ant - input password for sshexec
running a java program in linux
When using google web font with multiple weights, IE6-8 get confused
Single XML file vs Multiple XML files: Best Solution?
Get a list of SATA HBAs from setup api
Rails Ajax OmniAuth communication with action
jQuery $.toJSON not letting me post?
Group Invoices by customer
Group Invoices by customer
I have a virtual destructor and an array in my base class. How can I make it work?
Python-style collections in F#
Magento CE 1.4 Indexer - Index Management
Load div contents into a different div
Get result from php file without usig jquery
How do I parse out the fields in a comma separated string into a integer array in C?
How calculate Big Oh notation
File upload to app page album with Graph API
HTML in GET request is a 鈥淏ad Request鈥�only on one server
How connect Android to no SSID public and no Password requered
Capturing 鈥淐ancel鈥�selection from GWT Activity.mayStop() response
How to watch exception when there is no catch in Eclipse?
Error inserting data from SQL Server to AS400 using a linked server
KVM Equivalent of EC2 AMI
Can't set cookie inside construct in codeigniter
Transaction not active exception - EJB Transaction State
Emacs: Problems with activating mark in an interactive command
Showing a many-to-many relationship from in a GridView using the Repository pattern with Code First
MultiSplit Panel disaapears if one of the panels dragged too far
Powershell script to replace strings with filename
Save Location to DB based on IP address
Netbeans java applet project screen popping up
Loading external URL using jQuery
Starting a ContentObserver on phone boot
MVC3 Data in model set to null when posting
How can I update a map inside a map?
HTML5 Window Pane Code
Multiple Show/Hides with same class
Multiple instances of httpcontext.current.cache
If I embed SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0 x64 in my application, can I deploy app on x86 clients?
insert array into location.href
How does polymorphism work with undefined intermediate types in C#?
Learn Python the Hard Way: Exercise 46
Launching and killing multiple Java processes running on several platforms
Trace redirection source
Trying to convert Dart program into Java
Share token (data) between Android app users
EC2 startup on schedule
How to modify html tag using javascript to add a target _blank
The best way to convert List<Object> to ObservableCollection<Object>
In SSRS, is it possible to change the Visibility property of a textbox depending on the toggle status of a group?
Is it bad practice to reuse the same class multiple times, but holding different styles?
How to add timeout to an HTTP Post
Occasional 鈥淭he underlying provider failed on Open鈥�errors when using EF4 (edmx model)
jqGrid not calculating pages on first load
Django 1.3.1 model form clean method
Chat Widget Php
Adding custom HTML to jQuery dialog button pane
Implementing each in vanila JS similar to jQuery
Rails 2: Saving new HABTM relationship
R: how to instantiate a custom split (usersplit) in rpart which requires a vector as a parameter
Controlling pivotItems in pivot in windows phone 7
I need to manually resolve all relative url's in a web page
.X File Parsing - Call to create Enumeration Object fails
Validation Error: Value is not valid
Stale connections, validationQuery does not fix
Finding all tweets which link to a specific domain (including shortlinks)
How to highlight selected item in ItemsControl?
Loading registers in gcc inline assembly? (simple?)
Update raw contact in Android when you have only the contact id
Hover Drop Down With Overflow
JodaTime convert from Java.util.Date to DateTime (or LocalDate)
SAS: How do you turn a two-way table into actual variables?
replace item in @ARGV in perl [closed]
Responsive UI in windows form accessing device data
How to add user control on run time in ASP.NET?
jQuery to validation of common phrases
can I use {{stuff}} in {% statements %} in django?
jsone encode output
How to back port Android 2.2 XML features to Android 1.5?
Initial login request using auth_type=reauthenticate results in browser warning
Should caching be disabled for every server (dynamic) response?
windows.location not working on click event
Javascript that works in Chrome but nothing else
Reading Excel with C#
How to tweet in C#
How do I create this 3D effect box in XAML
change gridview colour when checkbox selected
Does passing reverse=True when sorting a list in Python affect efficiency?
JQuery UI iframe issue
How to manage cookies with Jsoup?
Flip character horizontally and print it with java
Closing ODBCDataReader before finish reading, ODBCData Reader takes long time to close
Oracle To_Char function How to handle if it's already a string
ASP.NET TreeView CheckBoxes form labels
C string and char array declarations
Dialing a phone number with * characters
whitespaceAndNewlineCharacterSet seems to be removing white space before special characters
Clarification in Obj C Blocks
Avoiding The 鈥淣o EGLConfig found!鈥�Error
Iterate a File System starting from C: root directory?
fancybox v2: How to change the position of title in the DOM?
Linq Select Subset of master list
C# and long SQL Server queries, what's the correct way to do this?
Show page after jQuery UI has finished updating widgets
Application design and required stored procedure conventions
Can't decide what message to print after catching an exception
Regex xml matching
Generate PDF file when Print is clicked [closed]
Regex xml matching
Generate PDF file when Print is clicked [closed]
gaussian blur on UIImage ROI not working on device
Grouping and update large database table
Is it permissible to replace a tab bar with something that looks like a tab bar using i.e. a segment control or custom buttons etc.?
Getting a Random Post (with Thumbnail) in WordPress
How do I free memory in C?
Android: google docs send intent?
PHP set multiple variables from a function
jQuery autoGrow textarea completely browser compatible
How can I change language dynamically?
Apply CanExecute on changing TreeviewItem
Is it possible to send a string from a local html file to NSUserDefaults in iOS?
Silverlight Telerik GridView MaxLength?
How make border stroke of WPF Polygon solid?
How to pass data to Activities from a worker thread?
if table does not exist execute a long query
Can't understand the behavior of javascript String.match(regexp) method
Accessing Master Page Controls in Non master page?
Wordpress define own variable for theme
c# -> How to send keys to a flash movie running in the browser?
Can I make the gh-pages branch of my git repository a mirror of the Master branch?
Is it ok to have a service or endpoint proxy as a static member instance?
OpenID login to Facebook w/ custom OP Provider working/broken?
Apache CXF client loads fine in Eclipse but standalone jar throws NullpointerException in WSDLServiceFactory
What is the best way to delay a console application for a few seconds
Use 鈥淛query/Ajax鈥�GET data into Post request as File?
zope server taking too long to respond
Extracting HTML The Right Way
how to find out if product is existed, if yes + value of number
Are there any rules of thumb for when JavaScript values are copied by reference and not by value?
Sending raw data to printer using WritePrinter
Multiple components deployed to same application server
what element triggers a page exit
Stream byte[] or file from RIA service to Silverlight client
Androids check box not checking
lessc binary not available after installing less via NPM
jQuery SerializeArray/Param get the class name?
Errorformat for maven3 in vim
Error Certificate SSL
How to get the alert dialog theme of android ice cream sandwich?
Building a game of dominoes - modelling and laying out
How to find type and memory location of a defined symbol in Mathematica and Matlab?
Creating module (standalone web application) using grails to embed in php-site
How to hide all except for one div in a cocoa web view?
list_box won't use default value on startup - Shoes.
Multiple Forms in Symfony
How can I increase the amount of time apache waits before timing out an HTTP request?
Windows DPI Form Scaling
What's the best way to implement 鈥渇rom . import *鈥�in Python?
Umbraco - Get Directory of Config Files
Perl json array using to_json
getValue undefined in Sencha Touch
Creating copy of database - Fails due to use of 'Identity' specification
how to create a BAT file to be used in monetdb bulk load from a Java program
Can a RadioGroup span more than one layout?
JTree dynamic node insertion
user-by-username-query needing more than 1 parameter
How do I tell NuGet that I do NOT want a particular dependancy from a package?
Does binding a socket ensure it's port is always the same?
How to solve my deadlineexceedederror for a GAE cron task?
Javascript error in Chrome and Mozilla but not Opera. Name not defined
Selecting Location from MapView
Generating the Sierpinski triangle iteratively in Mathematica?
min_element error
programmatically determine what product I am viewing in magento [duplicate]
DNS TXT Record query using non-default DNS server
Python: File doesn't read whole file, io.FileIO does - why?
JSON deserialization query
Oracle Sql-developer issue with viewing table's tabs for data, constraints, columns etc
Data storage in Cassandra
iOS UIView setFrame animation error
Parsing web-site [closed]
ARM NEON: comparing 128 bit values
Displaying data from a SQLiteDatabase with adapter
Converting Array to UL LI
dealing with multiple users files on server
Java cache and update dynamically
CodeIgniter 2 image_lib->resize() error - Renders blank page and does not return an error message
Using ViewSwitcher with Eclipse IDE
Adding info to day numbers in jquery datepicker calendar
JQuery: Rebind $(document).Ready()
Obtain latitude and longitude from address without the use of Google API
How does one access an ArrayList of ArrayLists? (Generics?)
PhoneGap: Notify on Javascript Update
COUNTING the number of DISTINCT rows in MySQL
What is the preferred way to get code to execute in a WPF GUI thread?
sed is causing my computer to hang [closed]
jQuery Expand/Collaspe DIV not working properly
rails 3 group by and sum
Update a Property of a Control located inside of a UserControl [duplicate]
'random' : identifier not found error
accelerometer log during sleep with android? which mobiles are able to do this?
Switch depending on a previous switch variable [closed]
svn post-commit hook : update only if certain file has changed
Cannot convert null to object using Twipsy
ProgressBar using drawable xml and styles
Capture front video Xcode 4 whithout UIImagePickerController (auto)
Accessing a released NSString doesn't make the app crash
Capture front video Xcode 4 whithout UIImagePickerController (auto)
Accessing a released NSString doesn't make the app crash
Why doesn't $().click() work on <li> generated by pageinit?
How do we know that an NFA has a minimum amount of states?
Exporting Database from Access 2007 to Sql 2005
ODBC connection report for Crystal Report not working on other machines
css margin/aligning issue
Replace Fragments
How can I implement hierarchical tags (tags belonging to other tags) with acts_as_taggable_on?
Having issue with datatables [closed]
Twitter's Bootstrap Popover in Modal issue [closed]
How to find mp3 audio subsequence
MVC 3/EF/SQL Server strange connection timeout issue
Fetching and Parsing Collection
how to load a create and load a new record into a form in extjs 4.0
Make an installer with text that is formatted (Partially Bold) in Inno Setup?
Can an IOS / Android Phonegap app do nothing but link to a website?
JavaScript inheritance: When where's my derived members?
How/Where to Find Microsoft Default Styles for WPF Controls
How to calculate totals from selected checkboxes?
Hibernate HQL for joining non-mapped tables
How to make one digit after decimal point?
Objective C - iOS - Dealloc is being called in middle of execution of webViewDidFinishLoad
Adding a hash to the generated error emails on Django
can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:8000
How do I get the index of current ui:fragment in a facelet?
How to override Ambient BackColor in a custom CF Control
Enumerating Certificates Issue (X509Certificate2)
How to change label of tab bar item dynamically (IPhone dev)
Creating java packages for Android projects
mvc3/razor String.Format(鈥渰0:c}鈥� totalprice) returns no decimal or numbers after it
Access Violations with under Medium Trust
How can I add a TreeEntry to a Commit's Tree collection?
MySQL - alternatives to nested subqueries when limiting aggregate data in a correlated subquery
fbDidExtendAccessToken:expiresAt: not returning 60-day token
Sql-Clr Security Exception
jQuery ajax querying a PHP script
PHP Text Based Game Time Passage [closed]
Php mysql create database if not exists
Solr running on Https - SolrJ Connection issue
Xcode Button Click Alpha
What is the correct format for posting data?
QTableWidget; Using the celllChanged signal
Why is the error with this code?
When I try to use HTML with `JOptionPane`, HTML tags are printed instead of HTML formatting
How to use ViewBinder in SimpleAdapter with contacts?
Set Methods in R without Assignment
Does XIB always need a view controller?
How to update a single column of a table of data from a backup
Lift: Refresh/Reload Snippet
Fatal error has been detected by the JRE caused by connection method
'undefined reference' errors when compiling against library
Set a cookie on first time page load
Stored procedures with WebMatrix/SQL Compact Edition
Force a Core Data Managed Object to load?
Mathematica, calling functions from another notebook
Adding Dynamic Ads With Adsense
java and C++11 volatile
Have a multilingual website, need querystrings showing language, entire code included
Prettyphoto changing lightbox height and width
joomla add view into another view
To throw or not to throw an exception in C# [duplicate]
Two Questions on PipeFunctions using Gremlin Java API
Passing object information to cost function
Exporting DataGridView data to Excel file in C#
The gem I compiled broke my app, makes it so all the models are uninitialized contants
Removing Trailing Slash with .htaccess
Dereferencing a pointer vs shifting for bytes?
toggle between UIBarButtonSystemItemPlay and UIBarButtonSystemItemPause
template argument deduction for pointer to member function?
Python multiple list comprehensions containing ranges of tuples in one list
Moose around method modifier, setter and constructor (new): intercept all updates to an attribute
How do you divide the rows of one table with the rows of another table in SQL?
IDE Gradient Toolbars
PHP preg_match return (.*?) value only?
django model methods
Automatic animation with iBooks Author
How to bind low child levels to WPF TreeView by Xpath?
SQL Server Pivot Mulitple Tables
jQuery validate creditcard2, how to only validate the credit card if the card is required?
Accounting for a fixed header with animate.scrolltop and (target).offset().top;
Linking subprocesses in Python
Facebook PHP-SDK doesn't handle the code/state parameters passed through $_GET?
Solr WordDelimiterFilterFactory and Period Characters
how to poll and exit a subprocess
Get the number of months from a date
Concatenation in constant-definition
Error Encountered when getting values from array with sting values
How can I append to my KeyValuePair?
Apache htaccess rule for url shortening
How to print results of function with use of alert() ? at org.apache.naming.resources.DirContextURLConnection.getInputStream
Passing C/C++ callbacks into the matlab engine
Unbind C-d from Delete in Emacs
What is the default hex value for the color of links in an iPhone?
How do I get data from Core Data from another class?
SQLite syntax error near 鈥�鈥�
Best way to map json to a Java object [duplicate]
Using StreamReader and StreamWriter to Modify Files
coin toss smooth transition
how see an array in logcat for android
Two applications accessing GPS at the same time
Periodically pointing api to refresh data. Battery?
NSManagedObject with mandatory relationship
sfDoctrineGuard and Forgot Password function
Detect if Facebook app is running from a fanpage (server side)
using django.core JSON serializer with JQuery, syntax inconsistency
Image processing for barcode detection
Jquery Galleria Classic Skin - thumbnail rows instead of scrolling
Conditionally fill R dataframe column, offset from a reference column
PHP script works on one server but not the other
Initializing a const GUID * (GUID pointer)
symfony: about an admin module. The size of the table maybe matters?
Form field data is being truncated on re load
Port Forwarding using Sockets
How to parallelize a sum calculation in python numpy?
jqGrid json data
Tilde not recognized in Mac terminal
What about using ORM tools in Final Year Project [closed]
Read data from a device through ethernet
Fetch dependancies from different directory python
Activerecord find_by_sql does not output SQL query results
Spill CSS Div over into a neighboring container (WordPress authoring)
is System.Diagnostics.Contract intended for Release builds
Query String is decoded by Spring Framework
content not updated in UpdatePanel (in a Web Part)
Pyramid and Beaker: ValueError: insecure string pickle
UI Issue when dynamically binding a list of objects to a DataGrid
Objective-C: Detecting 鈥渟hift鈥�keypress while another key is pressed
Questions on the design and analysis of Fibonacci heaps
decimal number and exact representation
How to get location of an object relative to the Window in iOS?
Display chart in the template
converting array into string with overflow in php
How to unescape a URL in MVC 3
Connecting to an SQL Server User Defined Function from Excel
UITableView cell memory leak
Strict Comparison in PHP
Iterate a File System and write results to CSV file
Use ChildViewControllers in UIScrollview?
Vimeo's couch mode ported to jQuery? [closed]
Import text file as single character string
Calling external objects from $.getJSON [duplicate]
VI freezes putty session whenever I try to edit a file even though no swap or processing using the file
Create a scrollable container?
Is it possible to perform a fulltext index search in boolean mode and with query expansion?
how to check input text using ActionScript 3 with movie clip button?
How can I add JavaMail to the eclipse
WiX changing size of default UI elements
Gracefully handle a missing XML feed in Umbraco XSLT Macro
php: how to get POST value from the form, when the variable name is not known before the page loads?
Coordinates of Canadian provinces to build Google Maps polygons?
Shared fonts in ActionScript 2?
How to configure c# Web Browser Search dialog behavior?
jQueryMobile - SimpleDialog fullHTML rel='close' moves back many times
Page templates: jQuery Mobile or PHP?
Autofac MVC Integration with ASP.Net MVC 4
How do I start using the Compass SASS framework
How to insert Thai language in Oracle using Java bytes?
How to use a C# Enum in C++/CLI
Camel routing between EJBs
How to control a Tooltip by using web driver?
How should I unit test my WebFormMVP Presenters with Moq'd Views when using the Supervising Controller Pattern
COMException occurred: ErrorCode = -2146824070
How to place 2 images in Google Maps API V3
How to free memory in ARC for high memory usage graphics render?
Given that an Object is an Array of any type how do you test that it is empty in Java?
Foreign key based on multiple row ids
Multiple Open TCP/IP Connections from Behind NAT to Same IP and Port
Android: Populating a ListView with a variable number of custom layout items; java.lang.ClassCastException
Wix custom action to remove older version installed with INF file
Which database can handle paging through millions of rows [closed]
Registering a protocol with wxWebViewHandler
How does 鈥淯nfriend Finder鈥�work? (Chrome Extension that somehow modifies Facebook's webpage)
FInd a control after postback
How to analyze a mastermind-like game using logical inferences
SignalR Client Application fails to connect when running in VS2008
everything is red in eclipse
Can't get IIS URL Rewrite handle %3F in URL
Delete 鈥淒eleted鈥�files from local repository
Why can't I can't I use PHP functions within Drupal?
What causes the SplashScreen to Close and can I influence this
Pros/cons to various Java packaging strategies
removeEventListener not working properly
R count the number of rows as a combination
Detecting what am I pointing at
Why does _mm_stream_ps produce L1/LL cache misses?
PHP Sort array of object based on other object attributes
How to assign date value to all returned mysql queries
set custom class to be equal to UIView node from array
SQL Deleting/Replacing a part of a string
Google Map Api Status Inactive
If I hide the status bar, then make it reappear, then the navigation bar's position gets shifted upwards
Can I do a query that has both distinct and non distinct fields in it?
CMake and lcov: gcno files not found
WCF: Does Close() really close connection?
trouble with listing items in html view - global variables
Reminders on android from within a custom app
Python Struct module behaves strange
mod_rewrite $1 gives me the wrong value
Is starting with a dump necessary for source controlling a database driven application?
Adding Users with PHP
Running (local) Azure worker role from network share
How to use Zend_Http to send and receive files
How to detect flash and prompt to install?
Cut information from html (on javascript)
Linux Bash - grep file with partial pathname
SSRS using XML data and XPath
SSRS Managing parameters default value different behavior 2007 to 2010
Calling JQ on() click on a hidden Google Infobox.Js
TTStyledTextLabel with clickable link
Serialization across multiple Namespaces with Protobuf-net
Android calling .net webservice Ksoap2
QT Network reply won't give me back result from PHP script
Targetting a span with jQuery $(this)
Server Side File Browsing
What is the difference between `##` and `hashCode`?
Best way to 鈥渘egate鈥�an instanceof
How to get week-wise data in Oracle
Character Controller for Horizontal Shooter in Unity 3D
pl/python receiving and outputting a set of rows
controller input validation in mvc api
Why aren't browsers smart enough to hardware accelerate without tricks?
Does adhoc builds have DEBUG defined?
Is there a way to programatically check airplane mode status on Windows Phone 7?
Rails Vanity URLs for multiple models
docking control similar to visual studio
Is there a tool to help migrate from make to waf?
What maven artifact contains org.netbeans.core.NbErrorManager
Changing currency decimal positions in mysql
acces from frame-timeline to class and from class to frame-timeline
Bitshifting a byte buffer
Best way to structure code that calls a web service
Best framework for development of dynamic data grid with chart like EditableGrid
Obtain column names from MySQL query object (PHP)
javascript anonymous function : why my script doesn't work
Error 'OpenAsTextStream' on type 'FileSystemObject' not found in ASPX
Refer to data files from within C++ project
SQL Server: Count the number of times the ID from table A occurs in table B without using outer joins
How to addclass to a different element?
C programming multiple definition error
Spring 3 MVC form binding with java.util.List, including form errors and validation with bindingResult
OpenCV: Multiply Matrix by Constant in range (0,1). How is data handled?
NSStream, getting percentage of bytes read
jQuery - Possible to auto restripe a list after removing 1 list item between the rest?
What happens when you JAR instead of WAR
Set QScrollbar width to prevent the need for horizontal scrollbar
R cannot be resolved - Android error 2 first one wasn't enough
how to connect a .php file with a mysql database
Python beautiful soup encoding
Hidden copying constructor C++
Programmatically creating two UIPickerViews but all values go to second
Strange soft keyboard behavior in ListView with EditTexts
Upload photo with Graph API - redirect back to site afterwards?
Running time of string.Split method
Delphi JvDockServer JvDockClient notification for undocking (floating) of a client form
Excel VBA: Filter Results using Textbox
Removing an element from the vector without removing the elements after
how to remote control Bugzilla (Python preferred)
Comparing Java Beans with BeanComparator
ExtJS 4 Localization on real time
For a viewcontroller, are initWithNibName and dealloc always called in pair
Is it possible to track analytics on an offline swf?
Error with C# mySQL INSERT statement - 鈥淵ou have an error in your SQL syntax鈥�
fluent-nhibernate HasOne relationship returning NULL
Which is the best way to deactivate an user account with ActiveRecord?
How do I retain parameter values from the GET ActionResult to re-use in the POST ActionResult?
Upload to s3 with curl using pre-signed URL (getting 403)
Devexpress XPInstantFeedbackSource vs XPServerCollectionSource?
How should a view controller abort loading / dismiss itself?
Capturing with vlcj only gives a corrupt video file
Is tomcat clustering only way for session replication?
Replace multiple words in string with PHP
PHP: use logged-in cURL session on normal web browser
open source implementation for contacts UI of ios sdk?
Uploading image to facebook through external php script
Dev Environment Facebook Graph API
Facebook access token: server-side vs client-side flows
run jQuery `get` in selenium
Apache Poi - how to remove all the links from Word Documents
accessing ant properties in groovy taskdef gives Null Pointer Exception
Weird nginx php +cakephp file mixing issue
Why does `PreCollectionUpdateEvent` not insert the modified collection?
Detecting when UIButton event is done
Determine if browser is navigating away - without onunload
Determine when a User locks / unlocks their PC [duplicate]
Very big JTable, RowFilter and extra load
how to associate separate session with two different pop-up windows?
How to determine Push notification status programmatically?
How to define the first revision of the branch (SVN)
mercurial: running remote regression tests automatically on every commit
Scala PartialFunction can be Monoid?
How to handle wrong requests?
Windows: watch open directory requests (without IFS)
why won't Tee write all output being given (Bash)?
How to align two elements on the same line without changing HTML
Activating nonscriptable windows (XCode flavor)
Calling child class method from parent
How to write extension methods for anonymous types?
Can't get rid of PHP notices in mPDF
Can't get rid of PHP notices in mPDF
ms access 2010 update linked table with no primary key
Disabling keypress events for all the forms but Active one with js
How to set date of datepicker that displays Month and Year only
MVC 3 Editor Templates don't seem to respect HiddenInput
labeling image with different colors
Using jQuery to fill out a form element but value not passing to form action
Submitting to ASP.NET Form from PHP parameters match yet final step fails quietly
Visualize Git logs to people who don't understand version control
Is there a Rest API to verify in app purchases?
UITextField clearButtonMode and UIPicker
C++ fstream in class
Android: Get image over tcp-ip and display
C Pointer for 2-dimensional Array
How to I step through a .NET assembly stored in SQL Server (CLR)?
How to prevent a SPAN Tag inside a button from linebreaking (jQuery UI button)
CSS: Generated content applied to blockquote only gets applied to first instance?
WPF Converter Issues
success ? 'sent' : 'failed' defaults to 'sent' for success = null. Why?
GWT(CellTable):can i add 3 anchors in a cell
LINQ to SQL Grouping and Counting
How do I use pseudo-classes to select all children except first and last?
Why doesn't my `Runnable` have a `start` method?
How to INSERT using SELECT on Table and Query
Add new rows in datagrid flex 4?
What's a bash string manipulation substitution for this?
Button is not clickable after TranslateAnimation
How to clean project in android when below error is coming?
Accessing content of child nodes from SimpleXML
C# ADO.Net Type of conditional expression cannot be determined because there is no implicit conversion between DBNull.Value and int
java Enum or Class with few constants. which one is advantageous?
Why is the color style for the body tag overriding the color style for my class?
MVC 3 DatePicker Validation message
BCS to connect to a WCF Service and use bindings from a config file
JSF2.0 View State ID for QA Load Tool
Datamapper object nil on redirect, refresh always loads fine
replace() in MongoDB MapReduce map function
Intelligent Scrolling
What is wrong with this function that uses php if else if?
MySQL users and folders
Paperclip url is not working with image_tag
cocos2d Isometric map tutorial
ios5:delete UIButton border
What should be the Work flow for Designing website
Using Facebook Javascript SDK to see if visitor is fan without logging in
how to build a transition homepage like tumblr?
JList append row at top instead at bottom
Can java reflection be used on objects that implement the parcelable interface?
Specify a package instead of 鈥渃lassesToBeBound鈥�for spring Jaxb2Marshaller
Segment control not getting selected or highlighted
Forcing a white background on my Like Box
C++ equivalent of OpenCV's cvConvertImage
Set file save type on vcard in MVC
iOS5/xCode Setting up an array with a json file for use later on
Passing extra parameter to f:ajax onevent function
Button onclick doesn't work when URL has trailing slash
How to Access Photos from ODK Aggregate with a MySQL Database?
Phonegap / Android App - Loss of web connectivity switching from wifi / data?
JqGrid reload grid after cell edit
C# how can add text to control
Symfony2 translate URL and Routing
Internet Explorer 9 ignores dialogWidth/Height for showModalDialog with a frameset
Change data in an IQueryable object
Single space character returned on model fields from django-pyodbc instead of empty string
How to find file paths in text?
Getting MQ queue statistics in Java
Passing SQLPlus script location using Windows Script Host Object Model in VBA
Using ISO-8859-1 on jQuery UI button title
Why does my code keep giving me a null pointer exception? [Android in Eclipse]
Can't bind WPF DataGrid to table with columns having names with spaces and other special characters
How can all jqueryui autocompletes registered within a div be found?
SQL Server: Count the number of times the ID from table A occurs in table B
Parse mailto urls in Python
Symbolic functions in matlab
Cross browser issue with DIV scroller
querying a hidden field in admin page
Why use backend server and RPC in Web Server infrastructure?
MySQL Insert queries not running
jruby 1.5.1, warning: already initialized constant Deprecate
Select and scroll to specific row in dojo EnhancedGrid
Git weird deletion issue on Windows
Better debugger UI for gdb/iOS
Subpages in jQuery Mobile , Navigation in listview
RegSetValueEx and CHAR
Is onClick Universal for Mouse buttons?
Why do I get a 鈥淐an't find string terminator鈥�error only when the command is in a variable?
Keep a customer Anonymous - Magento
upgrading rails 3 to 3.1 - ajax requests not working
Sorting IP addresses in vim
Is there an App Engine shared memory or equivalent solution?
having issue walking types with reflection
ConcurrentLinkedQueue won't remove
How to insert record using PHP MySQL?
What is supercompilation?
Java Thread stopping execution where it shouldn't be
JavaScript Replace Function
html5 forms with polyfills - is it worth it?
Putting a custom view into a UITableView
How to read the param value from the object tag using javascript
Exception setting property value with CGLIB
How to read the param value from the object tag using javascript
Exception setting property value with CGLIB
JQuery Mobile - changePage result: undefined
Delegation of sub-domain
Which VC++ redistributable package to choose (x86 or x64)?
How to configure Resharper so that it 鈥渁llows鈥�having underscore in method names?
foreach Insert arrays as columns
Do you know a good tool to test API performance? [closed]
Android when to upload to server
How commit works in oracle
How to delete data from the js array from this data structure?
Is it worth separating 鈥渟tyle鈥�from 鈥渓ayout鈥�in CSS
File System Iterator Write Results to CSV?
@Secured annotations work but @PostAuthorize with PermissionEvaluator doesn't
Mercurial .hgignore file: is it possible to hide extensions in some directories but not others?
Spring ACL for JSF?
cuda: need of synchronization for reading device memory variable
Example of Using an S3 Class in a S4 Object
Nested Tablix Data Sources
How to recreate Android 4.0 Lockscreen
SQL Query to store text data in a Varbinary(max)
Android - Load video from private folder of app
Datastore in GAE Testing environment leaks data between JUnit tests
How to parse SOAP response from PayPal API with PHP?
How do I populate a sectioned table from a xml file?
Frustrated with correct architecture of ASP.NET MVC application
What is the solution for this to capture the date in between the String using regex?
MVC3 not rendering my SelectList when using @Html.EditorFor
CreateProcess with Priority Parameters?
Find words between brackets - Regex + Ruby
Mysql: Joining 3 tables with more than one 'where'?
How do I get the index from the last occurence of a character in a string sql?
NSCocoaErrorDomain issue.
include_blank false doesn't work for collection_select in Rails 3
form validate textbox numbers are 0 - 99 and if not alert
can I override a jsr-303 validation annotation
strange behaviour on a specific webserver with .prototype ajax updater
How to write a H1 over an image?
Can any expert explain this google analytics code briefly?
Can I also read the og:properties from other websites? [duplicate]
What jQuery selector combination can I use to hide TD parents that don't contain search?
Embedded script not showing in preview popup in Chrome
Cloud file storage using individual Google Accounts?
Terminating a high volume of SSL connections cost effectively
Inheritance of modules and their type
Find out which computer is remotely connected to another computer
How to communicate between two different android apps
How add multiple classes to an Observable Collection
Arithmetic overflow error converting varchar to data type numeric
Get Latitude/Longitude Button to Fill Input Boxes
Google Earth TimeStamp animation sequence issue
Caching data in a shared class
DNN C# module dev - nullable value
How to mock DefaultMessageListenerContainer
django: Drill down select options?
PredicateBuilder cannot convert to IQueryable?
Error when creating an enum in C# -鈥渋dentifier expected鈥�
How to save to PHP file with encoding - in PHP or JS
API to convert speech to text [closed]
jqPlot tick doesn't shows correctly
Using Lists in webservice
Multiple Table Trigger
.NET MVC Action parameter of type object
Exception occurs in IE only
Return last 5 digits of a number
Directory.Exists on a folder in Program Files fails
How to create table inside specific schema by default in Postgres?
locate table cell and get next cell's text with jQuery
In eclipse showing response from url
Calling an ASP.NET EventHandler from JavaScript
How to async load and bind XML data to TreeView?
Why does NSLog format text correctly, but NSMutableArray does not?
jQuery - Possible to remove input entry associated with list item?
WiX - Modify existing product - remove a file after a feature is deselected
Unusual iostream happenings in C++?
BlackBerry 5.0 check directory content
Storing String in a variable in a class file
Smart deployment tools for Java [closed]
Regex to extract whole numbers and ignore number letter combinations
Azure Caching issue(some setting on Azure account and web.config file for Sessions)
When does the instance created by the server die?
Is there a way to use a Mercurial repository as Git submodule?
how can I Highlight Ajax.ActionLink when is selected
Find out if iOS device has autofocus camera using phonegap
Adding jQuery tabs to jQuery Dialog breaks in IE when domain is added to IE's Local Intranet
Unity Framework 2.0 Type config without config file and constructor parameter
how can pass javascript variable to twig?
zend form inserts duplicate entries into 鈥渦sername鈥�user field, even if I have checked is existed?
is a pointer to data member its offset?
Jquery mobile .click firing multiple times on new page visit
LLVM Issues with setting up a Function Pass - namespace issues
MYSQL insert records skipping ids (Auto Increment)
Is there an existing way to serialize invocations of a boost::signals2 signal?
php exec: bad php backslash escaping or what?
How do I access HTML5 local storage created by PhoneGap on iOS?
How can I use Mono.Cecil to check if .pdb and .dll file match?
Algorithm to allow two programs to update the same data
Nsdate from string format not working
Unknown spring tags
NSDateFormatter returning nil on dateFromString
Unknown spring tags
NSDateFormatter returning nil on dateFromString
ImageView dimensions update on orientation change
iPad in landscape mode is scaling my site up - I don't know how to fix it
Webfonts for icons in IE8
Process finished with exit code -1073741819
is that possible to execute sql query on
How to automatically modify variable names in ruby and javascript? [closed]
Get geo coordinates from JSON data and display them in google maps android
What is the Javascript event that triggers when you drag a file from your desktop to your browser
Passing text from a file into a webview via stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:
How to create Dynamic ContextMenu on DataGridCell
hg restart GUI mergetool after hg merge
How to monitor a folder with all subfolders and files inside?
Integration or build instructions for libjpeg-turbo on Android
How to specify the width of a View to wrap content and yet be possible to be wider than its parent?
Problems when filtering simultaneous lists with jquery
Splitting string without string.Split
Can I develop Drools Rules Engine on IBM Rational Software Architect?
Finder doesn't recognize custom UTI
google map geocode function - scope
Remove IE8 extra padding from TD element
Different widgets in generated symfony module for editing or creating an object
How to set the value of PATH variable in a virtualenv?
Format hh:mm with SQL Server
jQuery AJAX Queue Priority
scaffolder for Windows Azure and drupal
Netbeans - run specific Maven integration test
C# executes command line to compile other C# code [closed]
best data-structure that i can use to store tabular data?
what versions of cURL and OpenSSL do I need for https post
What does flash.discard do? What's the difference from flash.clear()?
How do I add parameters to the following stored procedure call?
PHP: Commenting standards
Android NFC Gingerbread to ICS NDEF Push not working
Storing database credentials in PHP constans and security [duplicate]
How to disable hash changes in jQuery UI Tabs
Retrieving request parameters (such as controller and action) in Kohana 3.2
Automatically create date sequences with different starting dates in R
Finding area of the image
VIM macro: special sorting: howto?
CodeIgniter dependencies between models, without using any ORM or DataMapper systems
How to insert a blob using Zend
WPF FlowDocument List Control
how to:basic animation in as3 flashDevelop
MVC2 validation - pure jQuery based validation or use Microsoft scripts?
Injecting a module that contains an injected module using mef2
Javascript chain switch script [closed]
Using freeTTS to convert spoken word to text
Show last record for current User(ID) where ID is in 2 seperate fields
Struts 2: Action result. How show in browser address line link on jsp?
JAXB parseMethod throws exceptions, but generated adapter methods don't
python replace list values using a tuple
Generic code to convert String to any desired class
What share of Android devices benefits from Libjpeg-turbo optimisations?
SVC client proxy and WSDL hosted on remote server
why BeforeRowLeave is not fired when leave the grid?
interning non thread safe string variants and static initializers
Selecting Controls based on Enum
jsr-196 and retaining authenticated user
- (void)applicationWillResignActive:(UIApplication *)application Not invoked
CakePHP Unit belongsTo Complex, but not all Unit has Complex?
jQuery slideUp/slideDown list
Php regexp 鈥渄eleting only one charactered words鈥�from string
Fatal Error when using Fixtures with Doctrine 2
Windows virtualenv not switching python for django
PDO vs MySQLi. What do you think? PHP
How to Automate ASP.NET Website Downtime message
Implementing critical section
How to click on thumbnail image and open full-size image in a new browser window using MVC3 razor
Wordpress: Custom posts permalinks
ruby self.class.class_eval or singleton_class.class_eval
Facebook SDK Singleton in xcode
鈥淔ile not found鈥�while registering WMI Event on Win 2003 R2 64 bit
How does PostgreSQL enforce the UNIQUE constraint / what type of index does it use?
Suggestions for a good method to handle META keywords and description in a rails app?
How to code Android 4.0 style section
DataPager doesn't list further than the 2nd page
Converting an integer to an object and back causes InvalidCastException
how do I link PerlIO Perl package without 鈥渋nstalling it鈥�
Why is Python 3.0 not backward compatible? [closed]
Can I put something in the <meta property=鈥渙g:url鈥�鈥�but use the <meta property=鈥渙g:description鈥�of another page?
InfoPath 2007: Submit button code
How to remove obsolete/orphaned items from TaxonomyHiddenList
getting first ul child and do function
Problems getting app to post to a page
Send mail on mayor ruby on rails error exceptions
Ruby Linkedin Gem people search with nested field selectors
WPF window crashes on startup, or it starts but hangs and does not render contents
mysqldb _mysql version trouble
Odd CSS float and clear bug?
Customizing the Facebook view
鈥淥peration is not valid due to the current state of the object.鈥�when I attempt to unseal a field on a list
How to keep flash when redirecting to the login page
Node.js exporting modules in app.js vs including app.js in individual modules
IDE or editor for Node.js+Express and CoffeeScript
How to Decompile FMX file
Krusader crashed on Mac OSX 10.7.2
Rails tokenized text search across fields with performance in mind
How to know if a resource is protected in a jsr-196 auth module?
App engine does not copy entire encryted string in datastore viewer
C# get distinct values from jagged array
Extended JSP taglib
jQuery jPlayer - enable download for client?
searching for on screen tutorial javascript library [closed]
Is there a way for django's ModelForm.is_valid to exclude certain fields
Android SMS Receiver / Handler
Import sql dump
changing each vector in a list
unicode string in c++ with boost
HtmlUnit not waiting for AJAX to execute
Crash Logs not Symbolicating
Take text from a file and insert to a mysql table using a script
Pull small SVN repository inside larger one
File Not Showing
PyQt - Refreshing a QStandardItemModel element's text effectively
jetty nosql MongoSessionManager usage on heroku
Zend_Acl and a dynamic Assert
Integrating Facebook, after authentication loading an image prior to redirecting to the share post view
iPhone: A simple PDF Viewer with saving functionality
OpenGL point sprites rotation in fragment shader
Java SHA-1 hash an unsigned BYTE
Session support in Now.js
BitArray returns bits the wrong way around?
sed pattern command
Doctrine 2 native query order by custom column
Debug Silverlight application on the client side
Core Data: How to handle new versions?
Pass dynamic parameters to factory / composition root in Ninject (or perhaps any container)
Traverse template error and/or static assert 'pathway' in Visual C++
change ereg to preg_match oscommerce
Stop the 'submit' button value from being passed via GET?
IE returning undefined as response when clicking on a link
WiX - Restart service after modification of the installed product
Add a Button to a TableView Cell:
Fastest way to sort a List by two fields, one alphabetical and the other custom?
get table parent of an element
jQuery Ajax - how to get response data in error
Testing user experience from multiple countries [closed]
iOS device testing via VMWare
jquery fullcalendar: data only being displayed in 'all day'
DateTime.Now.Year to fill maximum value in RangeValidator
Exception thrown Constructor Injection - AutoFac Dependency Injection
Thrift is failing to run on regionservers: getMaster attempts fail with Connection refused
Howto import modules with dependencies in the same absolute/relative path?
Javascript: z = z ,, [] throws an error when not using VAR - why?
Python & OpenERP development enviroment setup howto?
Is it acceptable to use exceptions instead of verbose null-checks?
Open only one page of report in Microsoft Access via VBA
Edit to select colors : Android [duplicate]
ASIHTTPRequest getting status 0, and headers null
Saving the state of various draggables and droppables to create new html
Easing function with Google Maps FitBounds() function
String to list without # in common lisp
Redirect using mod_rewrite
Entity Framework Cascading Deletes & Lazy Loading
Check character containment in a string
One identifier for multiple values. Is it possible?
Additional fields not saving with Django-Registration
Custom created button on JOptionPane does not work?
How do i debug a web application running on jetty in eclipse?
How do I get details of WCF bindings programatically
the sequence of the OR operator
What are permission names for the below capabilities in SQL Server database?
Node.js background processing
java development and redeployment
Why is an asterisk being replaced with all directories under / after deployment?
ios. Validate if Analytics datas in stand by
Highlighting selected item in a NSCollectionView using NSBox
How to structure a query with a large, complex where clause?
Open-source examples of open-source GAE projects in Python?
Session lost when saving cookie
Android to MYSQL thru php
Adding a Wrap Panel to a Listview Item
Android copy database from internal to external storage
SSRS dynamic column sizing
text area does not sense when next line is being used
Qt: Setting new ObjectName for a control to style differently
projects in workspace not showing up under project -> clean
why free function pointers are always of type pointer, whereas member function pointers aren't actually pointer?
Weird glitch with drawing
Can we send email from static html page?
Understand ejb-link markup
CSS:placing footer [duplicate]
Facebook Likes not showing on Facebook page but show up on site
Sharepoint 2010, HTML5 video won't work on iPad
Check if a point is in polygon (maps)
RestKit and key-value coding 鈥�how to address repeating elements?
CSS for semi transparent content area over an image, similar to lightbox
Want secondary Y axis to start with0.8 and end to 1
How to open pop-up from link button and close it using button inside the pop-up?
Fastest possible grep
Downgrade iOS SDK from 5.1 to 5.0
How to draw an image with a softer color range?
Server.Create Object Failed error
MySQL where column = 'x, y, z'
what is the most effective method of device detection?
jQuery Conditional
CakePHP Router with slug and language
jQuery Conditional
CakePHP Router with slug and language
How to get valid Bit Error Rate or Rx Qual
Keeping track of very large csv files
C# Skype API Video Call
Retrieve RadGrid cell value in ItemDataBound - 鈥淚nput string was not in a correct format.鈥�
How to merge different document types and show as stack in .NET application
Jumping between different 'layers' in a UINavigationController
Source of an Image linked to a Boolean
Is Selenium2 WebDriver executeScript run after window.onload?
Why don't I find the System.Windows.Controls namespace in my object browser in Visual Studio?
c++ small executable with exception handling [closed]
In Oracle can you create a table that only exists while the database is running?
Trap for click on IFRAME
nvarchar max gives 'String or binary data would be truncated' with EWS Java API 1.1
Google Analytics Data Export API V3
Caliper loses track of worker with 鈥淓rror: Could not find or load main class鈥�
Jquery Html Data Function
Dataset capacities
java.lang.AssertionError and both entities are the same? What could cause this?
10x1 transparent background image repeat-x for what reason?
Cocoa-Touch 鈥�Opposite of ABGroupCreate (delete group)
Forms Authentication Cookie MVC 3 and MVC 2
Is there a known way to force your images to be displayed when sending newsletters? WindowsIdentity Impersonate from known credentials C#
Issues cancelling a swing worker
My Libraries shortcuts don't work
How do I checkout to a point in time (i.e. commit) of a Git branch?
Loading linked .js with phonegap project
MySQL Root User
Javascript: Iterating over array with non-consecutive keys
Alternative C++ web services client library
Is there a way to reset the scale of the viewport dynamicaly to 1.0
Sum from rows and difference between total and rows
ScrollViewer not enabled for ListView
RequiredFieldValidator make form not save ASP.NET
How do I resolve the error 鈥淧HP Notice: Use of undefined constant鈥� [duplicate]
How to assign a class to a href that matches the current URL?
How do I write a regex to match the module instantiation in a Verilog file?
Nustache View Engine ArrayTypeMismatchException
Avoiding compiler issues with abs()
Facebook: Post on Page as Page issue (access token / php)
Make installer in .NET visual studio 2008 but getting projects compiled
Wix - Run custom action when modifying existing install
Ksh function to query Oracle with return values
Sending large arrays of parameters to a GPU shader
Simple Parent/Child query
Identify if user has watched a video
Ordering Entity Framework items and child items for MVC view
Bundle identifier iOS Provisioning Portal
Objective-C wait for asynchronous HTTP-Request to finish
JTextPane Insert Icon Troubleshooting
Mobile version of Applications I need, to let App visible on Mobiles [closed]
How to Display The Description of my Unit Test on TeamCity WebUI?
How can I get this stored procedure to execute a CALL when the condition is not equal?
Flex 4 Custom Component - How to notify skin of property changes?
SqlDataSource is returning the modified DataTable when Caching is enabled
Default implementation for ListView OwnerDraw
Invoking Stored Procedure using Spring JdbcBatchItemWriter
Javascript processing and ASP.NET MVC
Video compression with high inter-frame similarity?
Datagrid sorting in numeric column
Test if a string has been encrypted using mcrypt_encode in php?
BLToolkit + T4 generation + MySQL database
order_by() not working when called on function which returns QuerySet
qsystemtray menu is not hiding when the application stopped
import objc in embedded python in a C++ thread
Error getting messageBundles from Controller
Running the application on the iphone crashes
WCF Data Services and Entity Framework code first
How can I have gnuplot 4.0 automatically use the top row entries as titles?
Sanitize $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] & $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] before saving to DB?
Confusion on Mobile App Development
What's the correct way to escape sqlite format specifiers in a string
Java applet to connect different users to a shared screen window
Jquery find input value
How can I get my errors (in BindingResult) to bind to my fields?
Changing the transparent background behind Dialog
Lucene: Multi-word phrases as search terms
SamsungApps start Intent
AJAX GET not working with local JSON file?
When do we create memory for ivars in Singleton example by Apple?
Different library paths for different build environments
Zooming centre image of gallery in Android
Redirecting Windows Authentication to a custom 401 page
How to get data between certain quotes
Processing an unknown amount of checkboxes
OpenCart - Temporarily save image upload info until form verified [closed]
Elusive Java memory leak
regex for getting path and filename from string in linux
Jersey serialization/deserialization issue: abstract types can only be instantiated with additional type information