OOP Visibility, in general and specifically in PHP
What is wrong with my odd-even sort routine?
Alternative event when pressing the scan button on a datalogic memor device using C#
Multi level inheritance in vb.net
is it advised to created two separate indexes for the query to filter on one field and sort on another?
Adding multiple record at same time in mysql table using Ajax+php
How to deploy a JRuby Resque process as a war file?
Load a website with an added javascript
ASP.Net LinkButton opens page page x.asp when i click on linkButton xyz to open a new window
Z3 Segmentation Fault
Restart application in WPF
does anyone have any examples of using jqGrid with twisted / python
obj c 鈥渇or loop鈥�road block
asymmetric key creation over network
publish reports--jenkins ci
Linq and sorting null fields
possible to target Kindle Fire ebook?
How to display value to text box using vba?
How does backtrace work?
a little stuck on simple black jack program
How to redirect output of user defined class to view in rails
LINQ to NHibernate, how to do this query
Eclipse Indigo typing lag on OS X Lion
How to make PHP array value equal to each other faster
In PHP, how do I express a string literal on multiple lines without the new lines appearing in the rendered text?
Android getting images from WCF Rest Service
Showing Tiff Images in Browser Using Response
Android: How to launch call intent using google voice?
GMap V3 load marker image from array
iOS: Accessing Navigation View Controller From AppDelegate
Fixing my datastore admin?
MySQL flat vs key/value pair
Capybara: undefined method 'visit'
using xmllib2 for C to get an element value
Parsing xml using Java
Generalized eigenvalue for two matrices in OpenCV
Rotate object to point at target 2D
ios not recognized
Issue With UIPopOverViewController while orientation
SimpleXML generating errors with valid XML strings
How to fix issue with middle vertical liquid boxes
ASP.NET SQL with linq-to-entites turn off cascade delete
How do i get sencha touch store to append data
Flood fill Crash
How to disconnect incoming call in android by programatically
Compiling Issue with SFBAudioEngine
given a foreign key, how do i find all tables that use that particular key?
i want to check the the given value present in a dataset column or not
How to use own ContentProvider to other application?
In C++, I want two classes to access each other
Word,PDF Upload and download using Rails 3.1.x on windows
How to fix this error to prevent from going back to the Quiz page and change his answer?
Java multithreading in a laptop having quad-core processor
Reading a local directory in javascript
Importing classes in python 3.2
Python encoding issue: degree sign and others
I want to make one period representative signal from signal train in MATLAB
boost::numeric::ublas::vector internal data storage pointer
HtmlUnit + Selenium within Production
What do two adjacent pound signs mean in a C macro?
How to call user defined jquery or ajax function calls in Jqtouch
Navigationbar is positioned below the hidden statusbar
installing ipa file from the app
How can I set selector for my ListView?
Image not found when running as Jar
Can't load YouTube video in Fancybox - blank page
ASP.NET ResetPassword throws MembershipPasswordException when security answer is correct
Fetching data from multiple database
Does a 'user'-url based website create issues with Google / Search Engines?
Rails 3.1.3 -> 3.2.1 Error
Sending email using asp.net error
R: converting JSON time format into POSIX
Multiple Jquery dialog's
context menu items gets selected on mouse over in mfc
How to convert numbers in a list into decimal and octal?
greater than x and less than y php not working [closed]
Trouble serving Rails 3 app with nginx + unicorn on EC2
What are the major frameworks/libraries for Java AOP?
jQuery :last or :lastChild and how?
TypeError: Error #1006 in flash AS3 while trying to access main timeline from inside movie clip
How to fix the position of a PopupPanel relative to the page when scrolling
(Python) Use a library locally instead of installing it
JAX-WS: How to handle exceptions when client aborted
Can I set image for send and cancel button on MFMailComposer
Ensure collision detection triggers only once per collision
How to Apply a color to excel cell using Qt?
post all photo from database (auction system)
Cocoa WebView navigation white flash
Python equivalent of Perl/Ruby ,,= [duplicate]
Variable number of columns in an HTML table
How to return current date and time from called activity?
Application not responding status when the orientation is changed from the protrait to lanscape
Android Facebook SDK - onActivityResult flakey on HTC Flyer鈥ot on DroidX though
Login page issue with FormsAuthentication in asp.net
fadeToggle on a div with divs inside doesn't work in IE as expected
background color to an element which is positioned before the identified tag?
How to style an element in a 3 level superfish menu
Custom jQuery plugin only targeting specific container
how to use an notification that when clicked on it only clear and does nothing else
Download epub Book Programmatically and save in Documents Directory in xcode
Sharepoint Client Object Model: Load items from list with included File.ServerRelativeUrl
autoshrink on a UILabel with multiple lines
C++ Homework Function Errors
Sorting solr search results using multiple fields (solrj)
What is meant by implementation of Java? [closed]
Hibernate: the best way to update an object
iOS: Sequential interaction [closed]
Converting EBNF to BNF for an LALR parser
Account Registeration Issue In Android Device
Is using assert() for production not favored over if..else.. blocks?
Inconsistent jQuery Selector specifications
OpenGL ES 1.1 - combine opacity and diffuse maps
Can I change the URL of my AppHarbor application?
Flatten a list in Prolog
How to register an interface and register methods using QtDbus?
Namespace or Class, which is better for encapsulation of only function members
Is it a good idea to put different types of models in a backbone collection?
Trigger to prevent duplicate record names in salesforce
What should i use webgl framework?
PHP: How can I disallow HTML content in user-generated content?
Why is the cookie expiring immediately?
How to add values in php?
Android Sliding Transition
Specific duplicate selection in MySQL
I want to autocompile a java file using Java Programming (J2SE), is there any script tutorials? [duplicate]
Wordpress How to display Post Title and its Tags in a table
Questions about instance variables and declaring their properties
Accessing scala.None from Java
How to create a 鈥渇orced鈥�lightbox, i.e. a 鈥淧ause鈥�screen with content behind it
reinterpret_cast for 'serializing' data, byte order and alignment on receiving end
What does the operator reassign function/construction return?
How can I wait a while and then change variable?
Change in directory for FatFree framework does not work
Random Number Generation in least computation time
jQuery ajax success error
jump to code from diff mode (Intellij Idea)
fputs(), fgets(), ferror() questions and C++ equivalents
Texture Atlas - Matrices or Coordinates?
Browser agnostic way of screenshotting the desktop
Splitting String in case of a new line
Spring Batch - how to convert String from file to Date?
Moving javascript on html document
How to generate global, named javascript functions in coffeescript, for Google Apps Script
Is it possible to have Async Socket in Mono for Android using C#?
Trying to incorporate the mass of a ball
IndexOutofBoundsException resolution in this given scenario
Really basic questions about the PHP SDK
UIViewController ( initandinitWithNibName )
PHP upload file to web server from form. error message
How concurrency works in mongo db when many reads are trying when there is already write lock in action..?
how to update a primary key if it is also the foreign key to another table?
Using JavaScript API commands in ActionScript file
Trying to trouble Object required error in VBA
Custom path for resourceful route
IPython 0.12 Error
want to insert <a> link to home page of my site in the body part of mailto tag [duplicate]
How to get gcc's search path for Ada specs
How to get all results if there are multiple matches : XSL
Online Github Readme Writer
Installing iPhone app onto device from Xcode, no files installing with app
Syntax-dependent fonts in Eclipse?
How to write a Loop for a Dummy? [closed]
Jquery setting element value not working for long values (guids)
What is the common way to define models in Rails application?
Inheritance in Objective C, couldn't print the values in my class
FREE JaspersoftiReport 4.5.0 Tutorials
What is the maximum file size one can download using FtpWebRequest?
how to make an image transparent to the background slide show in asp.net
Javascript: Change internal variable with external function?
Excel RibbonBar is not showing when Excel file is opened directly
No implicit reference conversion error
C# Crystal Report Excel Export Formatting issue
android multiple choice using images
How to do a Facebook Video Embed Whitelist Request?
Can I get the local variables of a Python function from which an exception was thrown?
Snow Leopard Server, AFP, ACL on share points doesn't seem to work
Why WPF TextBox's Undo method doesn't work if the value is initialized in constructor?
Get parents of a merge commits in git
Apply to function to multiple elements
PHP XML UTF-8 with special characters throws errors
C# ComboBox Usage [closed]
Enhance awk script by printing top 5 occurring data elements from each column
Expression Expected Error in mY vb.net code
AjaxControlToolkit - GridView wont select - don't understand viewstate
Alternate system time for an application
Sigma Formula for image C++
How to add static value when doing INSERT INTO with SELECT in a MySQL query?
Shouldn't floating an inline element create three block level elements?
Ordering while still maintaining groups with MySql
How to make $arr2 from $arr1 [closed]
Inter-addin communication
Constant memory usage in CUDA code
Focus on ajax generated textbox
Cannot execute *quick sort* script in matlab (from Engineering Computation with matlab book - Smith)
Android Force Close because of SeekBar element
Exclude count of annotate items in Django Query
What's the purpose of specifying IndexDirection for indexes in MongoDB?
Margin-top of not working on unfloated element
301 redirect not working (server fault)
Is there some way to get the SQL string generated by SQLiteDatabase.query()?
Please help me create querystrings in the URLs for my languages! Complete codes included
Does volatile mean it is thread safe
Are compiler optimizations safe?
Leading zeros default behaviour with ISO C99 printf (鈥�Nd鈥�?
Unable to add image field in drupal 7
Is it necessary to add a username column in an app (using Devise,) in order to add that attribute?
loop over the PHP data Returned to jquery AJAX Call
display contact image in image view
Filter Results Before FirstOrDefault() and Then Using FirstOrDefault()
Clearing inputs without adding Float
Repaint and paintComponent() in Java
Selecting a Check Box puts Today's date on same row 6 cells to the right
Is having a model method output a single HTML elemnent a violation of MVC?
HTML5 likebutton doesn't show up on iPad
Can't call aspectj on jsp
redirecting only if the domain url is not followed by anything
In GWT how do I handle the tab click event?
get apex package prefix name?
jquery: mouseover load state
what will happen if i don't free a pointer before allocating it
Hiding bubble label on google bubble charts
like button for my website isn't using correct information
Accepting certificates in Java
svn could not connect to server
Equivalent C++ to Python generator pattern
find view by id works only on some devices
Generics wildcards again.
Shortest way to send a POST call to a URL?
How could I implementreferral program for app users in AppStore? [closed]
What is the purpose in Python's itertools.repeat?
PropertyInfo.SetValue Object does not match target type
Rails: referencing join table properties in has_many :through relationship in a view?
Route name for url generation when using annotations in Symfony 2
jQuery not functioning within innerHTML
Change a tab to a semicolon?
What's the different between asm instruction 鈥渓dr鈥�and 鈥渓dr_post鈥�
How could I implement referral program for app users in Android market?
CloudFront MP4 Progressive Download
how to use PHP session variable in zend framework
Form Calculations with Javascript
fancybox disable button on last gallery image
Typewriter effect with JTextArea
How do I insert dynamic text into Spring MVC error messages?
GAE Go, init() - call it multiple times?
Need a generic php regular expression to do preg_replace
Cannot create file on SD card on certain Android devices
Highlighting search results do not work in some situation
SQL works in SSMS but not on SSRS Report?
Activity has leaked window/dialog (this again!)
How do I fill this vector?Stroustrup example
App_Offline in MSBuild Remote Web Deploy
How to eliminate or sanitize Nicedit
Odd behavior in C++/SDL? [closed]
How to get tags of many UIButtons but with same action selector
DirectX - Parsing an .X File: D3DXLoadMeshFromXof Crash
DirectX - Parsing an .X File: D3DXLoadMeshFromXof Crash
C# equality operators override (== and !=) [duplicate]
using fileIO in windows C++
Video chat SDK for android or iOS available?
vector copying and multi-threading : how to ensure multi-read even if occasional writes may happen?
Xcode: Table View only shows default cells, doesn't run my code
read/write raw data with QDataStream
Driver call, openGL call and corrupted stack when playing with random pause method (A.K.A. Poor man's profiler)
jquery selector syntax $( [] ) and $(鈥�鈥�
BizTalk NSoftware SFTP - Read first file only when second file received
Type-check in method of child class
Windows server cannot read CI URL (PHP framework style URL)
Batch object allocation java
Mobile website contacts
MVC3 Editing Model
Elegant Way to Put Array of Values Into CLLocationCoordinate2D
jQuery Code Hinting in Dreamweaver with noconflict
whose regex is faster? python or perl
How to create matrix in MATLAB
JSR303 Validation: Two (or more) Validations constraints: After first returned an error, do not evaluate second?
If I receive post data with Flask, put that data into a WTForms form and it successfully validates, is it safe from SQL injection attacks?
PHP check if file contains a string
Mysql: Building WHERE clauses in PHP or using IF function in query?
Related SEO and PHP Framework
Equivalent of quadraticCurveTo in PHP
How to save scrollback text to a file for a linux console using framebuffer
DependencyProperty on ViewModel of UserControl not updated by Binding
Create a Google Map Using Zend Gdata
Axiom or WPF 3D?
Can I retrieve google map coordinates from mySQL with lat & lng together in a column?
Dialog breaks when using GtkBuilder to automatically connect signals, but works when manually connecting signals
What to return when datastructure is empty?
What is the meaning of this portion in Rails Datetime column?
Manage system parameter with type in web application
A fresh SVN not pulling out all changes
Any solution to have such a http relay or proxy
Reading barcode from webcam in PHP web application
Should I put lock statements around C# Database Calls?
Setting data for Google Chart inside my JQuery Ajax Json parsing function?
Javascript not working on older browser versions
cannot find type or namespace 鈥淪afeIntDictionary鈥�
Java classpath with and without colon 鈥�鈥�[closed]
Is save to xml files or save to sql server DB? What is best performance?
PHP error reporting off [duplicate]
Symfony2 Validator failed for two embed entities with same name field
Adaptive log4j appender which ignores log directives under load
Wordpress loop that shows first post only?
Flash music player with user access and database
Report Viewer Problems
Defining java object inside a loop , do I need to use null to free memory?
Report Viewer Problems
Defining java object inside a loop , do I need to use null to free memory?
Android - Tomcat - MySQL confusion, is this application design feasible?
Form is submitting when it shouldn't do
Shipped app crashes in Cocos2d lib
Only loading UIImage data used
while entering first character, soft keypad push layout up
Server Transfer Not working
Configuration required to get Sencha ExtJS TreeGrid example working
How to set navigation url for Text in DataGrid Column?
can't find Parsec modules in GHCi
How to Same jQuery call for different ID's objects?
Can't remove MVCArray/Polylines using Google Maps API V3
How should stale indexes be handled during testing?
Read/Write binary files
jQuery .bind(scroll) function not working in Firefox
accessing remote spring batch jobs from spring batch admin
MySQL Insert Data into Table1 when a matching record is found in Table2
GCC on Mac OSX--multiple versions of gcc
Cannot get to bind Enter to 'newline-and-indent in Emacs !!! Very annoying
Android: Slow light sensor (only when unplugged)
Is there a way to change font color of Jradiobuttons using the UImanager
Class composition in Entity Framework 4
how set footer position permanently
Search and replace multiple lines in xml/text files using python
How to change email flag to Recent using IMAPClient
Java RMI: statistics for object stubs
Adding normals to a list of vertices
Grails exceptions filtering, RabbitMQ plugin
adding a border-radius without padding to fancybox2
Find overlaps in array of ranges and build a new array with new chunked ranges
Why does the OCaml pattern `zero -> zero` seem to match everything?
Issue with sending object to another class's method [closed]
Python extension (Boost.Python & Py++) and dlopen confusion
How to listen database connection event on jboss when db reconnects success?
How do you save a picture with NSUserDefaults?
htaccess 301 redirects
Randomize and output list of items to text file
How to generate a dynamic sequence table in MySQL?
codeigniter path issue
C++: Difference between pointer syntaxes
How to swap table name in oracle
Entity Framework Code First - DbNull Convention
Flip div with two sides of html
onContextItemSelected Error
MVC3 - Is it good practice to use the membership DB that is created on a default web app?
php mod_rewrite issue with greek characters
Parse a variant array using command line utils in bash
expose C++ functions in python and embed python in C++
I need a DMS for C#.NET, and am considering WSS, how do I get started?
How to animate from UiImageView to a UIView
MySQL locking when using join
Problems with the JQuery Mousehold Plugin
specific the task_struct in the linux
Handlebars/Mustache - Is there a built in way to loop through the properties of an object?
Simple Java Chat Server
Grab username:password from text file, then post into login form
What are the ramifications of right-to-left and left-to-right associativity in C based languages?
java poi getting wrong column count when reading MS Word tables
Search and replace string in folder shell script
Call C++ library from main.mm results in compile error - verify declaration conflicts with macro
Jquery easing effect
Unable to get to node.js externally
Iterating through all rows in R, removing those that fit criteria
How to present a view controller from another view controller
Quick issue with Python 3.1 http server
nodejs how to pass instance?
Split and transform a R character string into numerical vector
Lessons starting Django/Python/MySQL on OSX (from OSX newbie)
DataGridTemplate Visibility Binding Not working
Use scanf() to input to multiple variables?
How to get a direction for a robot from a method in a sensor class?
Central limit theorem in [R]
Converting Strings to Ints
How do I use a RootViewController when making an app without a ViewController?
How can I get the most out of macros in Notepad++?
ClickOnce deployment 鈥淪ystem.IO.IOException鈥�
Using inheritance to pass a non-static variable between classes
how to: question mark in form action
Proper mySQL syntax for DELETE, FROM, WHERE
Are CreateDatabaseIfNotExists supposed to work in Entity Framework 4.1
How to get a double-clicked TreeTableNode?
can I securely access Gmail for a Rails app on shared hosting non-SSL without putting credentials at risk?
can we have an if condition inside Hibernate Create Crtieria in grails
Django abstract class, form page on select dynamically
What is wrong with the following statement in my code behind in homepage.master?
Clues about reason for dropping into Debug mode seem convoluted
PreOrder and PostOrder traversal by modifying morris traversal
Regex to wrap JSON property value inside another string. MongoDB transition
Multiple Column vs Multiple Column Lookup
OpenOffice Source Code Repository [closed]
Convert a code from Oracle Forms 6i to 10g
Supported music files by BASS audio library
Should my Price have many Metrics or belong to a Metric?
鈥淢ore鈥�button using AJAX and PHP
increase speed of group by query on table in postgres
What is 鈥淔resh Storage鈥�in Splint?
MYSQL - Locking - InnoDB
Cannot deserialize JSON object into type 'System.Collections.Generic.List'
finding greatest prime factor using recursion in c
Very Basic Ruby puts and gets
How do I improve the performance of my SELECT query in Sqlite / Android?
Why changing colors in C++ console application by system(鈥渃olor YX鈥� is not the best solution?
Rake gems:install yields error when following declarative authorization Railscast
Jquery .post and Codeigniter issue
Automapper Map Property as Collection
Harmattan: How to listen for incoming sms event
Null Pointer Exception when calling method from object
Handling Long running AJAX scripts in PHP
Adding code to a preexisting method
How do you move a group of objects to a different location inside of an ArrayList using Java?
Does RavenDB internally optimise 鈥済et document by id鈥�type of queries?
Performing selector on UILabel generates crash?
Change coordinate of MKOverlay for an MKOverlayView
setting a program as my login shell
Graphics not appearing for java game
jQuery-UI Button Set Initial Icon
Proper design for global data access and modification
Comparing custom types
jquery - javascript - project for fine art school
Send an IP packet with Packet.Net and SharpPcap but generate ethernet frame
Define recursive signatures for modules
Im getting this error in my rails app: undefined method `course_users_path' for #<#<Class:0x10fd9be48>:0x10fd93d60>
Building and running llvm-py on Mac OS X
Configure Azure Cache (<dataCacheClients>鈥� of WebRole in cscfg file?
Query large Document Library to get 100 Items only
How do I write a simple Servlet for Jetty using Eclipse?
How to compute cells using DataGridView
Does LLVM support exception Handling for Arm Architecture
Is it possible to combine the functions easier?
Error on import MySQLdb
Nested Query Update in Mysql?
logWatch for monitoring catalina.out
MS access 2003 db dropping linking tables to SQL Server
Show progress spinner (refresh) on ActionBar?
iOS camera application, flicker when switching from front to back camera
Python script hangs up while calling external process
Upload images to another directory in CodeIgniter
asp.net login control. when enter is clicked, submit login
Delegate of UIImageViewController is nil when didReceiveMemoryWarning is received
PHP date() and strtotime() return wrong months on 31st
Locate Java path from Delphi
ASP.NET MVC 3 Implementing Unit Of Work using DI and Repository with EF
ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch from Paperclip::Attachment instance_write method
How come padding is not calculated into the width for submit buttons?
how to set regex for full name in spry framework
Saga completion causes Distributed Transaction Completed Error
system.array does not contain a definition for ToArray and no extension method
Is this a good way to implement a search feature in my Rails application that uses dbpedia and SPARQL? Is there a better way to do this?
Filter a date value of DateTimePicker in BindingSource
Is this a good way to implement a search feature in my Rails application that uses dbpedia and SPARQL? Is there a better way to do this?
Filter a date value of DateTimePicker in BindingSource
Can console.dir have side effects on the variables on which it's called?
Is sorting within a Map definition considered a bad practice?
Transaction check error on yum-update for package libedit
Calling JavaScript from inside HTML?
A PHP script that displays incoming search terms - how do you do it?
Access calendar data Lotus Notes C#
Right usage of org.simpleframework.xml.ElementMap?
Is concurrent collection's contain-like method useless?
MSAF analytics for windows phone marketplace test kit fail
How to change 鈥淒ocument extension鈥�in XCode 4 after creating a project?
Eclipse PDT, XDebug and WAMP. Eclipse not stopping at breakpoint
RestKit - RKObjectMapping only runs once
Why does this Active Record where clause fetch the correct result if I'm passing it an object, not an attribute of the object?
Is it possible to serialize the iPod Media Library Metadata?
Parsing - Top down / First & Follow
Unable to route to even local Netty server from camel,
adWhirl's actualadsize method does not return correct information
Microsoft Robotics studio
Fancybox 2 Custom Titles and Captions [from A(title) and IMG(alt]
Blend (smooth) edges for a textured polygon in OpenGL ES 2.0
How to make FB.api call
How to find the other tables that a foreign key in my table is related to?
Friendly_id not working, redirects to Category with wrong index
Sinatra - How to add javascript in a partials
Why doesn't ImmutableMap.builder().build() pick the correct type parameters?
Documentation about 鈥渄ealloc鈥�
how to bold words within a paragraph in html/css?
Automatically generating makefile prerequisites (gnu-make)
What is the most succinct way of rewriting this function so it produces scroll bar position?
Collisions not registering, but still affecting
How can I retain indentation while using file_get_content with php?
how does asp.net know what event was fired?
convert html to pdf and auto rotate and size large pages
How to check the height of the div to rearrange div blocks
What kind of server for operational transform operations?
JS: KeyShortcut to focus input - putting character
Fading out Javascript 鈥渕odal window鈥�when background is clicked?
Cocoa-Touch 鈥�UITableView setEditing will not show specific cells
plugin architecture zoo example [closed]
Persistent Rake DSL method warning
Java Sockets: My server input stream will not read from the client output stream?
itemized overlay tutorial
Reading classic asp files and finding variables
RIA Framework: Which is best free opensource RIA Framework for Java Developers?
Creating Manual ParseResults in Pyparsing
Detect if mouse is touching element using Prototype.js?
Offscreen Framebuffers in OpenGL
trouble starting lift
WSDL-first: CXF code generation unwrapped/bare
SQL Multiple Entry Syntax
How to get the data from the controller by periodically calling remoteFunction?
how can I send the form data from a native jquery mobile app to a remote server?
Fancybox error : t is undefined
CSS issue in Text Editor table layout in IE7 [closed]
jQuery Validation plugin does not fire success despite 鈥渧alid鈥�class
Protobuf-Net fallback to ISerializable mechanism
API for stock price?
How to right-align last TabControl tab?
Rails 3 - How to edit single nested polymorphic resource?
Simple Database - Design issues
Rails Best Practice for User-Configurable Global Attribute 鈥淒efaults鈥�
Jquery (Window).Resize() calling function incorrectly
Getting attributes of a class
Is there a quick way to shift to a fork in github?
iOS - Too many header files in AppDelegate?
Missing file in compiled selenium app
How to Parse Json reponse received from Geocoding API (V3) in android application?
Matrix generation with octave in a loop
Fixtures PHP algorithm
Difficulties with awk scripting
Lost linebreaks in Chrome console
Proper Indexing MySQL
How to show flash message of newly created resources?
How to make custom posts in WordPress for a dummy?
Android : My app crashes when there is a blank editText field
How do I install Cloudera Hue on Mac OS X Lion?
how to use preg_match to check whole text
php curl lib with http GET and form fields?
Image fade-in doesnt keep final alpha
Search through array/container to find value nearest to x only if it's less than x [closed]
Good examples for using a Closure in Javascript
dependent: :destroy not working, rails 3.1
Can't delete in c++
How can I join data with Linq to Entities and WCF Data Services?
How to convert a MultiDict to nested dictionary
NSURL to NSString Conversion doing strange things
assert_template in test_case.rb seems to be broken. How do I test the layout in a controller spec?
jquery trigger on certain item state conditions
how to find median of 5 sorted list in O(logn) time?
2D array class in java with wrap around edges
EF entity designer - ignore column
How can I map a new array from a specific (known) pattern?
Match Question mark at the beginning of a regular expression for .htaccess
Matisses Linq IConvertible Exception Matisse C#
In Android, how to get a scrollpane
Securing Apache Server at port 8080
Is what constitutes a failed initialization of block-scope static or thread storage duration variables underspecified?
Continuous Simulations on Computers
Matisses Linq IConvertible Exception Matisse C#
In Android, how to get a scrollpane
Securing Apache Server at port 8080
Is what constitutes a failed initialization of block-scope static or thread storage duration variables underspecified?
Continuous Simulations on Computers
Graph API & Real-Time updates
Ejabberd: Additional message types in MUC
Suffix aliases in bash
accessing nodes/leafs in a tree
Creating a vector by passing direction and magnitude in Ruby
Div height not fully stretching to 100%
Redirect deleted directory/file to a new location using .htaccess
make randomiser bookmarklet outputs from selected links
When do I need to bind a socket?
Uncheck ToggleButton after some period of time
Install Net Cassandra Easy on Linux [duplicate]
Updating a polymorphic association in rails
SQLite: 鈥渄atabase disk image is malformed鈥�on Windows but fine on Android
Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding ! Bytes: 0xA0 0x20 0x42 0x72 in - google geocoder
measuring pixel width of table in watir-webdriver
using php preg_replace to change html link's href attribute
Trouble installing JGR
DOMDocument : Find div, get contents and print without div
How do I map path components into query parameters using mod_rewrite?
Eclipse debugger 鈥渏umps鈥�skipping important code
3d View Transformation - Camera orbit does not work
For loop inside a function
Disable save file for default image in a picturebox C#
Android ServerSocket programming with jCIFS streaming files
Detect if mp3 'file' is a mp3 stream in flash (Action Script 3, AS3)
jQuery UI and jQuery computability when upgrading
Seemingly wrong CSS is being given priority
Custom UIButton Color in MonoTouch
iOS Client: 鈥淐aching鈥�Server-side data to persistent storage
HTML5 Fullscreen API & performance
WebView - view 2 web's
Windows batch (cmd.exe) command line parameters and string manipulation
Memory allocation on C++ object creation
Select first image from user SQL
ASP.NET : onchange Event not triggered
Objective-C 2D arrays
How to call the default certificate check when overriding ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback in C#?
How to remove duplicate break lines with PHP
QTextEdit not working
css3 fade transition on links only works for some links on my website for chrome
CSS Submenu background on hover
two dimensional arraylists and input/sorting
Refresh DIV contents every x seconds WITHOUT eternal page?
How to retrieving frequently accessed data from a sql table while being efficient?
Setting up a virtual hosting in Apache 7 for Windows Server?
Changing CodeIgniter url_title from Czech characters to standard English characters
reshaping ndarrays versus regular arrays in numpy?
Strange CSS issue - background attribute is not working without image height
Minimum Page Height for Nested div's
Restore values on screen rotation
How to convert a mutable HashMap into an immutable equivalent in Scala?
Html Checkbox Disabled State is Difficult to Read
C# Interface can be inherited in which langauges?
Error while installing RPM -%post script of spec-failed dependencies /bin/sh
Having trouble setting moderators for Facebook comments social plugin
Global ajax error handler, and closures
Unwanted RST TCP packet with Scapy
Adding a nested, inner or subquery to an existing query
Call GWT Method from Handwritten JavaScript
Need and impossibility of having a type of a signature
Convert from Byte array to a List
SQL Server Primary key violation due to truncate/delete?
Entity Framework Code First mapping composite key in join table where foreign keys are not exposed in model
Visual bug when moving a MovieClip
Selecting New Element with jQuery
Why isn't my simulated mouse click doing anything?
Can't make object reload in chrome
Trying to draw in UIView
How to multiple tables?
.net Custom MessageBox text is highlighted
What, specifically is the 鈥淔acebook ID鈥�
SQL Server 2008 Management studio tabs text
Convert 'char' type to 'int' and preserve data in C language
php exceptions: how to include more information about problematic sql queries
how to access a Java SDK with C++
ASP.NET application to display Windows Service progress
Monitoring a Twitter stream on a webserver
Looking for resources on Algorithm problems/puzzles [closed]
.Net and Ruby on Rails - use situations [closed]
Generate a random sample with a contaminated log-normal distribution
binding <select> change event using jQueryMobile/PhoneGap
URL alias based on language in PHP
Database conflicts between threads
How to determine and use the actual java path in a Linux shell script
Porting to Lua 5.2, LUA_GLOBALSINDEX trouble
ClassCastException while using varargs and generics
Save Java txt file to folder
ExtJS 3 Slider: slider value always goes back to minimum value when the collapsed container expands again
Javascript to list all files in directory on the webserver
Best practice to save data for anonymous users?
Failed to initialize Windows Azure storage emulator
Pentaho/Javascript: How to change field value(unitPrice) from negative integer to postive integer?
Situation using guice + requestfactory in maven-gae-gwt project
My CustomAction to run an executable via WixShellExect is failing
jquery animation with IE7 - trouble
Why is my Facebook page tab application is not loading?
Upload API for django server
Simplifying a very long symbolic expression by automatically introducing temporal variables or in any other way
How do I use ListBox.Items.AddRange together with a two dimensional array?
utf8 error in GAE Datastore Viewer (Go runtime)
Is it possible to fit a linear model with only a response variable?
Rails 3.2.1 asset pipeline not processing /vendors/assets/stylesheets?
Timer on slide show
ASP.Net nested grid update issue while binding data through SQL Server
Determine if the first character in a string is a $ and if it remove it and take everything else
(Beginner) How to get conditional statement to work in WordPress widget?
jQuery to fade entire website content, to reveal background image
Issue with get_absolute_url. Error Caught ViewDoesNotExist
My wordpress plugin adds the data at the bottom of a page
How do I execute a single line of Ocaml code in Emacs?
Using arrays to keep track of expenses in a business trip
java midi latency
undefined method `explain' for #<ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::MysqlAdapter
Type equivalence issue when using dependent method types and the type projections
ICollection<Photo> generate different tables for different classes?
first_name and last_name not saving in custom Django_Registration form
NetBeans Platform: how to remove default windowing?
Method not found - findOrCreateWhere - gorm
How to capture the user's browser info and submit in a form field?
How do I convert HTML to XHTML using JavaScript?
Android Application Not Installing (APK)
Dnn, Client ResourceManagment - path to module
Text-align is not working on a img tag
Separating behaviour into two controllers which act on a single model
combining monthly futures data to front-month time series in MySQL
NullPointerException custom listview adapter
Getting Channel Client ID for RequestFactory requests
John Resig's simple class instantiation and 鈥渦se strict鈥�
changing the position of an object in an array
Output only last value
programmatically take screenshot, crop section, and run OCR tools. quick solutions?
Python module BeautifulSoup extracting anchors href
WordPress custom menu delimiter/seperator
SIFT feature Complexity :implementation matlab
Cannot write to MemoryStream using BinaryWriter
Refactoring excessive conditional logic
processing undefined properties in javascript
Multiple image upload using php [closed]
Opening database file from within SQLite command-line shell
JQUERY - after typing in textarea .change of select menu doesnt do anything
Are these mysql table index changes appropriate?
Is CRUD DDL or DML operation?
Casting items to end of linked list in C
SSL certificate for REST web services (used by Android)?
Get index of object in an array
SSL certificate for REST web services (used by Android)?
Get index of object in an array
Ajax webform with captcha
Disk-persisted-lazy-cacheable-List 鈩�in Scala
Having problems with jqPlot bar chart
Android https server connection No peer
Dowloading a file on android is larger then the size of the file
String formatting issue when using a function
viewWillAppear woes
How to read a global selection using MacRuby?
How to go back to referer after login failure?
Java pairs of symbols program
What is the right way to do a multi-table join query in ASP.NET to SQL Server via LINQ?
org.apache.xerces.impl.dv.DVFactoryException: DTD factory class org.apache.xerces.impl.dv.dtd.DTDDVFactoryImpl does not extend from DTDDVFactory
ZendFramework - How to use formSelect() view helper not to use auto 鈥渕ultiple鈥�
Is it legal to call a base class's template function in a child class? [duplicate]
Eclipse doesn't offer to add import or show functions for android objects
jQuery UI datepicker - month viewer
running rails 3.2 / mongoid app on heroku fails
Storing a BLOB in MySQL Database
Access times for Dictionary, HashSet
Navigation bar pushing down video and controls
Syntax error on token for a 鈥減rivate static final鈥�
What is the difference between class_eval, class_exec, module_eval and module_exec?
Scrolling/zooming a scene in OpenGL and subdivision
jQuery animate using variables
Mobile api key for users instead of a typical user account
iPhone provisioning: Certificate does not install key in keychain
Using class methods to update properties in an object
ELO ranking system: what's a good start rank? [closed]
How to access custom subdirectories in helpers (ruby on rails)?
What Does 鈥渄ouble *鈥�mean in C? [closed]
NSMutableString appendFormat鈥�adds spaces?
twitter4j multiple queries
Get ListItem position in custom SimpleLayout
How to send Twitter updates from C#
Whats wrong with passing a complex type as a result in WCF?
How to write on hard disk with bios interrupt 13h
How can I intercept calls to python's 鈥渕agic鈥�methods in new style classes?
two forms one model in Ruby, separate validations for each
Can I control CSS selection for :hover on nested elements?
Undo steps in Pygame
how to update one table using data from second table
Is <%= yield %> the Rails equivalent of MVC3's RenderContent()?
Android: Exception applying a ColorMatrixColorFilter to a Paint object, but only for certain Bitmaps
Struggling to get FACEBOOK LIKE button to work on site 鈥渄eveloped鈥�using Iweb on a MAC
Using ubuntu font on my web app
Scheme recursion (decimal to octal)
PHP multiple file_get_contents on data of previous file_get_contents
good way to read text file in C
Using ubuntu font on my web app
Scheme recursion (decimal to octal)
PHP multiple file_get_contents on data of previous file_get_contents
good way to read text file in C
Is it possible to map a database calculated value to an 'Ignored' property with code first
Efficiently sorting many strings in parallel for presentation
Casting double to int in Qt developer
Go to the below row in PHP
What happen when the constructor of a static variable in a function terminates unusually?
Making requests from userscript to the localhost
How can i uninstall beautifulsoup from source?
Stuck at converting/implementing Qt (.ui) files to Qtjambi(.jui) files
Height:100% with CSS too large for screen if another div is present
UIWebView cache in iOS
Google page preview
Jquery clone a table with specific row class
Is there a way to get Joomla module position and functions with jquery .ready function?
Avoid HTTP 302 response code when setting the Location header in PHP after POST
Comma-separated string to NSArray in Objective-C
JAXB 2 bindings not working properly
How to model a pricing structure based on a > (greater than) or < (less than) operand
RoR: cannot connect to mysql
How to use templates with C++/CLI 2010?
Is there a built-in way to get all of the changed/updated fields in a Doctrine 2 entity
Are Facebook canvas apps required to provide non-secure endpoints?
C# inheritence child not picking up parent [closed]
C++: error: expected unqualified-id before 鈥�鈥�token
Gtk, custom modal dialog
Make touches leave glowing trails in UIView subclass
Platform neutral unit testing?
Trouble linking ffmpeg example source code
@Html.RenderAction with Ajax Form ASP.NET Mvc3 c#
RavenDb Strange Behaviour with objects with equality members
SQLite Query: Huge Slowdown From Browser to Android
zoo na.approx in R
How to debug 鈥渨atchdog timeout鈥�crash logs?
Setting cookies with jQuery
How do I see all MySQL events that are running on my database?
What is the difference between a packed and an unpacked Google Chrome extension?
Onmousover grab the title attr. and replace the original content with it, reset onmouseout
boost::io_service, threads and std::set
Why is 鈥淢ultiplexed, non-blocking I/O, [..] much more scalable than thread-oriented, blocking I/O鈥�
Does Rhino Service Bus handle individual User responses?
C# optimization - arrays / lists of value types and the stack (gaming)
How to generate a list of 50 random colours in python?
JPA + DAO + Spring: error in the configuration
if the device is ios 5
extracting first line from file using awk command
Mono using MPAPI
PHP checking if empty fields
rake db:create - Could not find a JavaScript runtime
How to stop iOS launch image moving up in Phonegap / Sencha Touch
Brighten images from dark to light on hover
iPhone Simulator immediately crashes with EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Why is VIsual Studio saying this code behind for my homepage.master.vb is missing an end tag?
Why is InterfaceInterceptor not faster than TransparentProxyInterceptor?
Rendering event data with fullcalendar in Zend Framework
How do I add views to an UIScrollView and keep it synchronized with a UIPageControl?
CSV to SAS dataset: no line-final comma causes problems
wxPython with ScriptingBridge causes Seg Fault on exit
R - Loop in matrix
Plone - TinyMCE editor - line breaks with double instead single line spacing
Separating form input and model validation in Django?
鈥淐opy location with parameters鈥�for Google Chrome Developer Tools?
Process Working Set Info in LINUX
Evaluting scripted expression from C++
What HTML5/modernizr features are worth pulling in now? [closed]
Shuffling an array of NSNumbers & converting back to ints
Where can I view Android xml files (online)?
Java library class not recognized?
T(n) of the nested loop, i get the answer as (logn+1)(logn+2) , am i right?
How do I manage line-endings when reading XML file in SSIS 2005
open() not setting file permissions correctly
C++ and boost libraries
Debug an external process?
Why is GL_LEQUAL recommended for the GL depth function (and why doesn't it work for me)?
Replacing string coming from the DB with Smarty
What does API level mean?
CSS: Label/Input wont float in IE7
Getting multiple elements' value with Jquery
process all arguments but first
Xcode 4.1.1 : does not index a newly added obj-c file unless i restart Xcode
Why am I getting Unexpected T_STRING with this wordpress function?
Performance issues using an MPMusicPlayerController - can it be accessed in the background?
correct and efficient way to flatten array in numpy in python?
Import CSV or XML to MySQL
Glassfish ejb ref resolution error for remote business interface
Identi.ca Oauth in Python
How to use strings with variables in codeigniter's language files?
Avoiding reloading of Google Chrome extension
Simple batch file issue
Overload Generator
ajax toolkit - rating control - want to display current rating & allow people to pick that value
Rails simple_forms collections radio button broken down
Hadoop performance
What's wrong with this rewrite rule?
Learning OpenGL on Mac Os X [duplicate]
Clear input line after newline
PHP if statement in SQL query
Box2D collision detection issue?
pause/play ffmp3 with JavaScript?
Why is this suppression of all but one integer value not working?
Can RTTI interrogate types from project code at designtime?
C# Image Resize Math Issue
Any alternative way to check if there is any attribute in python?
Can an entry in an ArrayProxy be bound to a property on some other object?
Revert a project in SVN to a previous version and make it the HEAD version
RequireJS in a Chrome extension
Long + Long not bigger than Long.MAX_VALUE
Undefined error in codeigniter
Is it true to save JSON to NSUserDefaults and populate ableview from there?
jQuery.vticker.js mouseleave, mouseenter functions problems
passing contextual filter arguments to views via service end points
File download based on checkboxes
Findin matching cells in Excel and get the values then put them into another cell
Why is the frame of my UIScrollView changing after making a call with ASIHTTPRequest?
Multiple user/organisation jekyll projects on github
traversing a 2-dimensional array in java
How to continue timer after using clearInterval( );
Printing each element in stack to new line in text file
Algorithm which check if in arrays S and T are integers s and t so s+t=k if k is given number
Is there any way to rotate an Image on Android without loading whole image to the memory?
Django - displaying images and image links
Java steering object with two wheel velocities
What's the difference between document.getElementById(鈥渢est鈥�.value and document.getElementById(鈥渢est鈥�.innerHTML
How to compile against dynamic lib, not static, in codeblocks
Deleting nodes from large XML files
Java 3d: incorrect display of object
UI changes in FragmentRetainInstanceSupport.java
Seeing all my git commits for the day
Error when running Windows Phone Emulator while Vmware virtual machine is already running?
Instantiate class using Type t as reflected
JQuery create a list based on another list
Using compile time recursion to output a grid
Can't commit my project with git
Limit number of page visits based on ip
Animating a shader that uses an array for coloring
CSS in ajax loaded content
VS2010 Database Unit Testing Inheriting from ResultSetCondition
Retrieve username for 2 separate users on 2 separate things
Firefox extension to close firefox window
Problems with storyboard
Changing page 鈥渢heme鈥�along with div content
See java exit code in Unix
What's the best way to keep a distinct record for each user in Android?
How to enable user custom domains in PHP
Android implementing tabbed layout that you can swipe across
Exporting a big XLS file on Heroku
Which third party shopping-cart can easily be integrated with MODX Revolution?
ActiveAdmin asset issues in Rails 3.1
Which third party shopping-cart can easily be integrated with MODX Revolution?
ActiveAdmin asset issues in Rails 3.1
Audio pausing when device switches off NOT PLAYING IN BACKGROUND Xcode 4.2
Rails 3: include a field from has_many through association
good practice parsing specific html table with urls in perl
Access variable from controller within a respond_to js file
How to sort massive map by one value property?
Ruby on Rails and haml syntax error with text mate
How to load image via relative path in SFML using XCode IDE
OnHover run php script
PHP Selecting HTML from the DB and apply changes
Error while using CUDA and C++11
Why does creating a Font based on a nonexistent FontFamily work?
Does std::string find require that pos be less than the string size?
Segmentation Fault - Invalid read of size 8
Horizontal SWF's giving white space
Using Scala's Either, Right and Left from Java
Get position of image relative to parent, taking vertical-offset into consideration
git-svn ignores http proxy (debian)
Why pipes are not deleted using 鈥済sub鈥�in Ruby?
How to loop through me/friends and assign each user it's picture from {USERID}/picture from FB.api
Generic method and passing any enum as parameter
JQuery set an element at the middle of another
Having problems using py2exe
Inno Setup: IGameExplorer and RemoveGame
Flash cs5: Set a variable using a function, then read that variable from a differect function
django-social-auth on google app engine
How can i remove all control characters from a java string?
Number of Nodes with Specific Black-Height in Red-Red-Black trees
Android: how to send a rtmp stream address to an external videoplayer (e.g. MX player)
Run a script on a computer from php
Writing a login in node.js using express
Setting an enum set based on a long value
fql getting friends list error
How to draw only once per level positions and check if position are unique?
SimpleXMLElement and foreach loop issue
GUI actionability
How can i send webrequest with multiple cookies?
Writing a shell conditional for extensions
Is there any trace jit implementation based on LLVM?
Android - Custom List (Overlay elements that stay on certain positions in the list)
Does Facebook Connect needs a CCATS classification to be distributed? [closed]
What is a 鈥淢ySQL event鈥�
Is there a way to tell what kind of tag I hit when parsing XML in Android?
PHP/MYSQL: Unsure why variable does not contain a value
Parsing XML Schemas and deriving metadata in Java
Node.js Express vs. Flatiron
onCreateContextMenu isn't being called
ActionScript 3.0 To Send POST and get data from .Net 4 using MVC
Getting strings recognized as variable names in R
Intent.ACTION_VIEW crashes with android.content.ActivityNotFoundException
Android - how to read file from /data/data/* without root permissions?
Want to modify chrome URL
Simplest PHP Upload Progress Bar
After MVC3 publish, just update the views
RegEx issue in PHP
Is there a way to validate the syntax of a Salesforce.com's SOQL query without executing it?
Differentiate Context, Request Context in django
Activity Feed Not Working on my website
NullPointerException at actionPerformed. Not sure why
correct way to define class variables in Python [duplicate]
what does `super()` in `__new__`
PHP generated link in echo
Multi Object Upload to Amazon S3 not from directory in C#
Updating MySQL table at once or on every click
RSS/Python - Parsing Single Image URL
How can I setup an RSS type notification service?
mongodb replica sets read locking
Share Value Across MVVM Model Hierarchy
Give alert on second time page loads using Jquery
Run scripts from database
CoreData and NSInvalidArgumentException unrecognized selector sent to instance
How can I check if a ContentResolver is busy
Assigning to typed variables across SWF boundaries breaks
CSS Rendering Issue in Chrome / Firefox
One PHP file not executing, others working fine (using php function 鈥渕kdir鈥�
Why use static blocks over initializing instance variables directly?
Control the Duration Of The Fade Function In MooTools 1.2
Counting all 'drawing objects' on stage
how do I get a recursive result by querying a self referencing table in mysql?
Knockout js working with the foreach control flow and radion as template
Compiling / running Java from one folder up
Improper freeing of the heap aborts C program
Self-executing functions in Titanium
How does CSS opacity affect accessibility?
std::map.insert 鈥渃ould not deduce template argument for鈥︹�
how to get UILocalNotification repeat on certain days
How to load and blit image python
Programmatically (javascript?) edit divs in open in Safari webpage (Facebook)?
Open social in a new social network [closed]
Python remove set from set
gcc - linking multiple c files to a c++ file
Concordance of text
display UIViewController
g++ not compiling my c++ program