Can I use mysql_result in an if condition in php?
having trouble with the slideUp method in jquery
How can I merge table cells with same content in Knockoutjs?
ASP.NET GridView fail to sort a Date passed as string
Passing a string from one viewcontroller to another Tabbarcontroller
jQuery - value of one select add select how to do that?
How do I write this kind of query (returning the latest avaiable data for each row)
iphone - how to communicate with labels (navigation based app with storyboard)
Create type at runtime that inherits an abstract class and implements an interface
R plot with an x time axis: how to force the ticks labels to be the days?
Running asp.NET application on a local computer for testing purposes
How to refresh primeface image by javascript
Can I have global preprocessor definitions in C# library?
Grails+Javaskript using Set, List
Tap gesture as select, for listbox
Reading ISO-8859 type file containing special characters such as 茅 in C++
How to build a statistics graph?
iPhone Scrolling Pages
How to POST backbone model data to DB through Slim php and Paris
Strict standards: Declaration ::postDispatch()
'Embed Objects In' menu items are all disabled. How to enable?
Executing a very large SQL file in Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Braille editor in C#
JSF - populate values at runtime
Browsing pictures albums on iOS
Creating a repeating timer reminder in Java
method ruby return true or false
avoid that SQLite table is added in listview everytime the activity is launched
iOS: Questions about camera information within GLKMatrix4MakeLookAt result
Cannot Load external swf into the main swf
Mylyn connector for sourceforge feature/bug tracking system
In Db2 how to calculate difference of adjacent rows
Adding custom data to contacts in Android
How to create breadcrumb in Velocity Template
jQuery - Phonegap multiple pages app for Android?
Using a method name as the value for an instance variable
Using a type, without knowing about the dll
jQuery or JavaScript is it possible to call in another JavaScript file that was not initially loaded in the dom?
CMake output in Eclipse CDT console
C++ Library/Class to create simple video files out of memory bitmap array
Applying a style to a DataGridCell based on changed cells in DataTable
Hide status bar for entire app
Threading ArrayIndexOutofBoundException
Lifecycles callbacks seems to be not invoked on persist
why does TestNG execute @AfterMethod as a @Test if my first test is passed?
Bazaar shared repository structure with/without working tree
Reply to Email to Reply to Private Message
Why doesn't conversion work with custom operators in C++?
How to perform a task in certain time?
tortoisesvn error: redirect cycle detected [duplicate]
Reusable part of application
Refill form after submit
I Need Help in Parsing an XML in T-SQL
Adding keyframes in another thread while playing
What is the difference between Websphere Portal's five editions? [closed]
Haskell: lazy versus eager evaluation for insertion sort
ASP.NET MVC Culture change Datetime Format
I write the php code to display Grundpr脙录fung.But it shows Grundpr眉fung.What is the reason? [closed]
Is self release, released actual object?
Paypal Integration in Cakephp
Scheme : Parsing a string
Ajax vs Comet (not a chat application)
SubView willAnimateRotation method is not called
Facebook recommendation box in iframe: url is not valid
Getting custom linear unique id in oracle in select statement based on Date
Ecore TreeIterator missing root object
SocialAuth java library not working as expected (using NetBeans)
Report generator for C++/Qt (Windows) [closed]
How do I make ImageResizer ignore ASP.NET Forms Authentication rules?
how to keep selected items in temporary memory?
When Task Queue Stored Task Bytes quota is reset?
Loop not writing correct values
nhibernate select n random unique records
Browser-Caching and custom Image-Routines
COUNT query in MYSQL
Cocos2d. Rotate point around another point without hard math calculations?
how to copy file from hostOS(windows 7) to SD card on guestOS in Virtualbox(Android x86) [closed]
How to protect the connection to WCF service? Silverlight consuming WCF service with WsHttpBinding.
Which flows are supported by the Oauth2 Module for Spring Security?
Wordpress feed and post titles duplicating
How to change path's width and height drawn by Raphael JS?
Failing to deduce type from lambdas in the initializer list
send http post with header in android(This code works perfectly-I forgot to put the internet permission in manifest file that's why it didn't worked)
Script to loop and copy all files from command output
how to post id in current URL using Jquery?
fzip: zipping a file takes full memory
Do running script tags block other script tags from downloading?
Change JavaScript alert dialog title in iOS
Left property of css inline
How to change the format of a column in GridView from c#
Which is better option to use for dividing an integer number by 2?
Is it possible to store timer value into a variable?
getLastknownLocation() returns null value on nexus
How do I look up a Corba service with C# and IIOP.NET?
How to enable/use cross-origin resource sharing with MVC 3?
what's the difference between HashSet and LinkedHashSet
How to select a service implementation in a Grails application?
Generate Input for a different application
Twython: Error running the examples
Android C2DM Wont register
how to rewrite a new string to a specific location in a text file
Silverlight - MVVM: Datagrid bound to ICollectionView filled with 鈥淐hildViewModel鈥�wont refresh data
ehcache is not working
After segue ViewDidLoad is called but ViewWillAppear and ViewDidAppear is not being called
How does IDataErrorInfo interface provide validation values
Correct Return Values between normal and optimized builds
Restrict single attribute usage in sequence using XML Schema
No visible @interface for 'FirstViewController' declares the selector 'setUIImage'
Converting from hex to int in java
Which is better in this case? performselector or nstimer?
Simulate memory Warning Issue with Model ViewControllers
How to troubleshot orchard
How do you style the gap in a VBox?
Get some sort of Top Ten list of one column from table
I can not remove duplicates in array
camera activity gives null pointer exception
uploading an image through form
Adding a simple JFreeChart chart into a JPanel (netbeans gui)
Need explanation on Language Stemmer of Solr
How to recive the last row id in the database?
How to implement pull to refresh with Android's Gallery view
How can I write my PHP code to use pointers and references with SWIG?
Using of IDisposable
Using filters for carraydataprovider yii
error : Uncaught error fetching image: java.lang.NullPointerException
struct/class bit field packing
C++ forbids declaration of 鈥�with no type error while passing a struct to a function
How to detect a URL which has additional text at the end?
How to cast TextView with my custom TextView?
jquery button using $.post()
Vaadin 鈥淎nalyze Layout (GWT)鈥�resolve view
how to send an object from jsp to servlet [duplicate]
Draw chinese font glyphs with Quartz 2D?
Upload photo to FB from Android : No Error but no file uploaded to facebook
which method of jquery ajax should I use?
Loading vertices in glBufferData with OpenGL ES 2.0
Raphael animation for multiple divs
Sunrise and sunset times based on coordinates and altitude
Index huge data into Elasticsearch
when to enable forms authentication sliding expiration
CONNECT BY and START WITH clauses in oracle sql
Error while submitting second form present in same jsp鈥eed suggestions
How to work on internationalization of Pyramid forms?
Installing Pygame in PyPy via a Mac
Empty Form Submission Javascript
Android: the owner of files under /mnt/sdcard [closed]
Jquery Syntax query [closed]
How to Retrieve Youtube Video Description Using Youtube API using Gdata?
Can mod_rewrite find a variable within an URL, replace a portion before it, delete the variable and preserve what remains?
How to compare datetime field from Doctrine2 with a date?
UIAlertView subview positioning
error: no match for call to
How to read sim card details in windows phone 7?
error: no match for call to
How to read sim card details in windows phone 7?
How to get reference to navigationcontroller in tableview searchbar?
How to check if an NSArray contains any object at a particular index?
add class 鈥渓ast鈥�to every div number 4 , 8 , 12 , 16 etc
How do I create a timeline for my app? [closed]
List Button Control in Combobox WPF C# 4.0
C++ daemon silence mode
argument doesn't match prototype error in Linux
how to show loader in non ajax navigation in jquery mobile?
mkannotaionview display all callouts at once
Extracting a string in between symbols
How to get the username and password when create my own STS via WIF
C arrays, what will happen to my memory
Git Bash doesn't see my PATH
Is there a shortform way to replace two characters inside a string in C#?
How to show password as watermark in windows phone 7?
Android twitter application error [closed]
100% CPU usage while crawling and indexing using Lucene 3.4.0 version
JqueryMobile ICONS not appearing
How to increase progress view in iPhone, till the response coming from server in the form of JSON
Is XML over Sockets good or bad pratice?
Expression Blend crashing when editing a Surface2 WPF project
Can a single memcache can be updated by two different processes at the same time?
Fetching Product from database by product ID and adding it to my cart [closed]
Why doesn't my struct code work?
Issue in synchronization contacts from multiple websites
Error in amazon S3 samples
Concatenate or Connect two scripts js redirect external URL inside iFrame navBar Top Frameset
JavaScript variable: add the values returned by functions and then multiply them by the value returned by another function [closed]
JSON as a medium of data transfer
AS3: Using string as variable
new jquey dialog with each click
can't find xcache.var_size in php.ini
Rending html in UIWebView and load images from cache
Define a class with optional argument in Python
Can I call a stored procedure in Entity Framework 4.x with no input parameters
VSTO integration in web application
Freebase MQL Read Service and PHP file_get_contents
Accordion menu - active state after link click
magento CE v1.6 toplinks in static block
What is the most safe and correct way to paint on a TFrame surface?
Resizing an image in PIL
No line number found known for in gdb
Can't obtain accurate information of available memory in the heap
Remotely modify OpenVMS file using vim and SFTP from a Linux system [closed]
Ruby: Standard recursion patterns
jquery-ui - Autocomplete for json data
Visio 2010: can one change predefined shapes into others?
What kind of design pattern am I looking for and how do I implement this in python
Ruby Restclient.delete with request body and content-type
should I escape wildcards in a 鈥淟IKE鈥�sql query?
In AVD emulator how to see sdcard folder? and Install apk to AVD?
Dynamically populating webpage with uploaded file using PHP/JS
Is there a way to Find out which PHP script has updated the MySQL database?
Excel 2010 - Conditional Formatting
How check for a condition in ant and depending on its value print a message?
App Crashing after iOS upgrade
How to display Gridview with Joins using with the Update command specified
how big can be the string sent back to the server with the following code?
how to remove a referenced component in VB6.0 Project
Rx Amb extension
Get Current Path of Page in Middleman Layout File
How send data throught UART-serial on DE2
How to load google plus share button in iframe?
The difference between posting comments and posting to Wall in Social App in Iphone
jar file got extra 鈥�jar鈥�extension in lib folder
Improving the mesh and memory usage of Comsol Multiphysics 3.5?
custom font for table in lwuit?
mysql - How to concatenate strings and convert to date the strings?
Turing Complete Alphanumeric x86 Instruction Set (Subset)
Managing multiple copies of same project as different project under subversion in best way?
jquery change() vs keyup()
Can not load UIImage on button
Confusion about two different CSS syntax to select nested elements [duplicate]
PDO get the last ID inserted
Set focus to UI element using XAML or MVVM
How can I check if capslock is on without waiting for the user to type character using JavaScript?
overlay page in views
Is there a way to get a pastable link from Google Maps Directions Service?
Mergesort gives garbage value for the first element of the sorted array when exectuing
static content not working on virtual directories in IIS on XP
OpenGL shading not working. Object looks solid colored
Facebook error: Encountered an error while processing the request: 502 Error parsing server response. Got EOF while waiting for outstanding responses
How to divide Android Tablet Emulator(Phonegap) into Different columns(parts)
Inserting a List<> into SQL Server table
How to handle Method Order in Ruby?
Is there a way to change text background color of the items in Windows Explorer in Windows 7?
Extract source code lines from given bytecode lines
Watchdog fires on high interrupt rate
Delete this from a javascript object in a jQuery .each()
How to make the contents of a character vector appear like a file in R?
Ok to use initializer lists to initialize windows api structures?
Optimizing Slow Quiery MySQL InnoDB (Doctrine2)
Multithreaded video renderingin OpenGL on Mac shows severe flickering issues
How to handle shutdown logoff in console application?
Javascript with Flash (AS3) Image Uploader,
Regular expression to Allow starting letters and then numbers or letters
Do something at background, ONCE finished, do something else at foreground?
Selecting records with underscore as second character in a column in MySQL using 'like'
Owner-filtered model objects on Rails 3
Methods of writing LINQ C#
How to kill a particular process in java
regular expression start (^) does not work correctly
how to add google chrome specific css which should override generic css?
Ignore to Read Particular Attibute in Xml File [duplicate]
Place 5 images in arc shape in Android
Gridview not updating all fields
How to access computed properties
PHP - Argument with static variable in called function
what does this shell script codes means
reading a json file and selecting values with dojo
Change Visual Studio 2010 Web Browser View to Firefox
How can I get the first parameter (this) to a method obtained by System.Diagnostics.StackFrame?
Best Facebook Library for Android [closed]
Magento Promotion Cart Rule Setting - Multiple Free Gifts
how do I access a HTML element from javascript using id,the html element belongs to another html document
Does Thread lock on object ensures lock on member objects too?
Umbraco media section missing?
jQuery Supersized iPhone Position:fixed issue
CSS for textarea make textarea height span the height of the first line?
facing issue to find xpath expression
SQL query to return the rows between two dates
Share File via Email in Windows Phone Mango
How to view file date of result of find command in bash
Limited number of js include files in an HTML5 webpage on Android
Vim Sublist operations
C# screen scraping processing a login control
how to dynamically get mobile IMEI number in J2me?
finally method with try in java
Can I reference a complete Ruby Net::HTTP request as a string before sending?
BugZilla Installation error
How to get image outline (Or getting specific colour from image?) -android
wrap long sentence with different style in sentences form
Database Design Structure , Product & ProductKids
fancybox not closing in safari - rangerror
Simulating input in Labview
Difference Between Jquery & Ajax [closed]
zipimport.ZipImportError: can't find module from program made with py2exe
onclick div colour should change
i am getting the null values ,whenever i am using `MPMediaItemCollection` convert `MPMediaItemPropertyAssetURL` to data?
Convert Outlook PST file to XML
Can git tell me when a repo was pulled from origin
How to use TCP-based HTTP to download image?
C++, reading a file using ifstream
why do I need comparison operators in boost python vector indexing suite?
creating dynamic array in php
checking for datatype and mandetory fields while uploading csv to database
Is the ordering of members of a map, seeming to be by addition, reliable?
Can git tell me when a repo was pulled from origin
How to use TCP-based HTTP to download image?
C++, reading a file using ifstream
why do I need comparison operators in boost python vector indexing suite?
creating dynamic array in php
checking for datatype and mandetory fields while uploading csv to database
Is the ordering of members of a map, seeming to be by addition, reliable?
forcing socket function to create an old id
How to make a executable file of java fx 2.0 project
how to remove underscore from values of textarea?
I want to send information to google-analytics, How I can achieve this in android?
Getting the error call back in my view model using (Func<>)
Convert byte array to string in
Ask gdb to list all function in a program
Are timezones with the same GMT offset different in any way?
jQuery copy some text + some additional text in the clipboard
How can I create a correlation matrix in R?
Is there any plugin for WikiEditor I could implement in my own page/ site
Servlet/Tomcat relative file path
How we can single time sign in on facebook in android application?
Positioning text according to the screen
sending long strings in jquery post
Uploading an image in Play framework
php double subtraction from free credit and regular credit?
Update from select query in mysql
get-task-allowed remains true when developer signed binary is resigned as distribution
Nodejs Event Loop
Why can't maven plugin work with eclipse java compiler?
Magento 1.6.2 Adding Configurable Product in Wishlist : How to check whether or not all required fields are filled before adding to wishlist
got eof while waiting for outstanding responses Facebook issue [duplicate]
Can TCP be implemented via UDP?
XSLT tranform in xmlsignature form, a part of xmldocument?
Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in Symfony 2 service
How to Post on users wall from my app
How to zoom a mapview to annotation point by fetching latitude and longitude from dictionary on iphone
table, td style in new theme messes up the Google custom Results, How to Fix?
How do I implement OAuth 1.0 in a Windows Phone 7 app without asking the user for their password?
Android: Sometime views are drawn as empty rectangles
What is a good open source chat solution?
Cocos2D Help: How to update cocos2d from 1.0.1 to 2.0 rc1 properly?
send two ajax requests one after another
'str' object is not callable using enumerate
Getting data from xml by attribute value C# using XmlTextReader
Replacing alternate line in vi text file with a particular string
2 fundamental questions about querypath
Interrupt Priority in ARM
'beforeunload' Chrome Issue
Using XML in AS3 to keep track of game score
code first with abstract class, the fk couldn't generated
Not able to refresh panel in sencha touch
qlineedit with some default text for which cursor should not be moved?
Inner while loop not working
how to update the edited data in the dhtmlxgrid to the database
Android Fill Data Array Dynamic
Am I using the SSE resources most efficiently?
Converting webform usercontrol to MVC 4 control
will return uri and other informations when i run my windows phone apppicatin in an emulator?
DB Design for intranet - Company Table
How do I know which File has ARC turned on and which file has ARC turned off?
Where do I make a circular charts like in jQuery?
How to fix non-replicatable iOS issue?
Handle a great number of files
JSF performance
Need some important hints :- Sql injection for different queries..
Limiting Characters per Line in a Textarea
How Does Implementing Property Works If We Have ARC
Submit Button not functioning
ERROR: function make_standard_name(unknown) does not exist while installing OSM-nominatim API
how to using spring security with format jsf [login.jsf] in jsf templates
multiline Text box property android?
Android Line chart/graph API
GridLayout from support library does not show 2 rows on Android 2, onChildVisibilityChanged Error
unable to fix liqibase maven plugin update sql during the process of building war file for mifos source code?
How to know from request about HTML component used on JSP
How to declare multiple activities in Manifest.xml on Android Eclipse
To generate random UUID which is 2 Digit Long
Android Provider Testing
write jpeg image(lossy,lossless or progressive encoded image) with ImageIO in Java
Jquery - Re-Open Dialog after Postback Ajax
Trigger the css:hover event with js
Will the Java JRE close connections if an applications crases?
Plurk API 40007:missing request token
How do I update the menuitem name in custom listview to sqlite database in android?
javascript and jquery array each
how to build static lib of ecl.dll under windows with msvc2010?
Access the videos in Videos app of an iOS device in my app
Connection Failed [HY000][MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver] Can't connect to MySQL
error : device offline
What is the purpose of Frame Layout and in which scenario should we use it?
call .cs class file(c#) function from javascript
Is there any API for getting flight fare [closed]
Can you hide web service ASMX calls from pack sniffers?
Creating Javascript API like Facebook and Twitter
zeroclipboard copy text inside jquery dialog doesn't work
HTML Label 鈥淔OR鈥�can only refer 鈥淚D鈥�
how to access childnode which is increment by1 from nodelist in android
Does folders in windows have IDs? or GUIDs?
Add MySQL connector to ANT build.xml for JAVA compile
How to start 2 times winform and read different ID`s from same file in c#
Need help finding error in simple php
Excel To Object
Delegate invoke
how spring manage hibernate session lifecycle
WPF how to exempt task bar when maximize window
Get an image file from canvas on metro app
Not able to detect CUDA enabled device in Opencv GPU
jQuery contents append code is not working
Windows Mobile 7 - C# Changing image source at run time
NUnit addin - do I have to include addin implementations in each test projects?
unable set variable for external javascript file
Implement security in an intranet application
Relation between dimensions of a body and pixels in box2d iphone
Retrieving the word from the mouse cursor position
How to access gmail inbox feed using php
Java API for convert DWF into PDF
http requests time out with ruby (net/http and rest-client) but fast with curl + py
jsp container vs servlet container
Adding capability to convert html into a msword document
How can i record the Android device screen?
Ipad type navigation buttons [closed]
SharePoint 2010 Master Page
set_theme does not work in module pyroCMS 2.1
how to insert 3d font in corona?
selective clearing float items in IE7
Android OpenGL Vertex Array or VBO
php + check if variable value is between two integers
鈥淲ord-wrapping鈥�multiple buttons on Android
Add Axis 2 soap Handler with Soap Message
Multiple Deselection of rows in datagrid is not working with ItemRenderers in Flex
Can we update solr index and schema's within multiplecore without restarting solr?
ArrayList<Object> // Adding Doubles/Strings at specified index gives an error
How to create 3d tag sphere UI for android
What's the advantage of using jQuery Mobile's fancy page transition system?
Restore MySQL database folder from a recovered Hard Disk
Getting my own .apk file name [duplicate]
Make a Ember.js dropdown select an option by default
How to download image to iPad programmatically?
How to close an accordion content when re-clicking the accordionbutton?
In Java, how do you exit the application only when there is no frame open?
How to have MediaElement player inside fancybox?
Vector2 operator improvements
c# inherited classes
Code runs well on Linux but gives a different output on Windows OS
WordPress add_action, wp_footer and passing variables
Enabling Inline Editing for .Net Template Building Block in SDL Tridion 2011 Sp1
Google analytics v3 bypassing authentication
How to pass a event argument as a parameter in interaction.Trigger when using MVVM?
force close when clicking the back button in android phonegap app
Download Code - Linq C#
framelayout is not working
http service 503 unavailable Only for HTTPS
How to predict where segmentation fault occurs
How can i return float values in outputcollector.collect?
onListItemClick not working properly if images are loaded
getting node value of a DOM tree but not the scripts
utf-8 character set in java project with tomcat server
Jquery To get url paramaeters [duplicate]
Retrieve data from database (SQL Azure) and display in webpage without using Entitiy Framework
Java SwingWorker: Nothing displays in textarea
How do I fix table x has no column named y?
Change x and y position of UIScrollview dynamically in iPhone
INSERT error using C#/Asp.Net/SQL RSS
How do I configure Subclipse to use a 鈥淒ynamic Proxy鈥�
Graph Search vs Tree Search
panelGrid not getting updated with p:commandButton
SWFobject inside iFrame: Cross domain stuff?
Modalpopupextender gets hide for some time once checkchanged event fires?
XPath queries - boolean conditions
Will Apple approve an application that hasPDF and audio files? [closed]
Update MySQL table from a local file
using HttpDownload i have to get Image in Android
jquery click function is not working
FB.XFBML.parse() scrolls browser to last loaded comment/like in IE and Firefox
how to pass values dynamically using c# code in jquery?
Efficient method to read excel file in C#
Payment Gateway Implementation
How to get my App to post to user's Wall instead of Profile
What is wrong with this BASH regular expression
How do you determine the app store (country) availability of an iOS application given its App ID? [closed]
Buttons keeping their focus class after losing focus
Does twitter bootstrap typeahead supports remote data source?
Algorithmic initialization of instance variables in C++
Back Button in jsp redirect to Login page without Logout
Android Application Lock
Login in code will just login with md5 encrypted password
Setting the height of UITabBar
How to search for multiple strings in a database table column?
How to install an application into the Windows CE 7 image?
It's possible to extend from mysqli in a new class and use it as an static?
Cake Php Read function to retreive result as 1-Dimensional array
Quick detecting, if server is offline
c++ print buffer (integer to string)
I used Windows Authentication on SQL Server and now I reinstalled new Windows, and cannot access my database(mdf files)
SQL, two foreign keys referencing the same primary key of another table
ImageView - Detecting Image Boundry [closed]
Excel - more criteria at the same time
C++ std::map key sort comparison function?
Extended use of replace filter in twig?
Remove 'popular music' module from Facebook artist page
Custom Activity Indicator Issue
Custom Activity Indicator Issue
Why does this requestAnmationFrame script not work?
HashMAp in android
Dynamic resizing of page
Tic Tac Toe Neural Network as Evaluation Function
Different TTF files for different font in android
.htaccess not working on centOs5.6, working on local sever
Does any interrupt occur when a usb device is connected?
Has anyone used Enunciate to generate WADL for a RestEasy service?
check if UIScrollView is scrolling from subcells
Upload video using uploadify latest version
IBOutlet UIImageView
How to change the single-line comment leader in vim?
MOXy XMLCompositeCollectionMapping descriptor is missing
How to customize Search Keyboard in iOS?
Send mysql query with just a click
My emulator is not working properly
Zend Framework Setup on Hostmonster?
please assist in executing the procedure [closed]
Ridiculously slow unique_ptr dtor call when debugger is attached (msvc)
You don't have permission to access /schema/beans/spring-beans-3.1.xsd on this server
changing box color with increment number or decrement number with jquery slider
In the Google Play app, how is the ViewGroup showing the application top lists implemented?
custom rake task error
loading specific categories in wordpress
Confusion regarding session in JSF 2.0
birt:add datasource but the eclipse not responding
Jquery toggle back other elements when new toggle
How to authenticate using jquery?
How can I store data other than ObjectId using Mongoose populate?
Groovy hasProperty shortcut
jquery datepicker for mobile application
How to crop zoomed image in xcode?
How to show/hide content based on user type in PHP?
Flipped Parabola in C++
Regarding thread creation or thread pool for 100 tasks
Debian/Linux Group permissions are not working as they are supposed to
Sending checkbox form array to email, formatting
xcode 3.2.6 not creating ipa file
before using jquery to fadein in on to let hidden element take up space?
Paypal: how to update shipping costs after the payment, as done by Etsy?
Error correction for repeating stream
HTML Export to Excel using JavaScript ,WORKING IN FIREFOX but NOT IN IE & CHROME
Postgresql 8.3 version needed for OpenSUSE
How to create this kind of UI
View live updates from MySQL database?
opencv ios cvseq storage
What is the alternatives safely keep files in android app?
Persisting Blobs using Objectify
How to display rss feed from wordpress site in Xcode 4.3.2 iOS 5 SDK for iPhone?
url rewriting doesnt work in iis 6.0
Databinding does not update property value on back navigation
Android: how to get the last 50 cell (tower) location details?
What to use instead of two include?'s?
OpenXML wordprocessing iterating by pages
No Known Class Method for Selector 'RequestWithUrl' xcode ios
How to have the revolving icon effect?
can we have list view within scrollview?
Colouring a graph in my program and adding values
Sass Conventions
Specifying a named SQL Server instance for nhibernate
Custom elements in Mule Flow
ifstream get() not filling char array
How to set value of WPF ComboBox Item from C# Code
App crashes on start
jScrollPane scrolls to top with click
case sensitive jcombobox
How to retrieve the cakephp used query in find or read
Android tablet apps using phonegap?
Set Dialog theme to parent Theme in Android
鈥淔ound in build鈥�dropdown in TFS 2010
Calculated values in Repeating Table
Css3 3D Basic 4 Sided Rotation
Can C# Web Service Call Other DLL Code?
How to timestamp every ping result?
What is the difference between X.509 certificate and WTLS certificate
How to remove cross browser effect in css
Send an app invitation to our Facebook friend [closed]
Inserting remote(internet) xml file in SQLite database in Android
word macro iterate through folder on mac
GridView, RowDataBound event executing twice for each row
how to create a column cell for entering password in JTable
Handling i18n in javascript files
need text unwrap function
handling two alertview
Atpana 3 - How can I switch the current remote for a project?
change localhost to another domain name
getting the write permission for sd card
Image uploading and Retrieval from DB2
Wikipedia JSON API retrieve page content without links
Spring security 2.0 to spring security 3.0
How to compare two HTML elements
Biopython local BLAST database error
rails radio_button and label in two different lines
Exponentiation of negative real
In Javascript how can you detect when a browser window is in view?
Extending Exception class and logging / emailing
play next for video array adds increment for index on click
Xpages Extension lib installation
Hello world Phonegap Android App not loading
Confiigure JVM setting in Jetty standalone server
Angular parser is not activatied when application name is provided
What will be the best way to output multiple lists?
Magento 鈥淯se Defualt Value鈥�mass update
time and space complexity
Xml signature is invalidated on adding a c14n exclusive transform
Writing simple force layout app using D3.js
website search with Yii
Why I can't edit the record using ASP and SQL Server?
CodeIgniter: Display custom view instead of 'Database Error' message
how to create DSN name for online website mysql?
Need Explain: Write a program that reads an decimal number between 0 and 2G and displays the 32-bit binary version on the video display
How can I change double type to integer type in unix?
Page navigation on touch, in PhoneGap application for Android
Plotting from different matlab files
EKEventEditViewController wrong start/end dates saved in iCal
define a boost::ublas matrix with a given vector
How to create .cab file from .exe file to install from web page?
How to add TableFooterView in IOS 5 Storyboard?
Run automated test cases on local machine's web browser - HUDSON
Does thread.yield() lose the lock on object if called inside a synchronized method?
Code to retrieve the manager of the user from Active Directory throws an Exception
Parse Json with different type of inner array
Regular Expression for string
custom bean validation in java
HTML, CSS Header Assistance
Accessing SQL output in coding
Establishing the right relationship between two classes
Android App Interfacing with IMAP and populating with Gmail emails
need copyright to stay on bottom
update Model from UserControl - mvc
parsing JSON into Ruby iterator
How do I get the box shadow to show up on my content-bg?
UI is not updating while sending data from another view controller on UITabBar?
Insert 6000 rows in Couchbase, but not stored success
Creating ELFbinaries without using libelf or other libraries
Adding sliders in specific pages
mysql_query parameter error in PHP [duplicate]
No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/
Is it possible to draw a plot vertically with python matplotlib?
Corona SDK: Remove display object from table
Converting Mpeg file to flv and simulataneously playing the converted file in flash cs3 using as3
How to Show error on Validation in Jquery when Default values exist
CCGLSurfaceView Error
applicationDidEnterBackground & applicationWillResignActive are not being called
Android access to remote SQL database
Javascript search inside a JSON object
Netbeans 7.1.2 Cannot Determine WADL or WSDL
how to check the provisioning profile is installed or not in xcode
how to check the provisioning profile is installed or not in xcode
Transfer Session Variables
Calling camera from an activity, capturing an image and uploading to a server
Converting an algerberic expression into a function?
After Insert Update Trigger PL/SQL
Storyboard & Segue - Passing datas am i doing it good?
CSS 'background-image' not resizing correctly
How to get values passed in url to model and view controller?
Convert Utf8 to Unicode
JQuery slider does not move when used with Google Fusion Table
iPhone UIAlertView UIActionSheet tableView
I can send the images and rar files but that files was corrupted using
Create a search page in ActiveAdmin
c++ no matching function to call
How to avoid helper functions being warned? 鈥�xxx defined but not used鈥�
Numpy Array summing with weights
set the values to binary
ASP.NET Repeater - Display Databound in HeaderTemplate
Cannot copy text in Emacs and paste into another application
Advanced SQL in Rails
Call a Stored Procedure to perform Count on an array
WinRT Projected types documentation
How to map {Ctrl0,-,=} keys in vim?
add <li></li> inside <ul> dynamically which contains <img> tag inside <li>
Get request on button click
Remove ServerAlias from httpd.conf
No output to terminal after inserting a module with insmod
Read only parts of an XML file
Tomcat invalid lib directory
Issue using new-variable in a loop
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.myfaces.webapp.StartupServletContextListener
How to create iPad application that reuses my JS libraries that are build for web application
Loading javascript when div has loaded?
Wifi Adhoc:: Android mobile to android mobile
Loop jQuery for each child
Need help joining two lists of objects in C#
DevExpress XPO vs NHibernate vs Entity Framework: database upgrading issue
How to get limited number of parameters in selectvalue of any dropdown box? [closed]
Mongoengine, retriving only some of a MapField
Dropping all View under particular schema - SQL
staging and live app with capistrano
perl DBI recipes column array
How might I add a watermark effect to an image in Android?
Objective C: Get Substring between Double Quotes
Persisting HashMap with Appengine
Integrate HttpWatch with Selenium IDE
PHP extractTo does not extract files properly on one computer, but works on the other.
android-List View Error when scrolling
Multiple row selection with checkbox in JTable
Building a gui app using wxPython (menubars)
How do you install Symbolic C++ on Visual Studio 2010?
Link AVAudioPlayer with media button in the multitasking bar at the bottom?
Wordpress - Loop one row only show 4 result
why show always last value of arraylist in listview?
android client socket is not receiving data
Adding a row to a dataframe
Generating tileable 2D texture from non-tileable 3D texture
Possible Envers Validity Audit Strategy Bug - Can Anyone Confirm?
PHP how to loop until confirmation.
thread exception occurred in gevent when using python
PHP hour calculation on 15 minutes interval and working hours in array never add up
Rails render haml template to html
Passing a simple test
How to query without getting duplicate data?
adding image resources and using one as a layout background
CSS-moving text from left to right
Android background Image to fill screen
perform delete while inner joining table
How to render redis records in express.js?
Bellman-Ford variation
Display all items in a json array
Can't figure out how to replace or add an XML element using LINQ
accessing comments using feedparser
Does guice module work in Play framework unittest?
Unexpected errors in Visual Studio include files
How can I get single page inner text?
Can't set text and segmentedCtrl in UINavigationBar
Call data from database into table with rowspan
Easy way to create my output stream and keep with with a specific format in C++?
Can I include View in Model in MVC3
Spotify embed Play button on iOS
How to avoid ANR in standalone android Service
table not updating using hibernate
Database/Object/Query Change Notification in Sybase
Terminating app due to uncaught 'NSUnknownKeyException',
how to get domain url in initializer file, rails
@constructor in spring with dynamic parameters
C# Access a form's comboBox items from another form
Is this model structure prone to infinite loop?
iptables allow host access for mac address, and deny all rest
Gray out parent window when child window is up
SQL Server Left join 鈥淲ith鈥�table
I created two tables try to create foreign key for the second in first, it doesn't work, but I am able to get when I create it from second why?
Differences between 'extends' in coffeescript and 'util.inherits' in node.js
Bypassing method()/function() code upon ACL check failure. Without using IF statement, or return;
Save multiple UISwitch states
Tic Tac Toe with Minimax: Computer sometimes losing when Player goes first; works otherwise
validates vs db check up in rails 3.1 for field presence
Fullscreen graphical app in Ubuntu 12.04 without gnome desktop
Accessing Front and Back Camera in Android at the same time
Accessing Front and Back Camera in Android at the same time
Implement simple algorithm using divide and conquer
update the same field twise
Android Memory Leak, no static variables
Sencha Touch 2 Calculator Real Time Binding
Version of iteration which takes 鈥済roups鈥�of elements
GAE repeated structured properties with nested repeated structured properties
Repeat Javascript Function For Each Value
Apply CSS StyleSheet to single UserControl Only
How can I manage the location of my application icon in android
How to query the expiration time of Facebook access-token?
php sort multidimensional array by alphanumeric value
Cocoa Error 256 when getting file list in application resources folder
How do you set the Content-Type header for an HttpClient request?
Highchart does not produce the bar using highchart.visualize
Drawing anti-aliased lines without color change due to background?
NullReferenceExeption was Unhandled 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object.鈥�
How to count duplicate in linq? [duplicate]
I cant load Ruby Gems
Query with a PHP foreach using OR and LIKE %?
How to return a wrong message if there is no device connected when I use VISA?
iphone - how to scroll uiscrollview from event touched by uibutton in scrollview
conditional statement specifying css property [closed]
Casing arrow keys in bash
Can I host a RAP application (Rich Ajax Platform) in Heroku?
script to check if a video is playing and not restart
How to add annotations on a classes properties, and iterate on properties?
ruby mailman remove header from email body
How to open crystal report in java swing application?
Make use of external hardware Music controls in my custom App
Sencha Touch 2 set label in Controller
Rails 3 render partial without reloading images
Ruby: Get index of each match between array and string
Why do we need the directly call in a thread-safe call block?
Why won't TIdIRC connect to channel? Is there a better component?
Not giving an 'out' argument
Why is -freciprocal-math unsafe in GCC?
Nokia S40 Application Development
Eclipse CDT with C running errors
C++ passing in a * to a class
CSS-animating transition effects for arbitrary number of panes
Drupal 7: navigation menu with Views?
How to remove all Custom option of all Products in Magento
any wrong on this DELETE procedure. can we write like this or is there any better way to write same proc
Instantiating a new WX Python GUI from spawn thread
How to change order of array dimensions
binding dynamic image from sqlite in code
Jdeveloper - Unrecognized option: -jrockit
OpenGL rendering performance - default shader or no shader?
Removing HTML Tags from a String
Detect and differentiate Android Tablet from Android Phone via JavaScript?
application block cache scavenging event
JQuery Mobile remove disc background
How to implement html uncode function with JavaScript
How can I target a class within a class with CSS?
Embedding a side bar in explorer
How to get the intersection of geometry of two QWidgets with different parents?
cannot be resolved to a type (jsp + eclipse)
In for Loop, inside GCD, pause, get input, continue
capistrano command works on server, but not locally
undefined method `first_name' for nil:NilClass after installing devise
ajax call to jax-rs with jquery issue
Ruby scraper. How to export to CSV?
Executing jquery function from a with class problems
Why Does Python print() function return EOL?
how to get an excerpt of some post contents
How to access folder inside MVC 3 project?
How to control camera capture display in MediaFoundation?
Cannot find symbol 鈥淥nKeyListener鈥�
Can't using pipe within 鈥済it.exe fetch origin鈥�under Windows batch
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Is it possible to see the code behind design view?
Ensure video buffer is preserved after orientation changes without handling onConfiguration changes manually
how to write command for update sql in java programming
How to integrate full text search in Spring-data-jpa?
cli before start in bootloader
Why is my jQuery image resizing code only working intermittently?
SQL server 2005 group by with same column but different date and time?
How to get the model number of any connected printer in vb .net
How to run PHP mail scripts in Windows 7?
Access denied in ajax call only existing on IE9
What is the quickest way to implement a blog into a pre-existing page?
How can I use an instance of a class that was created by a different class?
can i trigger a js function without mouse or keyboard
read content of File
Button Onclick event and backbone.js view
Unsuccessful malloc?
struts 2 and Jasper chart
Php preg_match issue
Pass the index of a for loop to a different function
IIS URL rewrite rule redirect with mask?
Dutch national flag sort
Android: Change text within ViewPager
Does IE9 load SVG dom in document order?
Issue with Sending DHCP OFFER Packet
One Large Table or Multiple Tables?
Switching Primary Gmail Accounts
How to configure NGinx to point wildcard style urls back to the same filesystem path
Bits and Bytes of Computer Science
x86 assembly - masm32: Issues with waiting for response
Modifying a predefined program structure
Can I have multiple $_GET with the same key, different values?
Convert Specific variable in XML to string C#
why this regex cannot find the result
Sprites are not rendered after pc formating
I can't connect internet emulator with android 4.0
Background Slider Issue
Opengl Es 2.0 Shader Manager
How can run GWT with google app engine application in Production Mode don't need Deploy to App Engine
F# Explicit Interface Method for Two Interfaces
SSH Connection to Amazon EC2 Instance Via PHP
How to make html textbox lowercase by default
jQuery Mobile intolerably slow on older ipod?
django virtual host
how to move data from mysql to redis
CountDownLatch issue in android
pass parameter from jqgrid to spring controller?
How to pass a char pointer by address to be accepted to char**?
What is the best practice for sharing code between projects in Eclipse PDT whilst retaining test-ability with a web server?
Javascript Rotating Image Width needs to conform to window
Rails + jQuery-tokeninput + Draper decorator method
Android Screen Not Turning Off
equivalent of a python dict in R
Need to process hundreds of text to wav conversions using Swift
geocoding location from input box
backbone-forms plugin error with matching inputs
What is the Design Class property of a file in a project?
Towers of Hanoi solution better than O(2^n)?
Populate a table with Foreign keys in it
Evaluate sympy expression from an array of values
jQuery return all Array [closed]
regex for getting word right before brackets
regex format for two strings
Omniauth with facebook tokken
Submitting values with $_POST in PHP
about idekey and xdebug_session of xdebug
Can Nunit able to test Stylecop custom rules?
CMake recompilation
Phonegap somehow breaks app when launch the second time
Prevent multiple JQuery scripts from breaking the code
Can we create static google maps with directions
Defining reduced arity partial functions
Grant permission java.lang.RuntimePermission modify thread
Android: Can not connect to postgresql server via jdbc through GPRS/3G on android device, when it's okay through Wi-Fi
How to use Apache Commons Net to fetch an email via IMAP?
x86 assembly - masm32: How to create an empty string variable to transfer input to and print
Parsing foreach within foreach
Navigation with li and jquery not working
Javascript form won't submit
Save attribute of a UIButton
Javascript form won't submit
Save attribute of a UIButton
Debug a Java project which is invoked through a perl script
Debugging Rails with Passenger and Apache
Two Foreign Keys in one Column. How to split?
Default value for height and width of components in UIPickerView
Difficulty parsing a double - String
HTML5 and a Decibel meter
Why doesn't VC++ 2010 Express require stdio.h in this program but gcc++ does?
Where to use WITH?
Split a string in R
Add mailto link to static email with JQuery
How can I send an image from an sql database to an android client?
Flash to jQuery using animate
Java Sudoku: Generic Array Creation [duplicate]
How to store universities and departments in database in an efficient way?
Javabean Where to put the bean class file?
quick jquery slide, universal event
Triple Boot 2 Linux Distros With A Win 7 Installation [closed]
SQL Server secure connection using Windows Azure Connect
Can Haskell pretend to be a database, and if so, how?
How do I create conditional ValidationAttribute error messages?
Changing JAX-WS default XML namespace prefix
How to generate a random class result from a button using onClick for android?
Find rectangle in 2d space
In Python 3.2, I can open and read an HTTPS web page with http.client, but urllib.request is failing to open the same page
Strange behaviour of vertical uiscrollbar at uitableview
C# recursion limit when returning JSON
How to pass and read arguments to a lua program?
Why does pygame.sndarray.make_sound seemingly quadruple the sound duration?
Need the position/index of a std::set element on find
Java - Casting a set
PHP Form to Submit into CSV file
A namespace cannot directly contain members鈥�+ Type or namespace definition, or end-of-file expected errors
Alternatives to jQuery scrollTo for iPad love
PHP in Netbeans: Is there shortcut to generate the <?php ?> tags
using a legacy (VB6) DLL in new visual studio express (C++ prefrred) project
Error in query, what is Resource id #9?
QSettings setpath ini format still using registry on windows
Host TreeView in Windows Forms DataGridView Cells
Core data and querying results of a query
Cross compiling fontconfig for iOS
How to reuse JSON Object
What happened with Titanium Desktop? Which packages are needed to start? [closed]
How to extract public key in proper format using openssl in php?
SQL Error using JDBC
How to handle timeouts with php5-fpm + nginx timeout php.ini
windows workflow bookmark
UTC Times in JavaScript
windows workflow bookmark
UTC Times in JavaScript
Where clause affects Count() but not number of results returned
Possible to initialize static variable by calling function
Idiomatic way to parallelize function across file lines in C++
jQTouch Tabbar slides away when clicked
Capture Rails API Requests/Response with WireShark
getJSON returns 鈥渦ndefined鈥�value
Peak Value of Number of Occurences in Array of Integers
How to add a bounce effect to a JS function
Error: render action new in create method
displaying the dynamically growing list
Prevent custom sheet from snatching focus
Which is the better approach to multiplying two bytes using only bit-shifting and adding?
HTML5 : How to consume a .NET Web Service using Javascript ? (HTTP POST)
In Symfony, is it a good programming practice to make a bundle just for services?
CSS: 鈥渟elected鈥�tab and overlapping box-shadow
GetAsyncKeyState() very CPU heavy? Am I using it correctly?
Getting values from text fields to pass to CLGeocoder
loss of a DNS request
Parsing Command Line Parameters in C++. I'm having a strange error
Small typo in my initializer list causes unspeakable pain
Looping through json received from API
what is the 鈥渕ain鈥�function equivalent in visual c++ (windows form application)?
x86 assembly - masm32: Issues with pushing variable to stack
Creating new distributions in scipy
Error msg on linq to dictionary-鈥渁n item of the same key value has already been added鈥�
Run Tasks In Parallel While Maintaining Option To Cancel Them And Do Something When Everything Finishes
php5-fpm children and requests
Overwriting LessPHP variable with PHP
Get the file name of a instantiated class
Best practices to load several bitmaps multiple times
Juice UI - Height, MaxHeight properties not having affect
Custom routing logic and serving static content while having the document root in the parent of the public directory?
perpareForSegue - Passing image name - Blank at First
Spring 3.1 cache - how to use the returned value in the SpEL
how can I get this readdir code sample to search other directories
Spinner with custom ArrayAdapter for objects not displaying selected item
Can't access iframe content in IE
Is there a better way to implement the 鈥淎ny鈥�or 鈥淎ll鈥�for my Search
Content not being added to UIPopoverController?
Encoding recursive tree-creation with while loop + stacks
CSS :hover outside a div
Show a splash screen while a database connection (that might take a long time) runs
Is there a way to define Wildcard Route in ZendFramework to route whole Module to Another?
MongoDB Schema Design for language database
Creating a list using a date as index