussion
If/else/elseif statement parsing incorrectly
Diff'ing a mixed lists
fail to receive multiple values returned from stored procedure by using dataset
How configure .htaccess, vhost, hosts to use Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Hostname?
Creating a thumbnail of an image on an external server
Convert code with pointers in C to Java code
Extract Hashtags in Rails using Twitter-Text-Rb Gem
Google Apps as Identity Provider
What's the state of the art in determining user location via IP address? [closed]
Proplem with the infowindow in google maps
Jquery/ajax caching issue - Firefox won't refresh modified images
How do dynamically ad div with <script>tag including inline JS so that this JS executes?
Designing a database with yearly data, updated daily
bxslider next button moves slide only half way
set up maven pom file for different deployment scenarios
UIScrollview size when orientation changes
Hector for Cassandra
How to add a img in a text field value
Slider in Android App
Constant time 鈥渋s bool array all 0's?鈥�
Defining polymorphic constants in Haskell
Creating image map - an easy way?
UITableView - assigning arrays to the right sections in a UITableView
App Engine Connected Android project C2DM connection error
What's the difference between 鈥済it symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/gh-pages鈥�and 鈥済it branch gh-pages鈥�
Do I have to uninstall Xampp before install Zend Server?
How to avoid ajax reload when you click the back button
Exception code numbering best practice
How should framework/library files be treated in git?
Call base class method if not abstract
Pull child from a array of type parent and use the child's overwritten method
Content Provider query not hitting correct content provider when in Android Library
enforce generic types in maps (in relation to key/value generics)
Started Learning Automation and need help for infrastructure
Write HTML within JavaScript
backup .sql file is empty
鈥渏ava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added鈥�when building a project which depends on library projects
iPhone label is not updated
Javascript object literal name rule
Null Pointer Exception in an If statement
Using Ruby to post an XML request to a webserver
Programmically create or join a home group
Updating datetime in access table
Returning class pointer, when asked for struct pointer (C++)
Cleanly separate Hadoop phases
Cleanly separate Hadoop phases
How can I view the Live HTTP Headers sent/received by an iPhone App?
Export SVG elements to PDF?
Spring MVC - Adding confirmation message to same page - maybe additional model
Java Applet not Working With HTML
UnsatisfiedLInkError Eclipse JNI (works from command line but not in Eclipse) package names
Making the link button clicked default using Javascript/jquery
How do I access PDF form fields with python
How can I incorporate hidden markov chains/Viterbi algo into a directed graph?
Monthly calendar
How to correctly model loosely-typed properties in RavenDB
GMaps: Cover all earth in polygon and make a hole in that
Implementing jQueryTOOLS Scrollable with ASP.NET Webforms?
moving class-level dynamic method creation into a module in ruby
MapKit repsondsToSelector for setUserTrackingMode in IOS 4.3.3
having same div twice
What do I put for making Graphics g?
How to get the background-size:cover; size and percent?
mySQL Combining the results of searches
IDEs besides Leo for cloning, aliasing, multi-viewing nodes/files?
User object returned from Graph API occasionally missing first_name or last_name
How do I make spaces between numbers in a random number generated app in C++?
鈥渓ocal variable referenced before assignment鈥�鈥�only functions?
iPhone in-app purchase for single and bundled items
when selected value of a bound combobox column changes, how to change selected values for other columns?
Text in MySQL db is ISO-8859-1 (Latin) encoded but should be UTF-8
using convert_tz for datetime comparisons
How do I get the Eclipse project effect out of Emacs?
AWK print FNR incrementing from 0
Regular expression to find email address in a string
ASP.NET MVC: Make browser cache images from action
iOS5 adding and manipulting a UIView class
Is it normal that after clicking a Rails link_to method all the options appear in the URL bar?
Need to extract text from within first curly brackets
Can't find Plist file in my Dev environment
Google Maps API v3: Fit map to markers while keeping center point fixed
linq join 1 to many get first record
How to count banner impressions and Clicks
Symfony2/Doctrine: How to re-save an entity with a OneToMany as a cascading new row
Is there a library that can give me all instances of a class which occur in another class?
How do I declare global array in VBScript
Repeating HTML markup w/ jQuery
TripIt Strategy for Omniauth
How to initialize a list with constructor?
Remove multiple views from superview
How to tell Proguard to obfuscate specific dead code
Test cases for a program using System Clock
Entity Framework 4.1 and BLOBs
Internet Explorer AutoIT object and UTF-8 encoding
jquery compare the height beneath img to h2's height
jquery compare the height beneath img to h2's height
Multiple records recorded from a single page using django forms
Populate TableLayout with android:layout_weight programmatically
javascript custom object and image onload
going back to previous commit without destroying the current one
How can I add visible information to C# classes using attributes?
Create components with circular relationships using Castle Windsor
C basics, convert integers 0 and 1 to char*
Jenkins without Automated Tests
How to use an Android stock app as a library in another custom Android app?
Git to TFS 2008 one way migration (with history)
ORM: JSON instead of LOB in Hibernate/JPA
JavaScript calculations
How to output Parentheses in UserMailer?
Mobile Safari - JavaScript click event breaks copy and paste
Flex Builder dateFormatter timezone offset
In objective-c what is the alternative to using YES/NO when using #define and #if
How to use Caliburn Micro in a WinForms app with one WPF form
Extending java's ThreadLocal to allow the values to be reset across all threads
Post one feed item to multiple friends' feeds
Developing iphone app Adobe ProffesionaL CS5.5 windows version?
How do you link two elements together when they have the same name in xslt?
Code::Blocks compile exe on OSX
why Nodejs callback() can't access variable outside callback scope?
ASP.NET Output Caching vs ASP.NET Object Caching
Bytecode - public and private attributes differences
Divide a city into regions in Google Maps
鈥淯nbalanced calls to begin/end appearance transitions for DetailViewController鈥�when pushing more than one detail view controller
How to execute a conditional alert on OnLoad MVC event
User object returned from Graph API intermittently contains empty array for permissions data
Loop over ALL the values
RhinoETL unable to connect to sql server
Strange thing about using hibernate session's saveOrUpdate method
pausing and resuming core animation when app enters and exits background
View Image file without locking it. (Copy to memory?)
Bluetooth connectivity in QT4?
On which layer should i order a list received from database
Sourcetree constantly asks for authenticate with Mercurial (Kiln)?
Drawing regional polygons on google maps v3 API
Data binding nested JSON with Knockoutjs
Override method of UsersController in Clearance
Distributing integers using weights? How to calculate?
Rails 2.3.x, is there any ruby gems for editing yml locale files? [closed]
check character by character using regex
Splitting large strings into words in php
Zend Framework - date issue
Animating toolbar with textfield up above the keyboard when the the textfield is edited
Linking your app to an EXISTING page
Xcode preprocessor dependent on environment variable
how to use Java PushbackInputStream to read a number
C++: Declaring pointers
Obtaining MACs on a Layer 3 port via SNMP?
Can sinatra listen to more than one port?
Chromedriver does not exist
Testing a before_save callback with Rspec and Factory Girl
Password Change Required response from RESTful Token Service
HTTP Error 405.0 - Method Not Allowed using Jquery ajax get
Why isn't Chrome enabling Omnibox Search for my site?
Displaying records from database which are equal to logged on user
Will $(document).ready(function(){ 鈥�}) clean all previous event handlers registered with document ready?
hibernate criteria for a time range search on a Date field
Unable to use cout with a C++ string unless I run it through data() or c_str()
Connect Window Controller Outlet to Window
Do slow function calls inside response.write() block the event loop?
Where in iOS/iPhone app is the best place to save data?
Trying to get Insights with FQL-query but getting no data
Need a solution for circular dependency in C++/CLI (compiler error)
java hibernate skip insert 'id' on insert
Restricting system resources in wsgi
Loess implementation using Javascript
Python: show all possible groupings of a list, given only the amount of sublists (lengths are variable)
Start IntentService from Activity and refresh Activity when IntentService is finished
unit testing system.timers.timer
Java String to Python String Encoding 鈥渆rror鈥�
Is the '.' for member access considered an operator in Java?
Closures (in Haskell)
jetty 8 - websockets : how do I get the client IP address?
require ' ' has suddenly stopped working in ruby scripts
Django project helper functions/ classes
Best method to connect IIS 7.5 Web Forms to SQL Server
How to prevent 'touched' event from firing when user moves finger to slide the element
Utilities to convert folder of static resources to embedded objective-c byte arrays?
How to specify test classpath in Eclipse
Google Maps handled server-side
EF concurency tracking when saving changes from a different thread
A 'cons' in Haskell that displays like its Scheme counterpart
Multipage TeeChart Gantt: how to stop first page displaying after deselecting a series in legend on last page
jQuery Image Upload - CodeIgniter
.NET dependency and XNA
jQuery - submit a form with an anchor
HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error using WCF Data service Authentication
Having an issue with <Leader> key and plugin (particularly EasyMotion)
Any available design pattern for a thread that is capable of executing a specific job sent by another threads?
Converting PHP mcrypt based security to a Java base (modified cryptastic)
Alert View button actions not working
How to prevent app from getting backed up to iCloud
Multiple calls to Twitter streaming API in Node.js using ntwitter
cout << cv::Mat : no match for 鈥榦perator<<鈥�[closed]
Using GetOpenFileName instead of OpenFileDialog
Is there any way for me to change scoring based on term position in Lucene?
Is there any way for me to change scoring based on term position in Lucene?
JavaFX 2 TableView inserting rows directly on the control
sdwebimage: Image in table cell gets stretched after initial load
BeautifulSoup: How to remove empty tables, while preserving tables that are partially empty or not empty
How to rewrite this .Net C# in ColdFusion?
Jquery replace not working over the entire input text
My internet connection requires a web based login after 90 minutes. What would be the best way to make sure I'm always online? [closed]
Multiple client synchronization
Read file left to right
Alter the content overview page
How to programmatically create an InfoPath form from an InfoPath XSN template
How to include UDF_library in application.cfm?
MySQLDump not working to import data into amazon RDS
Creating events with google closure
I want to draw a curve and generate a polynomial that closely fits it. How would I go about this?
How to use jquery to submit a post to a different uri than the current page in Rails
.NET Window Forms local database
VisualStateManager.GoToState with TabItem not working
In which activity (class) constant action key should be added in Android?
Bus routes. How do I show the route closer to two points of reference?
ASP.Net CascadingDropDown and EnableEventValidation=鈥渇alse鈥�
Replacing text with RegEx and C# isn't working the way I need it to
Background window popup
Embedded Mono: How do you raise an event in C++?
Open Graph - Change og:url in post
Where does Xcode store its indexes?
phonegap webos 3.0+
Can I stop iCal from caching my PHP-generated iCalendar feed?
GoogleMaps Android app implementing on Monodroid
Unable to to locate and click a submit button using mshtml.HTMLInputElement
PHP MYSQL: Correct Code to Increment a views column every time a page is loaded in the browser
R Subset XTS weekdays
Auto prepend htaccess a php file
grizzly logs to stderr, annoying in eclipse
Alternative way to do FirstOrDefault in LINQ
Simple voting system doesn't add vote to database after clicking vote up/down (Rails)?
Cucumber Step Definition for finding text inside a label
Track history across repositories
How can I delete my page or reset the 鈥淟ikes鈥� [closed]
Office interop with Office 2010 virtualized versions
Are ActiveRecord callbacks called in the join table in an HABTM relationship?
Could not find control in ControlParameter
Java and generics
How to get the 鈥渓ocation鈥�header with jQuery's $.post function?
Identifying whether a program has started
Count the number of occurrences of a number in a list
Enable a tab with jQuery Tabs
Code generating 6k mySQL queries that certainly can be optimized
unable to import pygame
AJAX 鈥淎ccess to restricted URI denied鈥�error
How to uncheck a checkbox by default?
Google maps xml result save to file
Find number of letters in a vector of strings c++
SImple js inject code with chrome extenstion
How to config slf4j+logback in a multi-module Maven project?
Python Basics: How to convert a list containing an int into a plain int?
SVN repository in Xcode, troubleshooting tips
Best practice for transferring data from cross platform apps to server
JSON from PHP LogCat:String Cannot be Converted to JSONObject
Slicing array of arrays
XmlTextReader with SslStream - reading multiple xml from stream
Codeigniter ion auth trying to get the user name of a logged in user in to a string
Colorbox Not working in IE showing invalid argument in jquery.js
Return partial view to same view
How to eliminate lengthy relative include paths
How can I get the keyboard to display with my UITextField in my UITableView?
Singleton with a delegate: Good idea or bad?
Regular expression to make sure of the word GO
Access to the httprequest object within POJO called by WebSphere Command/JSP/etc?
Android LocationManager GPS Reading Never Changes While Screen is Off
alternative to finding an <img> x and y origin
MySQL backup doesn't work
Why does Wingdings not function on iOS 5? Why can't I use Wingdings in my iPhone app?
pthread_join is being a bottleneck
didReceiveLocalNotification: being called more than once for the same notification
What's wrong with this syntax for getting length of longest row in table?
Session variable is not working in MySQL statement
SQLSRV Query to return all products listed under a column
How do I locate a clashing class in the IntelliJ classpath?
Multi-hop linked server
Are there any good alternatives for jQuery popBox (a script that automatically extends a text field into a popup textarea in a dialog window?)
InApp Purchase - How to detect when Alert 'Confirm Your In App Purchase' is displayed
jquery mobile alerting an image?
Android Indent and Hanging Indent
PHP Session Not Restoring from Cookies
Access windows by name
Visual Studio watch window see object's size/memory footprint
Why aren't my nimbus didImageLoad methods being called?
SmartGWT Not working with Maven and Jetty Chrome Ubuntu x64
A Little Beyond Selecting Two Tables in MYSQL with PHP or a JOIN?
Couldn't get everyauth's req.user inside router functions
DataGrid does not refresh after deleting a Row
Facebook wall post mention friend
XPath find all matches C# XmlDocument
What is the determining component of a Mobile browser user-agent string in its HTML rendering variation?
Why can't I compile HelloWorld in C++?
Reading a Git commit message from PHP
jQuery UI datepiker not attached to input
UIButton with image centered over text misaligns for some images
PHP extension 鈥渃url鈥�must be loaded while installing on xampp Windows 7
PHP extension 鈥渃url鈥�must be loaded while installing on xampp Windows 7
XAML - Can't resize elements to 0 width in this case
Why does vim highlight this file differently?
Spring Batch - Connection Refused in some Unit Tests
Getting ant build error Unable to locate specified base class 'mx.core.Application' for component
adding additional settings to $_ENV todo list example but with database in memory
PDO in PHP - What parameters can I bind outside of the query or not
Maintaining Same CSS Layout
Trying to, recursively, retrieve the sum of a table
HashMap and JDK 7
error while interacting with Hibernate
When does the JPA set a @GeneratedValue @Id
Unable to Query a View from a Linked SQL Server
How to list all +1 of Google+ user
Visualforce: How do I print the Current Date?
facebook 鈥渓ike鈥� how to set it to redirect to the wall
How do I turn Model.order('attributes desc') into a scope?
HTML5 get number of alpha-pixels in canvas
Unable to bootstrap ClojureScript
Android: Creating blurred texture using blending in OpenGL 1.1
Using Smart GWT TreeGrid for Navigation
Zend date is singleton?
Is there a way to disable a TabPage inside a TabControl?
Is it possible to use a custom html helper editor template without tying it to the model?
Java StyledText, appending text with different font?
Gzip ajax data before sending to server
Introspection of Objective-C objects properties
Bash Script - how to get script directory so that it runs in Cron
MongoDB / C# - Inserting document with an automatically populated timestamp
MVC 3 Razor, Helpers with custom markup/section
ZendFramework, Doctrine 2 ODM with mongoDB - Hydrator Error
2 Facebook like buttons for same URL, with different get variables, seeing the same like count?
What should be the mapping for listed tables in Entity Framework (edmx)
Creating an index on a timestamp to optimize query
CSS percentage with decimals only working correctly in Chrome (Firefox and Opera are just rounding up)
div on top of iframe work-around not working in Chrome
Logging to different log file based on differnt folder using NLog
Deduplicating HashMap Values
executing jar file
Using TCPClient() with IP:PORT/PATH
Random Number generation Issues
Pretty print Python xml.dom.Element object
Android: Taking a picture using camera intent and saving it to a
C++ 鈥渦ndefined reference to鈥�function error
鈥渋nit terminating in do_boot鈥�error message, when starting Yaws on Windows
Generic function to hide an element when an input changes it value
Unknown Property Error at Primefaces FileUpload
what is wrong with this python code? the if block is not getting executed
Querying attributes where value is not yet set
what element type and layout for should I use for app landing page navigation buttons?
How to write unit tests that tests concurrency invariants
Spring Batch Multi Threading - How to make each thread read unique records?
Performance of array analysis using Arrays.sort
Expanding a UITableViewCell with CoreAnimation
Jquery when input field is empty set both input fields to disable false
git erroneously states I'm ahead of origin/master by 1 commit
How can I change the transparency (alpha) of a view on pre-SDK-11 on Android?
NSTableView rowViewAtRow: always returning nil
Preferred techniques for passing objects which clients may invalidate
How to track product sales per affiliate id using Google Analytics or Piwik
Spreadsheet formula for summation on amount of equal column values
Drawing a simple game board in Android
Knockout.JS print a list of numbers
switch_to method
string not being changed by reference
How can you combine these 2 functions into 1?
Disable mouse scroll when overflow-x: hidden [CSS,HTML]
How to add values beside elements in an array in bubble sort algorithm in java
Haskell - type wrappers unification
Flot pie chart, distance between slices?
Discover locally running WCF from WP7
VB: Using IF statements to add together variables in a listbox
Thread concurrency issue even within one single command?
FQL like operator
Cant save Read Stream to Amazon S3 using aws2js
Jquery Cycle through table rows [closed]
Constants class vs. web.config AppSettings
Correct MVC3 Model type of multiselect box?
how to target codebehind method using __DoPostBack without hidden control
MySQL Sort Alphabetically but Ignore 鈥淭he鈥�
How to use my Class with PList in objective-c?
Android: Configuration Change Not Updating
Python, want to print float in exact format +-00.00
Generating next sequence value manually in Doctrine 2
How do i autosave in vim 7?
How to Create a 鈥淏ase鈥�Test Method in Junit or TestNG
Is it possible to import WebSphere wsadmin as a jython module?
migrate mongodb database to heroku
check for process stop under shell
Spring Framework basics
mysql inexplicably truncating data
Maximum native memory that can be allocated to an android app
Equivalent data structures with same bounds in worst case (vs. amortized)
Is it possible to escape the current XPath predicate to get value out of containing predicate?
Images automatically spacing?
Can Amazon IAM be used as an authentication method for hosts?
is $PROGRAMFILES a constant declared in NSIS or is it the environment variable read from Windows?
Synchronize row heights in custom wpf datagrid
Making the WebView more little [closed]
Making the WebView more little [closed]
Discussion Board Subject View displaying 鈥淎ttempted to use an object that has ceased to exist.鈥�
Regex word boundary issue when angle brackets are adjacent to the boundary
git checkout branch from remote
How can python subprocess.Popen see select.poll and then later not? (select 'module' object has no attribute 'poll')
Broken Java 3D Graphics
php substr() function with utf-8 leaves 锟�marks at the end
Android - Change contact information within an app
How to use created_at value as default in Rails
Parameter read when Task runs, not when declared
In Joomla article: How to load a module while hovering on a link
Create a new MySQL database using Workbench
SQL Cross Apply Performance Issues
Segmentation fault when calling glDrawElementsInstanced
Java JDBC connect to Microsoft SQL - No Connection but no errors
keyword highlight is highlighting the highlights in PHP preg_replace()
Trying to solve flex2gateway issue (Flex /ColdFusion 9 Enterprise on VPS Windows Server)
stopping embedded videos from playing once hidden
Is there another way to maintain computed columns when generating database from model in EF?
PHP strtotime() is not returning the correct month
What is an efficient way of transforming and counting an array?
weird black bars for firefox users on my website
Automatically udpate Visualforce page every time an item from a drop list is picked
using LINQ to process a text file
Redmine Email through SES SMTP
How does Python come off as a multi-platform programming language?
Split domain across multiple servers
How to share Code Style settings between developers in IntelliJ
Can context of Entity Framework be extracted from object later on?
Mandelbrot set reaches to its limit way too soon
Time to retrieve a single record via a SQL Server index in a large table
Insert a String inside an Array
How to find out information on client's reads on a named pipe
jquery list in a list selector for slideUp
How to check what checkboxes are checked within a JFrame?
Click Long On Image using Robotium
GtkTreeView returning errors when window is shown, other GtkTreeView shows none
How to reload current UIView
Keep a structure 鈥渁live鈥�in a function over iteration?
NullReferenceException for TimePicker Windows Phone 7
Salesforce-Not able to update records after being changed in a pageblock table having inline editing
jQuery broken when I change wordpress permalinks away from Default
Editing Data in an XLS with PHP then importing into mySQL
Upload a file to a server
Throttling an event from a control in Silverlight
RVM,Gemset, Bash on MacOSX - what have I done during my upgrade?
How to generate table with more than 5 conditions
beginner groovy-grails, object type statement missing?
How can I run unit tests with different versions of a library w/o changing it manually?
select onChange event triggers javascript that populates hidden Input value from an array value
Model Binding PHP-Type $POST Data in ASP.NET MVC 3 Action Method
How Do You Add Your Own Images To The PhotoScroller Example?
Multiple polymorphism in C++
Format date in SELECT * query
XTS apply function to time of day subset?
Lightswitch insert row in a grid (after selected row)
Quick one (easy I hope!) about scope with function objects in Javascript鈥de>
Sending PHP script to a specific IP address on site
Install Shield Limited Edition WIndows service
Toggle function not working properly
How to match a pattern which is NOT inside a string/comment?
C# Class Type conversion
Is this relationship possible in CF9's ORM? How?
Making a wrapper in HTML5 / CSS3
Can't sign my AIR application for iTunes connect to accept it
Load png with OpenTK and MonoDroid
In SQL Server bulk insert, how do I use higher ASCII characters for Field and Row terminators
Asp.Net Base Controller (non MVC)
Access to a mobile website only from a QR code?
jide oss 3.1.1, missing checkboxlistselectionmodel?
How can I change the value of a variable while debugging Java code in NetBeans 7.1?
Create custom JSON string from form
Insert item in a comboBox in WinForms
Wait for async request to complete
jQuery templates each 鈥渧alue is not defined鈥�
Need to transfer RAW E-Mail messages to server. What is the best method? [closed]
FTP PHP Can't read file
ASP.NET nullexception error
localhost http 500 internal server error
COMBOBOX is not vertically sizable wxpython
Will the Vibrate Permission filter an app from Google TV in the Android Market?
How to get an alert when an exe process hangs
Is there a way to delete a view on scraperwiki?
how to set/unset textwrap in a textbox in an OpenXML presentation
Finding the null in a method invocation chain
How can I make off-center rotate animations in android look similar in portrait and landscape?
Why is JSON.NET adding all these backslashes
nsis find and replace all registry value
stacking divs when scrolling
Session lost for return URL of GetResponse()
Some guidance on ASP.NET MVC 3 architecture required
PHP E-mail goes to junk folder in hotmail [duplicate]
Shade Background iOS Popup
.split in IE 7 not working
How does one iterate through an unordered set in C++?
multiple overflow:hidden containers with hidden content simultaneously toggled by links
Core Data context save: Is code run sequentially?
rails: updating controller
javascript changes one some class names
easier way to get mouse movenment on window control IN WINDOW LOOP than subclassing
Xcode 4.2.1 for Snow Leopard
Is there way to to return the group only if the group is the exact length specified?
NSNotification multithreading is not working after migration to Xcode 4.3 and IOS 5
Polling large Data from the database
Callback function 鈥渋s not defined鈥�
Tumblr pages' sidebars
NSArrayController too late for NSTableView datasource?
websocket successfully handshaking, but not sending receiving messages correctly (C# Server)
How can I extract a satellite image from google maps given a Lat Long Rectangle?
Why can't I use my dll that is referenced config file
Amazon SES SMTP Python Usage
How do I use Ruby to extract data from a SQLite3 database and output it as static HTML?
File location of custom Kohana ORM image upload error messages
using bcp to load data into sql server
How do I raise an event using Moq?
Best way to create cxf REST json-p service to be used by a GWT client
Display varchar Date as D/M/Y?
File or Directory Not Found Message
How to add a custom cell to the bottom of a UITableView?
JNI on Android: How to retrieve a string from Java code?
Are there any opensource libraries for handwriting recognition in .net?
Which Ruby on Rails is compatible with which Ruby version?
Recovering Accidental Storyboard Deletion
rails: devise auth system with 2 types of users
Sort the first sorted column that have the same number based on the second column in Matlab?
Search function to add & remove options from select dropdown
grails remoteLink no working as expected
insert links into gridview
Android Application return NULL
Packaging drawable resources with a JAR?
PHP Programming Design Pattern For PDO Database Access
Merging 2 MySQL queries and ordering results by timestamp
Model X is not associated with Model Y cakephp
JQuery narrow selection in dynamically created elements
How to make a div appear and disappear between 2 heights?
Get value of HTML element without ID?
How do I create a Mixin factory in Python?
What is the difference between a c style pointer and an id style object? [duplicate]
Apache2 + php Mysterious Background Access on Google Chrome
Changing the size of a checkbox and the check mark in it
How can I benefit from the SAP Reuse Library? (SE83)
wcf Expression<T> parameter
Specific application development [closed]
JBoss can't read properties file in Windows
Get height of PHP-generated div with pure javascript
Rewrite URL in codeigniter
Make ENTER key submit url form for iframe
Most efficient way to parse a large .csv in python?
Checkbox checked or unchecked boolean php mysql
Issues with jQuery, ajax, and jsonp
HelloGoogleMap runtime crash
IntegrityError at /comments/post/ in django comments
Add normal curve and horizontal box-plot to already tabulated survey data
PlayQueued with different animation states
java crashes when debugging gwt application made by gwt-maven-plugin 2.4.0
Fixing error on Android fragments example
Reading a .txt file and getting stuck on first char
Whats the name of the place where facebook, skype, and other iOS apps got code from? [closed]
I need to translate 3d points relative to a triangle as if the triangle was somewhere else
Why am I getting a space in between 2 array elements?
Unable to find an entry point named 'AxSquare' in DLL 'C: PracProj Maths Maths bin Release Maths.dll'
Rails application dying slowly on Mac Lion 10.7.2 with Phussion
Automatically copy new folder contents to another folder after upload
Generate buttons or clickable area
How can I use MySQL spatial datatypes with linked data for polygons?
In WIN 8 DP- How to set output audio device to speaker instead of USB using powershell
Java scanner reads garbage value from a file
RedirectToAction does not work
Getting keys/columns of collection in mongodb - nodejs
ios parsing a text file
What is the number of persistent connections to APNS allowed?
Passing a parameter to a link inside an < a > href tag using only HTML
how to check if input type button is pressed in php?
If statement parsing incorrectly
mysql: find (and display) strings that are not in a table
Aligning code/Code margin in Visual Studio
Flash 5 鈥淣o Valid HTML Templates鈥�
not mandatory date_column model validation for invalid date assignment
Flexible marshalling with JAXB
Jetty 8, servlet 3.0 and continuations
Create a proxy for an specific instance of an object in clojure
Extjs Grid Filter - Dynamic ListFilter
compilation problems with unordered set
Objective-C: Why is autorelease (@autoreleasepool) still needed with ARC?
ms access - return records from sql Stored procedure
Spring JPA Dao - Could not autowire field
pause a function, usual suspects not seeming to work
Render action perfomance
Git - Moving Pushed Commits to a Different Branch
T-SQL: Export to new Excel file
How to assign android:sharedUserId in the manifest?
jQuery load not woking when embeding a JavaScript based Poll to my website
Bin Deploying MVC4
Tab completion from array of strings
How to swap UIScrollViews?
Basic join and aggregate?
ASP.NET Email Form Return message after form is submitted
custom made order by mysql
Customizing a project library in Android
list-style-image is not working
How to connect to a remote web service via php using a local WSDL file?
How to stream MMS Protocol Radio on your Website?
Create custom page to give permissions to a user for workspace using C# in Sharepoint 2010
Regular expression for numeric values and a single decimal place in PHP
Why are my exponential numbers being rounded? (C language)
iOS Design Pattern equivalents when coming from a C#/Java world?
How to access variables of the 'main' SWF from a loaded SWF by SWFLoader?
Find and replace using xargs sed - can I save the results to a file?
Java function parameter value is being changed
How Can I Display Overlapping User Controls Correctly?
Javac errors when compiling pixel recognition script
Writing IPTC data to an image using iptcembed() in Codeigniter
Copying users between AD-LDS (ADAMish) instances
Drupal JQuery not loading in IE9 on Localhost
PHP imagemap link to select language in Joomla
The OutputPath property is not set for this project
stop-pause-continue two synchronized threads
how to simplify my sql query
Java sockets: Client 'calling an object' on the server? (Like with C# WCF)
Bad base64 Decode - M2Crypto - Python - Android - RSA
How do I Translate mouse movement to Camera Panning
Adding viewlets into fixed, specific locations in viewlet manager
PHP string replace firstname with first letter in first name
Magento - Custom Order Fields - Tutorial Error?
PostgreSQL syntax error from backslashes?
How to start a Shell Script with QProcess?
MongoDB Arbiter AWS EC2
Shortening vectors (within a data.frame) mutiplication code in R
#1064 When Deleting item from Table
SQL Server 2008 Installation Error
Bundle multiple IPA's within a single IPA
Disable URL-encoded Session Identifiers in Struts 2
javascript anchor panel +widget, firefox add-on
How to do the trig function Arc Cos (ACOS() in Excel) in MS-Access?
Hibernate HQL for finding by parameter and criteria
How to click on an image with a hyperlink using Javascript?
adding/renaming an id on click
Why would you use an ivar?
C# Explorer Interface select file
Split String Using Regex in c#
Aptana Studio 3 - theme coloring, what is the braces scope for php?
CSS Inheritance - Why is a 'later' declaration being overwritten by an 'earlier' one?
Can Entity Framework context be reused all the time in code?
MySql paginated results, find 鈥減age鈥�for specific result
combining 20 overloaded subs into one
How to know where is used sUser_sName() function in my SQL Server 2005 database
Tool to adjust CSS position absolute values
Post-Build script throws error in VIsual Studio 2010
Context implementation
C# can not write to file (鈥渂eing used by another process鈥�?
PHP's regular expression engine to remove all html tags, replace with a placeholder, and then add them back in
calculating minimum size needed to contain dialog
Jetty: how do I get unbuffered InputStream or Reader from request (to 鈥渟tream鈥�events over HTTP)?
How to displaly progress bar for downloading attachment
How to show text in a UITableView
which library or framework can be used to render iOS UIViews?
Migrating Visual Studio Solution from x86 to x64 Developer Environment
Iterating over dynamically modifying list in C#
How data travels in Struts2?
Excel addition according to neighbour column
Can't comment on Facebook posts, but likes work
How create an array using libjson?
Where is the best place to save a iphone game status - a txt file in xcode 4
Joining two tables and returning multiple records as one row using LINQ
How can I make edits to a single xml node in android
How is ReuseCabinetCache used in a WIX install
LINQ generates incorrect SQL (reference to a non-existent table)
Create a shortcut wilth izpack maven plugin
UITableViewCell with images in different dimensions
loading UIView onto navigationalStack not passing strings across to new view
Multi-threading for overload and thread name is empty
Bit Aligning for Space and Performance Boosts
Can I immediately evaluate an anonymous function? [duplicate]
Workaround for __lookupGetter__ and __lookupSetter__ functions in Google Chrome/Webkit?
Looking for Open Source ALM / SCM Platform with code hosting
How do I get server side initialization code to run when building GWT Test Cases?
tomcat simple redirection
Eclipse Build Path not available
jSoup get title from img tag
Calculate date interval in SQL
How to create a table that uses a whole other foreign table?
Updating foreign keys in SQLServer like Access
How can I find what process called ProcessRequest in an .ashx web handler file?
鈥淯nable to find a userdata.img file for ABI armeabi鈥︹�
Make correct URI for WP Game Library
Using Knockoutjs And Server Side Validation in .NET MVC2
Controlling scroll viewer's scroll distance
Filling left side of a float: right element in a full width design
Detect client is connected to which port
How to target ios 4 and below?
External Development and Testing of Microsoft Access VBA Code
In emacs 鈥淢-q鈥�does not work?
iOS 5 undeclared identifier GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE
How to create a textbox using GDI+ in C#
Add table privileges to user using mySQL Workbench
VS2010 C++ F7 doesn't create executable in 'debug'
php include_once path
JQuery only clone each tr of a thead table
Rails 3 - What is the correct way to create a resource that has nested attributes?
Where does Camping store my database?
Swipe-based navigation
Lazy loading and multithreading
collections.sort to define the sort order on two elements?
What is an file
Populating Dropdowns in ASP.NET MVC 3
what resolution should I use in my code to test if a table runs off the page? [duplicate]
Naming convention for filter class?
What is the best way to add 鈥淭weet鈥�button to a C++ application for Android
Is it possible to mimic this java enum code in c#
ZendFramework - Zend_Navigation. Find* methods removes pages from container object
Program crash on array index assignment
How to create LEFT JOIN with SELECT subquery using QueryBuilder in Doctrine 2?
Regex symbol for 鈥�' 鈥�
Combine two array and order this new array by date
Do collections convert int to integers sometimes?
'Chain Of Patterns' design pattern and it's potentials [closed]
DataGrid combobox column from My SQL enum
Adding text to a pdf after an image website occasionally not reading from database
Why do many of the GUI CObjects ie(CButton) have to be put on the heap as opposed to the stack?
allocating array pointer c++ equivalent code
EULA Accept Bash Script
What is the canonical audio sample data type in iOS 5
jQuery getJSON does not enter function when called
Why isn't string getting passed into function - jQuery
Android - Footer not displaying text
Why can't lex recognize my regular expession definitions
Loading a blob of data from SQL Server to web-sql
SharePoint MOSS 2007: extranet's external FBA login stops working, can't trace cause
Regex validation rules
Can you use wget to only mirror files updated after a certain date?
Multi-line tags in Play framework 1.2.4
Tomcat dropping connections during transfer using sendfile and APR Connector
Multi language full text search including stemming in Django / Python
Is the Honeycomb Status bar (at the bottom) the same height across devices?
create view for items not in list
javascript doesn't move element
Is there any way to focus on a cell of a DataGrid without setting it to editable?
TinyMCE imagemanager not authenticating using DrupalAuthenticator for new admin users - drupal 7
What's the best way to get a dynamic object from JSoN without third party libraries?
How to not load certain elements based on screen size with javascript/jquery
trim hex from end of string
How can I auto-detect palette vs. truecolor png
iText Add Image to PDF in a web application
ZSH arguments after file name
Android HttpUrlConnection Response wait time
Create multiple sharepoint list items based multiple uploaded files SP2010
What is this design pattern? How to use it?
What kind of arguments does this function take?
reading and writing mulltiple images automatically in matlab?
Session State MVC3
Using javamail to send from hotmail?
MVVM WCF Entity as Model鈥�How to implement propertychange notification in the view model when using Entity as your model
Remove white spaces between C# Flowdocument elements?
Backbone: Synchronize several Collections for the View
find using multiple joins in rails
How to overlay contour plots on colormaps in gnuplot?
Parse input from string containing ints
incorrect syntax near @po in Update-statement
which UI tool/ technology to use to design clickable flowcharts
How to update column through SQL injection?
What is a C++ data structure that offers O(1) lookup? [duplicate]
Xcode 4.2 with Storyboard - Text Fields Not Assigned
Can I use RMI to thwart android game piracy? [closed]
check if field is overridden
syntax error, unexpected ':' in site layout section of
Efficiently print an Array to text in Haskell (bogus, sorry)
How do I show the first letter of the_title in Wordpress?
How to compare pointers?
Android: stopService() doesn't call onDestroy()!
How do I preserve Activity state across Dalvik VM crashes?
Knockout JS 2.0 Binding Parse Error in IE
How do I create a tcp server that sends notices to a client when a order is received by a webservice?
Lock Multiple Files at the same time
Cassandra with Rails 3.2, connection error
What is the simplest way to reference a Multibyte string in PHP?
ComboBox.SelectionLength = 0 throws InvalidArgument Exception
Type relation between two modules built by functors
Looking for an easier way, Nhibernate and Repositories?
Cross domain issue with iframes
How can I DRY this puppet class?
threading, fluent nhibernate and saving data get deadlock
Display callback methods
Avoid pushing unwanted local history to main repository in Bazaar or Mercurial
How do you get just the filename rather than the entire file path of an open file?
How to display 4 rows from mysql database and then use a next button to show the next 4 in PHP
How to use less Activities
Store content of a C pointer into a file with Objective-c
Recursive function- keeps returning 0?
Why url encode, or which characters to encode
Looping through characters in Perl
How to install the WordPress component a jQuery Plug-in in GitHub
Assigning types to a range of integers using enum?
Delphi auto update server to client
How do I convert an object to a RouteValueDictionary inside an Action?
how topass all object properties to a WCF service?
Conditional statements in Partial Views, bad practice?
Is there a way to do spell check on the data in the database?
Ordering by comments_count (counter cache) and created_at at the same time (Ruby on Rails)?
SELECT INTO OUTFILE isn't working?
Populating drop down select menu from rows in MySQL
Create external with Partition
Finder and Virtual directories on OS X
Mathematica - Fastest Method to Append Values to a exported .dat
Android JSONArray issue
Visual Studio file corrupted after power outage [closed]
Can't create new project in Team Foundation Server 2010
WPF: Binding an Image to Integer-DB-Field
Remove 鈥渟elect鈥�LinkButtons from GridView
Change Base 1 Array to Base 0 Array
Why a NPE in 2d Array?
Unable to Upload files in Amazon S3 in Java, or how to make a copy a entire webpage including children files [closed]
Java chat client and server
Opening a specified view using custom url
Regular Expression to Match and Highlight With a Lot of Variance
Passing negative values into stored procedure
Need google type layout css
How to import 3D models dynamically in a WPF Application
Record-Locking in Access 10
How to use ILMerge with SQL Server 2005 CLR assemblies plus an XmlSerializer
Android - Trackball, ListView Visibility Gone Error
qTip2 doesn't work
bookmarklet can't fixed position in ie when run on a plain image url
Check If only numeric values were entered in input. (jQuery)
Algorithm to move sprite given an offset
random number guessing game
Socket read() and ready() interlock, client disconnect detection
python sax parsing big float numbers
Is it possible to upload photo to the friend's wall via Graph API?
Overriding a control's name for screen reader purposes
get iframe src same-origin policy
jQuery remove class when adding it to other elements
How to change start page in PhoneGap 1.x
Weird Pre-Populating Input Fields
How to control last visitor ip through sql and php?
parse xml with php simplexml [duplicate]
Image inside canvas crop with custom rectangle JQuery
How to hide public methods from intellisense
Android JSOUP Parsing Tables fromWeb Sites
Could you recommend some elegant way of creating reusable components with JavaScript and jQuery?
How to find remainder of a division in Ruby?
Where Can I Find Free Machine Readable Bidirectional Dictionaries? [closed]
How can I get a tooltip to work in this scenario using qtip?
Draw 2D: Paint grid on grid layout figure
ORM: Article, revisions and main revisions
How to identify a window playing a video in a browser
Get value of current event handler using jQuery
getting iframe content in IE 7
MVC3 Conditionally disable Html.TextBoxFor()
How do extract just the date (without the time) from an integer field in SQLite3?
is any way to determine that pivot selected index is changing wp7 to some particular index
cell.textLabel.text NSLocalizedString parameters
tmux 鈥�disable echo of last run command?
detect un-english formats
What are DOS programs written in? [closed]
Divide a user interface into mvc views
Classic ASP - VBScript - Lcase operation on array taking too long
Single domain/different localizations SEO? [closed]
Is there any way at all that I can tell how which areas of the screen is being pressed
Monitor ListView selection changes using a binding
WordPress - get alternating image 'icons' after each navigation <li>
jquery overlay from word
How to pick List of parents and its all childs from anonymous list
How to dynamically create new Sound objects based on raw WAV / DATA or other Sound object?
Corona: Can't get instance to 鈥渏ump鈥�on screen touch
XML Nodes - Searching 1 Node Getting its child nodes
PHP Proper way to handle unassigned POSTS and GETS
Output print result in new window
Create whole page screen shot using QWebPage
Android force app to use mobile data channel
gitolite broken: pull is not possible
Fluent NHibernate not working with deployed application but works in visual studio
How to retrieve all contacts' details from Windows Contacts programmatically?
How can I grab the searchValue from a jquery-mobile filter box?
iPhone: User data saves/loads in simulator, but not on iPhone
Are MSIL opcodes atomic?
Add new datafields/groups after database expert wizard finishes?
How do I convert a string to a double while only using <iostream>, <string>, <cstdlib>, <stdio.h>, and <cassert>?
Conditionally applying styles to paperclip attachments in Rails 3.1
Writing a C# string to a preallocated unmanaged buffer using UTF8 encoding
How to reformat XML with related element groups using XSLT
redirect_to admin_url rails throws undefined local variable or method `admin_path' for #<SessionsController:0x75969f356028>
Using computer as USB communication middleman
How do I find the App Bundle Path from within the info.plist file?
Android: How to check phone audio output?
Extracting integer from a number
Error consuming web service due to lack of certificate in java (XML SOAP based)
When to put an object on the stack or on the heap? [duplicate]
Provide data annotation for placeholder attr for textbox in MVC
Why does this spring config file not resolve the mvc:resources element
How to insert this alert info into a div
Eclipse RCP Commands framework: I am lost
How can I get in c# the name of the computer, I need the name and not the IP
How to call my function in a LINQ to Entities queries
PHP classes and include
Doctrine2 One-to-Many Relationship's not working . Symfony2
Reading in date column if first row isn't a date with SSIS Excel Data Source
Is it possible to modify ADFS to use NTLM credentials if present to authenticate a user?
Facebook og tags
鈥淒ependencyProperty already defined鈥�error in a derived class?
How to setup starting height and width layout for your android application?
Date part of a DateTime field for comparison
Idiomatic service initialization/helpers in Rails 3?
java swing : using getLayeredPane as parameter or not
Can I host (self host) a WCF Service in a Windows Service and expose it via http?
WCF fetch one data record at a time
Matlab multiple minimum values
How to retrieve label created by ASP.NET-MVC helper via Javascript
Link JavaScript project with Java project in Eclipse
Magento discount labels - getting special price on category page
Where to begin troubleshooting whether a custom assembly is being referenced or not?
Maintaining referential integrity between a mobile client and a server
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver in jar but not in IDE
flex Start Conditions (matching string literals)
railscast 197 how to: function add_fields
PHP if-else parsing error
How to get the mean of rows of a matrix in Octave?
How to Change Visibility of an ImageButton within a PagerAdapter?
Gathering Date and Time of page load, on page load [closed]
toplevel constant ApplicationController referenced by Children::ApplicationController
Synchronizing the environments - Folders, dlls, files
Is there a font mapping database?
LNK2020 when making a variable static
Surprised that global variable has undefined value in JavaScript
Spectrum Analyzer for C#, similar to Winamp?
Unable to create directory in php
wireless iphone app distribution - install does not work
Cache Shows Old Values on IIS7, not Debug Server
Getting 403 forbidden error on WAMP server when usng SSL
Strange issues with tag label 0?
Send PDF in e-mail without saving to phone (android)
Trouble using sharedPreferences between two activities
Weird loading/unloading of a comctl32.dll on app startup
Running an executable whose parameter values are specified as variables in powershell