Custom mod_menu in Joomla
Efficient screen scraping in Ruby
Java switch statement asking for input twice
How do I intercept button presses on the headset in Android?
Getting neighbourhood boundaries from Google Maps API
Is the `else:` correct/necessary in this Python program?
Two arrays comibation under the same key
How to get the URLs being cached in Django with its parameters?
Providing global configuration data to objects within a UI framework
Is there anything wrong with creating Couch DB views with null values?
Create Oracle database and schema programatically ADO.NET
Is it possible for Mongo push requests to avoid duplicates?
regular expression match no word character an white spaces
JAVA: Get 2 values for integer variables from the user in 1 line?
Running libreoffice from php exec()
Replace subview of NSSplitview with custom view
How to replace these smileys using javascript
Pass data from a table to a webview USING SEGUES
latex long equation page break [closed]
disconnecting HttpClient
Are there no class aliases in Doctrine2?
Why won't this submit value to database?
Flash cs5 code location confusion
Medical data real-time data compression algorithm
pthread_join blocks my code
Alter Jquery table script to only filter one column and not all columns
Open specific Test Plan, Test Case and Test Result in Microsoft Test Manager
cocoaHTTPserver multipart/form-data timing out?
mysql fulltext! do not ignore anything
what does the following snippet mean
Dynamically creating objects in C
SQL Server Check Constraint querying other tables
FTP Concurrency issues using Ipswitch WS-FTP Pro
Create Bitmap from jpeg
Is there syntax highlighting for assembly in Sublime Text 2?
Setting 鈥渁n informative User-Agent string鈥�in getURL
Finding strings that are not in DB already
Error in using Embeded Firebird
assertion compareTo in java
Delete row using Java PreparedStatement not always working
CSS is looking different on heroku
Unable to generate Tumblr API Request Token in PHP
Number of rows inserted into SQLite db is negative
Customize the look of the navigation bar in iOS 5 SDK
XSLT or XPath: how to find a node with a specific tag and text then extract it into a new xml file?
Android Explicit Intent, Loading second Activities layout, not reaching OnCreate method
Unique names in primary keys
Javascript, alert if a value on $(reviewForm).serialize() is blank?
Combine jquery variables into one selector?
Python OpenCV - Find black areas in a binary image
Can Viruses be uploaded to server using upload forms and what can be the impact?
How do I prevent 2 js files to be overwrite in my HTML code?
Where can I find a list of all methods of javascript objects?
Unique numbers in C++ [closed]
Error when generating a spell file in Vim: E484: Can't open file/tmp/tr.utf-8.spl
python 2.6.5, and getting the result of a call to a php app
How to prevent auto-launching of our iOS app from links in FB iOS app?
Multi Threaded Server design
Bios INT 13h ! help needed [closed]
Memory allocation for multi-dimensional std::vector (C++)
Android: Youtube API using API Level 11 (or higher)
Pushing user to page with POST data
File Exists But Receiving ENOENT Error
XCode is lagging when typing? [closed]
Need help writing Java method to perform recursive descent parse
Titanium HTTPClient returns too 'fast'
Viewpager: If page get removed the next pages content gets the removed pages content
Error in NewRelic log file 鈥渨arning: dstat(/dev/vzfs) failed - desk metrics not reported this cycle鈥�
Matlab: Get Fields of Structures Inside Cells, 2D Strucutre Array
JS While statement in Image Slider
Expires headers on AppHarbor
Monte Carlo Tree Searching UCT implementation
MYSQL - Not outputting correctly? [closed]
Wich paypal / payment plugin should i use with grails 2.0?
How to order DataColumns?
vaadin multiple date picker
Iphone sdk, memory leak
How to modify an image dynamically
Retrieving a value from a parameter of an object in an ArrayList?
Guidelines for models in MVVC pattern (specifically using knockout.js)
how to find the most common value in core data attribute
Crash with thrust::min_element on thrust::device_vector (CUDA Thrust)
rails 3.1 model and view and controller association with 3 tables association
Inserting different values in php echo
make: pattern rule not applied?
Get .net process from memory rather than on disk [closed]
Weird Glitch With Video Ad Overlay
How to: Display MKOverlay on MKMapView
YII on different domain
Sencha Touch - Grid Layout
Always display time as XX:XX using PHP
Javascript Submit form with custom button?
Is there any way to draw outside of an Applet's paint() method?
iOS: Methods and Functions
What stream format should iOS5 Effect Units use
Output Include Paths and CMake
How to get the result of 鈥渁ll pages with prefix鈥�using Wikipedia api?
How to store binary data with cassandra cql
Refresh the content when the buttons are pressed in DataGridView
Detect a TrueCrypt Volume [closed]
Neural Network : Train Y= X1+X2 Poor performance: How to train small erratic pattern for regression
jquery dropdown doesnt work?
Alert when sql log file become too big?
Detect if keyboard is open from Service
Neural Network : Train Y= X1+X2 Poor performance: How to train small erratic pattern for regression
jquery dropdown doesnt work?
Alert when sql log file become too big?
Detect if keyboard is open from Service
MPMusicPlayer mute volume is not working
VisualStudio 2010 CSS
Should you specify the parent object in javascript when using the alert method?
How to retrieve a certain view in Xcode
Set user field in a form object created using ModelForm
Registration date
Can I use my existing .Net 4.0 Class Libraries on WinRT Metro Style Applications for Windows 8
Draw a circle of 1000m radius around users location in MKMapView
Expression Engine - Fieldframe Error After Upgrade to 2.4
Using mergeAdapter from commonsware / cwac-merge in viewpager
@route annotation overriding another route
Removing item from dictionary of lists
kernel mode and memory protection [closed]
UITableView (Section)Footer has always maximized width
DataGridView bound (through DataSource) to a List does not show anything
resources.GetObject(鈥�this.Icon鈥� crashes application on Windows XP
Node.js - callback outside a callback?
Passing multiple objects with perspective broker (complex types)
MainMenu fade in/out effect in VB.NET
FB.init is causing Facebook tab setAutoGrow() to not work
PHP Header does not redirect in iframe, no error shown
CSS selector for child of EITHER parent A or B (best practice)?
Determine whether a grammar is an LL using pairwise disjoint test
substitution cypher with a dictionary
access .net program from memory [closed]
Create a mongoid field that can't be modified after the object is saved?
Print season exercise with system date (sy-datum)
Multiple Dicts w/ the Same Set of Keys
using subquery as a table on rails 3.1
Is there any possible way to use a 32 bit library in a 64 bit c# app?
What is the difference between big and little endian floats?
Cannot use a native library in monotouch
NodeJS, Express: How to redirect to the oAuth origin
How to find a number of prime numbers?
CSS corner block
Thumbnails from JS Gallery Placed in Footer
DOM Collections: How to browse contents, and unknown items in links collection
Message bus for OSGi services
Check Format for Json in Lua
Do website and app development require different developers? [closed]
JDK - Windows Services? [closed]
How to handle default column autosizing in TListView with OwnerData true
How to retrieve list of applications from registry in Windows 64 bit
How to make a CMS config file in PHP (custom)
jQuery plugin namespace for specific objects
Android and Google Analytics
IOS: drawRect display 1px on corners
printf and pointers [duplicate]
Android org.apache.hhtp.NoHttpRsponseException:The target server failed to respond error on login screen
How can I retrieve a password such that it can securely be deleted from memory later?
Work around SpellCheckerSession leak?
Is it possible to get userid and name of a logged user from iframe fan page/landing page?
How to show WPF DataGrid Parent/Child records with Entity Framework
Choosing the right pattern to use 鈥渄rivers鈥�and combine it
What is this new[] a shorthand for?
vim c++ configuration [closed]
Devise omniauth-github oauth2 error 鈥渂ad_verification_code鈥�
Disallowing assignment and passing by value
Customize login process using 鈥�django allauth
How to render an MVC action to string without HTTP context?
How to find items where ID is not 1,2,3
Dynamically create sitemap and route it to the root level
mousedown drag (specific to topic)
Entity Framework inheritance EntityKey not null issue
How to re-scale bitmap to different screen sizes but keep it square?
Interrupting two blocking pthreads by signals
CyclicReferencesAware attribute - StackOverflow exception
Comparing values in Array fails
jquery accordion effect clearinterval error
Dynamic select variables in SQL
custom format or transform data in a MaskedTextBox during databinding
Visual Studio 2010 - Debug Output
Convert column-oriented data to row-oriented HTML
Sending an email from Delphi using Indy changes Danish chars
How to preserve special symbols when reading in a file in Java?
Unexpected Token ILLEGAL only in Chrome, only on Refresh
What perfmon counters are useful for identifying ASP.NET bottlenecks?
JButton alignment in JFrame
Getting the Twitter stream on Heroku with Django App
reading file into a char array and then calculating strlen gets stuck in C++
Why is this bit of javascript making my checkboxes difficult to check?
A way to query both news feed and wall using a single request
CommonJS better than Namespacing in Titanium Apps?
Create JLabel in actionPerformed in Java
assertion in java
Is there a more efficient way to find return a subset of an object?
Loading query results inside a static parameter
stop following a user if it does not follow any post from this user
How to convert a SQL field stored as a tick into a date
What is the difference between synchronized(this) and synchronized(ClassName.class)?
Searching for an object in an unknown NSDictionary/NSArray depth
Compiling for Compute Capability 2.x in CUDA C for VS2010
getElementById() breaking loop
make log probability plot with desired x-tickmark label and with gridlines in Matlab
styling html email for GMail
Why does jQuery cookie not actually set a cookie?
Why does jQuery cookie not actually set a cookie?
Ranges on multiple columns
UITableView insertRowsAtIndexPaths:
Methods with multiple arguments in objective C
websocket closing connection automatically
Using PHP djjob
AUTH not available (Net::SMTPAuthenticationError) in Ruby 1.9.2
Unable to cast object of type 'NHibernate.Hql.Ast.HqlBitwiseAnd' to type 'NHibernate.Hql.Ast.HqlBooleanExpression'
Emulating the Facebook iOS App login, Special user-agent being sent?
2D Rectangle Collision detection in Android
Linux C++ Project Source File Directory Structure
Getting a permanent access token for facebook application with credentials
How to use an image as mouse pointer instead of the default arrow using C#?
HTML/CSS div is not fitting in div
Making an easy way of getting the value I need in PHP?
How to exclude NewRelic RPM pinger from creating useless sessions in database
Android app with library can't find the library.apk
Javascript shorthand if-else and returning
How to proper test threads in Java?
iOS- How to break down a web content and display it as you want
Java Swing: GlyphView : StateInvariantError after deletion of ordered/unordered list (HTMLDocument)
PDO, Accented letters (帽, 茅, etc) in a mysql database showing up as question marks
how to open new browser window on button click event
Handling container stop/reload event
How would I get a string from Resources, if I only know which resource at runtime?
efficient way to group second data on a per-day basis?
Rails Ajax .post request not running as it should
reserve() memory multi-dimensional std::vector (C++)
Using django-registration with recaptcha on Heroku
How to make a case-insensitive query in java?
Flex Prevent soft keyboard from closing
Auto install of web app in iOS?
Passing _socketobjects as parameters
too many public methods with @ModelAttribute
Defined behaviour for expressions
WCF issue - wsHttpBinding with Username Authentication and TransportWithMessageCredentials
Current class is removed on page refresh
How can access a List created in prolog?
Modular arithmetic in VB
How to use bitcask as a stand alone
REST: I don't get it
How to call C# code from C code? [duplicate]
validate FileFiled URL in django
Not returning correct INT
Proper use of ARC (Automatic Reference Counting)?
What are the rules for when LoaderCallbacks.onLoadFinished() will be called?
XML::Simple and unique names
Curly Braces Notation in PHP
Compare dates by month and day only
how do i convert unix timestamp in integer to human readable format in django template?
How to pass JQuery variables to Razor?
can users manipulate what is being sent to web server via POST array in PHP?
Adobe Air - Change app window meta title
RESTful atomic update of multiple resources?
Installed Ruby 1.9.3 with RVM but command line doesn't show ruby -v
VIM add tag to multiple lines with surround.vim
cakephp get schema for list of tables
debugging zend framework application on loading page
How to change PHP constants?
Profiling advice - trying to pinpoint site loading issue
Dynamic poll plugin for J2ee web application not PHP
Defining a module in Prolog
mysqli_real_escape_string not working correctly
Random List choices in python
method of deleting a node from a linked list, incorrect?
check number of a given character occurence in a String
Returning all data in single query without while statement php
Adding text after variable in JavaScript code
How can I obtain the date object from a timestamp in PHP?
Silverlight 5 - .XNB File location
iOS Memory Management Issue
Problems with the UITableView
Magento how do I programmatically ship orders?
Twitter follow button doesn't render in Google Chrome
Android spreadsheat-like application scrolling
Internal REST API
How to automatically calculate the value of a text field in Adobe Acrobat with javascript based on the contents of another text field?
Increasing and decreasing the height of a div using JS
getElementById not working in textbox?
How do I prevent a JQuery UI menu from floating?
Replacing an icon in Xcode 4.2
gcc unix environmental variable
ASP.NET MVC: How to setup web.config for LDAP authentication?
Views slide incorrectly after orientation change
xcode and run scripts
How to restrict a data entry user to work only 8 hours on my website
pygame play music error
RSpec test for create action of a controller for a nested resource
How do I append metadata to an image in Matlab?
MySQL error - 鈥淵ou have an error in your SQL syntax鈥�
CSS for fluid Google Map with sidebar for search results
Confused about order of operation when using a Matrix in XNA, C#
Rails 3: Strategy for system notifications
Difference between fold and reduce?
Make a dynamic launcher icon
static method patterns for constructor functions in javascript
How to capture video from IP camera using java?
How to read from a file char by char in C++?
XSLT and entity references
jQuery AJAX: return value on success
position first div below other two - all have variable height
Can child with many parents have different authentications depending on who he's staying with that weekend? (Rails3)
A learning application for popular web frameworks, like TodoMVC
Lazy Load with normal DOM inside specified class?
Replace HTML Element Contents
GIT replace branch's contents
QT - Modal Window with child windows
Java Scanner : 鈥�鈥�is not a double
Specifying attributes of a Rails object passed into a JSON object
How to add a border to an item in a ItemsControl?
Letter and number count in raw_input
AFNetworking - Download multiple files + monitoring via UIProgressView
Initializing a reference to member to NULL in C++
Windows ETW: Kernel consumer receives no EventCallback or BufferCallback events
How to show long strings in Eclipse IDE
ProvidesKey<T> in GWT
Parallel Merging of two sorted lists
Zookeeper Solr integration
Accessing String Collection in JSP (Application Scope vs Session Scope)
find cell reference of a cell from another cell in excel
Filtering a CoreData FetchRequest
What technology this site uses for route searching?
Writing one-dimensional array into two-dimensional [closed]
Passing ID to Selector - Jquery
vim hotkey does not work
Where is the C/C++ iTunes API? (not COM!)
Graph drawing using ZEST framework when button pressed, not working?
TabBar with reload UIWebView
Test for win in 2D array of chars with predefined array and win length - Java
Mult-table delete
Simple.. Finding bug on Update calculation I think
Positioning oversized jQuery.UI dialog WAY off
JavaScript if else statement not working
In computer graphics programming, how to rotate a plane to coincident with another plane Z=0
PHP IRC Bot Undefined Offset
How to plot a histogram from array
Correct use of repeated property?
How to not show 鈥淔riend who using the app鈥�in FB registration plugin
Php / Jquery Forms & Datatables
Return to first Dialog Window with Back-Button
How do I sort a list of dictionaries by more than one element
Importing data into MySQL database
Is it safe to keep an unused iOS5 method in target iOS 3+ code?
Is it possible to find out whether two instances are of the same RDF class, programmatically?
VB.Net Hide Tabpage
Combine hash and non-hash URLs in Backbone.js
converting bar graph to dot plot in matplotlib?
Throwing NotSupportedException From Property Getters
GHCi - Breakpoint is skipped on second run
how to remove a method with a callback or otherwise
Format and video Resolution like WMP with MediaElement WPF
how to retrieve json data that came from a php numical array?
ASP.NET MVC 3 real time events.
Deploy Release C# windows application
Possible to use two ArrayLists to populate one spinner with custom layout?
Zend Framework how to do this in order to not repeat myself
SQL get 10 biggest average values
Documents requests and memory issue using MongoDB
CSS Preprocessor or PHP?
Mongoengine filtering on a listField with __contains not working
The column name is not valid. [ Node name (if any) = t0,Column name = version ]
Getting 鈥淴QueryException鈥� Unexpected token syntax error
After upgrading Postgres and Rails I cannot get my migrations back on track
Saving a extended user profile
Disable dates by name of day in jquery ui datepicker
UIScrollView as a means of navigation using a container UIViewController in iOS5
How to pass a multidimension array to javascript from c#?
Key Value Pair for Java Swing JList
Not apply rewrite in a Joomla subdir
Remove shadow from UIBarButtonItem Image
Setting resolution for a specific tab in Chrome
Closing multiple Dialogs at once
CakePHP 1.3: How to prevent a find operation from returning [0] arrays - Recursive Does not work
How can I run SBCL code under a Unix-like operating system in a convenient way?
Source control basics
transfering session using session_id across domains
SystemC constructor, class
Cannot push to github because non-fast-forward updates were rejected
How do I correctly write this array for my javascript
os x lion: git can't find
PHP: emulate the global behavior on an unknown variable inside a function
Is there a syntactic error that I'm overlooking in this loop
MMS audio on iOS 5
Checkbox still unchecked after triggering the event
Replicating Google Analytics DateRange picker
.NET library to run performance test for web
text-shadow in older FireFox versions
the possibility of creating a programming language without pointer aliasing
Crystal Report in visual studio .net 2008 on local machine and server with design differences
Plotting a histogram from cellvalues
Factoring out a weight in a summation
saving/restoring buffers not working in vim
Htaccess - Http Authentication - Possible to possible to catch GET and apply authentication then redirect? Have example
Debugging vim keypresses
How to efficiently write to file from SQL datareader in c#?
Optimize Nhibernate query with Mapping by code
RSpec fails when matching two classes, even though the classes are _identical_
R: loop through a check all that apply response to create dummy indicators
Tried everything 鈥�Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1
C++ by example book
ChildBrowser onLocationChange not working
extract value from spinner and use it to calculations 鈥�NullPointerException
Series in XtraReport Chart doesnt display
Regexp to create proxy class
Error with headers of NSMutableRequest
Positional inverted index in MongoDB
ISO for Android Google APIs for VirtualBox
Accessing the Foursquare App Gallery via API
SQL Query to provide me with the total number
Convert function to another form inside macro
Change partial view on link press
How can I disassemble an Android dex file within Eclipse?
Azure SQL - Single or multiple DB connections?
Flash AS3: Resize SWF but keep elements the same size
MVC 3 UpdateModel & SaveChanges
Sliding a UIView left and right
what is better to place the scipts on the _layout view or in each view
Is Android's CameraInfo.orientation correctly documented? Incorrectly implemented?
DataGridColumn Header content WPF
From SQL Server how do I read from an MS Access database to UPDATE data in one or more table columns?
How is SQL select usually implemented
Verifying HTML table data in WebDriver
how to learn java using just the official apis? [closed]
How to implement Hough Circle in Java
Xorg seems to kill EC2 instances (CentOS 5.4)
UIBarButtonItem Image Inset Reapplied Every Time Redrawn?
Memory usage and known issues with RegEx and different Framework versions
How can I create a Database Table the first time a phoneGap app loads?
Sugar CRM in Joomla! installation folder, any possible issues?
Wrong image for Like button with meta properties
Dealing with views and some other things
Enforcing generics on a map
sending multiple mpi non blocking send - will it preserve the sent order
Browser simplified
Datagrid Row Selection On Button Click In WPF
wicked_pdf with rails 3.1 and ruby 1.9.2
A type within a signature used for another signature
I want to get the system keyEvent from java
Markov decision process - how to use optimal policy formula?
DotNetZip Library read from one zip into another
How to send all the Address Book contents to a server in a fast way
HttpGet - Enclosing parameters in quotation marks
Periodically switching sink file name
How to make return value 0 of a script
Select parent and child records and sort by child using rails 3
Given an array return any index on which its dominator occurs
How to link to a page on the current domain without writing the full URL
Python and PYAML - yaml.scanner.ScannerError: mapping values are not allowed here
Centering UIView in LoadView
vim change backslash key for hotkeys
ComboBox ItemsSource binding within a DataTemplate
Fitting webpage contents inside a webview (Android)
Operators overloading : memory leaks
Run-Time Error 91 When Trying to Find
Android: How to stream m3u, .pls, RAM or asx file
MVC3 Login using web.config, Error 鈥淚t is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' 鈥�
How to animate object without Open GL ES?
c++ templates in vim
F# 3.0 LINQ groupBy sample mistake
Clear back navigation stack on activity intent
Using char for small integer (C++)
Delete a child node
Business Intelligence in SharePoint - which technology for my task?
Splitting number into groups
Jax-ws : Java SOAP exception :MustUnderstand headers:[{}Action
Select a random value from an Array
How to compile a templated class (C++) in Eclipse?
Android Usability Testing Setup (ddms, screenshots, touchevent)
something to help visualize an iOS aplication workflow, algorithms, methods called etc [closed]
Embedding Ruby debugging and gems using
Using Facebook Graph API + PHP SDK to get User's About data
Java speech to text API [closed]
An alternative to <a> tag for a Hyper text-email link. JS screws up my drop down as it is based on <a> tags
How do you split a string in C?
Simple way to convert a URL into a filename
counting the number of digits in a larger number
'on' option to joins in squeel
EditText widget in a ListView in a Tabactivty on Android 4.01 Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy Nexus
ShellExecute to open a special folder (ex: 鈥淟ibraries Documents鈥� without knowing the special folder name
HTML treat code within brackets as PHP code
How to get auto incremented field
php mysql calculating successive rows
What's wrong with my JavaScript syntax?
facebook share error: 鈥渕ethod鈥�is a required parameter for FB.ui()
Streaming to a mediaelement
What are the rules about concurrently accessing a persistent database
How to post arabic text using cURL in PHP?
Typing Autofill form
Splitting hairs with REST: Does a standard JSON REST API violate HATEOAS
using comma to rename a model attribute
ORM - ManyToMany relation on MappedSuperclass
Jquery Mobile getJSON callback not triggered
What do you call a modification that is made on a Environment that is not DEV?
Logical operators using egrep
Is there a Zend_Queue_Adapter_Beanstalkd?
datatables left join c#
Create Facebook Sidebar / Navigation in Xcode/iOS5?
new String(); in java
handling bounce email w/phpmailer
CASE condition and how to code it?
Core plot objective-c, i want to make range of y-axis of my graph similar to excel graph automatic axis range/scaling
Twitter OAUTH - returns response code of 鈥�鈥�
Replace directory path by manipulating string - Java
Focus on KeyDown in VB.NET?
Remotely rebooting multiple Macs at once
Querying with Spaces Sparql
RSpec and Capybara setup, have_no_content doesn't seem to be working
Error in exception handling with LLVM
PDF Not Attaching to Email When Multiple Pages
Offline maps on IPhone
detecting when NSUndoManager's alert view is visible
Designated Initializer
How can I get Prawn from :git in my Gemfile?
iPhone simulator crashing on startup
from json to a ruby hash?
crossdomain javascript user verification
How can I change my php server settings so that writing $x[y] == $x['y']? [closed]
What's a proper way of writing request specs in RSpec?
CGPath invisible on CCLayer
Python: How to append a value in a dict to a list if the value is found in another list
Un-grouping of jquery radio button widget
Confused with testing my paypal subscribe buttons
VB.NET - counting days between two dates with exclusions
Travelling salesman: Little's algorithm
Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm in Java Limited Edges [Android]
Django dispatch.fcgi Works From Command Line but gets 500 from Browser
Back button reopens the Activity
How to get a specific value between other values having the same Key
Xcode UIWEBVIEW download , save HTML file and show
lisp - String to struct or list
Bad Practice to use Nullable<T> with Value Types?
Android - Displaying String Retrieved In an Async Task
Git branches with directory tree differences
How to change the character encoding for Servlet 3.0 Spring MVC multipart upload forms?
Creating a permalink to a certain portlet state
Invalid regular expression in javascript
Difference between accessing cell elements using {} and () (curly braces vs. parentheses)
SQL Server, select a record every 'x' amount of records
WordPress wp_title blank on index page
Android Action Bar add all icon to overflow
Cannot find -ltinfo when compiling android 4.0.3
Get list of devices on LAN in C
php split string into array by date (yyyy-mm-dd)
Adding Pull To Refresh functionality to UITableView
How can I compile sfml project via command line on mac?
Confusing for loop C#
How to use a hover css pseudo to apply only to the top level element?
Core plot, how to change color of negative axis tick labels
NSProxy and Key Value Observing
How to use a hover css pseudo to apply only to the top level element?
Core plot, how to change color of negative axis tick labels
NSProxy and Key Value Observing
Why is my process always showing in the DDMS processes list?
Fastest algorithm to calculate the Normalized and Engineering Scientific notation of a number
Spring and CastorMarshaller: add namespace to XML root
How to do unit tests in VS?
Complex MySQL search query
Adding a number suffix when creating folder in C#
matlab if statements with CUDA
XPath to query multiple selectors
Spine JS error rendering .eco template using Hem : 鈥淐annot read property 'length' of undefined鈥�
SQL Stored Proc For Search Query Based on Multiple Parameters
Explicit template specialization for const QString& results in unresolved external
gluBuild2DMipmaps memory leaking
Login is not working
CSS HTML align div
Mailchimp - delete a list via api
dispatch event with bubbles on a class that do not appear on the stage
How to store countries as integers in a database in ruby on rails
no way to create / register first application
sqlite multi table selection with jquery
Is there any tool to generate the ASM ClassWriter code?
possible of multiple sqldependancy in
Why can't change the value from inside Jquery $.post function (JavaScript)
Custom SurfaceView causing NoSuchMethodException
patterns searching in text
how to embed fonts in PDFs produced by matplotlib?
LWP read fail error
Java: How to package and access resources inside a runnable Jar file?
Unable to mole clasess which use new keyword in inherited methods
divide fetched results NSDate into sections for each single day use core data
Calling a Javascript Function from Console
Edittext jumps to next edittext, but wrong
creating draggable on the fly
Endless upcoming text using javascript
error in python TypeError: 'int' object is not subscriptable
Masked text while keying in the data in jsf
Calling another function with arguments
Python help, printing values from list
Xap packaging failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Facebook Search API - List all users based on location?
Filtering filtered data
Protect email from harvesters & spam
Java division for double and float without E
Java iterate queue when is member of a class
Python requests exception handling
Is there a more efficient (in terms of memory foot print) binding to datagrid other than datatable and dataview
How do I grant Read/Write Permissions to internal storage of my application to TextToSpeech/MediaPlayer?
Icon Field on List
Weird jsPerf behavior for recursive function
setting servlet in web.xml to use in JQuery Ajax call
initialize a global 2-dimensional C array of integers at run time
CouchDB: include_docs in view result with special rev
How to find boolean column value if clickableCheckBox formatter is used in jqgrid
Asynchronous Server Python not calling handle_accept or any other handle methods
PayPal txn_id IPN check
how can I create a derby databse table using Apache ant scripts.
Primefaces 3.0 DataTable inCell editing , RowEditEvent doesn't retrieve updated field
Embedded Tomcat 7 slow compare to Tomcat 6
Lines splines in graphic of values but y
Can't use own packages in remote_api
How to toggle Vim's search highlight visibility without disabling it
Free plugin similar to myeclipse
jquery num++ not working for me
Difference between std::function<> and a standard function pointer?
Webcam is not being detected in opencv
Disable UIPageViewController when ModalViewController opened
I'm debugging an application in Visual Studio 2010 going step by step and at one point it jumps to an unexpected part of the code. Is this a bug? [closed]
php mysql join multiple table
How to optimize my custom mapformat (Java)
How do I Get a URI segment from the CodeIgniter view where an Ajax request is made?
How do you switch views inside a view?
Converting ActionScript to Delphi
Avoiding lift with Monad Transformers
ruby stuck in 1.8.7 on ubuntu
How to get location of variable name in clang::VarDecl
Write log4j output to existing file
Protocol buffers, getting C# to talk to C++ : type issues and schema issues
How to handle large columnar data files in Octave WITH headers?
Matplotlib doesn't display graph in virtualenv
Facebook php SDK /me/feed posting link and not have the link go through the app, but straight to the page
Searching in a cell for a specific value
How to detect screen capture is canceled?
PHP mail and Lines should not be larger than 70 characters
Why can't I find the MessageBox class in XNA?
Overloaded function as argument of variadic template function
Showing labels and length the of curves in ZedGraph (not just by tooltip)
Retrieving last commit ID / revision number from a deployed application
How to stop a jQuery effect on a menu item with the class of .curent?
how to rotate the android widget text? and something I don't understand
List categories with count for each item
Is there a drag amount or drag scale for draggables in jquery-ui?
Scala - sbt, main.scala and custom package
What is the key attribute in the table definition
Jquery .load() function not loading html comment tag
Change background color on Android Listview Item in non touch mode
Uncaught exception 'apiServiceException' with message 'Error calling GET 鈥�
WebSockets for Android in Phonegap application with Node.js/Socket.IO server&client
Unexpected $end but I don't know why PHP [closed]
Unexpected $end but I don't know why PHP [closed]
rake aborted, wrong number of arguments
Android Service error to ui
SQL Server strange distinct query
Htaccess - Http Authentication - Why is this block causing a 500 error for me?
use embeded Firebird
TableView Cell appearance issue
Passing multiple parameters via a <s:url/> Struts2 tag
Executing a list of functions
Value-sorted dict for Python?
How to select a single column with Entity Framework?
Content detection algorithms
Rails 3.2.1 - cannot parse Cookie header: undefined method `size' for nil:NilClass
g:timeZoneSelect in Grails 2.0
Can't directly output STL Vector's iterator values
lapply() when function returns NULL
Using cscope with VIM: adding database returns errno 75
Can a C function be defined within an Objective-C method?
Mathematical operators in python code [closed]
of ios, Customize a tableView or a tableView Controller
Possible combinations made?
Google App Engine remote_api script not found
What kind of data structure is used for immutable maps?
Adding leading zeros to a Javascript timer
MBProgressHUD display messages one over the other
How to use a Class so that data is accessible in multiple views?
atoi from string to Integer using char pointer
PowerBuilder 12 how to determine encoding of input file
How do you retrieve the last month's entries from core data
Reusing variables in Python
Unit testing in VS2010 - 鈥淒ebug鈥�passes, 鈥淩un鈥�fails
ActionScript 3: How to remove EventListener with anon functions
PHP Memory Debugging
Is that possible to install Hadoop on a linux box and try most of (if not all of) the Hadoop utilities?
Zend Framework include path error in ubuntu
Facebook Graph API wont return photo source for photos uploaded by apps
Video formats for html5 video players
Creating a new slave using existing master - What does the initial db creation procedure look like? [closed]
Storyboard animation
How to simulate html table row with multiple columns with one div?
Problems with ReflectionOnly load context
Using Socket to connect to Server in Pc from mobile
Avoid proxy blocking Etherpad Lite
Getting gcc to work with Xcode
JavaScript Code to Detect Time a Process Took
Attaching 2D objects to 3D objects in WPF
How can I make my PHP application more object-oriented? [closed]
How to change url of image which is generated dynamically just by using CSS and media queries?
Scroll div using jQuery
how to check if exe is set as LARGEADDRESSAWARE
Android App Lifecycle and Intents
pdf and netbeans
Multithreading lazy initilization
How do I raise a window that is minimized or covered with PyGObject?
How do variable references work?
Shortcut for reloading extensions in Chrome
MVC3 Editing in the Index View
Symfony2 basic http auth, works with curl but not on Android
.htaccess Rewrite URL as subdirectory
Does JRuby support the { thing: 鈥渉ello鈥�} syntax?
Filling a 2D list with user input where value of column increases by 1 iteratively
perl: handle die before the framework
Facebook custom share. What is possible?
Bug in Cocoa document-based app with the window's document icon popup menu
Set widget properties using GTKBuilder and Python
How to change stream metadata with ffmpeg?
Memory leak warning on return
Spring Security 3.1 and returning anonymous UserDetails
How do I read input from standard input until a space or a tab is pressed?
Gson: Remove redundant newlines when serializing an array
How many security rings are used in different Windows operating systems?
All day numbers and week days appear in only a single column
IOError: [Errno socket error] [Errno 11004] getaddrinfo failed
What is the Behavior of a Dynamic Attribute in a Static (Extension) Class in C# (MVC3)
failure to update the update statement in mysql
How to issue PUT HttpWebRequest
PhpMyAdmin security warning for configuration files [closed]
Copy a MySQL Table into an Array or Collection in VB.NET
Comparing lists of dictionaries
Form with two button submit with different value
PHP - Calculating a bitmask from an amount
Get Sphinx to autodoc my Cython class's __init__
How to force file download in the browser, nginx server
Call method in collection, when View's method called
java code to search a file entire system, works fine on windows but infinite in linux ubuntu
Android:non-constant field error
Limit scrolling to the y-position of a div [jQuery, javascript, HTML]
How is it possible for a class to be derived from a template specialized on itself?
How JavaScript function works?
Redirecting grep output to file
storyboard segue from a tablecell an its Detail Disclosure Button
How to specialize a template without specifying a class name?
How to test bluetooth connectivity between j2me and j2se
overwrite then append output of a cron job each time it runs
Passing URL parameters to APP_CONTROLLER?
Rails ActiveRecord Wildcard + Interpolation Issue [closed]
jetty run error for websockets project
Making a database backup
How to search the input keyword with all the fields of a table
delete from S3 using api php using wildcard
iphone - communicate with previous viewcontroller after segue
Zeromq : How to send message longer than 30 character from python client to c++ server
automatic scrollable scrollview with textview
Javascript - Simple - getting an Ip from a URL
Remove /#/ from beginning of deep link?
Python syntax error in a while block
links in labels
Native JavaScript to detect when images are loaded
OAuth lib for Chrome Extensions and Salesforce API
How does Yii Gii detect MANY_MANY
NSPopover transiency when popover is in status bar
Proper non-string Javascript exceptions
Android: How to set culture values for application
Does an webservice have something like application start and application variables?
Ruby modules and classes
How to identify when the back button has been hit and do some js operation
Java finds a 鈥淒ocuments and Settings鈥�folder on Win 7 HP. I can't see one
Pause and Resume ASINetworkQueue
C++ API design and error handling
Active Record 3.0 and Castle.Core 3.0
adding a image to a uialertview and about private APIs
Firefox - show line number on 鈥渇unction not defined鈥�
Looking for augmented reality framework to work with stereo vision
PHP MySQL error on valid query
Facebook 鈥淟ike鈥�button not incrementing Likes after implementing OG tags
php notifications causing massive load
scala: how to avoid mutation?
How to use SharedPreferences to save more than one values?
ubuntu apache2 mod_proxy replace internal url's
Zoom multiple levels with single click - Google Maps
using variables created in function
Non-Constant Generator Single-Pass Initialization during Construction
Create Unique Sequence in MySQL Community Server
Get N tweets from list in twitter using linq2twitter
Two DIV's next to each other. 1st text, 2nd image. Image variable width. Text fill remaining space in 1st DIV?
What is the difference between a Class and a Singleton in Objective-C?
How do I limit selectable elements using JQuery UI selectable?
google sitemap 鈥渋ndex鈥� shall I add all the children too?
passing variables to javascript function
Checking is WIFI is available using ASIHTTPRequest
Mozilla XPCOM is not registered
node.js: Cannot find module 'ico'
Passing data from one WebApplication to another via Web Services
My program only runs in debug mode (visual Studio 2010)
AS3: Access object property or function on extended class that isn't in the super class
Model of Persistent Classes
When using H2 Auto_server mode, is it possible to bind the socket to localhost?
Weird bug in my program that I don't know how to explain
Java error-message - 'void' type not allowed here, when calling a method that returns an integer
Weird bug in my program that I don't know how to explain
Java error-message - 'void' type not allowed here, when calling a method that returns an integer
jquery ui autocompletion selects result items automatically if mouse points on the result list
Can ithreads be used with Moose lazy attributes?
Multiplying values from a column according to specific regular expression using Perl
What factors can cause Stored Procedure Recompilation on SQL Server?
getting NullPointerException whill accessing a webService. How can I resolve it
Move saved file to another directory in PHP
Flash Socket silently failing to connect
AppleScript code
Facebook like button doesn't appear
Equivalent Callback function for 鈥�.getJSON(鈥漨yurl鈥�response);鈥�
send app request works, but not sent to user?
Need tutorials on using 'contenteditable' attribute[closed]
Deletion in Background Does Not Work After Launch
Playn Android port on real device
does anybody have a solution for using formtastic with zurb foundation
How to change the default size given to ApplicationBar in landscape mode in WP7?
Fetching HTML data from page behind a (non-compulsory) login screen for use in Yahoo! Pipe
Android: Workaround for -> Fragment classcastexception?
compare 2 Selects or tables in mysql
Directory of Vectorization Report for Intel C++ Compiler in VS 10
STL Algo Library copy()
Increment views table with just 1 query?
struts2 dojo error : static resource not accessible anymore
AppEngine exec string gives SyntaxError
Trying to save javascript array of SVG objects to SQL
Changing contents of a multiple select (HTML) using query's load() and the span
same jsp page for add and edit
Search by Hotel Name in Google Maps v3 API
creating report with wpf and linq to sql
Move objects between containers and lose the interface
Creating Firebird Connection
deselect radio button
Alert ID of current element
Null Pointer Exception while Autowiring LinkedBlockingQueue
How to Access iCloud from GAE
CMake linking and by-products in build directory
PHP script with sleep() does not exit on connection close
Bing Maps API map center offset
Authentication - asp mvc area issue on routing
How to convert HTML with transparent images to Amazon Kindle 3?
Changing the state of a toggle in JavaScript/jQuery
jQuery Based Survey Building Interface
cakephp: check controller action in model (beforeSave)
Access css class from css file from code behind?
How to get Dailymotion title [closed]
SHA 1 implementation in PHP and .Net
Insert Multiple Object using struts 2.0
Looking for functions with PHP tokenizer
Changing jQuery Mobile transition directions
How can I determine type of object pointer points to?
Creating a directory in PHP based on a bunch of variables
Some dataset fields don't appear on RDLC report
Determine if a string starts with more letters of a given kind than the other
How can i run JavaFX 2.0 in Tizen mobile/tablet Linux, which Java or JavaFX i have to install?
mod_rewrite - 403 forbidden
Can I send a message to a certain IP+MAC addr to a machine if I get those addrs by ipconfig?
erase(remove_if()) anomaly
multilanguage ASP.NET web site with subdomains?
Vim backup from remote server
Qt visual studio (2010) plugin not working?
read email from an email acount on an exchange server through java mail api
Jenkins (Hudson) - Managing dependencies between parallel builds
jQuery preventing images and text from returning from the HOVER state
Typedef for nested templated class
Looking for an algorithm to rearrange a list
Grails 2.0 schema-export
鈥淣o enclosing instance of type鈥�error while calling method from another class in Android
Integrating MapKit with Cocos2D
Site paths broken in wordpress on new server? SQL query
jquery plugin flexslider. function seems not return value
Retrieving Data with Jquery, AJAX, and PHP from a MySQL Database
Prevent code being moved by GCC in benchmark code
Incorrect Git user name and email on Windows
first steps with FakeItEasy and problems with Action type
Advanced Javascript: Why is this function wrapped in parentheses? [duplicate]
Facebook like button gives an error: This page is either disabled or not visible to the current user
Is it possible in nHibernate to set a property NOT to map to a column in a table while other properties of the class does
BouncyCastel Cast5 setkey
PyGTK. How to show text in a window's TextView widget upon left click on the status icon
How to access commandbindings in c# WPF application?
Java - Change JLabel
FFMPEG sensible defaults
Renaming bulk word documents using the existing name and the first 7 characters inside the document
Matlab Naive Bayes
arduino ADK + android LED blink example compiling errors
GNU assembler compiling error 'invalid operand in inline asm'
jQuery Selector : select a box but not an element inside the box
Recover Updated Data - SQL Server 2005 [closed]
iText - trim cell text's height to cell's height
Collaboration from PlayN client with server
VB.Net Cookie Login
Deployment to tomcat from eclipse via M2eclipse and Maven
Why does adb install <same-packagename-always-release> fail? [duplicate]
Use of Grep command in Linux
Looking for zip compression C source code [closed]
Android screen density calculation
Django Filter Select_Related
Loading UIViews in the background on application launch
Django Filter Select_Related
Loading UIViews in the background on application launch
Gentoo Linux global environments for root [closed]
MVVM INotifyPropertyChanged conflict with base class PropertyChange
How to create a automatic update component in php?
Simplest Console SerialPort Program in C# [closed]
Javascript - Programmatically Click Anchor in iOS Safari
Import possibility from iPhone App to native Calendar
RelativeLayout - Scroll down
is my php interpreter going crazy, or am i the one who is鈥�
Anyone know how to edit the VC++ directories in Visual Studio 2008?
Configuring Pydev(Eclipse) to Use Sage
android packages installation in windows
Adding a hover transition to a script that changes images in a nav bar
Adding new subitem to already exsisting item
SQL Injection through mysql_query
2 Textures, 1 Shader - OpenGL ES 2.0
Contact number stays nil
Silverlight 5 NotificationWindow captures mainwindow mouse
Run VB script AFTER page is closed
Php and Java back end
get title of video
Login failed: No OpenID endpoint found
best practice for edit custom check-in policy TFS 2010
Is 鈥渄ynamic鈥�pattern-matching possible in OCaml?
Autoloading classes in Ruby without its `autoload`
receive and decode H.264 live stream in Android
Matlab GUI How to store user data
Fetch only number from name number pair
I want achieve an effect with jquery animate and absolute position
Do we must define prepared statement variable in global, always?
Building libiconv fails with the Android standalone toolchain
GroupPrincipal.GetMembers(true) - The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist
User generated nested dictionaries (Hashes) in Ruby
Windows 8 Metro SyndicationClient.retrieveFeedAsync in Javascript not actually Async?
gcc versus as-ld for debugging purpose , not hit on gdb breakpoints
MYSQL Like search with 2 Tables
Get parameter from config.yml in entity class without relying on controller
Trying to replace words in a string
Android: Sqlite saving string array?
like or recommend button doesnt work
SQL Server 2005 is changing decimal to integer
Mysql fulltext index in multicolumn & 鈥淎ND operator鈥�
Populate ListFragments with a custom view?
IIS Express gives Access Denied error when debugging ASP.NET MVC
python utf-8 decoding error of HTML
Controlling order of compilation in C++
Remembering performSelector: for later in Objective-C
Correct format specifier to print pointer (address)?
HTML Windowbuilder for eclipse
Jquery UI Tabs access outside of .tabs()
Passing part of patterns from sed to shell
Bash variable containing file wildcard
How can I tell if a method or loop has finished?
ASP MVC ActionNameAttribute
Java equivalent of C code
OpenMP SIMD Vs multi-threaded
Javascript - Remove hidden fields or set to empty before form submission
Java on Linux: Start a process (using Runtime.exec / ProcessBuilder.start) with low priority
Can't use custom font in iOS app
CGPoint giving the same value for x and y?
Printing Canvas to image silverlight
Optimize socket byte data
EXC_BAD_ACCESS after data is passed on
Can an application that uses a storyboard be deployed in an iPhone not running on iOS 5
CGBezierPath - array of points from path?
theming price format in drupal ubercart
TDD with zero production code
Need mod rewrite help (optional page_num)
getArgument of NSInvocation of current method always returns null
PowerShell - HTML parsing: get information from a website
No automated tbody with createElement/appendChild?
Creating custom UITableViewCell
List style menu is not displaying in line
CMake + Qt = carved in stone Qt definitions (aka. -DQT_鈥�?
C# merge one directory with another
Creating a Tab to my Facebook Page
Is a country name better stored as an integer/number in a database rather than a string containing it's name?
Finding the sum of even valued terms in fibonacci sequence
Replace Line in config file
Why does this change to the Array prototype not work in my jQuery plugin?
Create a shape that toggles it's own transparency in vba
Google Maps is not working in BB OS 7
Constant querystring arguments in Page Tab URL
Python WebSocket not working
Add custom prerequisites to ClickOnce in VS2010
Microsoft Overloading the << Operator Sample throws link errors
viewport meta tag: initial-scale property behaves differently when width <= 320
Cycle testimony transparent background in IE not working [closed]
body background images change with fading using jQuery?
C++ preprocessor and operator + overloading
Whyare images shown only on simulator but not on device (iPad)
how convert an ArrayList another ArrayList in java
How to retrieve data from database?
It's 2012, are people still using Eclipse for Android? What about emulators?
Can I let the user buy from App store within my iOS app without going to App Store application at all?