Are functions local to a cpp body thread safe? If so what about calling static functions from it?
Scaffolding Using Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC 3
django models - best practice for annual subscription management
How to change a property attached to the whole graph
Shape preserving clamped ends interpolation in Matlab
Trouble pulling a github repo
Threading NSStream
Threading NSStream
Misterious margin appearing in ul list
Windows Live Writer Authorization with custom AtomPub service
restrict instance of object to fit certain parameters
Comparison Operator - Type Juggling and Booleans
jqGrid change search filters on submit
Randomly generated password Rails 3.1
ASP.NET MVC 4 AJAX Submit Form not working
Android: findViewById in a not main.xml file
Trouble creating error message in SQL Server
simultaneous calls handling in WCF
How to hide a DIV that is produced by an AJAX call?
Unexpected results with delete method
html required not working with onclick
playframework JPA Error and DB design issue
Windows Live Outlook embedded in frame
Marshalling C# types to call a C++ IDispatch interface results in a type mismatch
pagination not working properly in codeigniter 2.1.0 with url_suffix
Casting an object of a superclass into an object of a subclass creates a new object?
Component not showing in frontend on Joomla! 1.7
populate a combobox using a selection in another combobox from excel sheet
XML deserialization error with root
Sigsegv on gsoap copy
Passing parameters to constructors using Autofac
sqlplus error on select from external table: ORA-29913: error in executing ODCIEXTTABLEOPEN callout
Orientation change messes with hardware acceleration settings
Scrolling down to a position with jQuery
dynamically setting the iframe height; not working on ie and chrome
First Element as pivot in Quick sort
Having difficulty in understanding a piece of Perl code
Silverlight extensions, does the client need them too?
How to screen record the iOS simulator at 60 fps?
Pros and Cons: Writing HTML in PHP
Translating HQL into another nHibernate query form
RavenDb Integer values sorting
WinRT XAML - managed and unmanaged - how does it work?
Nginx Simple rewrite
Problems installing a windows service
Android EditText: How to process data
Case sensitive on restrictions 'equals id' in Hibernate restrictions
Hello world - Mono MWF MacOSX Application
.htaccess goes to 404 - url rewrite
How to remove a section of a string using escape character
Can this is code made more nice and correct of web scraping? [closed]
Data Link between two objects in JQuery
converting c method that uses bitwise to php
MSBuild command won't run from inside Visual Studio
Checking lines of a file against a regex
Detecting Textures in OpenCV?
C# get value of dynamically created control
Drag and drop an image from UIPopoverController to UIViewController
Can't find maven eclipse builder
How to increase Request limits
jQuery, click on list item Q
Using GreenDroid ItemAdapter with regular Activity
Localizable.strings broken since MonoTouch 5?
Options for moving a web application inside Sharepoint
What is -lnuma and what program uses it for compilation?
How can I checkout multiple SVN repositories in one command?
What types of code domains is OpenCL suited to?
django connection from Linux to MS SQL Server on Windows
Bouncing object in Android
Error C2143: missing ';' before '->'
jquery passing array data to function
List Schema - URL Syntax
copy constructor parameters
Attaching file in SoapUI with groovy
ASP.NET MVC: How do I output the Controller and View that is currently being rendered?
Like-Box social plugin not working
custom uitabbar in monotouch similar to voice memos app
authentication method when using socks4
Exporting the projects in my solution file to another solution file
鈥淎sk to join鈥�a Facebook group
Sendmail() takes a long time to execute
Switch input stream in lex and yacc
Subtracting Data differing only by dates in 1 table Oracle SQL
how to pass parameters to the main action of a controller in codeigniter?
About pattern matching of record type
chunk of code that's called only once - merits own method?
Consuming Web Service In MonoDroid Extremely Slow
GoogleMaps on Monodroid, Error Compilation on Mac
RavenDb Index sorting
How localize the Cancel button in SearchControllerDisplay?
Exchange EWS Calendar AppointmentState
Build classes in same package into separate jars
follow url before hiding anchor-tag
EF 4.0 make batch query to get count of resultset but return only top 5 records
nginx tolower config var
NHibernate (Unable to locate class)
Calling a long running web service - get details of the request in the continuation
GWT-Platform login + session management
Jquery trap form submit()
Parameter count mismatch exception when using BeginInvoke
Markdown lists in Vim, automatically new bullet on CR
Getting Segmentation Fault in Realloc
Where can I find a C manual describing all C methods?
Dynamically add items to DropDownList but still allow for a field that has no value?
Blazeds dynamic destination
Primefaces dialog background opacity doubles when action fails in dialog
Primefaces dialog background opacity doubles when action fails in dialog
Spring 2.5 Could not get JDBC Connection
How can I change vim status line colour?
ASP.NET unit testing Windows7/IIS7
How to automate python logging
simple xml outputting data in specific order
jQuery - recheck checkboxes after clearing them with remoteAttr()
using Enterprise Library and adding output parameter differently
PHP Add commas to items with AND
Iterating through NSSet
Maintaining image size in droppable as a background
CakePHP Assigning Records to Users: A Re-Usable Approach
blackberry star icon
PageLoad Event Is Not Fired When An Aspx Is Opened Through Jquery Of ascx anchor tag
Realtime html 5 application polling
Show message when web service is down
Sql function to make noun plural
Unable to insert data into database in [closed]
JDBC PreparedStatement, Batch Update and generated Keys
Google maps API json_decode not working
Using .htaccess Mod_rewrite to hide .php extension only working for missing pages
JasperReport how to edit generated report HTML?
Different border for first and last TabControl item header
Web Form with on PythonAnywhere
Batch file to run java.class and save the output in text file with systemdate
jquery: fadeIn() and out function works different in IE
Underlining User Input
Can't get detailed error information in ASP.NET MVC website
Perl XPath to the value of a form input field
PHP form handling [duplicate]
Transfer data between unbound DataGridViews
Is there a way to expand aliases in a non-interactive sh shell?
Grid View Extends too far in C#
Glassfish web service authorization
Java null pointer exception while using google maps in Android
Deciding on a charset for email
How can I parse, manipulate, and save Adobe Photoshop files?
Share serial port on Windows using python
Javascript check if text selected [closed]
Reflection for Finding Classes in Android Application
WCF userstate is null Result is not null
Vaadin ColorPicker IllegalArgumentException
How to improve memory usage with BitmapFactory.decodebyteArray()?
Copy file to destination directory in Qt Creator
Why AccessDeniedException is raising when using just created folder?
How to insert utf-8 title in PHPlot
Logging does not work
Jinja SandboxedEnvironment and Zope2 Restricted Python
fopen and windows
Lag when i change margin-top via css Jquery
How to make mouse movement work with no delay?
How to detect call to methods from another form?
Casting a void pointer to an arbitrary type pointer
Finding type of model's field in django
optimising php validator to OOP
Java: Error handling in MVC project. How correct implement?
HTML/PHP Post method to different server
machine code reuse in JavaScript VM's
SQL for time periods
Setting Session in MVC3 when the class not inherited from controller or helper
Browser does not listen to headers sent by PHP for cache, what can be changed?
Export data from datagrid to MS Excel
R Sorting of Multi-Column Data
Implode a css image in php
Reprocessing images in Carrierwave
Why Visual Studio's debug mode Step Into (F11) sometimes doesn't enter inside some functions?
GWT:adding clickHandler on HyperLink
Why Long.toHexString(0xFFFFFFFF) returns ffffffffffffffff
mysqli prepared expect parameter?
Using a custom authentication provider in Symfony2
Polymorphic to Polymorphic association
Why 鈥淣OT IN鈥�does not work in this NSPredicate?
Difference between domain and range in rdf schema?
Property access inside `onclick` attribute fails [closed]
syntax for passing a regex query on mongo's own http rest interface
How to use gettext placeholders?
rhino mocks stub history
Open xml encoding
Inspecting the attributes on the generated field behind a field-like event
store Java Object as BLOB in MySQL: strange error
Implment factory assembly line structure with hadoop [closed]
How do you do website capacity planning? [closed]
Control an external process via a website
Setting Application.ErrorCheckingOptions.BackgroundChecking with Spreadsheetgear
X11/GLX - Fullscreen mode?
Enqueue鈥�methods not recognised while unit testing asynchronous methods in WP7
Rails application not in main directory, how to push to Heroku
frequency sampling filter implementation
How to get the revision of a specific file using SVNKit?
How to make enter key work on EditTextPreference dialog
Code golf total triangle [closed]
How to test OpenTK based code with Nunit?
Who has a working example of Spring+Hibernate+2LC Infinispan+JPA?
JPA: Store a list of integers in a single field
Spinner.setSelection doesn't trigger OnItemSelectedListener properly
CSS3: multiple backgrounds. with colors?
How to display Customised error message on website if its Database goes down
Implementing Sigmoid Curves in C++
Need custom legend on yaxis top
Android 9patch image
If a folder does not exist, create it
draw circle with transparency in mapview
simulating connection flakiness on windows phone 7 simulator for testing
How to detect WiFi tethering state
How to uniquely identify a connection?
C++ assignment operator associativity [duplicate]
Cydia App Documents Folder Not Created
Jquery UI breaking all other tables on website
Cocoa HTTP POST Request [Mac OS X]
JAXB: an unnecessary call to a method
What's the point of having foreign keys if Rails can access other model's attributes through associations anyways?
modx eform checkbox delimiter
SQL Server: how do I make a trigger that only affects the row that was updated/inserted?
Run function on event
CRM 2011 Online Plugin Uploader to support CI
Windowes Batch file: find line with specifies words
Facebook C# SDK MVC3
A Multi-layer .NET framework based on POCO
URL encode using html forms
Getting error on using Skype4ComLib
Scala return type differs for almost same expressions
Is there a vectorized way to use is.numeric?
PHP / CakePHP returning malformed XML
3fs: AWS Message: Access Denied Ubuntu 11.10
How replace item order in php array?
Creating a Combobox from a Class- In
Cannot Connect to a Wireless Network
Text comparison algorithm
How can i pass a a variable in formbuilder?
Always return a specified number of records Sql Server
Regex Match - outputing any matching chars in a file
How to sort div's by content date in <span>
Move/Rename file in SD Card
Skip document loading when Visual Studio starts up
Making a Module in Drupal
SQL UPDATE statement to update a column based on another existing row
Calling classes from seperate class in a program
How to format Time Stored in DB2 as hhmmss [closed]
Duplicate Entry error on field that isn't primary key
Dynamic SQL for current financial year dates only
Low FPS in the ListView with ImageView
Dynamic binding to XML
Why do 鈥済em鈥�and 鈥渟udo gem鈥�have different installation directories?
terminology and references for detecting light pulses in a field of light
Python 3 setuptools on mac label wont write 2<B?
Android KSoap2 xml response
Illegal characters in POST. Possible email injection attempt error
Cannot connect to a local server using the Hyper-V Manager [closed]
How to transpose query rows and columns
Query in SVNKit
Scroll lag in WebKit browsers from ul/li structure
IE6 Issue with CSS Menu hover
OSI model in VB.Net 2010 [closed]
Javascript Button - method will not be invoked after onClick
Mojo::UserAgent: get only the text
Zend $this->_helper->json returns array instead of JSON
How can I get the session value in code behind from handler page
Very heavy load of data cause a out of memory exception in a foreach
How to use jackson with a web proxy
How do I implement a C# Thrift service and consume it with a Silverlight client?
Local thresholding in MATLAB
MYSQL: evaulating a missing row into a result
KnockoutJS - Using custom bindings to add animation
Log4j SmtpAppender - exception in subject
objective-c interface - declaring variable vs just property?
Unable to build external OpenSSL library for Android NDK on Windows/Cygwin
Django : How to handle css/js specific to a template tag?
Binding a list to a flow of WrapPanels
What command do I use to get a listing of all my lists in Redis?
write the same code from aspx page to behind code in the cs page
removeObjectAtIndex crashing the app
What is the best Drupal module that allows me to embedd videos from Youtube or upload videos locally?
unable to get the update location using gps provider and network provider?
Asp.Net MVC3 Razor submit calling method
Using the Teamcity REST API to get a build Log
How to manually load all classes inside rails application?
Android resource, folder showing errors in eclipse, xml files are clean for errors
Exporting/Signing Android Project using GSON Library
Do we still need django-nonrel now that GAE (allegedly) supports Django out of the box?
GWT XML Replace class
Will VM protocol support two JVMs?
PlaceHolder Javascript files
how to create or simulate ejb 3 SessionContext for writing Junit Test cases
Javascript object property not in scope
Why are my searches so slow on my host?
jQuery Mobile POST request with multiple pages response
What does the destructor of ATL's CAccessToken actually do?
Exposing a path-dependent type coming from a singleton type
How to separate a Python list into two lists, according to some aspect of the elements
Entity -(many-to-one)-> related-table -(many-to-one) -->attribute mapping does not work
MSI failing to install, error log inside
Rails & Devise: how to configure mail with domain name automatically?
Positioning UISwitch in UITableView for iPhone, iPad, and Retina
Exception in one DNN module prevents processing all other modules on page
Issue on zoom VideoView
Read a variable from a different Class in Actionscript 3
Null when using Jasper report list component?
haskell - yet another infinite type error
Strange C++ reference invalidation on return
powershell 2.0 command line redirection
Calling a function with more than one parameter in objective c
Django: How to use XMLHttpRequest in cache's key
multiple CCSpritevFramevCache at one time
UIMoviePlayerController 鈥�Can it be used?
Reference a Volume/Drive by Label
Open linked data_a data set
Hit testing with new UIElements
Modifying DIV innerHTML strips table tags
Express/Node.JS middleware raising error, keeps processing
Is a file's 'Last modify' information correct after killing its process?
Object Reference not set error while trying to set the visiblity of grid
android-xmlrpc cannot serialize custom object
How to create IBPlugins for Xcode 4
Autocomplete with PHP
Disabling button client-side if page is valid
Bash: what's the advantage of using exit ${1:0} instead of exit $1
Copy data from a column in some rows to another column in other rows in oracle
Can a Linux process block external signals but accept signals from its own process?
Can I dynamically append an og tag and render it?
Multiple Broadcast Receivers for the same Intent
Error with a file upload WCF WEB API (Preview 6) : Cannot write more bytes to the buffer than the configured maximum buffer size: 65536
Android - Getting selected row values in a table
Can't compare types
how to load swf files without using webview
Error Handling with Cursor in SQL
PHP: submit form with self and render different page items?
How to execute 鈥渓ess鈥�with paging from a Java console application?
Flash Builder 4.5 won't run my application
C++ method overriding
jQuery validation plugin: using custom error messages from xml-file
Only fetch commit history?
Why does this database connection fail when 鈥淎pplication Name=application鈥�is in the connection string?
Does PHP support conjunction and disjunction natively?
setting hidden vars by javascript not working in Wordpress 3.3.1 admin plugin pages
PHP MYSQL BLOB export to csv format
about update data on datagridview and filter
Sorting (or usage of ORDER BY clause) in T-SQL / SQL SERVER without considering some words
Linq, IQueryable get most frequent element object
Android, Add an extended view to xml layout
how to align two textfields?
VowpalWabbit : Differences and scalability
how to align two meshes
Create page navigation using php
operator does not exist: bigint = bytea
Logging to remote location
pmap and thread count
Facebook ios SDK - How to handle feed dialog callback?
How to I use a class property/variable as a print filehandle in Perl?
Pass authenticated user from sharepoint to asp mvc application
Is it possible to 鈥渕anually鈥�create instances of java.lang.Method in Java?
Allowed characters in Map key identifier YAML
JavaScript DOM Error in Internet Explorer
Is C++ enough for Nokia developing?
Converting this excel to datatable
How to access a remote mysql database using java
How does the IConvertible interface work with DataRow?
Get files for deployed Reports
How to display data when one object is nil but the other isnt?
ASP.NET - Conditional Web.config
what version of RHEL is MongoDB 2.0.1 certified on?
How to make UIPopoverController keep same position after rotating?
How to test that a transaction rollback works while mocking dependencies?
Learn the direction of a moving agent
Possible to distribute an iOS app in different categories for particular countries?
How to change default message of reCAPTCHA?
php script on Windows hosting does not list ftp files (ftp_rawlist issues)
LINQ GroupBy over
HTML5 Doctype in IE7 breaking Jquery Dropdown Menu
Calculate relative Filepath
Merging CAB install files into two
What does the question mark at the end of filenames mean?
How to use Joomla plugin inside PHP script outside Joomla Framework
Indeterminate spinner not the same size as id.menu_refresh?
Advertisement on XNA WP7
Check a string in the database to see if it contains an item in an array
MySQL: How do I lock individual rows in a table?
How do I get the argument types of a function pointer in a variadic template class?
Questions regarding forms and php (clearing form, live refresh, multiline)
DataGrid Select Entire Column
How to detect if I'm running in mono-service?
Can't delete file (process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process)
Multiple statements in one SQL-query, or use Batch?
Maximum zoom for UIImageView
Are VMWare pefromance metric IDs stable?
add extra description field to file upload primefaces
Cleanup on navigate away
Mod Rewrite - Ungreedy modifier needed?
bidimensional arraylists and inputting another array into them through a loop
java spring MappingJacksonJsonView not doing toString on mongodb ObjectId
View rendering in iOS 4.2
How to submit a form without postback in
c# service 鈥淭he netwerk bios command limit has been reached鈥�error why and whats the best solution?
Search for CSS(Sencha Touch) tutorials
Specialize or generalize transfer objects and operations over large datasets?
How to send DTMF signal in Symbian S60
big(in size) PNG performance problems in Chrome
best mock library for windows phone 7 tests
any common video format that will run on any browser?
Separate compiling with MinGW
NServicebus DataBus
Change the background image of a button
How to have a smooth horizontal webview scrolling in android
How to manage unsafe_unretained ivars/properties?
ADT plugin doesn't work in Eclipse
Style QComboBox popup menu margin Qt 4
JPA setup with EntityManager and MySQL database problems
symfony 1: the cache files are not generated for an admin module
2 jquery versions on page cause trouble [closed]
How to Find my website Visitor Region Code, IP and City Through simple javascript please no Google Analytics or other Software
Collection.Contains Big-O
Authorize permanently by remote machine with SSH
Copy to clipboard option
Adding UIWebView to an existing project
Key Frame Extraction From Video
Limitations for creating a security application on Windows Phone
Injection of map typed properties using p: namespace
How do I Label colorbar ticks in MATLAB?
Wishlist member Registration form url not protected
PHP with MYSQL; SQL syntax error
how can I call a stored procedure in SQL Database from Android?
How can I validate a form collection must have X number of elements?
How to get xpaths for all leaf elements from XML?
JQUERY toggle for change price and order link
Basic info such as first_name, etc - is marked as requiring no access token, but PHP SDK still can't get it
UITableView with Dragging
The method setContentView(int) is undefined for the type ListFragment
How to change background color of JOptionPane?
TFS 2010 Configuring issues
Open CSS modal box from link in SVG document
Why is datepicker beforeShowDay not acting as expected
Switching between .rdlc reports in reportViewer
Extending multiple classes in coffee-script
how to update a table in SQL Server using Integration Services?
Hiding waiting when we use IFRAME
Can I customize the search in QComboBox?
TreeMap Library for Java? [closed]
Why does it fail to read the ListView?
RubyMine, why I can't debug spec files?
Issue with rowset of boost tuples with SOCI c++ database access library
Getting 'element not declared' response from web service call
Type Error in Java 7
Delphi IDE: Keyboard shortcut to duplicate current line or selection?
How to read the birthdate of a contact in Android?
How do I include DLL from project folder
How to make Zig Zag borders using CSS? [closed]
Preg Match to find % in textbox value
Using cx_Oracle callfunc to get oracle objects
Custom attributes on RaphaelJS nodes in IE8
Sign CAB file in Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE) 7.0
EJB 2.0 VS EJB 3.0
Windows Server 2008 Stats [closed]
why does using an NSString as a URL cause a SIGABRT?
MovieClips on stage dissapear
What service type should I use for a SOA solution to exec a long running task?
silverlight: is it worth? [closed]
Embed links to other page in jQuery accordion header
Different rendering when using Drawable and Image Resource? ImageButton - Android
What happens if I write touches event for a View in its View Controller?
What does the 鈥渒鈥�stand for in Cocoa constant names [duplicate]
folder size wrong
Stock Maintenance
iPhone CorePlot pie chart get slices coordinates
Toast position on row listview android
How to get PHP Function value?
ios5 error when trying to shorten a string
Parsing dates with json-lib
how can I script a file as stdin to an app and then use the real stdin for user input?
make: force recompilation of same objects with different compiler
Change tabs with javascript, but, to work on iPad
Backbone.js: bind data to Collection using Ajax?
Can I use UIPinchGestureRecognizers to distinguish between horizontal and vertical pinches?
illegal character error in java
C or C++ code to get hour of day from epoch timestamp using time-zone [duplicate]
Advice on where/how to run client app on server?
how to make an alert box display over other activities
How to start an activity upon the completion of a timer?
making osx modal
Use of Listen() sys call in a multi threaded TCP server
Remote file size with curl
I want choose a connection pool for high throughput application
Sending array list from servlet back to iphone application after executing a query
C# storing text in SQL Server for full text search
How do I simulate an AJAX request with Flask test client?
How to get user who is requesting a page
Using WCF REST services with Unity on IIS
JS ArrowDown addEventListener for several elements in loop (demo)
Flash Object Dimensions in Firefox
ImageMagic: 'convert' command : PDF convertion with bad size/orientation [closed] in java bean
Login system with flex mobile
GNU as macro expansion
PHP PayPal simple API, one time payment
Simple update query is taking too long
wants to allocate memory dynamically as per length of data in C program
Comparing value range in 2 columns of 2 files
Horizontally center aligning a Form Control in form
Android - Periodically broadcast an event
Programmatically restarting the Web Service on Mac OS X
notepad++ remove line with blank space
How to suppress warnings in Qt Creator
ID as an event-parameter for <div> in jquery
zip directory with files and subdirectories without the absolute path in Java
How to add a private variable to a class without changing the original .h or .m file
How to set session value in Handler in
Android TextView Html.fromHtml not working?
Clear Shared Preferences on App upgrade
Mysql reseting id field [duplicate]
Decimal from a char* to binary
How do I skip a line/iteration if it produces an error?
Is it possible to use onmouseover on a whole column in a table?
Sort an ArrayList of Objects in C#
wordpress: remove image upload options while adding new post
How to update QSqlTableModel, QTableView after database connection has been changed
C program to check entered char is digit or not?
Using Write or WriteLiteral to write HTML code of a WebPageBase
applying a css class to every instance of an echoed php variable
Amazon EC2 - How do I figure out billing for EBS [closed]
Visual Studio Bug?
How to write in web.config httpRuntime for 3.5 framework
Connection handling in EJB2 session beans
Magento remove css or js from specific view
calling [NSThread detachNewThreadSelector鈥 stops UIImageView setImage from working
mPDF: how to create PDF not using embedded fonts?
Browser back button
Get String before/after String.indexof in c#
Excel interop: Workbooks.Open hanging
how to send message having more then 10k data by post method in java
Rails / Jquery Autocomplete auto complete plugin for city, country
How to test JPA2 mappings in Java EE project?
Rails: updating partial dosen't execute inline javascript from the partial
Find unique entries in List<Object[]>
compatibility of windows phone 7 applications with windows 8 OS
How to run some commands globally in a Gnu Make file
MySQL subquery/join
Reading A Fixed Format Text File - Part 2
is it possible to mock/fake an extension method?
CSS sprite Menu with SELECTED state (only CSS)
Java - Run Method on Each File Using An Array of File Names
symfony2 - doctrine - oneToMany
Better image coloring logic/algorithm
prevent sql injection in oracle 鈥渙rder by鈥�part
looking for jquery plugin which pastes photo to another photo
Javascript decodeURI(Component) malformed uri exception
Need help shifting fields with populated data over blank fields
post extra data with dropbox or start function
how to assign return value of a javascript event function to a javascript variable
How to get many data from EditText using UI programmatically
android zxing barcode scanning getting Bound mismatch
How can I replace things in minify and css files
Limits to expressibility in Cyc, or similar knowledge-base projects?
Java process inside a loop and file output [closed]
Devise post-registration redirect based on hidden field?
Objective-C library for using Google+ from iPhone
using handlebars bindAttr for checkbox
compare datarows of different tables
ORDER BY different columns in same priority
Android - Are there any ad networks with custom sized mobile ads?
Is it possible to draw WPF control over HwndHost control?
Generic repository on Entity Framework without 鈥済enerics鈥�technology
Where can I find open source web application implementations online that contain (mostly) complete unit test suites in Java?
How to interrupt connection to db for test purpose?
how to check for every 12 th characters should be , in the String using Regex Pattern?
Declaring Inner dictionary comparer C#
Routing error Rails 3.2.1
How to post XML file to WPF WebBrowser Control locally?
BeginAuthenticateAsClient doesn't work in new AppDomain
APNs on Lion. What's possible?
How to modify the variable in SSIS?
How can I update xml file content in Android?
GSON Non-Case Sensitive Enum Deserialization
Proper way for two-way sorting
How to set enable true or false RadNumericTextBox Telerik in javascript
Facebook request dialog with custom message notification
Small Business Server 2011, why does it take so long to load?
How to sort methods into alphabetical order in VIM?
bean and jsf validation annotation inisde managed bean vs entity bean
PHP class not found in autoloaded implementation file
When should I consider saving the total count in a field?
Jquery code not executing on elements that didn't exist on page load
CSS/PHP: How to make left and right float div the same height regardless of much information is in them?
How to install Cloud9 with Node.js 0.6?
openfiledialogue in c# is selecting multiple values but its selecting the last selecteditem as the first
Style 16px font without calling <p>
Is Apache Pivot a suitable alternative to Swing?
Local notification handling when application is closed
Ploting foursquare venues on google map
Detect another touch while one finger is still on the screen
java.util.Properties - how to purge memory on demand
Can we add our application setting menu to the android device settings menu
GLEW: Apple Mach-O Linker (Id) Error
iOS UISearchBar height in landscape mode in navigationBar iPhone
&-sign is ruining my link-rewriter
Remote host closed the connection
Adding UIPicker to textfield
how to send Secure data to Client using SSL
javascript text selection events
Getting device input (mouse, keyboard 鈥� on LINUX
Simulate Multi Touch in Android Emulator
View or Partial View
ASP.Net MVC strongly typed partial views and inherited properties
Binding the Width of columns to DependencyProperty with a IValueConverter
MKannotationView with UIButton as subview, button don't respond
Unable to configure project reports in TFS 2010
Adding a missing GAP package to Sage
Clossing expanded child views in ExpandableListActivity
Build Error for Spring MVC Application
Form reloads the page but does not submit
Can we bind all types of Google Guice module(s) only once in the application?
Invoking filter programmatically inside servlet (Created using jetty/spark)?
render a table cell value with ajax
Backbone/Javascript remove element from dom
How to display Servlet generated image inot <IMG> html tag
Why do hyphens in module names generate syntax error?
Username when using socks4
Jenkins: How do I check out two repository URLs into the same workspace without deleting the first one?
how to set Section with String @鈥淴YZ鈥�as first section in tableview
Are there any issues with allocating memory within constructor initialization lists?
How to Click on link which has Javascript using Watir
Brainfuck compiler in scala
EAV_Databasesystem in Magento 1.6
Installing PyGtk in virtualenv
SQL Syntax Error (INSERT command)
Microsoft Unity and dynamic type/assembly load
How do I INSERT the character 鈥�amp;鈥�into a MySQL database?
Qt Mobility Document Gallery API : does it work on S60 5th edition?
Cascade delete in entity framework ( table per type inheritance )
Contextual Menu to a Specific Folder
What is the equivalent of an IISReset if I want to use Microsoft.Web.Administration
Android InputStream of Process swallows last bytes
non standard package name - will it cause trouble?
How to call button click delegate of one ascx on another ascx button click?
Serve content from a different server in a ASP.NET MVC 3 application
Issue passing date to autocomplete textbox using JSON
Unable to include custom font in html (Helvetica LT 25 Ultra Light)
establish_connection in rails
Create a trigger in C on PostgreSQL 9
Map overlay android and search place
How to make footer buttons fixed in native android application?
Parsing JSON into XML using Windows Phone
Is it possible to adjust level of vibration in iPhone?
ASP.NET MVC sending JSON data to a Controller Action
start Windows Service
Entity Framework Code First Many-to-Many tries to create duplicates
Collapse/Expand Groupboxes
Android: how to enable CONFIG_OMAP_MUX beagleboard?
redirecting output of ant executed in java to custom Swing element
Managing Multiple teams when we have single / multiple development servers in Siebel
Is there any better solution than three nested Maps that preserves the same functionality?
Save an object after Delete in Core Data with Restkit make it crash
Circular Reference Exception in basic Apache POI equation
Xcode Beginner: how link UITableView in Xcode story.boared to UITableView.h & .m code impelmantion class
Wrong OpenGL Texture Format Type for CL/GL-Interop? [closed]
Doctype and CSS
Javascript popup, Php
whats the best way to create a menu screen with a zoomable image background
mysql_num_row():supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
Detect if user logged in as Page or User? Error thrown when signed in as Page
How much RAM and Hard Disc is recommended for my mongodb server setup
linking a shared library against a shared library
If all input fields are dirty return true, How?
How to create a TDataSet Lookup Field at runtime?
Can I use Siri in my program?
monotouch navigation and tab controllers
Fast method of changing a parent of a UserControl
converting xml into a pdf document?
Broken link to framework
Adding entries to my own Google Calendar using the new Google API V3
PySNMP MIB module failing when attempting to access function Counter64
How to parse a string into a hashtable
Store Facebook app referrer
Android Gallery crashes because of memory usage
Overwriting dictionary contents
issues in text view in android Application
SQL Server 鈥�stored procedure performance Issue
iphone image resizing
attributes::get() returning empty list?
Can i use ajax to fetch data on click event of dynamically genrated button?
Why OnDateChangeListener callback is not being called on my DatePicker?
How can I import a Windows project to Ubuntu on Qt?
Aborting execution of all processes in MPI
HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized error on calling EWS with GSOAP
UINavigationBar BackButton custom TintColor
How to set the length of Object[]
What's the smartest way of making my couchapp searchable?
Colobar_position_label, Matlab
Android HttpPost Request Timeout
Retrieving manufacturer element in Magento using SOAP
invalid column width
regex string between two strings
Record Has Been Changed By Another User when try to Post or Edit
Is it possible to hide the x-axis line in aChart engine line graph?
cocos2d modify arrays
Wipe all text before colon (:) using regex
Android Share Content feature
How to debug: Internal Error current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block
how to put Checkbox under Forms in zend Framework
Convert datetime c# to unixstamp in php
Pattern matching logs in ubuntu
How to access method in outer classes in java?
SystemSoundID Volume
Trying to make an arraylist within an arraylist only under certain conditions
Why I'm getting this error 鈥淵ou're not in the targeted group for this item鈥�when trying to download my app on Android Market
When should I use development vs testing group in gemfile for testing gems?
How can I merge multiple bitmapData objects into one so that it can be encoded using PNGEncoder?
jQuery Validation - error messages value
Android: any tools instead of eclipse Emulator that install and test Android APK file?
Maven: Using a Plugin Based On Profile
Adding foreign characters to a cufon font
Draggable & sortable widget define settings inline
WCF calling another WCF: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS
using FQL in android app
call to header() fails sporadically with 'header already sent'
how to load a specific data depending on query string(in ASP .NET)?
Folder Path of Powershell file In Powershell
Adding an Constructor to Web Service C#
Optimization of local variables in Objective C loop
How to change the status bar icon based on extra value from Urban Airship Pushnotification in Android
App uninstalls itself without user intervention. Is it possible?
iOS Urban Airship progress and HUD
How do I overload ***each*** to establish an desired ordering
Deleting text content with Jquery
Nhibernate - partial loading of objects
Google Ajax Feed API - How to change date format?
Adding a facebook page tab using php
Progress bar show only in debug mode. Job plus asynch Display
Month name to month number - 03 for Feb?
how to start Animation in onCreate() in android?
How do I make HTTP::Daemon::SSL work without certificates?
Javascript passing variables by reference or by value
Output from shell_exec() containing accented charcters getting mangled
BeautifulSoupTag, strings and UnicodeEncodeError is not so beautiful
.ics call iPhone from webview applikation
How does Lucene.NET IndexSearcher read and store index in memory?
Problems with parsing excel file with vba
Database schema: User Team administration
How to retrieve an URL inside a HTML page?
Return a list of domain objects best practice
Java - How to add a KeyListener to a UI
Rounding a dataframe in R
WPF Window Location
How to override a method in Java, but still have partial functionality of the parent method
vim c++ template writing
Commit went into multiple branches, trying to revert branch to its inital state
Why Ruby 1.9 GUI hangs if i do any intensive computation in separate Ruby thread?
Center <img /> + <a /> inside table and overflow auto in IE7
How to add own OMX_decoder in Android?
Find what sql versions(!) installed by folders?
Find what sql versions(!) installed by folders?
How do I encrypt a string of text so that the encrypted string is different each time even though the value is the same
Quickfix handling same session from multiple servers
Struts 2: Action classes
JQuery Mobile <h1> Titles cut off?
c++ and mysql connector via Eclipse
how to declare the sysconf return value in global array declaration?
Addressing a data array returned from class get function in Matlab
Need Help in Bash debugging
How to start activity with populated backstack?
Last Activity Date - Better Ideas for implementation
How to know when one app is close in the springboard
Microsoft Word VSTO Addin - Inserting multiple tables inside a text frame
Django render template in a pop-up
Whether multiple points make up for a circle? [closed]
Date Time Picker like in Windows
How to escape the duplicity in Android?
Should have a non-void return value to indicate whether or not an error occurred
Unable to set firefox bookmark description for in Add-On Kit API
Active admin change default model admin_user
Forcefully open info page of facebook fan page on UIwebview in iPhone
Limit a multidimensional array response
Cocoa-Touch 鈥�Core Data updating many-to-many relationships
Android wifi call
Storing object with params with values in a database and fetch them
MQMessage read or delete
Rich text editor on webview for iPhone
Is it possible to check whether a value is in the list of items in a single Oracle Decode Function?
How to setToRecipients with MFMailComposeViewController
Airplay SDK vs Monotouch?
How to parse this response and save into array in iphone
Getting video streaming data from a flash player to view it on Windows Phone
PHP mail hangs indefinitely - How to debug?
What flash message types are available in Rails?
An Array in which 3 objects represent one Cell in uitableView
Opencv CV_FOURCC('F','L','V','1') not working?
Unable to access friends count for a friend of mine
elasticsearch: how can i boost documents having sub-objects
Ajax response text is not set correctly in jsp page
How to define number of images in Qt image's carousel?
Adding a jqGrid pager after Grid creation
Display current system time in msgbox
How to change a word in a file with linux shell script
Converting NSData to NSString
Grails 1.3.7 utf-8 stops working after second start
How to start notification at custom timing?
Why does index-of()return multiple values when applied to a sequence of unique nodes?
Unable to run tokyo tyrant due to server socket open error
Populating a table by combining the top n rows from two other tables
Validating a custom expression with ER
Capturing address info during order process in rails
Rotate point from a given center in Flex
Can std::bind be type checked at compile time?
How to fadeout on mouseout, when mouse is clicked and dragged and then out?
Error downloading in-App product in android
Two return statements on form submit in django
WCF Rest - what are the best practices?
Specific C++ template specialization
filemaker :: script doesn't find absolute pathed file
trying to update quantity change in a form php
nose-gae raises errors about mkstemp and threading
Android multiple labels
Unable to read remote registry
Facebook post access [closed]
why jquery mobile leave some space in a list view of items only in portrait resolution
c# TreeView node path
forms and ajax in django [duplicate]
Salesforce app not connecting on iPhone device
How to properly lazy initialize Map of Map of Map?
Using 鈥渄ecodeUri鈥�is missing some characters (like '+')
Smart-phone app developing [closed]
how can i adjust an image for the UIBarButtonItem in ios 5
Placeholder-Behaviour for Textbox in Silverlight
Geolocation with local notification like reminder
Which will be the Effective Binarization for OCR
Load constants from outside war file
Cakephp ACL action mode vs CRUD mode
How to add Delicious post with multiple tags in ruby
Security issues in ajax call
To $_GET or not to $_GET
Failed to play audio file using AVPlayer in iPhone
SQL Server Get Date Field if less than 3 month
How to display infoWindow on GoogleMaps v3 when the map loads?
How to disable resizing of textField in java swing?
Sticky Footer Trouble
android-static arraylist
Automated testing of user mode actions on TFS Build Agent
Functional programming tutorials [closed]
how to bring current activity front on notification clicked?
SQL*Loader - load CSV with multiple chunks
Python Twisted proxy - how to intercept packets
Zend_Http_Client cURL authorization example
How to Vote / Like comments using YouTube .NET API?
map when return value is not required
How to .zfproject.xml reorganization?
Is JDK JAXB implemetation 100% matches XFIRE JAXB implementation
In MongoDB how do you index an embedded object fields in an array?
How to sign all the msi file which are under folder?
java gson replace password value while serialization
How to stop the UIScrollView get touch events from its parent view?
How to grant system permission
selector for a UIDatePicker with args (UITextfiled)
Can DirectX cause WPF applications to render very slowly?
Efficient loading of pictures using OpenGL
irregular shaped gradiant contour in Flash
How to manage creating a UITableViewCells?
Should models or views generate strings for humans?
Effect of using PHP mail()
Getting Max value from x.y.z formatted Number
Adding SQLite Library -ios5
How to add one day to the date set in admin form in magento?
Task Parallel Library - LongRunning task vs Multiple Continuations
Security Questions on jQuery Ajax method
Oracle: Match an expression and if expression is null, return all records fro that column
How to extend the `getter`-functionality of SQLAlchemy's association_proxy?
Unable to select the text left in the Iframe beyond the visible area
How to place a pushpin on MapView that does not move with the map?
Entity Framework 4.3 migrations error
HT Access in IE using java script or jquery
How to compute the smallest bounding sphere enclosing other bounding spheres
Android - How to remove list item?
Registering .ascx ASP.NET User control in ASP.NET Page or Master Page will load it or not?
Content aware CSS - apply style only if content is available
Android: web view inside activity doesn't run locally stored web app properly
Correct way to run jquery code depending on screen resolution
鈥淟ike鈥�and 鈥淒islike鈥�gem plugin for Mongoid and rails 3.1
GWT and Google Docs API
Clarification required for 鈥淲indows Error Reports discontinuing support鈥�announcement
How can I detect kindle fire with javascript?
running tests for wp7 application
Matplotlib - labelling points (x,y) on a line with a value z
How to create the land (hills) like iOS game 'Contre Jour'?
C++ OOP registering callback function (typedef issue)
How to change already zoomed location in mapview to the current device location
Get execution time of PostgreSQL query
Why is PCTSTR not defined but LPCTSTR defined?
Vimeo iframe content not showing in ie7
Zend Framework 1.11 - Register Plugins in Application.ini or Bootstrap.php?
completion block of uiview animate never called if view disappear
Unable to copy file exception in TFS build
How to invoke 鈥渃lick鈥�event programmaticaly in d3?
Mysql: How do I GRANT SELECT on a demo database to all users
JNDI injection of app name doesn't work, lookup does
Why do browsers not use SRV records?
IPhone app builds successfully but will not deploy to device
Passing a style(height ,, width) which is to be changed in a function?
Rich native client for MSDN library documentation
ASP.NET MVC 3: Reuse the same form in all the web site
Trying to stop people copying work
Trying to stop people copying work
unzOpen returns null while unzipping tz file in iphone
Trace Recursive Algorithms with a pass by reference argument
Ajax X and Y position update not working correctly with Jquery UI draggables
Dir recursion - what happens if first file encounters is a dir
LGPL with BSD-Like [closed]
Time Domain / Spectrum / DSP
Find time with millisecond using VBScript
Building game playable on one machine but not another
Magento, hidden products /store view
Can't show/hide content in Blackberry OS 5 browser
AutoHotKey switch some lowercase and upperkeys buttons, duplicated buttons identification
How to remove the end tag from a HTML string using JS
Get total of value in EditText in ListView
why isn't this returning random stuff?
how do I exclude MS Word created junky chars in regEx with php
Testing Response.SetCookie() with MvcContrib
Making a variable of a variable in wordpress
condition statement in ajax success function
Getting the input that autocomplete is called on in select event
How to can I make maven build add resources to classpath?
Importing non-English shapefiles
Creating a networking application that can work over internet connections
Design (pattern) regarding sharepoint
Loading remote image in firefox
Call BackgroundWorker RunWorkerCompleted event when timer stops
how to minimize size of videoplayer in android phonegap?
to filter results with jQuery when clicking li items
Is it necessary to develop Pages seperately for the Mobile access and browser access
Count and store a value in xcode
Comma separate jQuery selectable items
Why is the following conversion from using fwrite() to write() on sockets failing?
Issue with BeanIO and the createReader method
Alternative to frames with CSS?
MFC dialog close issues
Error: more than one instance of overloaded function 鈥淒atafrompeer鈥�matches the argument list
How can I place two images within a UINavigationBar? [closed]
query with CONTAINS on table without full text index
apache poi: change the font of existing entire sheet
Why are windows definitions missing on msvc++
Cursor blinking in opengl
What is a well rounded ecommerce platform that wont take years to master?
Apache CXF / WSS4J Certificate Validation
How to disable autoHide of resizeable of jquery ui?
ajax with django forms
Need help for jQuery
How do you pull an integer from a specific location in a bidimensional arraylist?
about .net div class style
What is the difference between a.b and a$b, please? [duplicate]
Passing ivar trough NSNotificationCenter
Is there any way to pass the lambda expression as a variable or argument?
QuickFix acceptance test
Change (or Centralise) Property Value for all Controls on a WPF Window
Zend_Translate Navigation items from application.ini
Thread safe writing to Lucene index files
enforce WPF ContentControls to have maximum width
Is a context singleton okay in a single-user desktop application?
Creating Properties in Obj-C, how do I write the default Getter?
Send sms from air application
Event creation / trigger with jQuery
Localization native development region does not change the app language
RowCommand not getting fired on Dynamically created GridView
Change uiNavigationController depending on time
SVG graph with variable width
include php file contaning function in a web page
Check how many lines will a <p> tag occupy
git multiple user names for the different projects within the same system [duplicate]
carousel exception
Android OpenGL ES 1.1: Read from Stencil Buffer
AJAX refreshing - only update when changed, is there a nice solution?
How do I read the pressure value from a graphics tablet stylus in Linux?
Android get id of SD Card programmatically
How to separate the report template and definitions in R.rsp?
Pdf split, merge, bookmark etc
Is there any way to distinguish the main Thread from any Threads that it spawns?
jQuery - how to stop users spamming event handlers
MFC Application: print XML file based on XSLT style sheet
Group validation in codeigniter
offline/local browser application with database but without a server behind it
HTML Div Positioning with static menu
How to modify XML w/o DOMDocument / SimpleXML / libxml?
jwplayer xml playlist custom tags
MySQL multiple column asc order
How to tell which interface is returned by a method
Make sure exactly one boolean of a given list is true?
String Url image to bitmap
WPF Printing Large Report Causes OutOfMemoryException
Can Cassandra partition tables based on date/timestamp?
Difficulty in changing the message of progress dialog in async task
Drag-and-drop into contentEditable DIV in Firefox
The controller must return a response
What's the difference between the two methods? What makes the second one better than the first one?
Xcode / iOS: How to determine whether code is running in DEBUG / RELEASE build?