Will adb work on a tablet host USB port?
Is there an open-source javascript calendar that supports built-in event detail popup?
Replace Drawables in Custom Android Build
Assign value using overloaded subscript operator
POSTing with getURL to _blank with variables?
Unmerge a git branch, keeping post-merge commits
Detect whether generator's __iter__ is called with list()
Rails 3 ActiveAdmin. Redirect if not logged in
Multi Operating System DBMS
Rails 3 ActiveAdmin. Redirect if not logged in
Multi Operating System DBMS
Drupal 7 header
SQL Like and like
Ant MailLogger doesn't send email
How do you get the line height of the text in a Spark Label?
Android: OptionsMenu clears my Spinners, how to update them?
Can I add [XmlElement] attribute to List members without breaking backwards compatability?
鈥渟how screen updates鈥�tool behavior changes since Android 2.3?
UITableView not refreshed
Howto: WCF service external to solution (not domain!) with AutoCompleteExtender
Solution for encoding $.ajax posts without JSON?
Minimum required Texture Size for compliance with OpenGL-ES 2.0 on Android?
JQuery鈥�how do i move (not revert) a draggable div to another div when i do an action?
Where is the right place to format RESTful Data?
Hibernate spring annotation sessions not being closed/flushed
Netbeans - C - Why does input runs before the print command?
css positioning 2 divs in a div
Why is this module not being found when I run the script but is in the interpreter?
Install ruby-rvm on Ubuntu 11.10 with ruby 1.9.3
align wordpress slideshow in center
How to change control template from the view model in WP7?
mysql query calculation with join different tables
Most efficient way to convert lower to upper case in C? [closed]
WP7 - Parsing XML data
add element to ruby array return new array
Dot (鈥�鈥� operator and arrow (鈥�>鈥� operator use in C vs. Objective-C
PhpExcel : Fatal error: Class 'PHPExcel_Shared_ZipStreamWrapper'
max() on multidimentional array
Default capacity of std::string?
How do I apply text to buttons with a click in Html [closed]
Tweaking transition speed for slider in Andromeda theme for Drupal 7
Breakpoints don't hit on iOS 5.0.1 when debugging from XCode 3.2.5
what is the meaning of this (redundant?) python expression?
correct use of path in win2008 [closed]
Looking for a data structure to store software license info with embedded digital signature
ajax accordion with jquery
Can an app receive a token from a push server even if the user has declined the app to receive push notifications?
Setting JVM maxperm size outside of Eclipse.ini
Access internal method from child namespace
Is there a way to automatically e-mail after a long script is finished?
C++ Modules and the C++ ABI
jQuery Image Rotation Using 'jQueryRotate' plugin
using gets.chomp twice in a one line call to a nested hashmap - ruby
Finding number of colors in an uploaded image (ignoring anti-aliasing/compression artifacts)?
Best way to construct C# Type out of a string for serialization/deserialization
UIPageViewController doesn't work at all; totally blank
How to find out if one position of an array is empty? I am having the Error:invalid operands to binary
Logger.warn from a controller in RAILs is not outputting the message in development.log
Java Applet Drag and Drop does not work on Mac
Binding a WPF DatGrid to a 2 dimensional array
How to know if a Contact from SugarCRM is opt out from emails using REST API?
Admin Exporting Model Data into csv/excel file
pass in a ref id with a nested collection model renderer with backbone
Jquery auto complete text box ajax call issue
How do I fix this code smell?
How to stretch listbox height using XAML in wpf?
Verifying Logic On Insecure Password Changes
Page Load Not Hit During Dynamic User Control Creation (Web Forms)
Looking for a Google Fonts like server application that serves right font for any browser/device
Find repeating in O(n) and constant space [duplicate]
What's an elegant solution in beanshell for loops and arrays
SQL0206N 鈥淪QLSTATE鈥�is not valid in the context where it is used. SQLSTATE=42703
How to use a javascript strings object
Codeigniter default controller not working
Why does jQuery not remove the class
Powershell Send-MailMessage Attachments Test if File Exists else change $body
Chomping inside an array
How to create child collections automatically with NBuilder?
How can I delete a mutex and semaphore in win32 api?
Grails: Reading the Resource Bundle
Access properties by this or object name?
How do I determine if any combination of the sum of a set of values is equal to a certain value?
shuffling a two-dimensional array in perl
Confusion between ListView id position and row ID
Convert IGrouping to IQueryable
Generating all possible allocations of objects into k bins of size n1,n2,鈥k in C++
Permissions Enforced on Salesforce Apex WebService
How to map a character to IE/Mozilla keycodes to use with Javascript keyup events?
How to make a dynamically generated SSIS package to show full descriptions of tasks?
Is there a standard make new pair?
What could cause an Application to linearly grow in RAM Usage?
Client-side logging strategy
Can WCF hosted in Windows Service accessible over internet?
How do I change the background color of my android app based on user input?
Apparmor and IPv6
2 forms in a button WINFORM
FastString Alternatives to Delphi XE2
How to access item data in Javascript, if my Model is a QueryTable in MVC3?
Thresholding for a colour in opencv
Rails 3 mountable engine routing error
Convert Enum into underlying type
Why won't MEF Lazy load work in the ViewModel?
What does the syntax in this two expression for loop mean?
How to detect if a view is ready?
Dynamic car home icon
Lightswitch in ASP.NET MVC
SMTP ASP.NET Winsock Connectivity
DataGridView event when a cell value changes automatically
CSS menu drops up instead of down
CSS menu drops up instead of down
CSS Overflow Issue iPad
Socket.io - Send the user id from the client to the server - before close the browser
retrieve Json information from php file using cURL
IE8 only using first session cookie
Time Difference in SQL with Join
is setTimeout/clearTimeout expensive?
This simple little 鈥淪elect鈥�statement鈥hy doesn't it work?
How to click-through on transparent parts of cocoa web view
gradient background for UITableView
Why doesn't the g++ linker warn about this inconsistent function declaration?
How to highlight multiple items with same name in a dynamic management system
unable to access the bean value in EL
Thread.sleep() implementation
Uninitialized Constant Admin::ClientsController
Difference between synchronized and reentrantlock? Pros and Cons [closed]
How do keep accessing the same Android SQlite row for use in later activities
Disadvantages of using large variables/arrays on the stack?
Unit testing a mutex lock
GPU memory latency hiding?
Is it possible to make CFBundleTypeIconFile dynamic?
Frustrated with view initialization in loadView
I would like to detect if a specific Microsoft Hotfix has been installed on a user's system using WIX. What's the simplest way to achieve this?
`VideoView.start()` cause other views to break
Is this RESTful? Using Tonic
zsh: unexpected output from awk printf
PHP/MySQL - Ranking based on last db column
QTreeWidget; Disabling ui Features when multiple Items are selected in QTree
Fading effect on mouseover / hover event for silverlight?
Using EF stored procedures, return entity doesn't show foreign key fields
how to test if a javascript cookie has expired?
HTML NSString producing different values?
configure Git to accept a particular self-signed server certificate for a particular https remote
Jersey: Returns 204 Status Instead of 500
App submission: iTunes Connect Device Family
Is there any way to monitor an upload, byte by byte, in Flash or AIR?
Migrate WSE 2.0 web services from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 R2?
C# Filestream unable to read word html properly
Array of reference variables
Android - Bitmap and memory management?
Is it necessary in Backbone to create Collections and Models every time?
Java beginer needing clarification
customizing listview in android
Push a list of number into an array?
Fluent interface configuration with lambdas in C#
Is it possible to make use of the Android resource resolver on a self-created folder in the file system?
Reading a big structured file in Matlab
Dependency injection with EF DbContext that implements 2 interfaces
Should I stub the model in Factory girl or in the spec file while testing?
How to track UITouches globally?
How to track UITouches globally?
How do I change the text on a button in AS3 (dynamically)
SLF4J logging to file vs. DB vs. Solr
Changing case of SMTP in Exchange 2007
Boost.asio HTTP Client issues with r vs n
javascript - google geocode - closure/looping issue
Change text next to radio button into editable input field
Using Handlebars with Backbone
How to convert a scala object with list to a MongoDBObject via Casbah
Split String into String array
Javascript webworker won't load XML file via XMLHttpRequest
Copy Groovy class properties
Add a row to a view in Drupal
Twitter status update failed C# Twitterizer
2D Array Unintended Assignment Bug
How do I include custom SASS functions during precompile?
loop to create multiple canvas with multiple images not always displaying images
Sending data between C and C#
Redirect user to one page no matter what [duplicate]
Lisp get element from a list
Ruby Guard: Is the directory being watched stored in some variable?
Fix YouTube black sidebars in iframe 853 by 480
Hidden and show a div with google map
Ad block won't place correctly
Paging Native SQL Query in JPA with Hibernate without error
Ruby regex: match alternative expressions with quotes
Get the source into a string from the next page after a POST
Android Search Dialog and Suggestions ListView: Change theme and colours
Vertically aligning block element to image?
git-svn trying to commit to wrong branch
how to do Collections.binarySearch on a collection of byte arrays?
Problems with multiplying in Obj-C
jQuery .on() Not Working After Different Content Loaded
Run PHP coming into a mySQL result
Matching optional numbers in regex
Design of a state machine model to solve conflict of interest in Computer Security [closed]
PHP operators if statement 'and' and 'or'
How to add maven dependencies for mahout and hadoop?
How does Facebook prevent you from putting the site into an iFrame?
Writing more than one row of data to each plist
QBMS (Quickbooks Merchant Services) Scheduled Billing doesn't show up in Dashboard
Change of button look on touch, not just on click
Javascript in head dont fire
Silverstripe DataObjects as Pages Part 2 tutorial - Admin Checkbox
MVC3 JQuery getJSON returns error s is undefined
Where is the frame property in debug view of a UIView?
Android : App crashes when there is no file to load, how do i over come this?
S3 x-amz-meta- case sensitivity
Compiling libyaml on Windows
How would you explain CSS positioning to a human being?
Which is the faster way to read an Excel file into a .NET application : ADO.net or Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application?
Mysteriously persistent ClassNotFoundException (Main Activity)
Why should the assignment operator return a reference to the object?
Best approach for debugging a Win 16-bit application?
Fancybox / How to scroll in opened div and have the background fixed?
How to share UIImagepickercontroller code for 2 buttons
how to replace placeholder with image in iTextSharp
Session varibles being broken by an unrelated method
Symfony + Doctrine 2.2 DateTime column error
What is Rubygem's equivalent of the '-I' flag?
DOM returns empty object
Difference between PHP regex and JavaScript regex
Scraping through VIEWSTATE
Java Server Sockets: My Server Socket only allows client connections running on the same internet connection?
Optimizing rails query and associations
LINQ + Foreach vs Foreach + If
post image URL automatically to a custom field
NSNotification only NSLog works
ArrayList of images to GridView
How can I show a line under each row of text in a Spark TextArea
Codeigniter SQL Join query is not returning the data I want
Pattern and tools for a really scalable project
Check windows processes by name
How can I call a function name defined in a literal string in perl?
Separate street name from house number?
Add second language support with root path in an existing ASP.NET WebForms site
Popover deallocating content view controller directly after initialization
Consume XML SOAP Webservice in Java
Duplicate Keyboard Shortcuts in WPF-menus
Permanently altering sys.path 鈥�good idea or no?
How do the In and Out attributes work in .NET?
find record closest to a given time in ruby on rails
Using JRuby with Rails 3.2
PHP: Problems using Singleton pattern and understanding __clone method
Solr/SolrNet: How can I update a document given a document unique ID?
Understanding Runtimes in plupload
Process input according to array type
Using Parent Entity in CoreData Models
One core exclusively for my process [duplicate]
How to Deploy Stored Procedures to a Federated Database in SQL Azure
SQL update on duplicate key update
How to enable ASP classic in IIS7.5
Custom Responder for jqGrid data in rails
GHC.Prim.Any's created instead of free variable [in polymorphic function]
Table does not update entries after data is loaded into array
T-SQL multiple order by clauses
Why can't I track these files with git?
og:type hotel is ignored
Why I'm getting FileNotFoundExceptoin on Android platform (that already worked in Java)?
dbm instance is false
Any Suggestion about Free FTP Server for Testing
How use wrappanel in Lightswitch
Natural language interface to semantic web [closed]
improper exiting from indentation in emacs python-mode
Are pointers always set to nil on declaration?
How to tell legends from axes in Matlab?
Print stylesheet not showing inline images
Chef API server behind Apache reverse HTTP proxy returns http instead of https links
What happens when I modify the copy contructor to do something weird and then pass an object (of that class) by value to a function?
Using Express and Node, how to maintain a Session across subdomains/hostheaders
Spring and JPA: error while running JUnit test
error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __iob_func
Export .dae (collada) file from Google Sketchup
Change position of an ImageButton programatically
Process being killed by a third party application (Sprint Smartview)
How do I select all options with jQuery with a specific value and change the value?
Get last image from query SQL
Rails, Heroku, Paperclip and the uploading of files to S3
What's the standard way of packaging bundles for distribution in symfony2?
Designing the GUI right
How to calculate 鈥渞eal鈥�bounds when the zoom level is low and the map spans several maps?
dynamic array allocation and copy to larger
How do I add an icon for an Outlook Add-In?
jQuery ui datepicker conflicts with custom event?
Compiling avro schemas (python) when the message contains more than one message
Multiple join queries and bridge tables with NHibernate
Why does Excel translate `=10**-2` to `=0.1`?
Custom Rails validation seems unable to refer to related object
Load image from current theme [duplicate]
how to edit row inside array of objects in php?
PHP, need help using cURL as allow_url_fopen is disabled
Insert form input value into href target URL with javascript
How to trigger itemRendererFunction to be called again when data change in Flex
Database-first approach and modifying the database schema
How to offer website visitors to install Chrome
Can someone explain the line URLName in javamail?
JAVA Swing - Setting JLabel equal to a String in another class
jQuery ui tabs load/tabsload event does not fire
PHP: Ordered List upper-alpha Style
Running rails core tests
resizing an uiimage before writing it to documents directory
Schedule Cron/Quartz job immediately
How to pass 2 complex parameters to ActionResult with AJAX POST?
Network interface matching
Force reload/refresh when pressing the back button
Posting to facebook PAGE wall with php
Can you use the AppDelagate to store App data using NSUserDefaults?
jQuery: datepicker, auto click /pick a date
Struts 1 Ajax call processed twice
Contain an image within a div?
Caliburn.Micro when setting VM to inherit Screen, overrides title field in View
Java and substring error
How do I have a line of periods till i get to the price?
intermittent EXC_BAD_ACCESS in static audio-analysis function
How to enforce Orientation in TabBar App
Process of Java web application release
OpenGL stretched shapes - aspect ratio
jQuery selector with a wild card selection of a HTML5 custom data attribute
Access violation writing location during File Parsing
Get the leftmost 8 bits
CType Operator, assing to member
TFS Build and Test Impact
Ruby Unsigned Right Shift
What is the best design pattern for dealing with syncing variables?
iPad simulator showing app in bottom left?
Should I declare log4net logger once per class or in base class?
Error when importing a file into SQL Server
if() doesn't print out json data unless I use var_dump in php
array_filter and multidimensional array
List not filling maximum space in Stack panel
Grails remoteField basic validation on client
How to retrieve data from Google Reader?
Download packages of assets in phonegap
printing a 2 dimensional array of objects in java
codeigniter template parsing with parameters
Plot coordinates from database onto google maps, keep checking for new values
Invoking exchange activesync cmdlet's from an ASP.NET application
An alternative for tasklist_lock in a module?
Json returned shows only partial data in my Html List box from my PHP MYSQL Query
Timing issues with the GPS
What am I missing in Masked Input Plugin (jquery) to function, for a phone number validation?
Grails 2.0 Unit Testing Custom Tag Lib
The long press in a UIWebView
How do I handle widthChange event on YUI panels?
javascript to cocoa with variable args
Resque doesn't create new jobs
Evaluate PHP code only within brackets
How can I check against multiple values using a Django template?
What can I expect when I run out of ids on AppEngine?
VBA from Excel failing to print via PDFCreator after loop
Inserting large sorted data files into a DB
Property 'delegate' not found on object 'AddEventViewController'
How do I perform a Subversion update on my externals only?
How can I identify an OpenXml Paragraph as one I programmatically inserted?
linq-to-sql grouping with timezone
write thrown exception to file
SQL command to group field and create new column
Javascript, why treated as octal
Rails3 Foreign Primary Keys Wrong Way Round
Sending Multiple Payloads Over Socket in Perl
Xalan XSLT - Out of Memory Heap Space
css list item same margin with all resolutions
Command Link in .NET4
Cannot find the nth element on the page using nth-child and WebDriver
Apply exact stat parameters from one file to another using C in Linux
replacement / substition with Haskell regex libraries
How to add a webpage in a TabPanel in gwt?
MVC View Model Organization
Generating junit xml report from Android in Eclipse
php Return FALSE on singleton factory method if data base connection can't be created
Dump database data using Doctrine 2
how to get access to variable objects?
Creating a custom file property in C# [duplicate]
My SDK has its own python interpreter. How do I install modules for it?
Telerik RadListBox Control fires event when some other button is clicked in a AJAX enabled ASP.NET Page
Passing values in apex
Logical Inversion of Symbol Tree
Returning a two-dimensional array from a switch case in C++
Rendering one mustache partial multiple times with different data
Disable hash changing with flash anchor navigation
Database blocked and AsyncTask
Recycled bitmap exception
Simple regex not
Java split input
Getting JavaScript variable in embeded C# code
Self contained ruby 鈥渂inary鈥�
validates :something, :confirmation => true & attr_accessor confusion
Liferay: change the users landing page depending on organization
Jade-lang add manifest file
Determine which protocol to use - EWS, WebDav, or OWA?
How to read TIFF header File c#?
Get unanswered questions (Radio buttons) JQuery
Tomcat thread control
How to split an array into sub-arrays based on integer values
Is there a simple way to make a random selection from an array in JavaScript or any other programming language?
What's the purpose of ArrayController and ArrayProxy?
As a new Objective-C developer, what memory-related issues should I watch out for using ARC?
Parse Web Site HTML with JAVA
Is it safe to use realloc?
How to use wxWidgets types in own classes?
Simple recursive function in VBA with Excel not returning expected result
Installshield suite project logging
ASP Table doesnt save state
鈥渁pp_offline.htm鈥�for MVC 3
overflow:hidden doesn't work inside a table
Multiple Delayed_Job Workers Writing to same table (Rails 3)
How do I add a dynamic sitemap.xml to a CFWheels application?
Are there any color recognition libraries built in Ruby?
With embedded jetty, do you still need to install jetty on the server?
How to set the year of a date based on value from drop down
Listbox Data Template Text Overflow
How to create HTML select option from JSON hash?
Session not starting when using www
Is there a way to implement Rank() in Hibernate?
jQuery modal popup confirm - handle server side postback
R package development - function aliases
I don't think I'm modifying this collection
How to make a Else If statement more suteable, Xcode 4 iOS
c# need to get records >= today LINQ
Optimistic Concurrency is not working fine in my MVC web application
Get data from a form with iframe inside
Navigation bar <ul> instead of table
JavaScript Event creation with customly attached data
Creating a backing store and cache strategy using MonoTouch
Git (no branch) in xcode
why isn't a style being applied to this php variable?
How does one approximate virtual memory used (VSZ) using a core dump and gdb on Linux?
Parameter to a URL preventing javascript from working properly?
jQuery automate multiple scripts for multiple divs
Identify changes to a table/variable
What is the best design practice for excluding a certain subset of data in the database model
Calling method or functions in c#
IO/Network-bound Fork/Join-Tasks
Maven Unit Test FileNotFound Error
MySQL. Fail to create stored procedure
'Tiling' a 2d array using numpy
htaccess Clean URL - Two Behaviors
db2 : Expected tokens may include: 鈥�lt;values>鈥� LINE NUMBER=1. SQLSTATE=42601
In Django select related field via foreign key
Sending and receive NSMutableArray as Bytes using GameKit
Customizing UIView for tableView delegate method
Converting a query from Oracle PL/SQL to Microsoft T-SQL
D and pseudo-terminals
How to debug PHP in eclipse in an external browser rather than internal?
Can't find a solution to a insert query and foreing key conflict ADO.NET C#
jQuery .trigger() method in a loop
How to set/delete cross domain cookie?
MonoTouch: UIPopoverController sideways in landscape mode
Getting Dialog to Work Upon Successful Submission
How can I overcome the need to reuse input names when processing them with CodeIgniter's input class?
How can I run some code only after all callbacks complete on a jQuery animation?
CSS zoom property not inherited with Google Chrome and Safari
Eclipse and Zend Debugger breaks in the first line always, despite having unchecked that option
Rails + CanCan + Polymorphic Association not working as expected
setting JTextPane to content type HTML and using string builders
Why does this give me error: 80040154
How to wait for an animation to finish in viewDidDisappear?
Kohana 3 AJAX call returns null in IE
Host images with Grizzly and Jersey
Change Start Menu Style and Auto-Hide Option on Windows XP
PHP system command LIVE?
Handling Code Blocks with Markdown (Pagedown)
Understanding CoreData entities creating and updating in the 鈥渟cratchpad鈥�
Google Spreadsheet xPath
Retrieving list of ids
can't get object from custom javascript object array property using object method
How to get model validation to pickup attributes set on objects in a List in MVC3?
Change a Universal App Into one without native iPad support
Is there a way to remove the clicking lag on mobile touch devices?
Models in asp.net mvc 3 areas
Facebook Graph returns empty 鈥渓ikes鈥�array for some users who have likes
one link to multiple container anchors
ComboBox SelectionChanged Event Firing on Preview
Adding tab in ternary operator inside c# webgrid
KVC Compliance - Guidelines for declaring iVars
qt qml chinese/russian fonts not working - [SOLVED]
No output from document.write in iFrame in IE9
Cancel drag and drop between JQGrids
Node grouping using XSLT version 1.0
.Net SMTP Queue
Iphone simulator screen rotation
drupal 7 : redirect comments in a view
How do I make sure the randomly inserted numbers in an array do not repeat?
redirecting machine hostname to fully qualified url for jira running on tomcat
GMT/UTC (not local) time in Unix format
mod_rewrite cookies lost
Can a line stretch vertically in SSRS
SQLite view and query on Android
Silverlight - WCF: Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection
YouTube Video Embedded via iframe Ignoring z-index?
TreeView PopulateOnDemand not working with a custom ImageURL
Preloading images using PHP and jQuery - Comma seperated array?
Lawnchair indexing problems
How to get maxdate for all like entries MySQL
In ASP.NET, is there a way to write a custom Load Balancer?
Number in the top-level domain?
Force a Link to PDF to Open in a Specific App When Clicked on in iPad Browser?
Non ascii characters in link_to is causing the app to fail in internet explorer 9 in rails app
Concurrent thread I/O access
Setting up SPN to access SQL Server 2008 as original user from IIS7
Open QLPreviewPanel in 'multi display' mode
doesn't switchClass work to add/remove class?
Java Version Control System Abstraction Layer API
How can I load the LinkedIn Javascript API library with a script loader?
Facebook checkin form and button on mobile website
Project organization suggestions [closed]
What does (char *) x or (void *) z mean?
JsonResult Getting Garbled Over Secure Connection
How to split large dataset into google sitemaps
How to access the function of different controller? - JavaScript MVC
Is it possible to make 3D Actionscript 3 games?
Is there a way to copy (parts of) a project to another project?
Assigning Facebook app username
Class inheritance, code factorisation, php object model
Balanced word wrap (Minimum raggedness) in PHP
Prevent webpage dialog from spawning new browser window?
jquery mobile thumbnail and text alignment in listview
$push and $set in same MongoDB update
Setting a view's bounds changes the coordinates of the frame, WHY?
Reliable ways to register a user's computer with a server
Does the browser hit the network each time it loads the same src for HTML5 video?
Photoshop COM and C++ (How to)
Can't always read session cookie
C socket overflows memory
display facebook wall in android sdk
XCode : /Developer/usr/bin/clang failed with exit code 1 [closed]
Using command prompt changing last extensions of a file
jquery each function not giving results?
I'd like the sub menu to appear in a specific place and only when a link is clicked, not hovered over
Facebook Pages: Add multiple Tabs or Links to the left menu
Extending rank() 鈥淥lympic Style鈥�
GCC compile error: format 鈥�c鈥�expects argument of type 鈥榗har *鈥� but argument 2 has type 鈥榠nt鈥�[-Wformat]
Sunspot search ordering
What is the purpose of cURL?
Android market filter out tablets
Callback from an Async within a function library
Recommended ODBC-JDBC bridge driver for Oracle
Set Password policy from an app Android
Django Model Table temporary data vs. permanent data
Defining data annotation using DbContext versus Objectcontext in the database first approach
EF:CF Many-To-Many in a Detached Context
External properties loader with Tomcat server
All possible combinations with key
cucumber-rails ignores path.rb?
Is it enough to use HTMLEncode to display uploaded text?
Render only specific texture color - OpenGL
How to re-save the entity as another row in Doctrine 2
How to Format CSV to ARRAY?
What type of class to use [closed]
f2py creating and then immediately overwriting temp files
Polar contour plot in matplotlib - best (modern) way to do it?
Unable to use ISA11 as repetition separator when converting 4010 to 5010 file in BizTalk 2010
apache mod_fcgid problems
C++ virtual method overload/override compiler error
C/C++ string shift to a specific element - least possible steps
Apache: simultaneous connections to single script
cucumber javascript enabled features inside vagrant
Will mysql somehow rerun killed query behind my back?
Design patterns: Composite vs. Composition
CoreData validateValue: forKey:
Set A Float's Fractional Part Using 6 Bits
pointer NSURL data member
How to use RenderForm together with RawInput and SharpDX?
Basic Ruby Programming
NHibernate with custom sql-insert vs catching procedure raised exceptions and out params
Race condition when using the observer pattern with a GUI
SQL query performance LIKE and wildecards vs. IN
use regex to modify srt file?
How to handle large memory footprint in Python?
Mysql Data type
findResourceById() returning null
Rake assets:precompile aborts after CSS3 animation
How to Create an image using a text and degree to rotate a text
Debugging console for stand-alone web app on iOS
Integer arithmetic performance 32 vs. 64-bit
R projection matrix with SVD or QR decomposition
Unexpected behavior overriding getWorkbenchErrorHandler in Eclipse RCP
ActiveRecord query returns an incorrect model
PHP allocating less than maximum fails
regular expression to allow only specific numbers
Matrix language and macro variables
Multi-lingual approach for Core Data
HTML5 Server-Sent Events prototyping - ambiguous error and repeated polling?
DIV animation issue (x2)
Spring Webflow binding: Converter - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Each converter object must implement one of the Converter 鈥�interfaces
Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 鈥渇ancybox鈥�
Apache .htaccess redirecting https to http and vice versa
Necessity of using ObserveOn for Observables?
PHP jQuery Post - returns too much HTML
Kohana Framework - prevent subdomains from inhereiting parent doamin cookies
Ascendancy Selection in CSS
Programmatically trigger ReportViewer Toolbar controls
Does a .NET technology for synchronizing local and remote SQL server databases exist? [closed]
Reading your git repo within a Heroku app
arbor.js z-order
jQuery stopping $.post proccess after certain time
PHP $_SESSION not staying across localhost subdomains [duplicate]
JTextField not correctly updating
Adding two numbers without + operator (Clarification)
How to create string in Excel INDIRECT function to dynamically reference cells in an external spreadsheet
ContentPlaceHolder outside form in ASP.NET 4 / Visual Studio 2008 supported?
large arrays in dependent observables - cascading
Cursor in the middle of a textarea box?
Zend_Translate vs Zend_Navigation
validate a binary files presence with schematron
Negative one (-1) passing validation in jQuery Validate plugin. Fix?
Facebook login - desperate
Can you force a broadcast for updating widget?
MVC4 async and Parallel execution
Magento - No price in product page
Magento - No price in product page
Unable to run executable without explicity adding .exe after the name in windows vista
using an array of words to filter words from a second array
ClassNotFoundException - Makes No Sense
ComponentOne excel and asp.net MVC
Assistance with jquery variables
Notification message gives the wrong result
C# treeview Unauthorized exception
NSDateComponents Acting Up On Simulator
Using .htaccess to Rewrite URLs with ID and Filename
Send msg betwen js and python in QtWebKit
SQL Server 2005 pivot table
putExtra(MediaStore.EXTRA_OUTPUT causes my app to crash
how to use jquery UI dialog
QObject factory in Qt Plugin(non-creator)
iTerm2 - hide split pane title bars?
lucene index updating strategy
Eclipse Shift+Ctrl+O stopped functioning (Android 4.0.3)
Python shell window in compiled applet
Is it possible to have 2 Models loaded for one entity kind to support data migration?
PHP flush and WAMP server
Limiting stdout.log file size when running apache tomcat windows service
Form Validation with Functions
shell script + match error words in the log file
Android Button Doesn't Work; Other Buttons Do Work Though
Sort and filter IQueryable in datagridview
Flat file vs MySQL for very simple data
No marketplace entries found to handle Execution default-proguard
Insert auto increment primary key to existing mysql database
How do I manage console output in a long running Eclipse plug-in?
How to use an Observable object in a WinJS ListView
POST UIImage with multiple fields
Invert all colors from within the appliction
grails 2.0 including resources the simple way?
Python JSON decodes on part of the file
Getting the bounding box of a vector of points?
Using multiple values field in Lotus Notes
Android EditText misbehaving on certain devices, especially HTC
Replace specific characters in line, c++
ASP.NET MVC 3 ModelState
How to implement a vertical slide controller in a height limited div with many objects
Doctrine: how to return the row count of a records in a groupby statement
Rails render html into a hash
Are guest additions useful for headless Linux guests?
Tab key not working in popup in chrome extension
Safari html5 video mp4 not playing in htaccess folder, [duplicate]
Serialize Java Abstract Class to ActionScript Class Method?
RoR / MySQL: How many Ruby instances can work on 1 MySQL database (in parallel)?
ssh first with mysqldb in python
ViewPager flips instead of scrolls when paging through onClick
nodejs net.createServer large amount of data comming in
Using OpenSSL's CMS_encrypt() in Objective-c
How to show custom message when somebody clicks on refresh button of Coldfusion cfGrid (When session is out)?
XML Parsing Error - Salesforce Bulk API using C#
Copy/share configurations between paid/free versions of Android app?
Cannot understand shift operator behavior in C code
Differentiating back/forward navigation with backbone.js routing
Concrete example of where mysql_real_escape_string fails and Prepared Statements are necessary
In AS3, how would I pass the contents of an object as arguments for a function?
android frame-by-frame animation and translation
Hide a link when clicked on
Need advice/resources in starting nightly builds in TFS
Why doesn't this SQL query work with the .net Entity Framwork?
c# mysql connection [closed]
How to use device-fonts to show Multilingual text in the same Flash app
Invoke a specific browser by URL
C++ Standards Committee 鈥渞eflector鈥�mailing lists
How to handle Java class which has Class<?> to convert to JSON using Gson
How can i override django contrib comments template?
If FB.init({status:true}) causes the Javascript SDK to load status, how can I get the status?
Vertically aligning images in a fixed height div
Loading File to TAdvMemo
How to enforce managed code be executed under .net 2.0 in .net 4 process (SxS)
Linking PhoneGap Framework on the iOS Toolchain
How to import a SQL file into SQL Server 2008 using Visual Studio 2010?
ViewDidAppear Home Button
Blackberry Maps doesn't work on OS 7
Ways to dynamically enable/disable debug features in an APK
best practice to add/remove www from a website's address
Change currency icon block to drop-down list
Split function getting error
How to convert datetime from the users timezone to EST in javascript
Ajax call stops halfway through code
Inconsistent UISearchBar sizing before first use?
Adding a subview to a custom viewForHeaderInSection breaks VoiceOver navigation
JqGrid highlight row
WCF: method that returns void causes 鈥淭he server did not provide a meaningful reply鈥�error on client
xforms - relevant with OR condition
Objective c method that accepts types id and double?
Counting number of elements in a list that satisfy the given predicate
PagerTitleStrip is reserving space at top *and* bottom of my view
Hashtag URL rewrite / DOM manipulation causing JS misfire
Why is 鈥�;鈥�required in F# interactive?
How to realloc() in the middle of an array?
Prevent jQuery UI resizable element from covering another element?
Android format data
One query to get data out of 2 tables in mysql (with php)
Interprocess Communication between Excel & C# Application?
How do I make part of my php GD image transparent?
How do I make part of my php GD image transparent?
How to replace all single characters from string?
Class Based Generic UpdateView inline
Vimeo embed issue on iPhone
I don't find my provisioning profile in the code signing panel in Xcode
Representing an Array( String[] ) as String CSV with Ranges
The type or namespace name 'linq' does not exist in the namespace 'System'
Include #warning within a macro to be evaluated later? [duplicate]
Best Approach to Test Backbone Views with Templates Using Jasmine
jsTree plugin renaming error when renaming more than one item
How to get matched string part in SQL statement with many like checkes
Extreme Memory Conditions Testing : How to saturate RAM?
Oracle connection to retrieve or insert Arabic values from database
Excluding globs in the classpath for compilation with IntelliJ Idea 11
How do you create nested TestSuites in jUnit 4x.?
Android onTouch
How to implement a partial class with static object definition in C#
Performance consideration running C#.net winForms from network share
Ownership of QAction in a QMenu
WOL iOS Project
SQL select query - display related records in onr column
Setting has_many :through with a form on rails 3
Issues with Java Web Start and Safari
How to make partly broadcast in UDP?
How to handle many different look-up references and avoid hard-coding in a MySQL database
Focus and tabbing issues in IE
Am I extending this inbuilt ruby class correctly?
Android : Make application wait till the current location is found
jQuery ajax like file upload with iframe
MVC3 controller action programmatically return a failed post request
How to update table rows with javascript in rails partial
Java: removing elements from a collection
PHP: print_r is being ugly
jQuery validate skipping the second input field
Interesting projects based on Distributed/Operating Systems
Fancybox 2.0.4 the fancybox function is removed from the jquery plugins
Phonegap interop capability
Is there a way to set hibernate @ManyToOne join column to nullable?
Is it possible to overlay Span/UL/LI with RaphaelJS
How should I use Redis as a cache for SQL Server?
javascript: Error passing back object
Clean Liferay installation for portlet development?
Android - handling orientation changes when using fragments
Generics - Create data on the fly
How can I put a map output into a single collection
Updating a value after line execution (Similar to var++)
Remove empty XML tags via bash/terminal
how to set the sessionID in the request header using android 2.2
Redirect request to admin interface
Adding Hovertext to ListItem in Visual RPG
do AJAX call on page load through hash tag in URL?
inputSecret clears when enter key pressed
Redirect from spring controller with post parameter
How do I change the layout of a view not currently active?
Using map and filter/reduce to count how many times things come up in a sequence (python)
Locking a sqlite3 database in Python (re-asking for clarification)
Multiple background images in one div
ObjectListView items invisible?
iPhone - How to catch if the app is terminated (to update the badge icon)
Delphi Chromium Embedded And Loop
Rails 3 prototype render :update response has text/html content-type
is it possible to assign a value only once for php variable in continuous ajax request?
How to create a windows application in C++ showing just a TaskDialog
SharePoint 2010 - Using SOAP web service
How to have Eclipse recognize dependencies from SBT
Asp.Net/Sitecore embedded ascx resources not picking up changes
in a php class, is there an easy way of defining variables with a function?
Is there a textboxlist control available somewhere?
Magento: which table should be used in the following code?
What does var,_ = something mean in Python? String concatenation?
How do you mitigate the risk associated with third-party Javascript given the prevalence of 鈥渟ocial sharing鈥�badges (鈥淟ike鈥�buttons, etc)?
PHP & FPDF - How do I get the positions of where I want to place my output?
Unable to update eclipse because of conflicting dependency
numpy/scipy/ipython:Failed to interpret file as a pickle
Facebook SDK Singleton in xcode auto login before post?
Can not load XML file, because encoding fails
java velocity used to generate class files based on mysql tables
Split an array of strings into a 2d array of characters
Mutually exclusive search options on MVC 3 view
How do companies like facebook release features slowly to portions of their user base?
How to set PickerView selection to UITextFIeld.text using tags?
User information in Nancy
Updating Rubygems?
PDO let database stay open, or open and close when needed?
strange page appears on restricted website directory
WPF Application + SQL Dependency
Streaming to VideoView only plays on Wifi when using Samsung phones
How would I curry the String.format function to use it with map over an array?
Perl XPath statement with a conditional - is that possible?
Using jquery-ui-map to bring in XML for points and Info Window
UIActionSheet鈥�How to implement UIImagePicker?
XPCOM object method is unaccessible from JavaScript
MongoDB - most efficient way of getting the last version of a document
Translating CodeIgniter's form validation error messages
Is there a standard skeleton, or instructions, for setting up an open-sourced Symfony2 bundle complete with travis-ci and composer? [closed]
How to prevent PictureBox internally refreshes itself?
performance issues to consider from adding a cookie to 100K users?
Error when trying to install pylibmc on Mac OSX Lion
When adding 鈥渢arget鈥� 鈥渂lank鈥�to links via javascript, opened tab is 鈥渞ecycled鈥�(reused) - any way to prevent?
Is Adobe Flex going to end up dead - can you recommend a web+mobile app replacement? [closed]
Is Adobe Flex going to end up dead - can you recommend a web+mobile app replacement? [closed]
multilined pic caption with inline and colored background
Basic Java/Android class templates ( <?> )
Transparency and Html Objects (IE7-8)
Can defragmentation be done on a Knuth heap?
Google Map Number Markers
PhpStorm short tags indentation (if/endif)
SVN no longer writes .svn in all sub-folders?
i want to modify this SQL statement to return only distinct rows of a column
Use of named identifiers in String.Format [duplicate]
Include classes before Symfony calls session_start()
Spring and JPA. Table not found
redirecting output of execvp into a file in C
capistrano run internal command using sudo
Is there a JMS API/Client that works with all AMQP brokers?
can we inject flex/air based component in winform application?
Make lines of text have equal length
Parse an XML webpage using PHP
Creating tables and displaying textboxes in codebehind
Play individual videos one after the other no break - youtube, or?
How to empty OmniThreadLibrary ThreadPool Queue?
final attributes that change
Form for group membership in web2py
Scale up applet's graphics size
2 legged oauth and spreadsheet updating
Can codeigniter receive post array?
Wordpress > Run SQL code automatically after install
Calling python from bash, how to change python working dir?
Android: show Alert Dialog at any activity
Several consecutive calls Jsoup.connect(鈥渟omeurl鈥�.get() in AsyncTask in Android
error compiling in c user input
Determine if Outlook Contact has been deleted using EWS 2007
C++ compiles but gives error when executed
HBase filter to match every row that contains a string
/MT version of binary crashes in Visual Studio 2008 - how to debug
Controlling image displayed when a page is liked
When using Gnuplot, how can the equation of a line be printed in the line title?
Zipping an xcode 4.2 project for sharing. HUGE size?
Android Emulator: Adding FireFox app?
Revoked X509Certificate
store each class in a separate file python
How to leave the body of a lambda expression
How to iterate through a record-set twice?
MVC3 autobinding to list of JSON objects is not working for the properties
Django-Userena: adding extra non-null fields to a user's profile
how to install PIL on mac os x 10.7.2 Lion
Retrieve ID3 info from m4a file in PHP
Explanation of fields
Passing array into processing page in jqGrid
toggle button: How to have same contents between the editors when I toggle?
JavaScript: Why is the new dropdown not being filled with values
Linq select strings from list when condition is met and save the index
Android Animation - animate when selecting
HQL size using QueryOver without subquery
how to disable the hierarchy viewer in eclipse
jQuery clone() an element with children and saving to data() as backup?
Best ways to store a large number of documents and be able to search their contents
Why can't I execute a SQL function using the .net Entity Framework?
How to combine multiple tables
How to use convert command in mass, one clean regular expression sweep?
c# getting a sporadic results
Simulating hover with js for couple of mapped circle buttons
MathML is rendered poorly with Firefox on Windows XP but rendered well on Linux
Insert into generic Number ArrayList Java
Clearing ImageIcon and related Actions in Swing GUI
How to achieve ranking based on where clause matches (without full-text indexing)
Bookmarklet not working
how to include a 3rd column in the result table of a COUNT and group by procedure
Functions or methods?
Mechanize: undefined method 'info' for Nil class in Ruby 1.9.3
File contains data in an unknown format (Runtime Error)
Best place to insert JavaScript within a HTML document [duplicate]
Navigate Between JPanels?
Parse of invalid JSON [closed]
how to use multiple lists as a single data in the Google visualization chart api
Format decimal localizated and formated
MvcSitemap provider with web.sitemap
How to get feedback on JUnit Testing in Eclipse
Strange javascript error
How swap generic structure in c#?
Java - Upload folder via FTP?
Enlarging images from the centre by percent?
How to comment out some code fast with Eclipse JSP editor?
htaccess internal redirect from subdomain to root
Split regular expression into 2 capture groups
Indexing a Haskell data structure for queries
toggle & animation in sencha touch
What are improper lists for?
PHP Criteria Fliter
ios storyboard and uisegmented control relationships?
Bind Observable collection
replaceWith but permanent - another way to store
Rails migrations on the fly
change the color of a every link in a list when hovering over one
Creating a custom BIRT emitter: How to get the width and height of a cell, table or grid?
Work around needing look-up column data for a calculated column (SharePoint 2010)
eclipse version require specifc Apache Tomact server
Matrix Scaling level 5 variables
Determine when ASP TextBox is clicked
Runtime configurable verbs based on specification
鈥淎n entity object cannot be referenced by multiple instances of IEntityChangeTracker鈥�with a custom model binder
Bypass socks proxy configuration on iphone
How to get an instance of unitycontainer?
convert a string to a directory name
How can I draw XOR'ed line (or plot ) in Matlab
Disable colorization for any other editor but Java in Eclipse
How java stores float v double
CakePHP 1.3: How to represent the following MySQL code with Count(*) AS Total
Looking for a Simple Job Control Framework (Not looking for schedulers like Quartz) [closed]
add onclick that loads htm page into a div area [closed]
Android How to get current allocation size limit (for avoiding OutOfMemoryErrors)
How to install a .NET windows service without InstallUtil.exe vb.net
check if firewall is on without any package like iptables
Parse Amazon ItemSearch using SAX
EditText does not show current input (Android 4)
listening to CommConnection constantly in mobile device
Android JSON CharSet UTF-8 problems
Is there a way to list installed locales on Android?
Magento redirect after isssue _prepareDownloadResponse
Read Multiple Input from same line.
Ways to build string in c
state of jquery UI elements in JSON
Error in simplest Gtk::Builder get_widget() prog
MVC design pattern for android app developmentby using Fragments as Views and Activity as Controller
Get ObservableCollection<Object> as result of RIA Services under WPF Client to RIA Services
Match end user device IP to the router IP
Converting native buffer wrappers to C++/CLI
WebFinger library for PHP?
SQL Server: Secondary query on empty rowset from first query
How to reload captcha on form submit via Ajax?
How to make JAXB parse scientific notation for BigInteger?
How do I get file info + body with file_get_contents('php://input')?
changing edit options specifically dataEvents on edit form jqgrid
Android log in page with MySQL
How to set caching in EJB bean where am querying database using hibernate template?
How to open file using Intents programatically?
MYSQL Fulltext index search, cant get my head round it
How long does a provisioning profile last for testing?
A SharePoint list that includes 鈥淓xternal鈥�colums and SP Native columns
Powershell - Applicaiton pool - Advanced settings - Regular Time Interval
Opening New Tab Undoes Code Folding in Vim
Store image in database and retrieve it
How can you replace text in a file using the Windows command-line environment?
Rails passenger production error logs?
Connecting to MySQL via Python MySqlDb (1045 error)
.Net Git Library that allows for in memory addition / modification of files
AudioServicesAddSystemSoundCompletion under ARC using __bridge
Excel sheet to generate personalized Outlook e-mails
Should a view model contain a logger? [closed]
ListView is very laggy - Android
How can I use Turkish characters like '艧 莽 谋 枚' in an Android TextView?
Multiple ASPxGridView's triggering UpdatePanel Not Working
Setting Trust Level in web.config
form.cleaned_data is ignoring initial values
Control ASP.NET theme css link order placement
EF 4.1 SeedData not populating table
Eclipse crashes
How To Change The Connection String saved in My.Settings in VB 2010
Voicemail Service with API
How can I keep url variables after form submission with PHP Form Builder Class
How do I count exceptions when they are raised?
403 Forbidden when downloading an FLV directly from YouTube
detect UIWebView form submission in XCode
Event binding clicks with backbone.js & jQuery
retain on [NSDate distantPast] crashes 鈥�sometimes
How to pull up my Fan Page album images dynamically with Graph API and Jquery
UIPicker View Selection Indicator Issue
iPhone: Avoid JavaScript Redirect
Root ext4 partition using xen kernel (gentoo)
java.lang.AssertionError: one method tests correctly but a similar one does not
How to check the password for a given username in Core Data? [closed]
Regex Remove Markup Python
connecting a QAction to a virtual slot?
Inflate gzipped bytes on an iPhone
jQuery If is set, or if is not null?
django dynamic variable form fields
Using Mule Expressions in a Spring Configuration
javascript undefined value
error parsing jsonList to dropdownlist Jquery
Rails, how to determine if a user was created today?
What is this feature of IntelliJ IDEA (set build target in project's properties)?
JavaScript Puzzle: Scope
is it possible that something works in python ide but not in the script
wampp or xampp: how to upgrade to mysql 6?
How to see the whole string in NSTextFieldCell?
Mongoose, Removing a Property from Model
Java generic operators
Sinatra + cucumber how to turn off output console
WCF service slow compared to a Windows application
ANTLR from Java to C#
C++ Typedef signature [duplicate]