Mysql, Doctrine 1.2 an a complicated Join query
byte[] and efficiently passing by reference
Admob Ads impossible to load
how to make JPanel's length and width extendible automatically?
Add process id to log file name in log4cxx
Grails and charting?
MVC, collection owner in the model or the controller ?
Distribute XSD files over multiple Maven Artifacts
Ease-in-out on hover Keyframe CSS3
Output buffer in JS?
Mysql getting many-to-many relationship data in a row
VS2010 copy files from bin after publish
Know the direction from which a SOAP message is received
Screenshot app that can take screenshots in any view
Triggering JavaScript based ona (hash) link component
Sencha Touch XML List
What happens to char round-trip cast through a bool?
HTML5 doctype causes different rendering of button in webkit
Copy the first, second,.. 500 Files of a directory?
wp_set_post_terms is not updating the count column in term_taxonomy
jQuery post and dialog box
User-friendly javascript tool for picking coordinates on an image
WCF Client hangs when calling Service
file downloads with PHP, tracking, authorizing, caching, mime-types
PayPal IPN $_POST['txn_id'] not set
How do I log the Windows user, not service account, to database?
An example to get last access time of file in java using jdk1.7
Making Directories in SAS (Windows)
How to point Log4net to its configuration file?
Image not displayed in email signature
what is the best way not to load UserControls on Page Load
RhinoMock - Recursive mocking
jQuery iframe loading JavaScript content - context
Round up to the nearest year
Passing an object's hierarchy as an argument to it's parent function
How does c++ initialize a object , is the following case doing that twice?
Flash AS3 - Combine Multiple Variable Names Together to Target New Variable
world map like Google Analytics
Best way to delete 鈥渆xpired鈥�bookings in bookingsystem
connectionStringName in log4net
Log4net - how to find out appender and it's properties at runtime?
Learning Java ee鈥�What kind of test application should I write
Ruby uninitialized constant error when loading all files in a directory
How to trigger another form while submitting a form.?
How to select all elements of a table that match a set of ids in a crosslink table in MySQL
Validating with jQuery
Making several `JPanel`s change their color one by one and not all together with Java Swing
Replace just one occurrence of a sentence and wrap it with style
PDF Invoice in OpenCart
How to connect to servlet from android app?
Can the odds of this dice game be determined in a reasonable amount of time/space?
File synchronization with mutex
selecting the first record of grid from controller in ext 4
Domain & subdomain url
GD multiple image manipulation, how to handle memory error?
CQRS/EventStore : How to check if an aggregate exists?
TFS Setup Guidance for Source Safe User - How to Layour projects/collections
Rails - How can I generate thumbails on-the-fly
Update Profile Picture Google Apps / Google App Engine
IntelliJ GitHub: GitHub user profile not set
PHP echo multiple HTML links
2D sprite animation using sprite sheets and OpenGL
Replace free function native callback with member function using boost::bind
GridView with DropDownList throws exception in Edit mode
How to login to external machine?
Should all styles be ONLY in a .css file?
Google Map not showing in android Emulator
mysql group by, field query
Exclude custom MSBuild information from csproj file
Simple localization issue with cakephp
How to build a native Android executable that uses the Boost C++ library
Javascript error seemingly only in IE8
Backbone.js Binding events
Programmatically add roles after authentication
OpenCv : draw a white filled polygon
JSF2 Phases ApplyValues not called
Open Graph usage
HttpPost in Android partially working
Loading a random element from another page using jquery
android - keeping admob ad on activity transitions
Check reboot required for installation
Animation Drawable causing OutOfMemoryError on second run in Android
Select Elements To List Linq
Ruby/Rails - How do I prevent character escaping (or unescape afterwards)?
Sudden and unreproducable 'A potentially dangerous Request.Path value'
Same serialversionUID for same installed Java versions
what is the equivalent of $(domnode) in Raphael js
MSSQL Query Taking Expotentially Longer in PHP/PDO
.net Repeater removes duplicate data
Google calendar api v3 order by created time in PHP or Javascript
Android marketplace like tabs
What could cause cross-domain-policy not to work?
progress bar in [duplicate]
methods after extending abstract class
sandcastle, how to link to non-framework classes in msdn?
Trigger another route with a query string inside Sinatra
Paragraphs indentation with HTML Help Workshop
What search engine does mongodb use? [closed]
How to use in clause in subquery
Dictionary access: composite key vs concatenated string index
Adding additional routes to Rails 3
fields in Apache Solr 3.4
Writeln to stream
Programmatically save image from external url - drupal
importing correct date from excel XLSX file data to phpmyadmin table
MVC 3 JSON Model binding not creating object
Is Square built on top of a CMS?
How to check the System folders in windows programmatically using C/C++?
Defining a JavaScript object in console
Does Spring.NET [Transaction] attribute support multiple transaction managers?
Do messages sent via Netty's Channel.write() preserve their order when begin sent out to the network?
Python, loop through files in a folder and do a word count
Python, loop through files in a folder and do a word count
Why is protobuf-net deserializer so much slower in my code than streamreading csv
How to create a new channel with Faye, and then access it via a url or model?
Rails - hide file url from users (rails 3.1 + carrierwave + google storage for developers)
Using a callback to disable a jquery script
.Net 4.0 App targeting the client profile still prompts the user to download full profile
How Can I get Sed to Split on a Unicode Character on a Mac?
installing express on windows issues
Looking for a document management system with API and PDF templating support
Tomcat6 Java Servlet serving mysql commands?
Margins set by pixels are inconsistent between Firefox, Chrome and IE8
Multilingual file management for C# and PHP
Objective-c:Downloading a PDF onto iPhone
Losing firstResponder in ModalView
Way to debug stored procedures in SQL Azure?
Rerender the page while debugging in IE9
Android custom adapter
How does lapply really work - lapply dcast?
HTML/Text E-mail with attachment using PHP
FMDB query with char
Optimization using a lookup table:
What is the fastest Redundancy Checksum in C# for a string?
Any advantages to output caching completely static content?
Setting cookie for subdomain with php won't work
Generate xml namespace with php dom [duplicate]
Using Strcat to create dynamic variable names
UITableViewCell addSubview and CGRectMake problems
How can I search for two sequential newlines ( n) using perl?
Job not getting paused in clustered environment
How to get Visual Studio to recognize the tests in my solution?
Graphics in borland c++to add
cast child object as parent
Digitally sign XML using smart card in Silverliight web application
different users uploading under my Youtube channel - via api
Listview - adding data
RuntimeException: Error receiving broadcast Intent - package_changed
Creating an object in javascript dynamically? [duplicate]
Is it possible to style external svg file with css?
Cast and : from parent to child class
AlarmManager.RTC doing too many updates on wakeup
SQL Table Structure Feedback
Iterating through Text Boxes, SharePoint thread out of memory?
Bind rows NSRuleEditor with array
ASP.NET / WCF: Mapping JSON foreign keys back to their real objects
extracting from a tagged corpus in python
search words without apostrophe (that have apostrophe)
Java is installed, in listing, but execution produces 鈥�/java: No such file or directory鈥�
Javascript error yet the code still works
cl::vector vs std::vector: different iterator behaviour
Chrome You Tube embed display errors with liteAccordion
input character in string, after 2nd character
How to filter data from an hstore column with GeoTools?
AJAX ReorderList breaking in Chrome
how to get visio like editor in
Possibly incorrect spider/exporter example code in scrapy docs
Cross-browser binary data processing in javascript
Put an image into a SQLite database
How to remove the shadow in image by using openCV?
how to get attributes from win32com.client.dispatch(鈥淪hell.Application鈥�
How to get a linebreak for random generator results?
Selecting session variable with an IF statement
Git & Github Workflow, update sub trees with parent changes
How can I send aEthernet packet intonetwork in Ruby?
How to extend mysql functions into my own db class?
Nullable object must have a value - vb date fields
What considerations should be made to take care of scalability
PHP (OR PYTHON) Merge all Included files into a single large file (recursive?)
jQuery show item when jquery generated css is finished loading
Reference coordinate system changes between OpenCV, OpenGL and Android Sensor
Detecting overlapping ticklabels
Cannot flush Postgres DB in Django
Active Directory server on Windows 7
Loading History.js state after back button from other page
how to display info from database into controls inside a gridview, listview, datalist itemtemplate [closed]
What is unary + used for in Javascript?
How to generate Huffman codes from huffman tree
How to debug apk signed for release?
Android - how to set app name dynamically
Migrating changes from a dev APEX app to production?
iPhone Event Kit - Event Custom Field
Expression Inside Object - Javascript
Android File.delete not working
Creating a new search tab page in Eclipse
saveAll() inserts new row instead of updating
Android orientation change not working
Sublime Text 2 - Auto-complete/suggest from other files
PHP SQL functions don't return valid SQL datatype
Makefile assign command output to variable
c++ int[] to string
Why QWebkit doesn't resolve file:// and qrc:// when used in -webkit-scrollbar css?
exchange data between Internet Web app (j2ee app) and Android mobile application
Bypass multiple inheritance in Java
Data warehouse - OLTP
How to specify decimal delimiter
Nokogiri xml parsing on OSX Lion vs Ubuntu 10.04
Eclipse - setting to compiler 1.6 to avoid @Override errors not working?
WebSphere Process Server, DB2 SQLCODE=-1655, SQLSTATE=58030, SQLERRMC=null, DRIVER=3.57.82
Javascript constructor: cant call inside func [closed]
executing third party javascript (served from some DB) in a safe way
Get Row Count in MultiPage Gridview?
Get Row Count in MultiPage Gridview?
Open file with my app
Cakephp and charts
getDay() in Javascript Error
Create library with components with custom UI
xslt: assigning variables equal to one of two cases
simpleSAMLphp with multi-app and config
The correct way to create an app that is in a non-English language only
Enable maven3 extension only on specified profile(s)
Error when attaching a logo to generated email
qt creator debug slow
Attaching to the J9VM using the Attach API
How do I create a distributable Java template for Netbeans 7.1?
How to keep fixed aspect ratio for a button in android
how to have multiple textbox for a ajax calendar control by button_Click?
How to call getPage from HtmlUnit WebClient and have setTimeout not wait forever?
Altering a multipart/XXX content type without altering the underlying parts
testing app that integrates with facebook
LDAP on XAMPP localhost
How do i avoid eval() from converting 1e-1 to 0.1?
Jquery afer ajax call ok but ID is not sent?
ASP .NET httphandler for .pptx files not working in web.config
comparing filename to Activeworkbook.Name in VBA
How can I access the DependencyProperties of my ViewModel in XAML?
STL's power in C++
file_exists always returns false
does anyone remember the options to CL.EXE from Visual C version 5?
Guard simple list in threaded programming?
jparallax upgrade from old to 1.0 version
I can't write into the EditText, it disappears when i try to write something, its because the getView() is called when i modify the data
The relationship between __proto__ of an instance and the prototype of its constructor in javascript
Comparing positive boolean result to true and false in LINQ query
having problems looping through elements using while loop
Dojo - Dijit.Tree - Updating Tree
Draw an aligned edge
How to design an object in PHP
Usage of SAML attribute AttributeStatement
iPhone: change view when selevting a table cell which is in a tabbar
Blackberry SDK 7 on a Blackberry 6 phone
UIManagedDocument and NSFetchedResultsController
JS regex match (doesn't begin with [A-z]+://)www
Insert in TABLE_A shouldn't fail if something fails in trigger. How?
How to make an addition instead of a concatenation
prevent parent class 'forgetting' local vars set by children: php
override in hadoop
MySQL Insert values from multiple table in one table in one query?
Handle the FormClosed event in WinForms
how to ignore list of attributes using the command line while clustering in weka?
Perl modules for cgi
Starting and debugging a service that executes a SoapUI testrunner.bat batch file
Implementing a generic real time collaborative editor/plugin (Like Google Docs)
ArrayList from txt file trouble
ncat ssl-connection with username/password authentication?
getting 鈥淪VN db txn-protorevs 7500-5vd.rev: There is not enough space on disk鈥�error while commit
LINQ-To-SQL ExecuteCommand with 'IN' statement
Adding SQL result table into mail message
Retrieving user attributes from Active Directory using LDAP - JAVA
How to cut a dynamic string [closed]
Easy Rotator issue with .load jQuery method
IEEE 754 arithmitic on 4 bytes(32 bits)
How to make a blocking Android HttpRequest
how to bind fancybox to dynamic added element?
Custom Sorting in Matrix report on particular column
how to deal with comma and apostrophe chars when inserting into SQLite
Any #define or similar to differenciate between development versions and adhoc/release?
How to mirror swscale PIX_FMT_YUYV422
Facebook achievements not showing in the ticker
Python scatter plot. Size and style of the marker
Android handler skip/jump a second
knockout check/uncheck all combo box
PHP - possible to calculate number of keystrokes for each character
Using Google maps to calculate a 'Roundtrip'
In a C# .NET web application, can I download an Amazon S3 object directly into memory and serve it as an image?
JAXB - List<Serializable>?
Querying encrypted values in database
Java: if/else statements not executing, possible issue with boolean logic variables? [duplicate]
How to export Test case with Test Steps from Rally?
How to run the javascript fn using OnClick button event (
How to take pictures from a video with mouse
hide a tag href value in the browser
AutoComplete/Intellisense in VS 2010 (opened with WebMatrix) for @Model.[NAME]
the correct approach of randomly re-ordering a matrix in R
Getting node id inside block template with Drupal 7
Xcode 4: editing color of highlighted line
Ruby on Rails routing Error: Missing :game_id
jQuery with AJAX: multiple output
Is there a good reason for always enclosing a define in parentheses in C?
Trouble with updating register form into sql
How use single Log4net configuration (separate file or inside app.config) for all my project?
How can I render Backbone.Model errors in a view without losing the invalid input?
php xpath query xml for matching value
How Outlook encrypt Exchange passwords before storing them into Credentials
Posting Link on Facebook - site description
Magento Payment Module, no automatic invoicing
How to retry transaction after exception in postgreSQL
JBoss NoClassDefFoundError
Setting expires via htaccess on combine script [closed]
MonoTouch exited with code 134 after buying a license
Enterprise Service Bus (.NET flavors) - Consuming a batch of messages at a time
What is the meaning of `-1.$e+000`?
Avoid multiple update in the same form with rails 3
How to pass dynamic value in sql queries
Using jQuery to programmatically click an <a> link
Sorting portrait and landscape images
adding attribute to the same tag in xml in sql server
Navigating between pages with JQuery Mobile
How To Write To Console From Background Thread's Event Loop?
How to set plugin params programatically? (Joomla 1.7)
Jersey REST channel on weblogic returned 'null' instead of serialized JSON - no error
Is the order of operations guaranteed to be left-to-right?
NSCollection error: Cannot create NSData from object NSImage
XML comments in MonoDevelop
Transform result session.query to Object
work stealing algorithm
Migrate Drupal Content Type to Wordpress
Xaml - 'Calculated Value' - Can this be done?
Objective-C: What boilerplate code do you need for NSThread?
Why does JsonResult produce 500 internal server error?
IE8 / 7 - Issue with div shadows / borders appearing
GTK+ Placing notebook tabs on top of the toolbar/oher widget
Quadratic JPanel in GridBagLayout
Memory warning in table view image application - Lazy downloading
How to let the user to enter primary keys manually
Creating and adjusting variable names and values through defines
How to implement app usage statistics [closed]
Android Packages in SDK Manager
Play video in a circular view in iPhone
How should I structure a DB / build a Query where I sort posts by number of friends 'interacting' with it
PHP file_get_contents() error - return URL needs authenticating with basic auth
Strict and reliable timeout on HttpClient
Finding out which hook to use
How to set default values for the properties of a derived control?
Stagewebview cannot re-select text content in IOS device- Flex 4.6
iOS: optional code fragments for debug builds
SQL query to match sellers and buyers
4-Stat CSS Javascript Button
Flyway - How it is possible to do a migration in different schemas
Can my .Net app reference two different versions of a .net framework library?
What does getEvdoDbm() really do?
compensating for the status bar at the top of the iPhone
C++ how to move files and copy them from one disk to different without the usage of winapi?
Cross-Browser JS/jQuery Copy current URL to Clipboard
Stopping on breakpoint in a variable arguments function
Scrollview not working on xcode4 (worked on xcode3)
How do I interpret this partial function syntax in f#?
How do I slice a file to pieces and restore it in Javascript FileApi
Java Build Path Entry Error: Blackberry Eclipse
JQuery simulate enter on input field
C++11 std::array
How to update drop down values with postback(Client Side) in c#
JAXB Soap Service Runtime Error (XPath method not found)
Flex 4.5: Spark DataGrid with custom ItemRenderes
Visual Studio always starts as Admin
Arrange outer nodes as square
Can I simplify this code so I don't have to repeat so much? [closed]
How to create a new folder in Camera roll?
Start a live wallpaper service from activity
entity framework code first - Union of the two fields into one collection
Cannot access remote EJB interface using JNDI
Loading images on tableView in Background getting this issue
Reload an entity and all Navigation Property Association- DbSet Entity Framework
How to get geolocation from a UK postal code
CSS optimization, which is faster
PageId missing in SignedRequest in new C# SDK
WMI query - find oldest Application Log event
how can I list the variable side by side?
safari css bold font too bold
How to check if current time falls within a specific range on a week day using jquery/javascript?
Netbeans Collaborative Development
MySql insert statement to binary datatype?
Slicing cells in Google docs
How to get method signatures with Java reflection
Allocation of memory for char array
Having Full-screen website with slide up blog page
How to pass url parameters in jQuery
Get propertyinfo value
Using 鈥淧redefined character classes鈥�on a substring
How can I read a secure XML URI in C#?
Grid Checkbox value not changed, how to get value on button click?
How is it possible, python, argsort? [closed]
Need explanation of jquery code regarding slideshow
how to correctly use recv() sys call
How to disable all content inside linear layout in android?
JSF 2.0 authentication
How to change ImageView's background AFTER setting up ImageAdapter?
get list of facebook users who are using specific application using FQL
Opencv 2.3 cvtColor function
Monitoring WebSockets latency
root access side effects
How to symlink view private files in clearcase?
How to initialize a dynamic array of pointers to NULL in C?
JQuery Simple Modal auto height
SQL Connection Forcibly Closed
regular expression not to allow zero
What is the best mask for decimal digits? [closed]
Visual Studio ,Configuration Properties->Debugging
Is Django for the frontend or backend? [closed]
Testing a GSP sitemesh generated header using applyTemplate in grails
Wideimage Apply Mask
audioSession.inputIsAvailable = NO in 2nd Generation iPod Touch 4.2.1
how to apply fusion::at_c or fusion::at_key to the result of fusion::filter_if?
Putting simple_html_dom variables into an array
HIde popup when clicked on JFrame header
Installing Xamarin Mono for Android
How do you measure actual on-CPU time for an iOS thread?
How to display clear result after Hough Transformation?
how can i read first sector of a USB flash connected to a android device?
delete files older than 90 days using batch file
Multiple form fields with same 'name' attribute not posting
Picking certain strings of an array with C#
REST - HTTP Post Multipart with JSON
jqGrid: How to set the formoptions:elmsuffix dynamically?
Telerik upgrade's affected styling of certain controls
Regular Expression IE lookahead bug
Read new mails from sent items using IMAP
How can I unset the following eventhandler?
InvalidCastException with custom generic TypeConverter for use within MCV environment, need fix
Store Bookmarks in a more Ordered/Structured Way?
Regarding approach of writing the jquery code [closed]
What is the pattern that UIKit uses to figure out the right nib name to load?
how do i use selenium grid 2 with php webdriver?
Does filterKeys cause a stack overflow?
how to integrate sharepoint website with android client application?
Getting a Table Row from TableView in Titanium Mobile
Set label on another view to stored NSDate
Android and HTTPS Request
jsr-196 and single sign-on in glassfish
Embedding video from vimeo in Android WebView
CRTP pattern and enable_shared_from_this
jQuery, associative array and binding events
Button in JMenuBar cant't change data in JTable
it doesn't show an alert if one textarea is empty or less than 5 characters
group highlighting for a form using jQuery
AjaxPro for .NET
Android AsyncTask Threading
How to ignore parameter serialization in C#
android webview javascript invoke missing function
IntelliJ 11 - Can't delete module? (Mac)
Update changed DataGrid to the database?
using a datatable or just load data infile?
Neatbeans does not run Android Project
Using Yahoo Web Analytics in jsRender web site
tracking down LNK2005: 鈥渁lready defined鈥�
formatting text with perl
PMD Custom rule to detect StringBuffer's append operation
ExtJS4 - How to add file upload editor in Grid?
Is it possible to have an editable DetailsView for entity objects with subclasses?
install kohana website on multiple servers
NuGet: include .pdb files and exclude the 鈥淐ontent鈥�folder
Java applet on GlassFish 3.0.1 server
How to get returned JSON data from function [duplicate]
Use osmdroid in Appcelerator Titanium
How to get last word inside slashes using Regular Expressions
How to make all columns allow null before adding a new row?
(PHP) Sending mail with php's Mail function adds new lines every 990 characters. How to workaround
includeViewParams=true doesn't work in templated pages
D3D10CreateDeviceAndSwapChain() always failing with DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL
property-placeholder location from another property (Spring 3.1)
24 hour time format (so no AM to PM) for fullCalendar
Two Type of Nodes in a Single Check Box Node Tree
C# WinForms 3rd Party Components [closed]
Service call fails when parameters exceed a certain (small) number
Include FactoryGirl Factories
Best programming practice to get a value from a list
PHP reverse SQL array or reverse in SQL query
Advantage Database Server Management API AdsMgKillUser not working?
Modeling an ordered tree with neo4j
Creating an EF model programmatically from a database schema in production (without VS ecosystem)
How to estimate parameters in R for extended Kalman Filter
Post value to PHP using $.post() and return with $.getJSON
Can't Modify Frozen string error
Histogram on Lattice
Stop and start jQuery SlideShow
Android, camera in my app is rotated
Issue in iPhone application language changing on the fly
Jackson deserialization error handling
Determine Which Entity Caused an Optimistic Lock Exception
Mysql 7 cluster 3 machines but 4 nodes what to share?
How will I be able to add 2 days on the current date?
Audio thread running slow while using animation
Adding 2nd search to regex pattern?
How to store hash map in derby database
meld: Make one part read only
jQuery Flot: how to plot graph on top of background image?
iOS - Why my NSURL isn't retained in the init method?
ItemsControl won't re-render after showing a Popup on it
d3.js adding click action to a force layout circle?
How to frequently and smoothly change large number of images in the same ImageView?
height not being set unless I 鈥渋nspect page鈥�
prevent direct access to jquery post url
Read Value Of Html.TextAreaFor()
Magento MySQL: Too many keys specified; max 64 keys allowed
SQL join with ordering results by date and PK
output.png from gnuplot is not as good as the figure from prompt shell
Solr schema validation
Collection Bind to expanded View won't update when new Items are added
CFBundleIconFile under 10.5
Android UI Design Suggestion
How to use object '_' in underscore.js
Fancybox 2 issue
Velocity properties file through web.xml
If no Command-Line Arguments specified, use the directory of the command line
Ascending Sort of Float Dictionary Values
Is this the correct way to do Dependency Injection in Node?
search within time ranges
opening json string to easily read and write to in ruby
How to dismiss an UITextView with tapping outside?
How to simply insert an SVG into an HTML 5 document?
onclick event is not triggering
Dynamically Changing Features of an Overridden TreeView Class
Backbone.js View removing and unbinding
how to find out activity doing an Action
CakePHP, .htaccess and subdomain not working together
Add links to navigation based on INSTALLED_APPS
Rotation of vector graphics
How do I connect an SQL database to Lotus Domino Designer?
get the typename of a class template
getDomain() of javax.servlet.http.Cookie is returning null
Android Gallery : setPosition won't animate
Design: Better to keep all POCO's in one Model.cs file? [closed]
How to structure content of PHP includes for use in both non-secure (http://) and secure (https://) areas and across multiple directories?
Java & Flex : Cannot use Set or HashSet datas
Font blocky when color is set to white
Refer to my sqlConnection in mySqlCommand
C# class name - method name collision
jQuery change image position
backbone.js Fetching models from JS object
Grails resources plugin and cloudfoundry
Android: How can I convert the WSDL file in something understable by Android
Good and plain code/links for Command pattern applying
Show data from JTable in Jtextfield with 2 JFrames
Open source weather api for profit iOs app? [closed]
How do I make a checkbox stay in the same state every time I open my app?
TransactionScope and 鈥渄urable resources鈥�
No line break in html dd-element
open html file on button click in Ext-JS4
How to save a serializable object using File.WriteAllBytes?, C#
stop processing in javascript
Can't read large XML file from PHP
Azure Build fails: Unable to remove directory 鈥渃sx Debug 鈥�
iPad Replace Segue 鈥�Could not find a split view controller ancestor
Open remote file and write to it
How load on server folder img and display it on the page scale it size?
xlrd: struct.error: unpack requires a string argument of length 512
Ensure a page has downloaded correctly in Python
Can a CSS pixel be a fraction?
Only replace string in sql when not adjacent to other characters
How to use inner variables (like let) at NHibernate Query using QueryOverSyntax
Avoid getting released objects from concurrently used accessors
FIPS validated application with HMAC function based on SHA512?
NSWorkspace Notifications in CFNotificationCenter
different behavior xcode and Dev-C++
Add shortcut in keyboard settings through app?
HTML 5 Canvas Whiteboard for iOS
How to store data for the application via REST post call
ActionBarSherlock app icon in wrong position
deploy already installed application on WebLogic 10.3.4 using wlfullclient.jar
Call a function just after application is completely loaded (jQuery mobile and PhoneGap)
New Eclipse & Android Install - Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1
adding (Showing current start to number of entries of Total entries) in zend Paginator
Function pointers in objects
Capturing calls made from within the cflow of a constructor
iOS 5 - Rails 3 server - Shared key
Google Map API doesn't work when DOCTYPE declared in Chrome and Firefox
Why usage of prefix incrementation is considered better than postfix incrementation in standard for construction
Boost Asio: waiting until thread_group has processed all posted tasks?
Firebird dotnet batch inserts
Change logo on iTunes Connect before publish
Overriding a label in Zend Fom config XML
Ordered List Vertical in IE, Horizontal elsewhere
codeigniter won't add a simple view
ios: How to display 鈥渃hoose wireless connection鈥�popup?
Move About as separate class
javascript anonymous function : how is this variable exposed in global namespace
Error in int and tuple connection
Insert reference to pointer into an map
Get ROLE of a user not logged in TWIG Symfony2
best way to have unlimited object queue between two process in c++
CakePHP this->paginate not using order field
Web service client and server
Exception while using JavaBean in JSP
php file exists on server, but not found error
when redirect gives an error 鈥渦ndefined鈥�
Architecture Best Practice: Rails and Mobile/Web App
Use of parameterized tests with JUnit
RavenDb session management for WCF and integration testing
Strip out first numbers from String
storing and retrieving tree [closed]
Difficulty in maintaining the previous state of progress bar when activity is resumed taken from db [duplicate]
how can I send/receive data using AT command set?
progress bar on a survey using c# [closed]
NoClassDefFoundError using RestEasy with MyBatis
How to transfer values from one view to another through the controller?
How to connect socket via external IP (Mac )
Using the statement GOTO [duplicate]
MAGENTO - Registration form (+validation and callback) outside magento files?
Compare objects where some props have different formats
If i invoke QMetaObject::invokeMethod from thread to singletone is the invokation is still in that qthread?
SQL - compare part of word in WHERE clausule
Layered Navigation in magento is not working with Configurable products
What's wrong with this JSON request?
Best OR/Mapper to choose [closed]
Is it possible to access enclosing function's this or other variable without intermediate global?
X-UA-Compatible in parent is IE=8, page in IFRAME is IE=edge,chrome=1
Why is this date not in the week of the next year? (C# calendar)
How execute bash script line by line?
How to measure and solve the bottleneck in a website with 60K PV/day [closed]
Can you recommend an alternative for Telerik upload contorol?
Getting and checking local machine's ip address
Python upgrade 2.2 to 2.7 getting long to C long overflowexception
JQuery get class of clicked item when using delegate
Http Post Example for xcode
Change text-nodes text
Jboss 7.1 standalone socket/port error
UPDATE with ORDER BY and LIMIT not working in MYSQL
UiTableview ContentInset
Android shared preference not working
GWT attached pdf document in post response
onCreateDialog doesn't refresh message
How can I add default selected Choose a field option to my drop-down in rails?
Can't Query Google Analytics Reports API Using OAuth 2
intentService : why my onHandleIntent is never called?
Magento query __toString() like Zend
How to find model class name from its value
cmake parse arguments incorrectly in add_custom_target command
Local storage and JSON
Can't delete files in directories I've renamed in Java?
How does the JavaScript instanceOf method execute in this statement?
Finding a table row
gcc moans about furtherly consting a char *const* [duplicate]
XSS Filter to enctype=鈥渕ultipart/form-data鈥�forms
MySQL on delete cascade doesn't work鈥'm using mac os x lion and sequel pro
Domain Driven Design: access a configured value from an Entity without using a Service Locator
Android, Http Post not performing update
Perl FFMpeg print output
How to display video in gallery view like image?
Convert object literal notation to array
C++: system(0) Returns 0
site error in Plone while log in
Design pattern for activity state controll
JAX-WS webservice and @rolesAllowed
mx:List itemrenderer acces value
How to automatically upgrade a Java application during its startup?
Debugging unmanaged C++ images in Visual Studio
ClassDefNotFoundError while class in classpath
How do I convert a color value created by the Win32 API Function 鈥淐hooseColor 鈥�into a css compatible rgb hex value
View.layout() works until next UI update
How to serve cached ruby apps from nginx rather than unicorn?
Active Directory. Work with DACL
How to create java object from 'anyType' returned from service using JAXB?
Problems generating a list in python and storing it in a mysql database [duplicate]
Kaminari ajax, it does NOT works, rails 3.1 and Mongoid
Is it possible to make a button 'add to homescreen' for the iphone?
simple way of setting up a 2 step form with html/javascript
Using a ClickHandler with a child of Element
placing canvas circles in circular manner without overlapping
Edit the Google Chrome error page
Pass Data form listview to another activity in android?
NTFS EFS : How to copy encryption certificates from one file onto (an)other file(s)?
How to save Geometry as image?
Why I can't read /proc/net/xt_qtaguid/stats correctly by FileReader in Android ICS MVC 3: Model comes empty in the controller?
Protobuf-net with Compact Framework 3.5 [closed]
Test sending of mqseries messages without installing WebSphere MQ
Querying Embedded Documents with NodeJS and Mongoose
How to make UserControl dependencies required at design/compile time?
How to select the first inner array?
Problems with running multiple instances of an application?
Zend render templates out of scripts folder
Uploading data from Android App to desktop program
UIStepper not shown but did not crash in 4.3 simulator
Uiimage wrong initialization and EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Django ManyToMany field is not created in model
jQuery slide show and image rotation issue
Get memory in use from core dump
Android: 鈥渮oom to fill screen鈥�and 鈥渟trech to fill screen鈥�
jQuery flot pie resize
How to provide login credentials with hg pull?
Invoke SAML IdP from Javascript
Incr Tcl Objects in List/Array/Dict
Rails 2 and mysql
How to write search query in hibernate
How to identify position of a button with respect to a grid which contains a set of buttons
Creating a PHP file that will redirect from one ID to another
Twitter user id in iOS 5
Sharepoint - query article data externally
How do I reference an alias in a WHERE clause?
Scroll text area to top after it has been filled
Tomcat6 connect to mySQL problems
Parameter Sniffing and Nested Stored Procedure
Data Parallel Haskell Prefix Sum
How to prevent NewItemPlaceholder row in a ComboBox bound to the same DataTable as a DataGrid in WPF
Android image picker for local files only
Rails 3 seed file loads everything but data for User model
Algorithm for modulo bitset
Oracle external tables - Specifying dynamic filename
New To Format Date Object
Node.js - Find home directory in platform agnostic way
iframe and ajaxcontroltoolkit not working together,
Warning message with virtual event
C++ Builder TtcpClient
Using WysiwygFieldWidget in a z3c.form form
How can I make an address in the address bar appear differently?
Tumblr development tools
enum in Singleton cocos2d
Need to convert data into Dat files via Informatica
MS Access: WHERE-EXISTS-clause not working on views?
android: listview inside a scrollView doesn't work?
How to prevent users from accessing a web application from a locally saved Html login page?
I want to enter data from a GridView into a Word document and have it downloaded from client
KZR/PZR, HIS-2A abbreviations
Persist guava cache on shutdown
Fire Date issue in local notification
vector equals for type <std::string> works in g++ but not in visual studio 2010
Display an animated PNG image to my layout in android using XML
wsdl2perl doesn't generate classes
link to subpages in jquery mobile
Why grails run-war refuses remote connections?
Java function is updating its input variable
python - scrapy doesn't follow links
How to enable / disable a JSF Command Button
Spring Transaction - noRollbackFor won't commit when exception occurs
Linq-to-SQL include extension method does not work
Windows SVN Ignore File From Commit
unable to read files from a directory using JFileChooser
Querying with spotlight
UITabBarController with a UIPopOverController
When do you choose liquid CSS layouts over fixed? Why?
IE not detecting change in text field until I click somewhere else on page
CYGWIN=nodosfilewarning doesn't help cygwin warning
Xcode Random Image Button, and email button
How do I make a combobox readonly in Windows forms? [closed]
How to differentiate online IP Address from Local IP/Other Machine IP on LAN in Java
A* / Dijkstra's algorithm simple implementation (Pascal)
Stripping empty tags from Plone content with Diazo
Uncaught TypeError: Object has no method 鈥�Javascript
Combine output of two concurrent programs with bash
Uniquely identify each of a certain user's devices
How to replace br tags with &#10; tags in XSL template?
Handling URL Protocol without application restarts
Has anyone ever used a PHP ecommerce platform for backend/admin only, with a totally custom-built frontend utilising only the API of the platform? [closed]
php: Best way to validate integers and filter out invalid chars [duplicate]
Code Coverage analysis for .NET Compact Framework 2.0
grid view find last row when we do paging in
AsyncSockets - ReadToData - Doesn't work like expected
UTF8 encoding not right in XML (error 鈥淚nvalid at the top level of the document.鈥�
Join two tables and filter result using EF 4 and RIA services
How to change column width in confluence's table-plus macro
Does VTIME and VMIN serial port options work with select?
Does VTIME and VMIN serial port options work with select?
Compile Linux executable with specific version number [duplicate]
The application failed to start for UI Test
Windows Phone App runs Full version instead of Trial version.
Why does UINavigationBar steal touch events?
Mixing Audio Files in Java
How to get information when is connected to web site?
How do I round doubles in human-friendly manner in C#?
jquery: save form response from hidden iframe to variable
Fade a Div to Visible/Hidden when other Divs are clicked
CA2227 With Dictionary what is the fix?
Android SQLite 鈥淏ETWEEN鈥�not inclusive or returns all records
MultiView as CompositeControl
Pull in mongoengine
how can I test in Java if an Object exists at specific index?
Soundcloud's oEmbed endpoint returns 403 on some URLs
How to identify necessary classes and modules of Ruby software?
How to import OpenAdaptor in an Eclipse project?
when using webclient.downloaddata(page) in page does it treat as i visit this page?
When slideDown element, the rest of active elements slideUp
Lua: print integer as a binary
Jquery how to select images from an other page with the url
Pagination in view does not show last entry on codeigniter
How to setup tests using builds in TFS 2010
Difference jsonp and simple get request (cross domain)
Scaling for TYPO3 site
Telerik Scheduler control In ASP.NET MVC
Locale doesn't exists in Java
How to disable rendering of form fields in GhostScript
trying to add done button to Numeric keyboard
Cargo maven plugin - start goal ignores configuration, 鈥渞un鈥�works fine
JColorChooser: hide all default panels and show HSB panel only
CSS3 rotate div but keep background without rotation
Detect repetitions in string
MySQL choose a random row from two joined tables
Open and Save Word files through internet
How to cross compile in linux
Rmagick each_pixel, how does it work?
@model dynamic in mvc 3
Getting ProtoGen with protobuf-net
GWT compiler is running out of memory. How do I configure it within IntelliJ?
Sending SMS to users [duplicate]
NSXMLParser in model class gives me no result
How to log connection pool data using BoneCP
Showing comments in UITableView
Redirect to a directory and hide url [closed]
Why @Html.ActionLink(鈥淗ome鈥� 鈥淚ndex鈥� 鈥渉ome鈥� generates <a href=鈥� 鈥�gt;Home</a>
Centos Video Optimizer [closed]
Create a web based application to create an interface beween PACS and PRIMERA device for CD and DVD burning
Equal Fields validation in Symfony 2
Strange offset empty space in IE7?
EventMachine/em-http-request Detect when http stream connection is stalled
How to Set the width of the cell in the xlsx file created programmaticaly by .NET?
air native extension - possible to receive broadcast?
Best way to set object fields from many rows
IE8 After hiding content the height of the wrapper is still the same
template overloading and SFINAE working only with functions but not classes
How to retrieve the class of a generic type
Subclassing UIScrollview
Code Assist of jQuery in Aptana?
Has anyone tried to create DataTable of special type?
Image processing - Reduce object thickness without removing
Where start code in fragment?
how to add uinavigationcontroller as a second view not as rootviewcontroller
what's the difference between var function and function in javascript? [duplicate]
Scala App val initialization in main method
C++ check if element exists in array
Python Requests module ends up with strange redirection
File saved with JFileChooser showSaveDialog even on 'Cancel'
Adding an onclick to a submenu?
Display child rows in Django admin interface
jquery is select selected
template argument involving template parameters
Google Analytics Easy Tracker Issues
Change components of JPanel autonomously and simultaneously
Acer T231H Multitouch functions not recognized in Flash
Not able to close the application in android
How to add a thumbnail in a post in wordpress?
Error when query run Mysql
iOS: Resizing and positioning a new view added to app started in landscape
Font issue in Swing application on Mac OS
How to configure TeamCity to build a solution with 2 projects?
SQL statement to get the records with max(property) of a group
Iphone pixel distortion while zooming OpenGL ES content for Paint app
Any working C# code to get Google Page Rank for url containing '&' character?
predefined parameters in function
Search into a multidimensional array
Textbox Text-Color Animation
Traverse HTML with no CSS class using Nokogiri?
Issue with a date extraction in SQL Server
Android Vibrate on touch?
How to consume JMS / STOMP messages asynchronously with PHP?
Moq not passing all objects to method
Update multiple columns in SQL
why is this code giving me EXC_BAD_ACCESS?
Model.objects.all() won't refresh using djangoappengine
C++ From the Compiler's Point of View [duplicate]
Schema specified is not valid. Errors: The relationship not loaded because the type is not available
Turn 鈥�?token=xx-xxx into 鈥�xx-xxx
Check various checkboxes in CheckboxGroup ExtJS component
Really simple CSS Site
Project structure and build system for .NET connected to git
SerialPort.ReadLine Property Usage
Need a simple Linux C++ IDE (Android NDK)
How do I edit web part text in the browser
Regular expression in struts
C++ - Multiple Inheritance
SSE (SIMD): multiply vector by scalar
StretchBlt Shrink Corruption
I can't read mysql binary log
progress bar in web apllication using c#
GTKmm + pipe() not working
git how to clean a cloned repository and reclone
How to extract regex matches using Vim
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'items' referenced before assignment [duplicate]
ipoib: Check if an infiniband node with an given iboip is reachable
How to remove 鈥渧iew all posts in category鈥︹� from the_category()?
Display issue for WIndows Media Player in winforms
Titanium TableView Accordion
How to create a web project for existing source code
Fabric code asking for hosts
Hibernate: map a 鈥渕any to one鈥�on a 鈥渘:m鈥�relationship
how to get around 鈥淪ingle '}' encountered in format string鈥�when using .format and formatting in printing
Why can we change the platform in .NET project settings when it is platform independent?
Looking for Java class to retrieve SVN version information in SVN 1.7
How to find out why a Process exited and how to Stop it exiting
camelCase with lowercase initial with names
How to access to other vertex in a vertex shader program in opengl es 2?
How to read particular excel column values an putting them in string array using c# 2.0
Where is the composition root in a WPF MDI application?
How to disable/enable text to speech in c#
Set a 'www' on a WordPress subdomain OR how to tell Facebook that I've removed the 'www' subdomain
Turning off matching in Google Guice
List of limitations, what iPhone Apps cannot do with iPhone resources [closed]
How big is the risk when testing a .net 3.5 Assembly using a .net 4.0 test assembly
How to create a Qt Combobox
Is it possible to read Lucene.NET index segments in parallel?
How to get textfield data without submit button ? Is it possible
How to highlight the the grid row on basis of certain value in columns?
Phonegap error using web database : 鈥渞esult of expression 'mydb' [null] is not a Object鈥�
cast child type as base/parent type for serialisation
Running all tests in project using different working directory
finding nodes with using attributename and node names
How to parse this json with php
Cleaning views with backbone.js?
Shortcut to open specific file in Vim?
jQuery If statement work only on Firefox
Why apachebench is constantly repeating its requests in HTTP 1.0 session through the same connection?
Samsung device shows two IMEI numbers what is purpose of this two?
Apache James 2.3.2 shuts down after working a few hours
How to check existence of a file in network with c# in .net mvc 3
How do dynamically set layout parameters in Android?
IBM Global services method, gs method
Visual Studio, the operation could not be completed
Glass pane all over the page
jQuery - Improving selector performance when processing XML
How to allow my CSS slide out element to push its neighboring content?
Rails 3 - find condition on a many to many through association
Parsing a huge plain text file
Preferred access method for Oracle 11g using .Net 4
populate select tag ruby/rails
change bitmap image to pixels array
Web cam interfaces in
AppEngine BlobStore cant upload blobs since update to 1.6.1 from 1.5.5 , getUploads(req) and getUploadedBlobs(req) both fail
javascipt code isn't working when placed with jquery
No available plugins - Jenkins
Can't add a RadDock control into a RadPanel
How do I get my .Net Library to Inherit its config file settings from the requested App
How to add a record to a database in asp .NET
How to get page-source in utf-8 charset using java
Control SQL injection in MVC
resize uiview subclass after creation
ways to modify existing php script so that it echoes smaller versions of images,
convert binary to decimal and show in assembly
Shared resources for two Apps from the same developer
Graph API upload size limits for video and photo
webview to load the local html file which contains .js as <script src>
sencha Touch: single bar label rendering issue?
nl2br and str_replace won't work in my CodeIgniter view
Picking triangles in OpenGL core profile when using glDrawElements
Loading multiple objects complete from database
how to check a dropdown has a value in jquery?
How to create splashscreen in FireMonkey?
Performance comparison in SQL Server when retrieving rows
cocos2d move an object from one point to another thorugh B茅zier Curves
Send Stream to Browser as Attachment in MVC 2
DateFormat on Android: Unparseable date
trouble with android listview
Can I run a script from within an iframe that utilised the time function in JavaScript?
My collision detection generates low fps in java applet
ASP.Net Update panel nightmare. Button doesnt fire properly. Web form c#
How to upload file using java script?
Axis fake certificate
how i make File.js (java script file) execute and loaded in a specific page and not loaded in other pages?
PHP project organisation
Set text of datatemplate?
Blackberry: how to implement BitmapField as Button
group by function not working fine with datetime
Stuck in javascript variables closures
Python XML CSV encoding and characters
PHP - can't display full set of results, just the first
Adding non monotonic heuristics to A* php implimentation
sql join return null if value not found
How fast is the HTTPWebRequest class?
UserProfileManager as global variable
javascript function scope and overwriting
NPE when invoking a method
preg_replace on certain conditions
Menu Jumping around when try to sort arrow positioning
how to set H264 profile in android recorder?
sencha touch 2pr4 - xtype: passwordfield property for numbers only
How to print tiff file in java?
Why is IE9 geolocation support broken compared to other browsers?
Repository EF DBContext
Dependency Injection with Ninject and Global Filter: IAuthorizationFilter
How to structure a knockoutJS Jquery App
How to isolate .Net websites running in FullTrust
Decimal type in C# vs IEEE-754 standard
Django jquery .load() {% url %} to keep DRY
Dynamic dropdown in mootools is not getting populated in IE7. Working fine in IE8
how to prevent an async task from cancelling on back button click and at the same time display the previous activity in android
IOS Application Multi Language support with Database
php echo inside of include workaround?
Run a create action from another controller?
Client app send request in same session after Response.Write( ..) on my aspx page. Can i retrieve this data?
how to do onclick event Enable/Disable using single button
does the jasperreports server (community edition) have etl?
how do I change a UITabBarItem action?
Backbone.js : What's the correct way of using the latest Backbone routes?
Detecting when a child outside of element gets focus
Rails 3.2, Heroku deprecation warning - 鈥淒EPRECATION WARNING: You have Rails 2.3-style plugins鈥�[duplicate]
jQuery: lightweight way to write and read parameters to URL hash?
CSS menus: clicking the sub-menu fires click event on parent too
Can't construct a NumberFormatter
C++ on Unix: Redirecting Shell Output
PostgreSQL + GeoDjango: Better understanding how POINTS are translated
Conditional rendering with Rails depending on the environment
TextView onClick() not working