Move Android bitmap/canvas away from the top left
Trouble with PHP session variables
Underscore using multiple functions in one line
Populate Android Gallery from image file paths?
Change browser settings at startup in mvc3 application
How do I create a fallback for the HTML5 search cancel button in webkit?
Unit Testing how I think to point logical mistake on class which is under test
Embedding images in Custom ASP.Net AJAX Extender
Floated elements with %-based width and px-based borders: What is the best way to avoid the line break?
Use the same class with rabbitmq and JPA
Read binary file as byte[] and send from servlet as char[]
CLR Project + MySql connection
T-SQL Column values count
winddk: __iob_func redefinition
How should I create an manage a github repository for a shared project?
Schema Design for Invoices and Payments - better model than M:M relationship?
Using DatePart in line of a larger sql clause
Can Mockito verify parameters based on their values at the time of method call?
wordpress thumbnail alignment
Most reliable way of calculating time difference
Delphi - GLScene how to get x,y,z of a picked object
Make java scrollbar start in middle of the scrolling content
Accepting subtypes in generic sets
How to write metod for listView with android:Onclick=鈥渓istViewMetod鈥�in its layout?
CSS sprite creating an unwanted duplicate image below it
NullPointerException ftp.stop() FakeFtpServer/mockFTPServer
boto instance.__dict__['tags']['Name'] output issue
How to fix width bug in HTML5? [closed]
Zend_Date not working it seems
Ways to organize row-keys for range scans in Cassandra
Transform a dynamic drop down into a jQuery UI slider?
MySQL combining two tables without duplicates
How to make PHP 5.2 compatible with future versions
Is there a way to use Json.Net deserialization with immutable classes?
Implementing onCreateOptionsMenu outside main activity class
How to implement read-only ContentProvider?
creating a new branch in mercurial: 鈥渁bort: push creates new remote head鈥�
Background image of main window behind UITableViewCell repeating on other cells
What are the rules to typedef and pointers in c++? [duplicate]
Orientation Change - Update UI
fastest IN PROCESS technique for sharing memory and IPC in win32/C/C++
Rounding results in highcharts jquery script
How to use code completion into Eclipse with OpenCV
Two DataReader from different classes but I get an error?
How to remove my own windows phone application from Marketplace? [closed]
Removing a 鈥渄efault鈥�<option> in a select box
needing help in windows service [closed]
Entity Framework - Inner Join on Foreign Key
Volatile keyword allows access to const structures in UnitTest++
JasperReports: how to tell if a field is pushed onto next page
Mimic main window addDockWidget layout behavior for QDialog
PHP - Detecting remote host disconnection
Gantt chart in javascript/jquery/extjs [closed]
Error with Subquery for Select statements
How to solve memory leak in WPF, caused of DependencyProperty OverrideMetadata?
How can I wrap a method with a callback parameter into a Task?
Access to model object by EL in javascript function?
Is there any API to generate XSD programmatically?
How to tell if you're in a git-svn repo command line?
Trying to change dynamically a context.clip(); in a HTML5 canvas
UpdatePanel Postback Error: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException
MySQL export CSV without quotes
WNetAddConnection2 and error 1219 - Automatically disconnect?
Facebook drop down menu goes behind embeded you tube video fan page
Make a website automatically load in Landscape view on an iPad
Redirect from subpath to subdomain ii6
Code runs multiple times
RaisePropertyChange with Canvas
Creating a Zuma-like web game - which technology to use? [closed]
Does the soap:address variable within a WSDL file contain the location of the web service?
General confusion about .fx files and shaders use in DirectX9 in C++ - how exactly do you make the connection with the app?
How to persist Ruby class variables across page loads in Rails?
iPhone/iPad: Build code in snow leopard having release to App store issues.
Execute immediate run from a PL/SQL package
How to assign SortableBindingList to LINQ query
Python regex match text between quotes
GameTime class replacement for XNA-Control in Windows Forms environment
Webcam pixelated with movement
鈥淯sing Statement鈥�across N-Layer
Greasemonkey xmlhttpRequest error
Setting on() and off() states using hover on buttons with jQuery 1.7
rails 3.2 rails with backbone, can sprockets and requireJs works together?
What is the fastest way to setup a Windows 7 / Visual Studio / SQL Server / .NET Development Environment [closed]
PHPUnit doesn't generate xml log
Change the ControlToValidate of RequiredFieldValidator dynamically
Spotify XML request
difference between unit testing a web project and a silverlight project (How to unit test a silverlight project)
Google+ Games Buttons
What criteria are there to start considering 3 Tier Arch for a public website
How to create Sql Server 2008 Cross Tab Dynamic Query?
Prolog predicate calling
Does SSD Trim work on Windows 7 if there isn't a drive letter assigned?
A fast data structure for lower bound and upper bound queries on integers?
saving blob picture into database without storing to hd
WCF Service Timeout from Classic ASP
How to correctly display text from db which has HTML formatting and text formatting
declaration/definition and instantiation of COM objects with visual c++?
DOMstring parser
Configure SOLR to find documents if the plural is used in the document, and the singular in the search text?
Missing the Rails 2.2.2 gem
PreferenceActivity Listpreference
(How) Does JSS Work?
Is there a flag to make istream treat only tabs as delimiters?
Quoting multiple types of quotes
Repeatability and the Random module across different versions of OCaml
Unmanaged Code and Runtime Error 80131506 Winform .net
How to resize array of structs?
String comparison C++
Symbol Table in Python
Parse $.extend configuration from data attribute
Smartphone accelerometer gestures algorightms
Associate web session with user's workstation
Can a UITabBarController be a segue.destinationViewController?
Can a UITabBarController be a segue.destinationViewController?
How does Facebook photo zooming work when zooming high res image?
Java Unicode Problems (I think)
Symfony2 Security.yml
How to add a product category to an Open ERP database?
Does the location of custom onLoad code matter in Dynamics CRM 4?
Issue with inherited tables within Entity Framework 4.1
Problems Installing a Windows Service from a Visual Studio Installer Project
convert a string to datetime in LinqToEntities (inside the query)
More about property releasing
jpa hibernate - select statement pulls old data
Actionscript 3.0 Cube Crash like game
Passing 'this' as parameter in JavaScript
How to create layout for Android Youtube App List Item
Best practice for storing millions of rows with TSQL (Sql Server 2008)
Mulitple jar file introspection
Having trouble with the CakePHP data validation
What element is preventing my width attribute being applied to my tabs?
Disable git merge conflicts on on non-conflicting changes to subsequent lines
Baud rates for stable Bluetooth serial communication
PHP IDE compiling code on the fly similar to java
How to extract a project tree from a git archive
Creating Left Outer Join Query in Cognos
Twitterizer- The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized
View PDF as a SlideShow?
HTML5 video player converter
MySQL - IN and NOT IN within the same join
transparent UIButton in iOS 5 sdk
Parsing Python Module Docstrings
Interfaces optimizing code?
Can I monetize something that utilizes information from Wikipedia? [closed]
MATLAB: extending value list in container.Map object
Create an NSDate from NSString
Archiving in XCode produces no archives
Bilingual CodeIgniter cron job
Can I use separate web.config file over SSL?
get city name on click mouse event on cities circle using google maps javascript api v3
PHP Compress String
How to send my jQuery form to node.js connect-form
Debugging ios5 iPad application on real device
T-SQL Query to fix bad relationship
Getting extra messages while executing a trigger
ASP.NET if web form navigated change <a> class [closed]
What NoSQL databases enforce referential integrity at data level?
Php variable with operation in declaration of a drop down box
Spring MVC returning 405 when trying to render JSP
Scrolling view during putting text i EditText
Image comparison in python on windows
AJAX ColorPicker SampleColor color dissappears after postback
How to use Fiddler to monitor a Windows Service?
AJAX ColorPicker SampleColor color dissappears after postback
How to use Fiddler to monitor a Windows Service?
Canvas Circle Equation not perfect
How to get actual DOM node for a Dojo Grid cell given row and col index?
How do I set TCP Keep Alive to a specific value using Boost ASIO? MVC ActionResult corrupts the excel file when returning from MemoryStream
java.lang.StackOverflowError in android 4.0 and not in android 3.0
Why does the following JavaScript function not print anything?
Javascript interrupt Page request
How to disable textarea after all the rows have been added
Draw multiple rectangles on button click on the same canvas in android
XML serialization / deserialization names and Inheritance
Trouble connecting to SQL Server from Windows CE 6 device
Use of XMLserializer classes when using SVC proxy client
Binding a ViewModel command to a WPF DataGrid
Facebook Auth Dialog display page
Converting from UIImage/CGImage to Leptonica Pix structure
strip blank lines from output
How To Make ToolStripControlHost Highlight When Moused Over
Representing graphs in clojure
What are the most important things a front end developer should be learning right now? [closed]
Difference between Group signature scheme and Public key Crypto [closed]
Parsing Json Windows8
ASP.NET Configuring Membership User Requirements
ASP.NET MVC Email Contact Form
Design a grid to update data dynamically
For Firefox, is there a file size limit for webappsstore.sqlite?
C scanning array diagonally
Exporting javascript script library using DXL exporter to a file using Java
What Jaspersoft's Alternatives do i have with mongoDB?
Why do I get 鈥渃ache: [GET /] miss鈥�in production using WebRick?
split a string into a unique list - refactor this
How to add third-party jar files into my android application jar file?
How do you cleanly remove DOM elements in Prototype JS?
XML Parsing Error: no element found while working in localhost
SQL Server Set variable if exists else insert into table
Are the following structs the same type?
How to foreach multiple SimpleXML using PHP
Python Multiprocessing Queue on Parent Exit
Spinner + Cursor issues
LINQ to XML grouping with sum
Control.Invoke error: handle not yet created
Input string was not in a correct format in
Using the current date in a backup batch script as a parameter for file names
Converting a NSobject to CGFPoint
WF4 service workflow designer holding reference to its own assembly, preventing project build in x64
How can i measure running time comparison of C code?
What's proper implementation of opIndex?
Hibernate eagerly load collection in collection
Execute multiple sentences at a time in iSQL*PLUS
Save Excel Document in ASP.NET
Split string as key:value pair in javascript
Can't get .NET Policy DLL to redirect application to newer assembly
SQL Multiple COUNT() from two tables, within a LEFT JOIN
Remove leading zero from time of day in Matplotlib DateFormatter
Weird DrawString behavior
Facebook integration using Facebook C# SDK error
Facebook youtube video auto play
Is there a way to limit vline lengths in ggplot2
Css text-overflow not showing properly
type initializer for 'Examine.ExamineManager' threw an exception Umbraco
Objective C: find out if ALAsset was taken on this device
dynamic javascript prototype extension
Desperate: How to install Haskell School of Expression graphics pkg, Windows XP and 7
Submit a POST variable with Javascript?
DEVEXPRESS - bind data to an object
jquery validation plugin remote query - error/failure handling
log4j JMSAppender and ActiveMQ as Camel endpoints
Function argument used as list head variable in Prolog
Convert an integer to a fixed-length character array in C++
Action Bar Sherlock + Fragments? [duplicate]
How can the += operator in C be used to demonstrate that the same array index is used for an array reference?
Ruby Factory Girl Creating Multiple Objects
What's the best way to protect certain records from modification or deletion?
django jquery $.get to $.post
R loading data set from a text into matrix
Does HDF do string interning?
Issues with jQuery slider to load content into the slide being shown
C++ Integer Concatenation
How to access host's DOM from inside of ActiveX control?
How to dynamically declare a array present inside a structure using malloc
Doctrine Schema Create for just one Bundle
Can XPath 1.0 return XML Element names in manner similar to returning node attributes and text? [SOLVED Answer:No in XPath 1.0, but yes in XPath 2.0]
ask for input in prolog
Ajax login dynamic popup dialog
Error in Arduino programming
How can i apply and/or remove a CSS class upon user selection on Radiobuttons with JQuery?
Android overlay to grab ALL touch, and pass them on?
Uploadify unknown error
IE8 for鈥n enumerator
Task List for Visual Studio
Backbone Mixins: Reusable namespace
Source Control: Roles and Responsibilities - Best Practices [closed]
How to move the sprite(vehicles ) on slope image in cocos2d
Changing Custom Menu in JQuery Mobile
IIS7 MVC3 site redirecting domain without www. prefix to default iis page?
yii vendors for all sites
SqlAlchemy relationship to specific columns
Dealing with jar package structure changes
Reading and Writing Images to Isolated Storage
Dealing with jar package structure changes
Reading and Writing Images to Isolated Storage
NSDateFormatter doesn't show time zone abbreviation for 鈥淎sia/Kolkata鈥�for the 鈥渮鈥�or 鈥渮zz鈥�specifier, just the GMT offset
how to make an input field that allows for searching in an outside search engine using Google API?
VHDL driving signal from different processes
Simple layout starter code
Core Data: UIManagedDocument vs AppDelegate's managedObjectContext @property
Nginx request_uri without args
Number suffix for short [duplicate]
ListView Multiple Delete (CheckBox)
RoR omniauth and facebooker2
Adding values to Cell from JSON file - code provided
SELECT datafields with multiple groups and sums
Retrieving a string that include single quotes: the quotes are not printed
Document.referrer wrong when pressing the back button
Getting all my posts for a specific periode (lambda expression)
Distinguish between two gtktreeviews
Linked Lists:How can we tell if the usage of a dummy node is absolute necessity?
JQuery DataTables not working in my Struts Application
Activation of Registration
Open UIImagePicker when tapping on UIImageView
Wiring Controls in Visual Basic, Controlling the Controls
Using svn diff in combination with vimdiff to get tabbed diff page per modified file
Maintaining teacher availability timings in database [closed]
What is this code doing? (Creating C-style array of NSPoints) [closed]
Google Maps v3 API MarkerCluster - need to wrap dynamic addMarkers in marker var
Asihttprequest Library disallowing self-signed cert to be allowed
Changing AVI File Title Property with C# [closed]
Alert Handling - Selenium WebDriver/ Selenium RC 2.18.0 - Exception
CSS reset overrides specified elements in Firefox [closed]
How to refresh a dataGridView
Sending passwords to server
The error threshold has been exceeded. The receive location is shutting down
Java - instantiating objects of same class in its constructor
Search for file and append text to that file using Windows Batch
any array of dropdown
Four square push api - application provider
Is Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown working in Visual Studio 2010?
Can't add form widgets to main.xml file Graphical Layout
Can I use Hibernate's Criteria to generate a subquery in the from clause?
KnockoutJS After Render retrieve data from viewModel issue
How to add/remove menu items at runtime in ICS?
Which part of code must be inside foreach loop
String matching implementation
Google Analytics authorization in java
How does hacking work?
Why does static_cast(*this) to a base class create a temporary copy?
iOS: NSUrl Syntax
Aptana Plugin Installation: Adding features
How do I activate VS2010's Process Debug Manager for JavaScript?
BNF notation of T-SQL
Android mobile app: indoor maps, walking directions
Understanding memory used by a program in bash (in ubuntu linux)
named pipes connection with IP address
How to pass value from database to jquery datepicker to open an Alert?
Calcultate dimensions of mesh using vertex and face data
Loading An Assembly Into An Application Domain With Lower Security
Authenticate action unreachable OpenId ASP.Net MVC4
How to structure a Azure Table to hold user messages
symfony 1.4 reading relation 1:n doctrine
rails: avoid string escaping in route parameters
Unit test Groovy2.0 with Spock : setup( )
Can you use SQL Azure for a simple ASP.NET solution?
how to install the latest version of rails on ubuntu 11.10?
schemamigration/refactor model using south
What is the response received by IE for a duplicate post?
Custom Jtable Header has different layout then the other headers
How to calculate the slope in SQL
Create a Python object of an already wrapped library in C/C++?
How to put the focus on Textbox
Python try-except exception syntax. A comma (',') is the same as 'as' [duplicate]
How to scale down an image on the server side with PHP?
How do I submit a POST variable with Javascript?
MBProgressHUD dismissal
optimize ajax call
Extjs 4.0.5 Can't drop the node to the folder which is empty means(has no child)
Is offline_access removed?
Will string.GetHashCode() return negative value?
Core plot objective-c, I am using CPTAxisLabelingPolicyAutomatic, my minorTickLabels are over writing the majorTickLabel values
Color of histogram bin based on the distribution of another variable
Hominid exception error with EOF reached file
Expected exception not caught or not thrown?
how to uninstall plugins from Eclipse Indigo?
Pusher: 鈥淯ncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'scopedTo' of undefined鈥�when authing
Specific Builder for Parameterized Type
Why is my int? value being validated as if it was required?
jquery - not able to access the value of field who's ID has a dot
IIS sending mail
jQuery child selector: only select top level child elements
Add Infinity Scroll Down in Joomla
How to implement Gmail IMAP with Omniauth
Rails 3.2 XML rendering using an xml builder
GAE - Saving DataStore Reads
How to adjust brightness in application [duplicate]
Exiting a program in ruby
Audit trail using Service Broker
Get a specific argument with a firefox add-on
CodeIgniter on live site not loading controller class
C++03. Test for rvalue-vs-lvalue at compile-time, not just at runtime
Network adapter for windows
Magento isn't displaying custom block
open() fails at first attempt
Dangers of calling ICLRRuntimeInfo.BindAsLegacyV2Runtime at runtime
Android - How to lock camera resolution on 640 x 480
How can I get a weighted random pick from Python's Counter class?
Get content from xml in java
Sharing an large array with all users on a rails app
how to use and test wait and notify
Preventing methods from being re-defined
Populating ListView with ORMLite
Identifying Private APIs in my application
Additional fields in form
How to copy a image region using opencv in python?
ListView and coloring cellls
How to open file and put into array, C
error :ExecuteNonQuery: CommandText property has not been initialized
How to use a foreign key in Django?
Check Database for Existing Usernames
Is it possible to profile a Haskell program without prof libraries?
drupal_add_js() in module_init() - Will the JS library be loaded across all modules?
Stopping the DatePickerDialog from closing when use clicks the Set button
rails model relationship
Detecting creation of a MessageBox
Regular expression for specific number of symbols
Passing array of struct with typedef to a function
MongoDB Index in Memory with Sharding
Chained Payments and PayPal
What's the easiest way to replace ' n' with '<br>'?
How to run external executables from an Appharbor application (HTML to PDF generation)?
PHP: Passing an array through multiple functions
Beginner's guide to writing grammar
Resizing multiple image views with orientation
Sorting by multiple params in pyes and elasticsearch
Synchronizing windows clock using GPS
How do I receive API Throttling Warnings?
Generate code documentation to a MS Word file
PHP Expires In Script
Invoke Method from MethodInfo with Custom Class as Parameter
CodeIgniter - where to put functions / classes?
SqlServer 2008 - Enable Net Named Pipes via command line
Multiple Edit forms in Sharepoint 2007
Parsing from format in Python
Rails 3. how to use disable_with in button tag?
Modify Style (add a trigger) dynamically on runtime
How to check method or property visibility without Reflection?
Show a menu as long as user is interacting
Logging request-response from java service
Why my javascript alert doesn't show up [closed]
Making an emergency call in Android 2.1
Scala equality with type checking?
add option to messaging attach menu
How to populate 1 php page differently depending on link clicked?
Exporting a Custom Excel File with RadGrid
Why aren't static assets loading when I access my pyramid app through my computer's IP address?
simple script to check if a webpage has been updated
MPI serial main function
resource not found error vs2010, mvc application
Codeigniter - php to js and/css
wikipedia api, cannot query POTD url
R colSums By Group
Finding all statements involved in a deadlock from an Oracle trace file?
Disabling Listbox is not changing background color in style
jquery selector not working in document.ready with IE8 on td with custom attribute (knockoutjs)
Visual Studio: How to access to items from a class?
Get a value from KeyValuePair
Using PHP and MySQL to calculate geolocation distance
optimize query for last-auto-inc value
resizing of grid when resizing browser window
Humble View/MVP with WinForms and a collection of UserControls
casting from FLEX to PHP
refactoring jquery selector expression
multiple UIAlertView issue
ListView height = 0?
Testing ajax from therubyracer (or execjs)?
Java - static initialization
Get a range of dates given an interval and step
McMaster-Carr's 'scrolling box' layout
How to save Mongoid foreign_key as integer or keep the parent model have Integer id
Can git be built with VC++?
Liferay : custom Web content Display List Portlet
Prediction with a Nested Table and DMX
Jqgrid sort column by day of week
Making subprocess call use a generated file name
Centering buttons using CSS
Any reason of not being able to have default variadic templates
DataGridView column width settings ignored?
jquery UI tabs: function does not work in ajax tab
setting crontab from bash script
save random data to db without duplication - php
Array Splice does not preserve 鈥渢rail_end鈥�
Response.Redirect going to wrong destination
how to add { in String Format c# [duplicate]
How to convert a flex mx component to AIR?
Read data from inputstream without client side 鈥渇lush()鈥�
SQL: Why does a CREATE TRIGGER need to be preceded by GO
Adding image to background
How to set the raw body in jQuery Ajax?
rails console get all
Regular Expressions in Python for match files in a folder
When should we use an uninitialized static final variable?
No Ajax response even though PHP file set up correctly
File Upload Causes Model Validation to Fail
What is the difference between em and en in CSS
changing font size of first letter of each word with javascript append issue
Android ExpandableLists not showing when run in emulator.
Adobe Air - Open app in fullscreen
Display text/banner if AdView cant loaded
Updating portion of text file with PHP
BASH array with spaces in elements
CNSetSupportedSSIDs returning false/ not working correctly?
Retrieve a div without parents on click event
What is &amp used for
App Engine Connected Android Project Connection Timeout [closed]
PDCurses blank character
Python to check if a gzipped file is xml or csv
Accelerometer logs events
Should pointers to 鈥渞aw鈥�resources be zeroed in destructors?
ScrollView Ignore OnTouch while Scrolling?
No such table on HTC desire HD (SQLite database on Android)
How I can do this simple query in MongoDB (MongoEngine)?
I got 鈥渦nrecognized selector sent to instance鈥�when trying to hide keyboard
Making a conditional regular expression
How to deallocate memory without using free() in c [closed]
EC2 autoscale: bigger instance, not more instances
Multiple Tables in excel worksheet using xslt
How to reshape a matrix
Draw a sphere using 3D pixels (voxels)
using apply to calculate across rows and columns
Save XML to original file
node-amqp exchange callback not being invoked
Exporting audio from 3gp video files with AVAssetExportSession
iOS: Include sender in IBAction declaration?
About Json Syntax
鈥淪ystem.Net.Sockets.Socket does not contain a definition for 'SendTo'鈥�
How to underline text in reStructuredText?
Linear programming - dual simplex variable meanings?
Javascript to figure out which button was pressed
Won't run with CFRelease but zombies with out it
Can svn up display commit messages since the last up?
Save video in applicationStorageDirectory on iOS
mod_rewrite/htaccess redirect issue! (recursion limit)
Disable DataTable change tracking
Listening to the same Event from different sources
Retrieving all rows of a table without HQL?
Calling Java new with a list of constructor args instead of args themselves (in Clojure)
Timing issues when checking for content of multiple text nodes in capybara
getting text between xmlnodes
JiBX framework jars not in classpath
fftw3 configure issue for openmp use
Webkit overflow scrolling touch CSS bug on iPad
How to find and extract a substring from a command output?
Javascript to load a link depending on toggle setting in JQuery Mobile
Is wrapping C++ library with ctypes a bad idea?
DirSyncRequestControl Error Message
Block Keyboard input completely
Loading images asynchronously to tableview
How to keep setting of a show/hide sidebar
rails delete user session path
Re-opening stdout and stdin file descriptors after closing them
hibernate criteria query with extra left outer join
Changing color of disabled days in a JQuery datepicker
Java: Turning Strings into a tree
Routing not working after update to Mvc 3
how to check if a key of a record is used in other tables as foreign key (sql)?
jqueryui.sortable and backbone collection
Choice of data-exchange method (JSON or conventional technique) [closed]
Leave arguments untouched with argparse
Excel - retrieving cell values from a group of cells
Trying to pass an int between two classes on Android platform
How to return to a Parent Activity from a sub activity when using Tabs in Android
Loading a time series into R
IOS: date format by device language
How to change default language of UIActionSheet buttons?
How to find out my Process Id is running on Which Physical CPU?
Looking for a easy, simple and free WYSIWYG web page editor [closed]
Reading selective column data from a text file into a list in Java
Need a way to integrate google search in a firefox extension
How to get all objects in Darts Storage
Genetic Algorithm After SVM
PHP downloading excel file becomes corrupt
Application_Startup is called twice in Silverlight
Comparing Multiple Columns with and without NULL values
Facebook like button is asking to confirm the action
Url rewriting form .htaccess [closed]
Loop over SmtpClient.Send()
Mysql and php - compare them and bring back one out of the two values
ConfigObj long lists and default values
authenticated referral not working but oauth url works
Can I get TextFormattingMode=Display while drawing off-screen (e.g. RenderTargetBitmap)?
Is it possible to make conditional inserts with Azure Table Storage
Modal backdrop with opacity causing google chrome to lag
Issue with Oracle user-defined aggregate functions
bar and hat only apply to certain letters [closed]
How do I fix IntelliJ IDEA Error Library 'Maven x has broken javadoc/source path?
Reachability status message appears only once
What is Ruby's equivalent of substr?
GridViewColumn Width Adjustment
significance of final reference variable
DataGridView not showing updated sql columns
Override Data Tip Circle
Is it better to use separate databases in a Rails app instead of a single database?
AnkhSVN Client Side Ignore
R: How to call an object with the character variable of the same name
jQuery single event for several DOM objects
Why is my float being truncated?
incorrect syntax near '*'
How do console graphics work? (less, curses, vi鈥�
android - working with broadcastReceiver on android ICS (version 4)
java post to PHP with gzip using $_POST[]
Extracting values from XML returned by azure service management API
Rails 3.2.1 - wrong number of arguments (3 for 1) in - any idea?
Override main method
.pptx files bypassing ASP.NET web.config authorization
Best method to create a c++ app to communicate with nginx
lwuit exception on blackberry
In java, how would I add a string to a string variable?
Facebook won't let me publish a past action
How to let the code wait to be executed until the other event handler finished?
What kind of Error Detection Analysis does the Netbeans IDE have?
Thread is quitting
Unlink a CSS stylesheet from specific page/div/tag
Google Map API - cluster marker - How to hide, disable or clear selected or filtered clusterMarkers
Use Ant to change the last modified date of a file
Zend Framework ACL Roles and Modules
Get the list of apps capable of handling the SEND intent to display in a View (not a popup dialog)
jquery constant rotation
Alt keys and tab don't work in winforms opened from a WPF application
HTML5 header before body?
Bug with Excel form control - scrollbar keeps scrolling
SQL Server Default field value
Git checkout to remote branch
Entity Framework, get ConcurrencyMode of Properties from MetadataWorkspace, how?
what's the accuracy of the user location received from MKMapView didUpdateUserLocation
Regular expression to find CreateGraphics calls that do not have a using block
SQL - Denormalized Data Export to flat file mixed delimiter
Symfony2 - override template bundle
Inserting Images into a JTextPane Error
Can I use CMU Sphinx in a php based e-shopping CMS?
Jquery no behavior on click
refactor code in order to use 3 values to make plot & tuple indices must be integers, not float
passing QC ota api connection object between different sub's in VB macro
What are the benefits of using Storyboards instead of xib files in iOS programming?
Add up data in a table for a column
simple login page and dynamically hiding controls based on session variable
XSLT apply templates and string manipulate
Android ICS + ActionBar Tabs + Orientation change
Is bit shifting O(1) or O(n)?
Combine Regex Expressions with AND
Integer addition performance in Java
Eliminate many require_relatives in the ruby project
How to save a opened file in richtext box
Excel Add-In throws SHException
Issues with using hbm2ddl in development environment
XML::Simple leaving entities in attribute text
XY is not a function - Jquery
How to track which Like button widget triggered Event.Subscribe edge.create callback?
sql update (help me )
How to manually invoke jQuery mobile
The relationship between the two objects cannot be defined because they are attached to different ObjectContext objects
How to forward a request using a URL string in Symfony2
IE <= 8 equivalent to selection.getRangeAt()?
Installing new software to Eclipse
Why does my code seems to fail and stop at runtime? (C++ file IO) [closed]
How to get only 1.0 and 0.5 values with LINQ to SQL?
Static Initialization Design Ideas
How do I convert a string like 鈥� u0012鈥�into a Char 鈥� u0012鈥�
Deploy ASP MVC 3 application under IIS 7 Default Web Site: File not found error
Python Tkinter GUI Always loads minimized
make custom navigationbar titleview
iOs - Send Status without using UIWebView
Possible to create a grouped product for grouped products?
Exe4j, windows service, handle shutdown event
jquery ui dialog not cropping sprite properly?
Deploying an MVC3 application - Does MVC need to be installed on client PC or possible to just ship bins?
How are the names/memory addresses of variables represented at the bit level?
Bind a Dictionary to a CheckedListBox
Validating multiple check boxes with different names to make sure at least 1 is checked
Regarding querying Java Map with values as array of string.
Memory leak vs Zombie - iPhone
Two graphs in core plot that can function simultaneously
SQLite: issue with SELECT * FROM Tble where?
What does this generics code below do ?
How to use regular expression in iPhone app to separate string by , (comma)
java swing customize table cell?
Sass: Multiple class selector from a variable
Messed up Rails installation (OS X)
Mimicking the functionality of iOS banner style notifications / in app navigation
Aligning footer image to content area
One record in multiple Groups within Crystal Reports XI
Rounded corners on jquery slider
Chrome Extension - Event Listener for Appended Code
Call setTimeout without delay
Is an is_functor C++ trait class possible?
Is moving a file safer than deleting it if you want to remove all traces of it? [closed]
Is there any reason why TrafficStats values might be reset apart from on Shutdown?
.live .toggle (close) not working after ajax request
PHP locking / making sure a given script is only running once at any given time
OpenCV : the difference between mask and ROI
Do i need a context.xml file to deploy spring webapp to tomcat
jQuery ajax request not working in Chrome
JSHint error - Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression
What does it mean that a nodeset is unordered?
UITableView slide not editable row with editable rows Xcode iPhone
Doesn't show created Dynamic Layout url rewriting and domain redirection
How can I add an entry in a HABTM table in CakePHP using the JQuery Autosuggest onItemSelect event?
How can I detect if a project has been developed with Microsoft Expression Blend SDK?
Boost::interprocess: cannot handle interprocess_exception with managed_shared_memory
Mysql cartesian product in where clause
Word 2010 Templates/Addin/Document passing starting arguments
Thread safety of a class variable in Rails - will this work?
Inject different implementation for testing
finding last character shown on a flex spark label
Regex for a string of length 9 and format of AAANNNNNA ?
Issues with smtp email sending
Lift change/remove DOM attribute
How to set collection inline?
invisible mod_rewrite is not always invisible!? (鈥渨ww鈥�and 鈥渨ithout subdomain鈥�
CSS IE8 and invisible top of H2
How to order images onto webpage in .net
Access logging in PHP
innerHTML class
Data frame 鈥渆xpand鈥�procedure in R?
Find link path a directory up from your current link (javascript)
jeditable on div element in iframe
How to pass method arguments to an ActionListener?
running piped cmd in python - different results
Converting Oracle or Sql Server DDL to Derby
Force Perl to call END subroutines when ending with exec()?
Data Validation in Excel through Cell
Google CSE multiple search bar issue
Can you upload files on a Comet/APE environment?
Android: draw borders on LinearLayout
Writing a shell script to install cron job
how to calculate count and unique count over two fields in mongo reduce function
i18n localization plugin for Jquery Mobile?
Objective C Custom Lazy Load Images UITableView Cell
MySQL 5.1 and memory being paged slowly. with graph
Send a push notification from a windows phone device to webservice
Having issue with click function
How do I make an SQL query operate on a data subset without repeating myself?
Git: fetch a specific object from a remote
How to pass data viewcontroller via Tab bar Controller
Fatal error: Can't open and lock privilege tables: Table '' doesn't exist
problems with RegQueryValueEx
How do I parse user input from the standard input stream?
How to tailor a jQuery based javascript library to my own needs?
Embedding an image in email body
Fortran number formatting
What is the disadvantage of list as a universal data type representation?
Javascript or Jquery auto populate one input text based on another input value
Setting scrollbar size
What's the purpose of jQuery.fn [duplicate]
Hello World Android Program
Is there a way, at design time, to initialize an object with all properties in Visual Studio 2010?
Lucene's IndexWriter clarifications
MVC global error handling pattern code smells
Exporting dataset to xlsx with Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel
Searching using UISearchBar
How to use 'ref' at compile time?
Passing data to .ajaxSent and .ajaxComplete
Doing a join such that the first row only is returned
How to list ALL in index even with nested resources in rails 3.1.0?
How to get the ID of a selected <li> or <a> with jQuery?
Extract arbitrarily rotated plane of data from 3D array as 2D array
Domain Specific URL include() exemption
LWUIT app doesn't start in a Blackberry device
Jquery Mobile Listview Clicked Item - Pass parameter to another page
Passing back indexpath row to parent view
When to call mysqli::close
Flex: Error #2048 when connecting to a WebSocket
Regex for picking up method name then literal strings in those methods?
parse error trying to install apps on my phone
update form on asynchronous control event
How should beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler: be used for the continuation of existing tasks?
What would be causing my scripts to be loading before the css in magento
iOS save all files from remote directory at local document directory
PHP MYSQL: instant select + insert
t-SQL get original order and re-order only if a reorder was within 30 days. Not getting expected results
How to convert a 6byte float into a double
Code works when using Jquery 1.3.2 but fails with 1.7.1
QTableView mouseRelease event not called when drag ends, bug?
Disable Drop on root node in SmartGWT
How to remove a field from Views 3 programmatically?
PHP regex for names [closed]
MySQL SUM IF field b = field a
Reducing if statements when calling other functions
Separately processing wrapped lines using jQuery
X11 Fullscreen window (OpenGL)
Count Rows According To Parameters VB.Net
Changing the Functionality of a Java ImageIO class
Calling 'confess' under Plack/Starman
Wordpress Contact Form Hack [closed]
asp net 2.0 EnableEventValidation = False
Automatic deallocation of view controller on push using storyboard and segue
Send post request to another server using ajax (cross-domain) and use jsp code as a proxy
Some windows go off display [closed]
Mobile Website Security
VirtualDub AVI Compression
Startup jackrabbit standalone with postgres
Writing Excel VBA to receive data from Access
Java chat client connecting to server
url not loading in android
Best way to do a word search android [closed]
Android Market multiple apks
Trying to convert the a webkit gradient to moz: wrong format [closed]
how to upload image and show it without refresh with jQuery and Rails?
jQuery: For each rows first cell
How to use LayeredHighlighter - One highlight on top of another
Javascript design pattern?
Why WebSphere 7 can't find defined 鈥渨orking directory鈥�
Finding a specific key in an php array
Which HTTP code to reject cross-domain access
I need positive modulus for array index iteration
Slide Dialog from behind a table
HTML Emails: making table clickable using <a href>
Django set cookie for 1 year
IPC: Shared memory killed process notfication
Ruby equivalent of LINQ ToList()
Saxon + Spring - IllegalArgumentException: Unknown Attribute
How to implement waitAny on more than 64 handles?
Repeating while loop, until cancel
iPhone up to date SBJSON tutorials
Spring3 Security - SwitchUserFilter - Can we supply encrypted passwords in the implementation of UserDetailsService
Photoshop Overlay Effect in OpenGL [duplicate]
Core plot objective-c, I am using CPTAxisLabelingPolicyAutomatic, Labels are coming on y-axis with a delay, How to stop this delaying?
Update query for time that will save it to the database
mongrel_rails and pg version issue
Django template ifequal filter for forloop
Stored procedure in Oracle PL/SQL
using @value with PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
Lotus notes get attachment names from document
Horizontal alignment issues using WPF ItemsControl and CollectionView
Format date to string
Use login_required with vary_on_headers with generic view in Django
Java calling Active Directory using Apache Directory's LDAP API
jqgrid doesnot display special symbols
Web Page Incorporated into Facebook Fan Page [closed]
String equals does not work with string formatted numbers
How to save twitter feed entries to a django model?
WPF. RelayCommand - CanExecute false, while Execute is processing
Python expected an indented block
Drawing an Image to a JPanel within a JFrame
Web service call: Unexpected end of file while parsing Name has occurred
What is the difference between this 2 'IF'?
Calling a function from within nested functions in jQuery
Models as pure data objects in Zend Framework and the service layer
Use PHP code in external Javascript file
How do you handle a UIManagedDocument?
Visual Studio 2008 TFS to connect to a TFS 2010 Server
System.Timers.Timer fires second time a few milliseconds later
Terminating Session using Apache and Django
MySQL kill sleep connections
rbenv exec bundle exec instead of just bundle exec
Magento - using 鈥渕age鈥�command line tool locally
MonoTouch/Three20: Add many items to the first page of TTLauncherView
Accessing Microsoft WCF services from Android
Open PDF in Adobe Reader, not in Browser
iOS Application - Memory warning when drawing using cgcontextref
Convert a number into a Roman Numeral in javaScript
Autoreleasepool memory leak?
Android manifest VM minimal heap size
Common shared views. Views + ViewModels or UserControls?
Mouse listener doesn't work with interface
Google Checkout - no notifications other than 'new-order-notification' coming
Cant update table from text using linq2sql
Why does the @PostConstruct method not get called using BeanManager.getReference() to obtain an instance?
Selecting nodes from XMLDocument using
How to insert a LaTeX environment around a block of text in emacs?
boost::bind & boost::function with partial args
How to inject a single factory instance to multiple repositories and unit of work using ninject?
How best to pass a python dictionary to PHP using file IO
Compile time constants and variables
Declaring the scalar variable? [closed]
Deleting localStorage in HTML5?
Get the selected value of a activex combobox using vba
`boost::multi_index_container` in shared memory?
How to separate data imported as text in Python into datearray and numeric data
DataAccessLayer.SqlHelper.Stored procedures. Output parameters
RTP/RTSP library usable in Java
EBNF Colon and Semicolon usage?
Remove Trailing Slash - Not using IIS rewrite
Programatically compare source and target of a branch in TFS
jquery BBQ - if parameter doesn't exist function
Translating code using subprocess in Python 2.7 to Python 2.3
ASP .NET MVC Storing Lots of Parameters between Views
getting actual column types from SPSiteDataQuery
Module not found (but is installed) in Ubuntu
What is the difference between IDbSet.Add and DbEntityEntry.State = EntityState.Added?
Is it possible to Facebook LIKE URL without knowing OBJECT_ID and without the facebook API? doesnt respont to time zone changes
Reading a binary file into a boolean array using Python's struct package
Stack Overflow in random number generator
Cut out text in CSS. Possible?
Delphi with SQL Server: OLEDB vs. Native Client drivers
Hide and show or switch panels and components based on user and context
Grails 2.0 unit test using @TestFor and @Mixin
SQL how to return a string when dbnull is found?
How to Write an Equality Method in Java
How to call method on spring proxy once initialised
.htaccess file to implement httpd.conf changes
validate radiobutton group in dojo
jquery.cookies.js - Is it possible to set expiration time to the bound cookies with input field?
Removing Duplicate
Sorting an array of integers from 0鈥, with n digits, in O(n) time
How can I get the MapReduce Jobs source codes generated by the Hive compiler?
Resetting Android setNetworkPreference
Like button and old html frames
screen that comes up by default in landscape mode with right view dislocated
Why NHibernate collection of components is erased on parent update?
Trace.axd shows ViewState Size Bytes even when the ViewStateMode=鈥淒isabled鈥�
Class extensions and frameworks
jquery syntax or regex for selecting specific items
Creating 2D coordinates map in Python
Issue with C++ or Visual Studio 2010
Simple.Data Error Selecting More Than 100 Rows
Simplest way to check for basic latin letter (A-Z)
Drupal site--quick theme, it this possible?
AS3 Global class that can add objects to stage
$.ajax JQuery progress bar
Exception with NSZombieEnabled
gnuplot: plotting points with color based values in one column
Precisely what owns the 'current working directory'?
Rails models reloaded mid-request resulting in AssociationTypeMismatch
How to detect circular references in NodeJS?
Grails last login field not updating
How to process the event on that checkbox only?
SQL Query with Sum of Related Table
trouble converting a editable to a string in an alertdialog that saves using fileoutput
Apache CXF WSDL FileNotFoundException
Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY on Kindle fire
Computing N smallest eigenvalues of Sparse Matrix in Python
JQGrid: Dynamically set a cell to uneditable based on content of another column
Insert record from object
SQL Server 2005 strange performance boost of query [duplicate]
Convert flashes to array as standard
How to compile and reference a project in a solution, but not be able to modify its source?
Using jQuery, how can I block the click() from being executed?
Does removing a script element remove its functions from memory?
Retrieve rendered HTML DOM in pure Java
Names with numbers after the name (regular expressions)
Android : KeyListener of EditText not working
Android SQLite- View 'raise()' exception messages in Log
Redirecting in rails app: Params key name that stores last section of URL?
How can I add items in a listview for Android App?
Do STL algorithms use multiple cores?
What does the xpath expression 鈥淍*鈥�mean?
How can I extract a URL with non-English characters from a string?
crossdomain.xml file for Silverlight POST
Force PDF to download using .htaccess
Form submit on window close
How to create a simple reusable grid that only differs in store and title?
404 error on page load
Must I keep my Yahoo! application id secret?
Secure Communication between ASP Pages and Cocoa/ObjC
Using powershell and svn to delete unversioned files
webdriver.switchTo().defaultContent() triggers System.InvalidOperationException in IE9
Strange visual issue while making android buttons the same width
How can i use jersey and Amazon AWS (elastic beanstalk) together
How to unit test method which uses static classes, without Moles or Isolator?
node.js WebSocket server compatible with Chrome 14+ and with Safari?
Can clang generate a call graph for an Xcode project (in Objective-C?
persist() always creates new node
Android: File downloaded from website differs from original
How to disable C-j in emacs major mode
PWM square wave decimator process in nyquist (audacity)
Anyone have any luck with jqGrid's beforeProcessing option?
What does 鈥淚f a < b < c Then鈥�actually do in
CakePHP, Username Regex
How to clear DatePicker through binding with SelectedDate
jasper reports - sharing expressions/variables
Run a Crystal Report using SQL command table providing where condition values from Java
AWK script replace record in file1 with same record from file2
Implementing the Show class
Add a default text to a textarea in drupal 7
Error in xml value parsing with recursive function
Magento: HOW-TO add active products in a drop-down in Main Navigation Menu
Play Short Audio Effect
Creating a virtual parallel for Windows 7 using C++
Can you retrieve a list of contact groups using the Windows Phone 7 SDK?
How can I record and save flash video's with an H264 codec
Select Radio buttons from excel with ruby
django freetds pyodbc error at inserting russian letters
Django Admin: How to 'prepopulate' inline foreign key field based on parent model
How to route log4j messages to unique appenders
Why is the position not changing? And, How do I make it change?
Website not styling correctly in IE9 per dns alias (
Why do i get ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException?
Image border missing after downscaling
Dynamically adding to RouteTable isnt working
How to use per directory url structure for Rails internationalization
Clearcase: how can I obtain file information given the VOB source container path
Choosing from multiple candidate keys
replace special characters in a string in PHP using regex except certain chars
Can give me some advice about Web application architecture
Loading Screen Until Adsense for Search Block Returns Results (using Javascript, preferably Jquery)
Equivalent GroovyMBean in java
Assigning negative values for Android Button properties
remove unnecessary variables in joomla routing
How to upload files to Soundcloud using Python?
Timeout configuration in WCF
How to correctly garbage collect when using a NIF
Why can't I use the NCHAR function on an EXEC statement
How do I retrieve a widgets gtktreeview position?
Return to store without using Amazon checkout return URL settings?
Paperclip+S3 works locally, not on Heroku
Func<string, bool> to bool for use in expression trees
XmlSerializer - required elements
Blank Sub Menu, Css Menu Adapter
Objective-C: Objects are passed by value?
ListView DisplayMemberPath Template Bug?
Dictionary<string,string> vs Hashtable<string,string>
A functor including an inheritance of modules does not work
Magento: How does [DB: table {eav_attribute} -> field {frontend_input}] work?
Pull street names from mysql to dropdown with php and display results on next page [closed]
DataTrigger change according to AttachedProperty value
Custom domain for GitHub project pages
HTML: More than one variable passed through a single radio input?
Create SSIS package to import from one of many data sources
Can I style a <select> element to show columns?
Converting Linear PCM file to M4A file in iOS
Java: Adding Elements to Vector From Hashmap Multiple Times
Picture box in asp
Embedding Times New Roman in XSL-FOP
Maven Eclipse Indigo Plugin weird/inconsistant results
eclipse maven profiles and classpath
Environment Variables in JS/Coffeescript
Updating entities on csv import (dynamics crm 2011 online)
system () in stdio or stdlib?
how to use echo copy with text box with orginal file name
T-SQL Generate Random/Sample Data from RegEx
Volume of the sound recording for Android
Proxy service for testing geoip redirects? [closed]
Frequency Analysis in Python
Ordering columns in 2D char array [closed]