Estimate exponential cutoff in a power law distribution
Place INSERT quries for supporting and type tables
Multi entry form not passing info to mysql data base
Get image changes Algorithm
Parameters etc in my REST service
set nested object propery by dynamic array
PPI::Document bug or some special subroutine name?
Finished Software Upload on Web [closed]
Cannot see loaded modules in hosted account
Can anyone suggest me how to perform page curl animation in android? Its urgent [duplicate]
TTS not setting values from Pitch and SpeechRate
Is there any specification saying what is still considered as valid JSONP?
DOM Manipulation in Wordpress (and elsewhere) using php
Testing REQUIRES_NEW in JUnit
Avoid post back while doing a timer tick function
Testing HTML/CSS templates for mobile
Custom memory allocators or memory pools
keep mechanize page over request boundaries
how to create the cassandra-jar from the cassandra source code?
Can we set a cookie in php according to client's time?
Change Thumb-Drawable of SeekBar once progress excedes 10%?
add functionality when clicking go back button -ios
Value set by h:selectOneMenu is null in f:ajax listener method
How to write a batch command in linux ubuntu 10.04?
Zooming, panning & interactive graphical Android app
HIve select join with Rlike
Korean characters not displaying when pulled from MS Access database using php
Best practise to initialize the same elements accross many Activities?
active record query depending on count of associated objects
Threads in java not running concurrently
WPF image Stream
Plotting a categorical variable against another categorical variable
css hover menu with nested ul, how to make first choice of sub ul stay visible
javascript : Delete table row gives error
Indexing list of data.frames 鈥撀爃ow to get all x-th columns?
Thread-safe realization of one-time method
Facebook plugins I like - where does it take infos about title/description/photo?
Cucumber hangs after all scenarios passed
Newline character sequence in CSS 'content' property?
slow MySQL 鈥淚NNER JOIN鈥�
How to set checkbox value inside Combobox Silverlight?
Screen gets stuck in sencha touch select field change listener
How to Identify various CORBA clients in a CORBA server
Is there any preferred approach to constructing multiview applications in iOS?
GWT dynamic internationalization
Jenkins fresh deploy works using container deployment plugin, but fails if redeploying
Xcode 4.2 doesn't show Iphone simulator 3
Import span tag into Flexigrid definition
Cannot find the method on the object instance. when debugging Blend
Table within a drop down
TreeTable inserting new item (Vaadin)
wordpress image loading
RavenDb Map index quering confusion
How do I compile a linux kernel module
Higher Class Hierarchy vs Wider Class Spectrum
android: radiobuttons aligned vertical and horizontal in same radiogroup
How can we use include function in html [closed]
Unicode Character from Code in String (Obj-C)
Custom combobox doesn't save Item Collection in Form1.designer.cs
How to access HTML compenents using VB.NET
Classic ASP Formatnumber change when importing to mailbee
How to replace years without leading zeros, with leading zeros using Python re?
InvalidCastException when using IClassFactory in C#
Using AsyngImageView crashes app
Android Market - app update
PL/SQL What's the meaning of <<word>>
Export Wikipedia by category option?
How to increase the cell size with respect to the text size in detailTextLabel in iPhone.
how to map properties type to database column
Transaction.Commit saves changes made before BeginTransaction
jTemplates {#for} not working in Internet Explorer 7, bug?
Sugar CRM New Module
Bug with jquery validator to compare 2 fields?
Delete empty value element in array
I have this error when people upload their cv to my site
Firefox new Date() from string constructs time in local time zone
code dump in string assignment
Having issue with substr function in PHP
AS3 to PHP - mail() function
How to display a edittext input from a dialog in activity [closed]
Insert dot after each words in string
What does Oracle return for select? [closed]
DISTINCT keyword on two different table's content [closed]
PHP read file error
Rails with Kaminari paging and remote form
In Ruby/Rails, how to decrypt a string encrypted and signed by PKCS7
Exception When Opening Excel File in C# Using Interop
2 movieclips not playing simultaneously located on the same frame nested withing a movieclip as3
MySQL SELECT a field as NULL if not existent in table
Capitalization of framework names under Snow Leopard
asp:UpdateProgress never goes away after clicking on downloadable content inside a repeater
Implementing Unobtrusive Javascript
Screen hierarchy in C#
PHP cURL timeout is not working
Backup MySql Database?
how do i get values from wicket dropdown?
Capistrano connect to second server via :app, :web, :db primary machine
Recommended static program analysis tool for VS2010 [closed]
Set next node of an instruction in LLVM IR
Sendmail script gives no error , but not getting mail
How to serialize/deserialize xml when multiple elements have one child?
iOS SDK (xcodebuild): Clang error cannot specify -o when generating multiple output files
Applying a Patch (created through Patch Design View) over previous Quick patches already installed
Multi-Dimensional array count in PHP
ListView with 3 columns
annoying 鈥渇eature鈥�(or bugs?) for RODBC
annoying 鈥渇eature鈥�(or bugs?) for RODBC
mongodb bad performance
Are there some issue at inserting some check into template?
Where can I locate the file 鈥渓aunchd.conf鈥�in a Mac OSX
svn: warning: Error handling external definitions for
YAML internationalization
Is it safe to use period symbols for fake MySQL database 鈥渘amespacing鈥�
how get Image icon in JTable
crypt(3) $6$ password hash algorithm (based on SHA-512) in Java?
how to copy all data in a row to all other rows
Issue in deleting data from core data through table view iPhone
Hadoop MapReduce wont run first Mapper
nsxmlparser parsing one-by-one?
How to check if dropdown is disabled?
application : didFinishLaunchingWithOptions and viewDidLoad
some issue with RelativeLayout in my app
Emailing multiple users using ActionMailer
Class in a <option> tag with Codeigniter
getting URL's from text
Does storing large sessions slow down response time and server
Target Unreachable, identifier 'demoBean' resolved to null
Cannot See Design View In Ms Access 2010 Template
Batch file - get and parse CMD output string
what this error is due to session_start
C++ unmanaged DLL fails to start Excel on IIS 7.5
Can I do synchronous cross-domain communicating with window.postMessage?
ActiveRecord hook to create row in database upon creation
How can I use JQuery to slide an IFRAME off the page without redrawing it?
how to get id of image selected in jquery
Hibernate interceptors
Mysql Index issue
How to check if a script is included via dofile() or run directly in Lua? [duplicate]
css hover in IE 8
Why does Python segfault when attempting to call environ using ctypes on libc?
How to avoid sending response before transaction saved in Grails?
ajax post reload page
How to enable Thread Safety in ubuntu 10.04
How to get Dropdown selected value on client side onchange event?
Why isn't spring using my constructor to init this bean (Map parameter)
Open Graph objects and 鈥渃an_post鈥�
Changing the color of over scroll in scrollview in android
How to generate new wordpress templates?
Matlab, Python: Fixing colormap to specified values
how to use column from other model
Android: TabActivity deprecated using Fragment instead
set default locale in lwuit?
From the server side, how to update data in the client web page?
How to handle custom response in Backbone model
os.walk() in reverse?
Open popupMenu only on mouse-click Swing
Sslstream .NET RemoteCertificateValidationCallback Object reference not set
Wordpress pages randomly serve as RSS/XML content
CVS: list all files added/removed between tags
Position div to center of visible area
want to write data in File.
Why to use Hibernate Mapping Component?
When does Emacs Lisp's lexical-let leak memory?
mediaplayer: album and display songs in it
Is there a better way to combine two string sets in java?
how to customize audio recording quality in android?
Add more space to top of the UITableView
Action of CommandLink/CommandButton in p:treeTable is not invoked
What is the internal precision of numpy.float128?
uploading files - how to store file in non public folder
Call a C++ DLL method from a C# application
How to hold japanese characters in SPRING MVC POJO's field
How to set HttpPost and a header for JavaScript?
dynamic HLOOKUP in google doc spreadsheet
Generating hashCode() and equals() when creating Java classes using Mojo Jaxb2 maven plugin
Why is my inherited Espresso class's overridden method (getDescription) in the default constructor not being recognized?
MultiPoint Bluetooth Connection
easier way of doing both portrait and landscape in one xml file? in android
Facebook Credits Callback on Django
A bug in creating dynamic functions in R
gcc recompile 鈥渕ake鈥�result no changes
Neural network in R to predict stock return
jQuery showing an element if a main wrapper is clicked, but not if a specific element is clicked
JQuery Performance issue using 'not' in IE
how to get the exit code of other application in nsis
access ant property value for pattern variable in file.eachFileMatch() in Groovy
Set element to select div for jQuery selectable
How set Alternate Cell Color in a Grid
ruby on rails retains the same value for a variable
Writing CSV file. myPackage.MyClass cannot be cast to java.lang.CharSequence
Memory issue in using UIImagePNGRepresentation
Running Test Cases on IE-Verion 8 through Windows XP
Redirect for iphone in Rails/Sinatra
Entity Framework hacking
How to get data from templet field in gridview
How do i get data that is posted to my server? Is there any 鈥渞ight way鈥�
How can i make an event to a JComboBox which triggers AFTER selection?
OSX Lion under VMWare WS8 on Win7; How to get 鈥淎pple Key鈥�[closed]
Is this a right Strategy implementation [closed]
Google App Engine Model Parents
how to parse the second xml tree in a file
What is the difference between Document style and RPC style communication?
Multitouch : Selecting hardware and software for multi-touch application
Retrieving Facebook Events using FQL (permissions issue)
A popover in an iPhone when clicking on a UIBarButtonItem [closed]
Any alternative to Sendkeys class in c#
Any alternative to Sendkeys class in c#
How to make the UIImageView appear above the MapView
Can I split up a Core Data Model?
Need help for s7GraphView
LINQ Query without for/foreach loop [closed]
Multithreading and process signalling
Clustering a huge number of URLs
Data sorting in query
GetBinaryType() fails with a last error of ERROR_PARTIAL_COPY
Ajax call response in struts. Response not reflected in jsp.
pymongo update is not working
Do an UIViewController that don't use the full screen
Decoding CakePHP encoded URLs in Javascript
Issues with a MySQL JOIN statement
How to use COM smart pointer as in-out arguments for calling e.g. library functions
Generic Parameter instantiation discovery with Java Reflection
Generate XML Files Used by JUnit Reports
how to split a string into words and passing them as parameters in C/C++
Mongo ruby driver: Running/getting mongostats/query Graphs
Microsoft Surface 1.0 How to create a contact from RAW image and Emgu CV
Monitoring per Application power usage in android
Backup stored procedures for selected database and export to a textfile
Javascript Date validation for mm/dd/yyyy format in
Extracting dynamically changing data in excel via php
Embedding dll into HttpHandler using embedded resources
Crop image via JavaScript for Android
Lost in XML and Python
How can we handle multiple NSURLConnection in iPhone Xcode?
iFFT of symmetric spectrum
CFS Priority Scheduler on Linux
Use of FourSquare API to find nearby places in iOS SDK
Gui generator re-generate my maze if I change the current window dimensions(Java)
Break this Query into batches
Weird issues with timthumb
JAVA_HOME variable is not recognized in Win 7 Pro 32 bit
ADT plugin error during installation
Symfony Warning : rename (../app/cache/dev , ../app/cache/dev_old ) : Access Denied . (Code : 5)
How to add multiple sprite sheets in cocos2D and make it seem like one sprite?
CGContext drawing rotated around arbitrary point
check page extension in localhost
ActiveMQ network of brokers: random conectivity with rebalanceClusterClients and updateClusterClients
jquery image loading animation with gallery
Django andtinymce
RavenDB EmbeddedDocumentStorage in Medium Trust
Android animation moves layout from right to left
iOS Mediaplayer and URL redirection
Move a UserControl from a ContentControl to another one programmatically
twitter ios5 integration autorize with custom login and password
jQuery Tablesorter, fixed/static borders
FreeMarker XML Xpath
Consume a .Net web service using PHP
jquery accordion with delete icon on right
Concatenating RowFilter orFilters with andFilter in Java
Android CallLogs Listener
Using TransparentBlt
automatic change text into other language + google translator
I have created a dynamic ListView - how do I connect it to my XML layout file?
In C++, why are cyclical directory dependencies bad?
Substitute for UIDevice's UniqueIdentifier - what are iOS's network interfaces IDs?
How to set button Action Nil
Adding remote upstream to git repo on bit bucket
create cascading dropdown in library of sharepoint 2010
set background black with 50% opacity
how to make a selected input box/image more highlighted?
Displaying address of the current frame in the address bar
Sorting array of custom objects using the value of an internal object's instance variable
how to sync the android sqlite table to MYSQL DB server?
allow php file access protected folder by .htpasswd?
Does PHP's microtime() return seconds or microseconds? [closed]
const Function in Haskell
KeyListener does not respond if there is any input in JTextField
Creating DISQUS accounts automatically, when new users register
jquery slider handle not smooth and gets blocked
Why jasmine-node doesn't find my spec files?
Exchange Powershell - Check if a user is in a specific mailbox database
How to return value in Ajax file upload
What is the recommended approach to solve outlook addin hanging?
Is Base64 standardized?
No JNI_Onload() found and VM shutting down
Get properties in order of declaration using reflection
Auto-complementary in Membership Form, slow
How to set images for ScrollView instead-of fading edges?
Does magento cache non magento folders? [closed]
How to get a list of active sessions in a web application?
Should I use WinRT APIs in a .NET (for example C#) project?
UIToolBar is not shown when adding the same toolbar as inputAccessaryView
Excel VBA Code to Force a certain zoom level
Why does python use both reference counting and mark-and-sweep for gc?
How to set PDEColorValue?
Zooming a large picture with Windows Forms
Can someone please point me out what am i missing in the program below
UIWebView disable zooming when scalesPageToFit is ON
Add extra header information in codeigniter email
How to modify a QML Text from C++
Using LWUIT in eclipse for j2me development
Android ICMP ping
Inspect `mysqli::errno` after UDPDATE query to decide if trigger FATAL error or WARNING
how to disable auto creation of new row while writing into Datagridview
Using a nested NSMutableDictionary
Folder permission denied
Folder permission denied
How to allow user to enter only the letters, no numbers and other characters
Publish ASP.NET web site from command-line bat file, the ultimate .bat file
Add total price in checkout success page
Best way to detect mobile users in Magento
Run a single job in parallel
What is the difference between HttpContext.Current.Cache.Insert and HttpContext.Current.Cache.Add
ActiveX doesn't appear on IE
Check if user +1ed the URL
how to push application to foreground of it is pushed background?
Scope for Actionscript 2.0 Event
Get N max numbers from a List<int> using lambda expression
pass C++ object to python function by boost::python
Error resolving context variables and schemas in jQuery grid
add querystring value on javascript
JBoss AS7 cluster: mod_proxy or mod_cluster
Unable to hide the <ul> tag inside the scroller Div
python's re: replace regex to regex
can't use macro define class in C++
I want to perform the animation on the custom view cell in ios
Understanding a structure which contains a pointer of its own type
sendmail sh: /usr/sbin/sendmail: Permission denied
How to dynamically change image opacity in Javascript
Send a HTTP POST Request(xml data ) using WWW::Curl in perl
can't open PORT on IPTABLES firewall
Why to use base.LoadContent in Game Components
OpenGL GLSL SSAO Implementation
Get the date of the most recent entry (file or directory) within a directory
How to add libclang to xcode?
How to get images from google?
<ToggleButton> onClickListener - changing drawable back to default
malloc/realloc/free capacity optimization
Seam Solder @MessageBundle generating the implementation classes Maven Error
How to ensure that webclient/curl process 503 error like they process 200
segment fault caused by calling virtual function of an object pointer
Is using Table variables faster than temp tables
Switch Statements with strongly typed enumerations
SharedPreferences: History saved but why not Favourite?
Asychronous PHP?
How to add this xml data to dataset?
load scripts asynchronosly and have a fallback
How does google calculate waiting time and receiving time in chrome?
iPhone contact style app (how to configure labels)
POST JSON data via CURL and grabbing it
How to post a picture or link in an event via the Graph API?
Data on Screen does not update when updating from other thread in Iphone
Javascript/Ajax success request delete record from websql
Why do we need `nil`?
How can spaces be converted to &nbsp without breaking HTML tags?
Duplicate symbol _FOO in a.o and b.o - not the usual cause in C++
Extract descendant LINQ to XML
鈥淪ource not found鈥�when debugging android app using Eclipse
What does AFX_MANAGE_STATE(AfxGetStaticModuleState()) do exactly
Copy data from SQL server to SQLite
how to make http request to webserver in c#
jQuery AJAX Request Error
How to show hidden content where the contents images don't load until the content is shown?
Is it possible to find the difference between two arbitrary text files using Git?
Javascript iterations - keep same number until next run
Create bitmap of layout that is off-screen
iPhone battery capacity values in mAH
MapView annotations/pins in iPhone
Elegant allocation of static readonly collection of strings
Multi touch in desktop browser (Like Google Maps in IE9)
Windows Mobile (MFC). How to make visible the most right part of CStatic (text label) with a long caption?
Using nextgen variable in header.php file
Filter Text in ExpandableListView using BaseExpandableListAdapter
changing Message for ProgressDialog android
ASP classic CDO Email messaging use UTF-8 in textbody
How to increase or decrease the lifetime of a session? [duplicate]
How to insert custom Javascripts in Sitecore backend
Concat files in Apache ANT to variable?
Make selected row bold in NSTableView
Displaying a link in microposts and comments that links to the author's profile?
lotusSpellChecker and ckeditor Xpages?
Why SVN does not merge trunk when trunk subdirs have been merged?
Facebook API - Get image URL after I upload it
use SwipeView for a layout rather than images
Logger for both Python and C++ [closed]
Unjaring a .jar file in Objective-C
Rails Creating new thread or Background process
CCRenderTexture size and position in Cocos2d-iphone
back button in lwuit with blackberry
Android File upload on FTP Server throws IllegalStateException
Arrays and length in C++
Correct way to close WCF 4 channels effectively
How to use dependencies and modules in play-framework 2.0
Post photo to Instagram using their iOS hooks
Telerik RadRichTextBox: how to wrap content
How do I get an IFRAME to occupy the right half of a web page?
Global.asax page ? In
how can i set the application icon progrmatically android
Replace Windows USB Class Driver with a custom driver?
How to compile RRDTool on Windows/ Strawberry
jquery ui selectmenu, regarding changing selected items
Spring 2.5 + quartz java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/quartz/JobDetail
Struggling adding WHERE clause to INNER JOIN
JS Charts and PHP
GNU ld: how do I detect multiply-defined symbols?
jQuery ajax error code: what does 鈥渆rror鈥�really mean?
jQuery ajax error code: what does 鈥渆rror鈥�really mean?
Sample grammars in FParsec going beyond the samples?
issues to get the Latitude using network and GPS provider
How to call EJB from Standalone java program in diffrent JVM
How to use tab to go to a certain input?
onAuthenticate for normal buttons in ASP.NET?
MVC3 Webgrid Paging is not working inside a Jquery dialog
AttributeError at /registration/ 'UserForm' object has no attribute 'save'
Counterpart to PHP鈥檚 preg_match in Python
GLImageProcessing ROI (Region of Interest)
How to change the content of Spinners dynamically
OSX available OpenGL ARB extensions
standalone HBase instance decompressing and untar error
How to supply unique ids to elements within a 2D array?
Using the ternary operator to return lowest value from three variables
Create a filter attribute for a controller action parameter anti XSS attack
Maven branch update projects version automating release workflow
How to activate VsVim?
NSTextField custom subclass and 鈥淣o selection鈥�placeholder
Reading console input from VC++ 2008 compiler :Error
Is it possible to use Object type image in facebook app?
Howto handle a System.CannotUnloadAppDomainException?
Xcode Targets, projects and tests?
Android Intent how and when should i use FLAG_ACTIVITY_RESET_TASK_IF_NEEDED
How do I autocrop a UIImage?
Error when using zlib.compress function in Python 3.2
How to create new package on specific folder?
My node.js simple web server doesn't access parent folder
Something wrong with my LINQ to Entities query
How to display related tags in django tagging?
Implementing ranged queries with B+trees and snapshot isolation
Drawing several countries ingnoring borders [closed]
Oracle spatial search within distance
PlayN showcase-html validation issue
Alternatives for Final Cut Studio: Final Cut Pro X, Avid Composer, Adobe Premiere? [closed]
CMAKE - resolving dependencies between librarires in project
jquery max-height and max-width returns wrong values
Updating array in java
How to read aloud Python List Comprehensions?
function.file-get-contents - failed to open stream [duplicate]
Getting rendered text height, which is equivalent to rendered text width using paint.measureText
How do I restrict touches on a UIImageView to the opaque parts of its UIImage?
jQuery Autocomplete function doesnt work in new browsers
Unable to create Request: Bad URL
javax.comm and how to fix java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Why do i see errors in my console but the emulator still runs my project?
SQL. Changes require the table to be recreated
Play video from any folder [closed]
faster than scan() with Rcpp?
GXT MessageBox - customize buttons
jQuery slide to limit
Java:How to populate jtable with one only column?
Allocating and initializing object in one function, sending it to other function and release it there
A non-shared smart pointer with incomplete types
How to test a command- and event based system with Masstransit
Ok to update fragments instead of creating new instances?
How to improve insert speed with index on text column
jQuery with First selector is slower than without?
How to sort HashMap as added in Android with ArrayAdapter
Spring 3 data fixtures alternatives
iCanHaz.js - separating templates?
AdvancedDataGrid: row moves to the bottom of the ADG when editing a value
jQuery: toggling visibility of answers in a Q&A list generated in php by clicking on questions
How can I change an option menu's sub-item selection color programmatically?
ASP.NET Session in different domains
Redirect cout from C++ dll to a textbox in C#
Do we have any pattern matching string search ?/
Can't bind 'tap' event to canvas
Javascript XML Library
Modify Qt's shared library code while application starts
Zend Framework TDG vs Doctrine [duplicate]
How HTML to PDF works (specially abcPDF)
Canvas.drawBitmap() ignoring the tile mode of the paint
Url.Host in HttpContext.Current.Request and Page.Request
Getting htmlParse to work with Hebrew?
Viewing users (index, show, edit, etc.) in a Rails app that uses Devise?
Access device music files from iPhone app programmatically
Restful API: how to access the api securely?
How to use the jQuery Ajax success method from another page without re-writing the whole part?
Accessing has_many model records
create file in cache
Call managed bean method on page load
Visual studio crashes when opening a Xaml page in admin but not normally
I'd like to make a mutually exclusive tick box, so only one record in a table can have the tick at a time
Error in Setting Style Property in WPF
List of SOAP Function in Non-WSDL Mode
removing javascript eventlisteners
how to unbind all events Raphael
How can I add a validation error in before_save association callbacks mvc 3, Themes (different Views)
ASP.NET MVC with WCF, cache notification issue
convert list to string to insert into my sql in one row in python scrapy
How to clear cookies of applications running in iPhone and Android?
custom tableviewcell error
Remove attributes-on-fly with Diazo
PHP convert array entries
facing core dump while assigning the empty string to string variable
RoR: How can i use a variable from one action to another inside the same controller?
Using .ajax() to load remote URL - not working
Setting for using events in unit testing
Setting for using events in unit testing
Moving from pure OpenID to OpendID with Windows Identity Foundation (WIF)
Auto height on parent container with Absolute/Fixed Children
How do I use Cookies for maintaining page state?
SneakyInput / SneakyButton
parallel C code for distance computation using openMP
C# String Manipulation - From: Hello.Test.Trash to Hello.Test
where to put database query in wordpress file?
How to reset index to 0 in every multiple of 4?
Sould I keep NSManagedObjectModel in a property for later use?
Validate number from id card from all countries
If a word contains at least one from the list of special characters鈥�(macro with regex)
Cubic Root Solver in MATLAB [closed]
Can I get data from my application to use it in default android keyboard? [closed]
SortedList with value and simplified loops with lambda
Matching numbers in HTML using Regex
Is there an easy way to make a view into a pressable link?
Is it possible to have data loss converting binary data to Windows-1252 encoding?
Live implementation of .ajaxComplete() for dynamic elements
Wait for System.Threading.Timer Callbacks to Complete before Exiting Program
Spring 3.0 MVC initBinder lost when creating a new model
How to create a UItableView in html page. to mail my table view in MFMailComposeViewController as Body of the mail
Interposing on Java Class Methods (without interfaces)
The function executed per second , it works,but like to per 0.5 sec
date passing error in extjs 4.0.2a mvc
get user IP in c#
iPhone 4 UITableView with UIImageView as hint
In what coordinate system the Camera.LookDirection is located?
Increasing the size of the cell of with respect to the content coming from webservice in iphone
PhoneGap pinchzoom
Persisting attributes/annotations over a web service created by java and used by .net
Show Tree component when click on TextBox
How do ISPs work internally?
Windows Phone 7.5 WebApp metadata
objective c - timeIntervalSinceDate not returning correct value depending on the date?
How to use global properties in struts.xml file in struts2
Round to hundreds with javascript
Remove empty space/column on the right handside
Convert lower to upper case using evt.consume() in JTextField
how to convert xsl dateformat?
PHP - 'wrap' <a> tag around any <img> tag within a string
Upload logo on link click
How do I set a custom background when using the LGViewHUD control?
Referencing a JavaScript function in the onclick handler of a dynamically added element
Running time in Ocaml
How to resolve fixed div positions in HTML
android sqlite query with multiple where
ASP.NET MVC 4 breaks ASP.NET MVC 3 projects
EventStore example applications with source?
chanding contents of spinners run-time (android)
EventStore example applications with source?
chanding contents of spinners run-time (android)
Remove useless files from code base
How to align with margin on Delphi 7?
Securing jQuery SPA web services
Connect app with existing Page
I want to read the xml response displayed in the eclipse console to assert with the expected xml.
Program throws OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space when run in Mac but not in Ubuntu
$(鈥渇orm鈥�.valid() throwing error, though all files included in layout
How to call EJB
How can we arrange the three select box into one sequence through Jquery
Masking input for credit card number in java
How can two apps respond to the same URL in Django?
Guide me : XSD to XML converter
Deploying Qt Frameworks with Mac app and usage of otool
What is wrong here? In my code (Inserting Image into Database - C#)
Select Top row of 2nd table in SQL Join
Why doesn't my simple Ember.js Handlebars helper work when loading data asynchronously?
Skip printing to stdout when using 鈥渕ongo --eval鈥�
GitHub, Current Netbeans 6.9 Project, and Git Plugin
How to increment number on click by using javascript / jquery?
FragmentPagerAdapter is not removing items (Fragments) correctly
Parsing a multi-line fixed format text file
Local Notification is not working when screen is locked
Regex in Java: find all instances of [char1] but only if they are not preceded by [char2]
File operation functions return, but are not actually committed when Windows shuts down
Thread-safe replace for code?
JQuery: triggering custom event in other event handler
Adding a tab to a fan page does not work鈥�error: (#210) Subject must be a page
How to convert 'long long' (or __int64) to __m64
How to reject requests for php in .htaccess
How to switch from 3G and 2G/EDGE vice versa?
Convert PDF file to a single HTML file
tweet button doesn't appear
Multiple Join syntax in SQLike
Reporting on multiple tables independently in Crystal Reports 11
How to set position of textLabel in a tableview cell iphone
iPad Ad hoc version not run on the device
Linked list insertion results in sysmalloc assertion error
AVplayer full removal video out of memory
Importing/Synching Facebook contacts into another application
How can I be notified when a NSComboBox selection changes IF the combo box is dynamically added with a new table row?
How does vim-pathogen make anything easier?
Less.js does not work with CDNs?
How to change the App-Delegate class
Type doesn't look smooth when importing Nib file with NSViewController
Is it possible to fool app on Jailbroken iPhone and make fake inapp purchases
jQuery Need to loop through next elements based on rowspan
[domdocument.load]: failed to open stream: Permission denied
Regex: How to make IsMatch to fail if a particular word matches in string
unable to play sound using android MediaPlayer in dialog?
Publisher - Subscriber pattern where subsriber invoke a service
Myibatis source Project build error: Non-resolvable parent POM
URL Rewrite on PHP with query string to SEO-friendly not linking system library
Z index -1 showing up on top of 10
Using NuGet PackageRestore with msbuild
create and use google's kml file programmatically in xcode iphone
Secure Textfield value in UIAutomation script
Assembly and ResourceName not valid?
How to stop activity indicator?
Automatically pass the retrieved value from a javascript function to another javascript function?
js event is not triggering using jquery mobile and phoengap for android
release method deprecated
Enable Guides Lines (View->Guides) and modify them with VSTO code
How to get behavior of Group.Captures (from RegEx in C#) in Java?
How can I cast or deserialize SoapObject to my object?
MVC Areas for enterprise - good or bad? [closed]
How to fix IE7 鈥淔acebook Send Button鈥�layout running?
How can I find generic invocations with a specific type argument in my source?
ScrollIntoView Not Working in Listbox if Wrap Panel used [closed]
How to define an Ordering in Scala?
How to set time for reminder alert on every month in VB
How do I use regex in JavaScript to capture the text between two particular characters?
trying to login to a website鈥etting a bit confused
EMR Streaming job using Java code for mapper and reducer
basename freebsd work correct with std::string, but without not
Storing web site configuration
How to use Custom Font whose file size is higher than asset folder in android?
Access pre-populate SQL Lite DB in Phonegap
NCurses with Arrow Keys Plus Modifiers
Application loader iOS issue
Function not getting called in JavaScript
How to push/pop arrays in Ember.js?
Size / Compression of MJPEG vs MPEG-4 [closed]
How to change the powerpoint view type as Reading view programmatically?
Getting error: *****.apk not found
beautiful soup extract element with no class attribute
CADisplayLink accuracy issues with OpenGL ES on iOS
Retrieve most retweeted tweets for a given keyword
MDM - Over-the-Air Profile Delivery and Configuration
Using CGridView to show another model's attributes
How do I add a querystring to show user language (?lang=es-MX) using IIS7 Rewrite 2.0?
Preventing a control changing its Text property while it is not enabled
Creating custom product page in drupal 6 using ubercart
Django JSON:: 'dict' object has no attribute '_meta'
Auto Deploying with Git
How to make this script work with ajax?
dllhost.exe not available for debugging
Does the execution of an infinite loop in javascript tax only your computer's resources?
dllhost.exe not available for debugging
Does the execution of an infinite loop in javascript tax only your computer's resources?
Do I need private certificate doing https in Android java
Is it right to put a viewmodel in a resourcedictionary?
How to find running application size programatically in blackberry?
ADO.NET DataTable.Merge() method doesn't work as expected
How to automatically select the taxonomy parent term if child term is selected in Drupal 7?
How can I move the selection in dijit editor?
How to dynamically add fields in table in Android?
Display result of parse XML in UIViewController, GDataXML
Put data between foreach() in PHP
How to disable ViewState?
MVC3 radiobuttons do not behave like they should
Coding principles in R - Looking for a book/web tutorial for writing complex programs in R
Is injecting commands via markup extension a good practice?
how to make edges round in CSS?
The detail view accessory button on the call out on Annotations is not being displayed
catch file upoaded size using javascript event and cancel
jQuery UI Selectable disable
how change active class on a listItem using jquery
how to query the sqlite using limit
Launching .vsto file after installation. (InstallShield)
android - How do I draw a wireframe over object in opengl 2.0?
Scrollbar in android
Algorithmic relation between geometric shape and ability to make lattices. [closed]
Javascript RegEx partial match
How to make boost::exponential_distribution work?
Create a settings page
Flow networks - finding # of paths from given source vertex s to some vertex t
Local content URL from UIWebView
Escape button with Jpanel or JFrame or Dialog
Save an image and get the saved location of image on android emulator
Looking for a rails gem for simple BI tasks
Expose WCF Web service on the internet configuration
ASP.Net MVC & Proxy & Active Directory authentication. How to improve performance?
YUI 3.5 App Framework server routing
How can i set my image to the bottom of the screen in android using xml code
Vtiger Custom Module : 鈥淪orry! Attempt to access restricted file.鈥�
creating Outlook App which should run on machines in which outlook is not installed
Android: layouts with deallocated components after resuming activity (memory issue?)
problems with <UL> and <LI> styling witout fixed witdh
disable next previous button in prettyPhoto gallery of jquery
Fit the image size (stored in assets folder) into different size of screen
Use ASP.NET 4 feature 鈥淐lientIDMode鈥�in ASP.NET 3.5
How to Open a Popup on Devexpress Gridview CustomButton Click?
How can I deploy WCF Service without IIS in XP?
IP to Country - IPv6
iPhone - View/Close Button Localization on remote Push Notification Dialog
Is this a valid alternative to the double checked locking?
Unit testing a protected static new method in C#
Install PECL-Extension 鈥淪PL-Types鈥�without server permissions
Negative object id
ActiveRecord::Querying#first returns third member of the collection
HashTable concurrency
Installing GTK2.0 on ubuntu?
How to append content to a txt file
How to check the available free space in mongodb
Backbone without a datastore
How floats are computed on a machine without an FPU
Populating Custom List View with data from multiple Edit Texts
Run Geolocation on DalvikVM
Rhino VS Spidermonkey performance tests
Create MySql Database Backup / Rollback
Why this type of implicit conversion is illegal?
casting then dereferencing pointers in C
Can users sign up for my app via facebook on a third-party site using my api
How to Save (SubmitChanges) When TwoWay Binding to a Database
Running time of Euclid's GCD algorithm?
new RegExp is not working
Jersey How to specify dependence between 2 services?
Column-level locking in SQL Server 2008 [closed]
Sqlite Statement not showing items in iPhone
In Backbone.js, how can I add an attribute to the params everytime there's a POST request?
AS3 TCP Socket Lost Packages
NSViewController and bindings
Extjs 4, encode form item
Extjs 3 rowcontext destroy
Incompatible Type when using web service
Getting all resources with a name starting with 001XXX.jpg
Get data from html <Div> to wp7
How to summarize all records in Crystal Reports 8.01
how to receive data from server to android
Using API doesn't keep me logged in
displaying UILabel text using code
Performans of nested queries
Getting SQLiteCursorLoader to observe data changes
can't update table using jquery after ajax request
How to make ui-grid's corner rounded?
remove link underline from image only if the anchor tag contains an img
Core plot objective-c, I am using CPTAxisLabelingPolicyAutomatic, Minor ticks values are not coming?
sqlite3_open_v2(鈥�data/data/鈥� &handle, 1, NULL) failed
source not found, shell script, crontab
Difference between C# partial classes and Objective C categories?
Sequence points and order of evaluation
'reload' a variable in python
Is this possible to show mapView on dialogBox android?
does lubridate work with apply.daily
Get Text From list view item
Dojo Datagrid always shows outdated data
How to Handle Domain name in MVC Routing
How to Handle Domain name in MVC Routing
Run MySQL in memory with slave for persistence
Dynamic file download in Struts2
ListView and TextView in same screen
How to access the global variable of executable in shared library (c - linux)
how to break flash builder application?
The most accelerated javascript snow
MYSQL: BASIC SELECT with != statemenet
Place custom control between pan and zoom controls
How do generics work when returned?
NoSQL keyword search in huge table
Negative ID's value and INSERT
PL SQL numeric or value error
Flex with BlazeDS
Scan GS1-128 with Zxing
Socket.IO setting poll timeout
how to stop slave server in mongodb
How to use Phonegap SoftKeyboard Plugin for Android?
prism navigation: I can requestnavigate to only one particular view
Android External storage Directory Delete
Relative Layout component at the bottom using <include > issue
reference error while including .js in .html in ubuntu using flask
list comprehension without [ ], Python
Running debug on two separate devices in Eclipse
Nodejs vs SignalR: why do we need server-side javascript?
Cassandra - how to retrieve all keys in a CF (Random Partitioner)
Low level implementation of Java Sessions
How to eliminate Objective-C image artifacts when redrawing with Core Graphics
Setting listview backcolor in Access 2007, VBA
Applicatin is not Compiling for simulator
RelativeLayout with two-dimensional scroll
Python's module for testing mongoDB performance.
How to add arraylist elemetnts to Treeview as childnodes
PHP/MYSQL IP Check/Logger
Specifying ngram size and add one smoothing in indri
How to configure cpanel to notify you by email
Python string encoding issue
how to initialize an object in c++ conditionally
Active Model Inserting NULL values in new and create method calls
How to copy data in girdview using session?
how do I add one to many relationship in hibernate?
Converting NMR ascii file to peak list
Are these two code equivalent? [duplicate]
Why can't I pass my Object into session created in Webservice
DQL join between unrelated entities?
C++ and SQL server Job is it possible ? how ? [closed]
Asp.Net MVC: Use model binders in an AuthorizeAttribute?
Creating logback logger programmatically
Alpha channel with DXT5 compressed texture
Creating logback logger programmatically
Alpha channel with DXT5 compressed texture
Ubuntu Quickly PyGTK and Glade3
The YUI datatable with ajax
How to persist dynamically created controls on a MasterPage after postback
Arrange .xhtml files in separate folder in war - JSF2
How to open microsoft documents using android code? [closed]
Date manipulation in AIX shell script
What is the best way to view attachments (PPT, PDF, DOC) in a Phonegap application?
OpenGL VBO - Array Stride wrong?
How do you remove an app request on the iOS Facebook SDK?
XML Transformation failed : Expected Qname?
error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer - dev server IE 9
How to develop WCF app with SQL on Azure Server
Android- How to reverse the position of text in checkbox
android xml layout 7' and 10'
Tracing async control flow with com.twitter.util.Future
Greedy Activity-Selector algorithm: n activities in smallest amout of lecture halls pseudo code
How in DirectShow to know if the webcam is used?
IE9, HTML5: Embedding HTML5 page into page with no doctype
Join on 3 different table takes time to fetch data
How to get list of database from SQL Server?
R: Is it possible to parallelize / speed-up the reading in of a 20 million plus row CSV into R?
Serve image with encrypted src url
JSF 2.0 stability issues
what is the difference between TCP_NODELAY and MSG_DONTWAIT
How to concisely map through a list of lists?
PHP Get strings / numbers in the RIGHT order
Dojo 1.7 eclipse error
Google app engine + jquery ajax deferred + cursors
Sending mail in background
How to send GPS data to server every 5 minutes?
Generate unique ID
How to redirect page World Pay payment gate way page to check whether payment is successful or not?
CSS3 - How to 鈥渞estore鈥�::-webkit-scrollbar property to the default scroll bar
In RSpec I want to replace argument to a method call
John Resig's perf function
Calendar for Android 2.2
PHP - Unable to find variable
Get the URL from button which clicked
How do you rotate the text in textblock in C# (Code-Behind)~~
How to check if image is available in ruby?
Hibernate Query Cache issue
Difference between ApacheActiveMQ and ApacheActiveMQApollo
repeatable read and second lost updates issue
Getting build error while assigning (converting) a TCHAr array to a std::string object
Android: export all the file from mobile to computer when I press on my application button
While Creating Tab Layout getting compile time Error
accessing ipa and plist file from the server behind the IBM webs seal
Table searches fast on local SQL Server but slow on host SQL Server
How to detect leading double-quote in a string in Java?
Lightswitch - getting it to build in TeamCity
Difference between rows
Capturing screenshot in iphone?
CXF - custom exception is not caught by CXF
How To Download A Image (Canvas) in Javascript
Device Rotation /spin Count
Split a separated string into hierachy using c# and linq
How to update Table view ? I am adding views to table view on runtime
How to play video on lockscreen like Live Wallpapers app?
How can I make the first and last UITableView cells stay on screen when scrolling?
Error Validating Access Token
Getting iframe content causes TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
Implementing Replication and Fault Tolerance in CORBA
Code Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Developer' doesn't match any identity in any profile
matlab length of each element in cell array
Create new page in the database automatically according to the number of paragraphs
Wordpress, is there a hook for insert/edit link in post page?
Connection of JSP with MySQL failed
cakephp:$this->Auth->user() login not working on production server?
Add table view to the body of email in iPhone
How to write nested generic function
Downloading pdf from server and displaying it
How to add TextView 320*460 in UIAlertView iPhone
boost Synchronized Queue in C++ condition variable doesn't notify waiting class method on other thread
Has anyone ever reached a read or write upper-bound for an Amazon S3 bucket?
How do I get all users from a table stored in an array by date?
Handling rotation of Cube with button
How to pass special characters to javascript in URL using paper.add method?
Cannot specify a culture in string conversion explicitly when converting nullable decimal (decimal?) to string
Python email sending TypeError: Expected string or buffer
$_POST function won't work?
How to check if a particular call is on hold in android?
package not found error in building pom in maven
Node HTTP request for Restful api's that return JSONP
Find time in milliseconds using Powershell?
_Unchecked_uninitialized_move???? c++
how to work on UISplitviewController in ipad
DevExpress XtraReport designer - label in a calculated field
HTML & CSS: Fullwidth (full resolution) div inside a fixed width div
Python Global File
LinkedList retains values even after returning from recursion
What does result of 'list(contour)' denote?
鈥渏avax.ejb does not exist鈥�Error
Pick location from google map and save it on android device
How to divide FOR loop in N even parts for parallel execution given constant input data for each iteration?
Javascript multi date
Delphi: Display and Fill out Legal Forms or Reports
Is there a way to find out the documents updated/written during a day to a solr index
Traditional (standard) checkout (step by step page)
jquery-1.6.4.min.js automatically redirect to google home page
Using CSS3 Animations in IE9+
Presorting an array in AS3
Web Application + Mobile Application Development - Suggestions
Why Edittext is not working in my code ?
iPhone and iPad app with different UI but same name
accessing the attached property from code behind
aggregate function produces error after loading memisc package
bind crystal report with gridview data without database in c#
Show a particular page of pdf file using c#
Cannot send UDID from iPhone to PHP to MySQL database
Deleting all combinations of data from a table with a composite key in DB2 database
Deep linking Nested Tabs
Calling static Java methods from rhino javascript
Joining 3 tables SQL
Qt Interrupt program every 500ms
Get most recent N files and delete the rest
Integer array access - Java
Problems using Jama in java for LSA
How to output MySQL table in PHP with prepared statements
mysql error in your SQL syntax
How to filter the values in jtable using Regular expressions in java?
Insights for writing an Assembler [closed]
Create test reports programmatically (not using ANT) in Selenium using Junit / Test NG
Play YouTube videos in iPhone app without using UIWebView?
How to build a non-binary tree with or without recursion?
How to make method like UIActionSheet initWithTitle
How to handle InvalidElementStateException in webdriver?
Android BroadcastReceiver with no intent-filter
how can I remove all the indenting chars when I use toString() to convert xml object in coldfusion?
How to generate DOT language output on Python
play video and audio using html5?
Width-only resize with jQuery UI?
How to invoke superclass' method in a Clojure gen-class method?
Couldn't remove entity in many-to-many relationship
raweng FlipView can work for iOS 5 or not?
Communication between .Net Desktop Application and ASP.NET Web application
Selection based on focused TopComponent's activated Node & comonent posion custamization
I cant get my animation to work properly with
Is it possible to test an ASP.NET webpage or website using NUnit?
Content Provider to fetch results from web server?
PHP Facebook FQL: Making queries in the new SDK
Getting the jpg images from an HTML file
Testng marked a test as success when it should fail
How to use NuGet to scaffold to multiple projects in my solution?
Allow a worker thread to work while the main thread is showing a dialog
Google chart not opening on webview of Android Mobile
jQuery horizontal scroll linking
Issue tracking system? [closed]
How to manage facebook page using php sdk
Retreive all the posts done through my facebook app in some specified time?
Check Scroll Lock, Num Lock & Caps Lock in JavaScript on Page Load
Changing the background on a table?
refresh Gridview in without page refresh
how to change text of UISwitch from 0,1 to on,off
Creating a table in android that is affected by SQLlite code
sleep mode vs notification center open
get the content of the page formated as it is in nutch
Operator== overload
Implicit declaration of function found in header?
android wifi api issue with 3.1
SYNTAX: Using PHP function within SQL UPDATE query
Deep Linking Jquery Tabs
Sharepoint. How to access objects in RenderingTemplate
How could a Delphi 6 TWinControl descendant's WndProc() execute sometimes off the main VCL thread?
Button in html javascript not working
Scala Option.orElse in Java
Is it possible to match on the type of a manifest in Scala?
how make an image transperent to a slide show image
When i click another cell with different value, the back color become black in DataGridView textbox
Could a JVM possibly optimize the memory required for references to null, the instance of null type?
Swipe left or right anywhere in a UITableViewCell to delete the cell with no delete button?
About image upload validation in HTML5 or Javascript or jQuery webservices authentication/authorization
Controlling notepad from c# code
how to set Orientation after launch on iPhone
how to find the cause of ActiveRecord ROLLBACK
Add CClayer(HUD layer) at top on OpenGLView?
HELP for embedded linux drivers
How to debug .so on aix which is invoked from java
Sharing only dll and not source code of shared lib across 2 folders in TFS 2010
Filtering images fetched from url by HTML DOM Parsing
textures not loading on certain phones
How to call ExpandedProductResultParser in Android Zxing
Biblion, Django blog error
prolog SWI shell issues
Getting delimiters in Java pattern matching
Informatica - Duplicate elimination
MySQL query with calculation from two tables
How to round decimals in PHP to match Google's results
Adding element into AST in specific position with Eclipse AST
How to detect an (inadvertent) write-only property in my beans?
under mac php shows Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class, but under linux everything runs fine
extjs export to excel not working in IE